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darkmanjah28 That was hot. REAL hottt! Apr 16, 2024
blackforest Two very hot guys but dunno why, but it just did not do it for me. The chemistry was not natural and flowing. Maybe I anticipated much more idk. Apr 12, 2024
dcstudnw I love this scene, I think both are sexy as hell. Waiting to see Donte top. Apr 12, 2024
dreadhead8 Maybe more lube… no way a gay site shouldn’t lube up the right way Apr 11, 2024
LukeNasty0416 Donte Donte and more Donte!! That man can do no wrong in my eyes. He reminds me of Lil Dav whom I loved as well. Can’t wait to see how far he goes with BBA. Can we get him in a 3way soon or make him the star in one of those 🔥🔥 orgy scenes. Great job as usual BBA. I don’t know where y’all finding these guys lately but point me in that direction please and thank you. 👏👏👏👏👏 Apr 10, 2024
cam656914 I love both models. However this scene didn't turn me on. I think that the positions should have been much better ITIT let the scene to be boring. Apr 10, 2024
ericbb Donte is so so sexy….like a Final Fantasy character totally beautiful Apr 10, 2024
DjbiATL Donte and Legend both future hall of fame picks 💯✔️💪🏾 Apr 10, 2024
mdcarmichael WOW! Best scene in a bit! Apr 7, 2024
scrappydoo123 Love Donte. For a slim dude he has a nice ass and can really take dick. Would love to see if he's able to handle Stallion. Apr 6, 2024
darko818 Denzel looks....thicker ! Everywhere 🤤 Apr 5, 2024
cam656914 I love Donte but I wish Denzel had had Donte on his stomach and was doing it to him that way Apr 5, 2024
mjhawkin Surprisingly I can't get into Donte or Denzel. I never liked any of their scenes. I know Im an outlier. I'll be keeping my tokens another week. But glad that the site keeps providing updates. I can't imagine the hard work it takes to pull this off. The outtakes from other scenes show how frustrating it can be (BTW, the unedited footage is always HOT). Eagerly waiting for the next update.... Apr 5, 2024
sexydemon101 i’m not attracted to donte at all Apr 5, 2024
moralesc DENZEL AND APOLLO would be 🔥🔥🔥 Apr 5, 2024
FreakTeach Damn I almost counted this scene out but it was actually hot af! Apr 5, 2024
Fever2015 Damn!!! The best I’ve seen so far. Hot asf! Apr 5, 2024
liuyufei OMG, I really love Denzel. he is so sexy~ I really love his scenes~ His topping is really hot. Denzel must be the NO.1 of BBA this year!!! Apr 5, 2024
11luvme2u I love seeing Donte bottom! Nice work. Apr 5, 2024
Beyy88 This wasn’t it & I can’t figure out why. I like young bull a lot….. Denzel as well….but idk. Apr 4, 2024
smokey1984 7/10. Nothing negative to say. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. Hopefully I’ll get what I’m looking for next week. Apr 4, 2024
loydstar Hell Yeah!!!!!! This shit was 🔥 Apr 4, 2024
MrBrown19942 Once again, another epic scene from BBA! I love their chemistry within this video. It's felt through my laptop screen. Awesome job! Apr 4, 2024
Sageking3 I don't bottom but I'd let Denzel do whatever he wanted bro Apr 4, 2024
davids I'm Glad to see Denzel. He is so sexy. I'm still trying to embrace Donte. Apr 4, 2024
Candid1 These two are becoming my new favs. Apr 4, 2024
A123 At first I wasn’t excited for this scene. I love Denzel; he is perfect. However, Donte has not been my preference in the past. After watching this scene, I have changed my mind a bit. I love a bottom who can take dick without running and/or constantly stopping. Also, Donte has a nice sized pole on him that I had never noticed before. I think Donte might be growing on me. One final note, Denzel is so damn sexy!!! Apr 4, 2024
TXDude7 I don’t normally comment but this fucking was 👌🏿 Apr 4, 2024
dlking93 Whoever doesn't give this scene a like is crazy it was sexy from the working out, kissing, humping, missionary which was my favorite I loved watching him trying to fuck him back and seeing Donte getting hard while getting fucked his dick is so big! Denzel looked so sexy with his shirt off I loved this scene I hope they can meet again in the shower lol loved the kiss at the end Apr 4, 2024
misterblack This update was a dream for me and was perhaps the hottest of the year. Denzel did everything to Donte I wish I could: sucking his thick uncut dick; inserting his tongue into Donte's hole and inhaling what must be a heavenly bouquet; pressing fingers into that hairy ass; and giving him a sensual ride on his own organ. I love Donte's facial expressions and sounds. These two models have great chemistry, physiques, handsome faces, and manly looks. Tens across the board. We've seen Donte with newer models JuJu and now Denzel. A Legend/Donte pairing (flipflop) would be off the chains hot. Thank you gentlemen. Apr 4, 2024
nbrown1210 Denzel has the combination of looks, personality, and performance to one day replace somebody on my all-time top 10 list. He'd probably have to bottom first. Apr 4, 2024
MichaelGalletta Denzel has already bottomed in several of his past BBA scenes. 😉
getdickhoe This drop makes me wonder if you all could benefit from hiring a Customer Data Analyst. I love this site, but I have not used my last 7 credits over the past two months. A data analyst can review and analyze the comments that y’all post and the ones that you chose not to post and tell you from a business and customer perspective which enhancements to your content releases will give you the most bang for your buck. I would hope the goal is to have your customers purchase more subscriptions and more credits. Subscriptions will increase and credit purchases will improve only if you all listen to the Voice of your customers. I know that you all prioritize those that have subscriptions, but your base is anyone spending money on this site.

I’m only sending this because I really like this site, but it seems you all are posting what you think is good instead of using the data to drive your decisions. So hopefully y’all won’t take it personally, but if you do 🤷🏾‍♂️
Apr 4, 2024
MichaelGalletta We take many factors into consideration when choosing which models and scenes to film, including model availability and compatibility, available production budget, and of course the feedback and requests from our customers. But as I've pointed out to you before, YOUR personal preferences don't necessarily represent the vast majority of our viewers, and we are never going to be able to please every viewer all of the time. You don't need a "Data Analyst" to help you read through the comments and see that most of the scenes you complain about end up receiving overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews lol.
godzilla1984 7 stars because of Denzel Apr 4, 2024
kennyg I'm speechless!!!!!!! Donte is one hot bottom, nothing more to be said. Apr 4, 2024
birdred30 Soon as I saw who was in it didn't even bother to watch. 2 verse bottom old and young. Pointless. Apr 4, 2024
birdred30 Why keep giving us young and old ,, really, if people are asking for it that should be on another sight some were else. Mad turn off. , this sight needs improvement , it starts off good, then back to trash, , you wait for 3 a month and out 3, 1 might be good. And if u get 3 a month 🤔🤔🤔 Apr 4, 2024
man12345 Is Donte ever going to use that big dick of his. Apr 4, 2024

When our new model Donte first noticed Denzel on the site, he wasted no time letting us know that he'd love to do a scene with the muscular former Marine, and we were more than happy to fulfill his requested fantasy.

Donte stumbles across Denzel doing his morning workout routine outside, and asks the bigger, older guy to show him some new exercises. Of course Denzel is eager to take the slim dark-skinned newbie under his wing and teach him a thing or two.

A sexy morning workout quickly evolves into a very DIFFERENT type of physical exercise as a few "other" muscles get stretched & worked out before the day's over....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Gay/Bisexual, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback
Details: Apr 4, 2024 47 min
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