The Return of Trapp

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Bertless65 Diez has been my #1 since he arrived at BBA. I prefer to see him in vers scenes even tho he is becoming a notorious thirsty AF power-bottom who needs more dicks at the same time. He is just so Hershey chocolate AF. Now let me focus on Trapp. My dick swole seeing this thick version of Trapp. In terms of grooming, Trapp looks damn good. This is how you return to BBA after nearly 5 years just glistening in natural Black male masculine sexy. The funny thing is even if it was not mentioned he was locked up, it's obvious that he has the I was locked up look. His post-jail-thick phatty ass is so fuckable in this. I love the verbal in this. And he still has that welcoming I wouldn't mind just handing out non-ego personality. I wish they both snowballed each other's cum. Jun 8, 2024
Arutisuse Trapp put on jailweight, you can tell when a brotha was lock up & is accustomed to male sex Jun 8, 2024
tovolosh79 Ross and Trapp reunion please😍😍😍 Jun 6, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 Love this!!!!
Can we please see a scene with Diez and JuJu? Please 🙏
Jun 5, 2024
ICeeIt21 Need I dare say what no one else has, and what needs saying? Diez is THE power bottom of BBA...hands down. And he looks damn good taking the D. Trapp returned in a thicker version of himself and that ass is phatter. This was a sexy pairing, and less than 300 thumbs up is just disrespectful on so many levels. Are most of us simply forgetting? C'mon, it's Trapp people... Jun 5, 2024
jreecen Yes I rarely comment. I know I know lol...but I had to give Trapp his flowers on this here day. Maybe he can give some of the other models a Master class at being a true performer when the camera turns on. I know BBA is big on the authenticity of their models and make us aware that some models may be a little more timid, withdrawn or downright disturbing amid filming because of their comfort levels and this is what makes BBA what it is...but there is something magical that happens when a model shows up to work and works! Give the ppl a performance! It truly makes for a more deeper connection with the subscriber and keeps us tuned in for more. Well done Trapp and counterpart! PS. Can we start seeing some more shower stuff like with Scotty and Shaun before and or after the scene. I really enjoy watching the models suds each other down. Just a suggestion lol. Jun 5, 2024
zedmukoya Well it wasn't good nor what I expected, for all that wait , can we get some better adventures, for amateur porn , trapp nice to see but he put on weight , the problem is not the models it's the screen play always the same , create new material , I am sure people want that as well , better revenue will bring in , some people drop off membership because they were not satisfied, but if u put some more spice in it , with new material create a mini series, new material on different areas , new models from time to time is ok , but it needs seasoning, more spice Jun 5, 2024
Sageking3 Yeah diez ready for a 3sum Jun 4, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Its clear that Trapp wanted his cheeks clapped and smacked harder. Diez did his thing but wasn't going as rough as Trapp wanted and was asking him to. Juju may be out of the possibility so Bandit or Blake would be the best option as far as more dominant tops go. It'll be interesting to see who's up with Trapp next. If Juju is gone for good hopefully a new recruit that's more versatile comes around soon. Jun 4, 2024
hines1983 I agree with VSWboy18. Trapp is one of my favorites along with Bandit, Legend, and Juju. Love to see Trapp in a scene with them Jun 3, 2024
VSWboy18 The most important thing I noticed about this scene was that's the same couch and bed Bandit & Legend fucked on 🤩 ... so will we get a Legend/Trapp scene or finally a full Bandit/Trapp scene 😍 Trapp is the sh*t and looks amazing at this weight! Jun 3, 2024
Wiccan107 Damn Trapp is so freakin sexy! This scene was hot as fuck! Trapp is the very best love everything about him! So hot! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jun 3, 2024
tovolosh79 I love me some Trapp. My dream dude😍 Jun 3, 2024
DLtrucker2021 Damn Trapp got thicker 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jun 3, 2024
chrisa94 I thought I commented already , but another Great job BBA team!
Thank yall
Jun 3, 2024
mrwhitley1 Loved this scene
So happy Trapp is Back!!!
Trapp is an Incredible Performer!!!
His transparency is unmatched 10/10!!!
+ He showcased in this scene he is Truly a Verse Top. He def wanted to feel some dick, but his strength in (Fuckin) Trapp is a designated “House Top”
He should Only bottom for Our Amusement.

Always great seeing Diez,
Diez is a Horny Power Bottom. He is Sexual, so Any form of Sex will turn him ON…however Diez loves Dick….so let’s make sure He gets it while @BBA!
however I will always hate that BBA paired him in that scene with Apollo & hasn’t cum while getting fucked since!

Every Dude I ever fucked came from “The D”
It’s common, make it Happen!!!!!
This was a Great scene looking forward to the next & so happy BBA got back in touch with Trapp!!!

This wtf I be talking about…Trapp looks incredible!!!
We Do not care when the Models gain weight, (Y'all Filmed Saint with a Chipped Tooth -unforgivable-) nonetheless We love the Models as is…Aint like y’all give them a Glam team. Models barely get haircuts & maintenance. & Apollo haircuts for the models don’t cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They MUST be in Character while Filming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for posting the scene in full & so glad We got some RIDING action 🏇10/10!!!
Looking forward to Both of their scenes in the Future!!!!

Can We get a shower 🚿or locker roomish 🎬.

It needs to be a BBA standard (The Bottoms cumming while getting fucked)
Stop dismissing the Pleasure of the bottoms regardless of their sexual orientation…they are ACTING 🎭 portraying a Character Role.
Also implement Kissing while fucking…it’s Not a scene 🎬 unless that occurs! Mike always does it, So make sure the Models do it too!!!!
No Exceptions!!!

We are Just The Viewers!!!!
Jun 2, 2024
cam656914 Trapp with all that azzzz. He really needs to be slutted out. Who on the roster is a slutter? Jun 2, 2024
clarkwbc Just love trapp his presence is unmatched. The ease he displays and that ass. Him and Ross are my favorites of all time. This scene was hot as hell Jun 2, 2024
king2019 The kissing was amazing!!! Great scene!!! Trapp, welcome back!!! Great surprise!!! 😄😄 Jun 2, 2024
Meatlover Now THIS is the return that I wanted from BBA! Everything i didn’t get from the Legend-Bandit film, I got in this. I was a Trapp fan, so to see him return makes me so happy. And then matching him with my new favorite Diez?! Man this was bound to be a 10-alarm Inferno and it was! This is a new classic and I’m so excited about this! I’m happy again! Jun 2, 2024
thedialectic Come 👏🏾thru 👏🏾Trapp👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾🥵!!!! Coming thru with the dad-bod for the win!!! On God he is so sexy !!! He always brings this "let's fuck" energy! Can't wait to see more!! Jun 1, 2024
supreme Welcome back Trapp , he's only gotten better ...great chemistry , great scene ! Diez is such a star ! Jun 1, 2024
smokey1984 Mike, I’ll raise hell when shit get progressively bad, BUT bringing Trapp back was the SHIT! One of my top 3 favorites. Wish Diez could have took that ass missionary style.

This was 🔥👌🏾💪🏾✌🏾👏🏾🎉🍷👍🏾

Now this is the shit I don’t mind paying for. NOW ALLLLLL you have to do is bring Juju back to her that ass tapped.
Jun 1, 2024
MaverickT Made my damn month, welcome back Trapp. Trapp & Blake Bishop Trapp & Bandit Trapp & Zander and Trapp with Stallion are a few suggestions. Jun 1, 2024
LemanR1980 Man, I'm really loving the evolution of Trapp's sex appeal. I actually find him more sexier that he's in his 30s and his body has transformed into "Dad Bod". Trapp is definitely a DILF. I remember his early scenes with Saint & Luh Redd when his body was pure perfection. I like him more now that he has a more realistic body type with flaws. So sexy! Jun 1, 2024
rog9989 Ecstatic to see Trapp is still one of the most voracious ass-eaters on here! He should hold a workshop Jun 1, 2024
prescript Omg, yes!! He’s back!! 🥰🥰 Jun 1, 2024
kelma10 Im so happy to have Trapp back, I liked the video before even watching it… Jun 1, 2024
scrappydoo123 Diez needs to be more aggressive when he tops because these dudes sure don't be playing around when they're fucking him. Nice to see Trapp back with that nice juicy booty. Hope someone like Juju or stallion gets a chance to fuck it really good. Jun 1, 2024
blackforest Another waste of my credits. Diez stroke is weak af. Poor pairing for Trapp. I wish y'all would skip the interviews and allow more underwear and spontaneity. Trust me that will be helpful. Its too choreographed and as such isn't stimulating Jun 1, 2024
ef8432 Would’ve been a full circle ⭕️ if Ross would’ve welcomed Trapp back from prison as Trapp did Ross Jun 1, 2024
colormeblk Trapp you done got all CAKED UP on us huh? You fine AF too! I missed you bruh... welcome back... hey you haven't lost a beat,,, you still got it!!! HOTT and SEXY!! May 31, 2024
stevenlove85 I feel like we need to see Diez take Stallions dick.. but also Denzel should link with Stallion as well.. Diez and Denzel are both great bottoms and Stallion DEFINITELY has the perfect stick for both lol May 31, 2024
DjbiATL Ayyyee 🔥🔥 Trapp, BBA royalty right there. One of the all-time best BBA g4p finds in the history of the site.💯 Came back like he never left. Still understanding the assignment. ✔️ And newbie Diez always brings the right vibe. Gets better every scene. He brings that same energy from the scenes back in the day, pre-pandemic. Great surprise return with Trapp. Now if y’all get Scotty back, and to do a follow up scene with Trapp then y’all the GOATs lol frfr 💦 May 31, 2024
maybelater Trapp reminds me of how Ross looked when he got out. Nevertheless, welcome back my dude! We expect great things from you. Good job on your 1st day back!! May 31, 2024
SilkySlim1986 Now this is how to bring back a legend. Trapp has always been my favorite and nothing's changed. Welcome back, King! May 31, 2024
MrBrown19942 Their chemistry is felt through the screen, for sure! An amazing scene as always, BBA. 💫🧨 May 31, 2024
gemini85 Oh Trapp came back different in the best way possible!! His kissing is better, he eat ass like a beast, and he been craving ass clearly!! Gone for that number one spot bro, STL in the building. Let Trapp have his pick on all the newbies as a welcome back TRAPP2024 May 31, 2024
glsfz6 Trapp! Damn he handled Diez! Trapp is sexy and has a good stroke! he needs to top more. i busted three times May 31, 2024
Beyy88 OMG TRAPP! This better be fire!!!!!!! May 31, 2024
thedialectic Come 👏🏾thru 👏🏾Trapp👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾🥵!!!! Coming thru with the dad-bod for the win!!! On God he is so sexy !!! He always brings this "let's fuck" energy! Can't wait to see more!! May 31, 2024
joshma77 Has Trapp got any updates on Shaun or Scotty? May 31, 2024
SCORpioFeetLover Oh my god I've been waiting for this. Trapp I've missed you I'm glad you're back May 31, 2024
Duchess You can Tell Trapp Missed it here at BBA Bro was Happy AsF and booty hole looked well fed and Hungry 👌🏾 They chemistry was Litty🔥🔥🔥top tier. This the best I’ve ever Seen Diez taken Dick so Far 🙌🏾 trapp man handled that Azz 💁🏾‍♂️ I can’t wait to see Trapp go even further he is definitely already in my top five BBA Glad he’s back May 31, 2024
oscarmeyer I would do anything to see Diez and Maleek May 31, 2024
damarcus Trapp is forever top 3. Welcome back. May 31, 2024
cumqorrect773 I came back just to see Trapp and it didnt disappoint. I hope him, Denzel, Diez, Juju, and Stallion all do a scene together. May 31, 2024
bigdaddy1051 Diez and Trapp couldn't have looked any better. I think this was Trapp's best scene to date. That ass is sure fine. Great scene. May 31, 2024
Charmed35 Welcome back Trapp we def missed u always had a crush on your sexy ass and u lookin so good you even thicker and dat ass still fat bruh I love you the chemistry was good I hope he stays around this time cuz I love watching his old videos and beating my dick to his videos May 31, 2024
davids Great pairing. I'm glad that Trapp is back. He looks great and his booty is a little fatter. May 31, 2024
chrisa94 Was not expecting that.
I am so impressed BBA, I think yall need a tip BOX
May 31, 2024
Playwithme11 I am so happy to see Trapp return he has the best ass on BBA and he gives you so much of himself in scenes, my boy got a little chubby and that ass got fatter so im not mad at it. I'm looking forward to seeing him more maybe we will get him and JuJu or maybe a returning Stallion. May 31, 2024
Docteur Superb on steroids. Diez needs a gang bang scene as does Trapp. They both gave each other great oral and then fucked the tar out of one another. May 31, 2024
Leonides After watching it , I must say I’m a tad disappointed. The sunrise and wow factor was the return itself . The performance ..meh . I think Trapp should’ve been paired with someone more masculine to compliment his own masculinity but bring out his more submissive side . But what do I know I’m just fairy 🧚🏿‍♀️ May 30, 2024
darrelljay I Miss trapp one of my fav❤️‍🔥 May 30, 2024
Yonerk86 Perfect❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 30, 2024
11luvme2u OUTSTANDING! Trapp is back with passion and amazing energy. I loved this scene. Diez's body is sheer perfection and I especially loved seeing him bottom so well. That chocolate tight ass made Trapp shoot that nut out like Justice! Speaking of Justice, PLEEEEASE pair Trapp with Justice in the future. Justice brings that sexual maturity and fluidity that would trigger a level of sexual freedom in Trapp we've never fully seen before (in my opinion). And, of course, a scene with the Sex God, Apollo, would make my dream come true. What an amazing way to end May at BBA. Thank you. May 30, 2024
dorian83 Trapp is one of my favorites. Nice and thick now. This made my night May 30, 2024
birdred30 Well it wasn't what I expected, for the wait ,can we get some better adventures, for ameture porn , trapp nice to see but he put on weight, , the problem is not the models it's the screen play always the same ,create, new material , I am sure people want that as well , better revenue will bring in , some people drop off membership because they were not satisfied, but if u put some more spice in it , with new material create a mini series, new material on different areas , new models from time to time is ok , but it needs season salt spice , trust me you will thank me ,have good one!!!

You'll see . I am mad sure of it . Thanks
May 30, 2024
DolaDragases I always pray for a creampie instead of all of these facials :(
Anyway, great scene. Love Diez so much.
May 30, 2024
Leonides The way I gagged , choked , and farted when I saw trapp 😰😮‍💨 I wasn’t ready …. Now that we have that out of the way . If you miss the opportunity to pair him with Juju , Stallion , or a reunion with Bandit just pack the cameras up and never shoot another video again . Js 😌 May 30, 2024
jam1967 Wow, what a surprise. Loved it and both these guys, glad Trapp is back as well. I rejoined today after the 30 days ended. I love this site so much. I do not care for corporate porn whatsoever. So glad BBA is not corporate. I left all the other sites that are corporations mega bull crap. Thanks MG and staff. May 30, 2024
biggsexyface So glad Trapp is back!😍😍❤️❤️🍑🍆💯💯Absolutely love him!! May 30, 2024
TennesseeBator This is why the breaks are good for BBA, you all come back with PURE FIRE HEAT that makes this site the great porn institution that it is. I am so damn happy to see that Trapp is back, the prison pounds look very good on him and I see he is still the top notch performer/personality we all grew to love, he hasn't missed a beat. Diez continues to be the new chocolate prince of BBA, he just elevates everything and makes it even better. You all are TWO for TWO now, please keep it up. Also, SCOTTY and SHAUN, it's time for them to return, we need all the homeboys together (for the first time) May 30, 2024

You're not imagining things.

Seemed for a while there like it might never happen, but finally making his shocking and long-awaited return to BBA after being locked up for almost FOUR YEARS is none other than one of the original STL "homeboys" himself, TRAPP!

Other than putting on a few prison pounds, he's still the same sexy, hilarious, fun-loving model we all know and love, always eager to entertain and please his fans every way that he can. And while I didn't even think it was possible, that infamous bubble-butt is looking thicker, rounder, and more fuckable than ever before.

There's OVER A FULL HOUR of steamy, stroke-worthy action in this "refresher course" FLIP-FLOP with the dark-skinned young semi-newbie Diez, welcoming our returning star home and helping him shake off the rust and pick up right where he left off.

Judging by his facial expressions and sexy verbal interactions throughout most of this scene, I think it's fair to say that Trapp has missed BBA as much as BBA has missed him!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: May 30, 2024 76 min
Photo of Diez
Photo of Trapp

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