Smashing Shameeks

jaypablo Love it, Shameeks is hot, love how he gives head Aug 5, 2022
sixthcense i like this youthful 🍫 man i love how his balls hang when his ass is in the air and that sloppy head he gave Justice who performed mighty well that nut shot was insane lol but Shameeks looks so good i would love to see him and that sexy dude Tyreek or the new guy Maleek have fun! A++ scene May 21, 2022
HeyNwkat160 Damn....Shameeks...take that dick... Sep 29, 2021
Dualex Not sure who's best. Ross? Shameeks? Would love to see them in a 4sum with some power tops ie Blake, Bandit, Teddy, Justice again... Bandit and Blake worked really well with Shameeks... Apr 24, 2020
mdcarmichael Justice spraying all that nut on Meek’s face is incredible... Mar 13, 2020
Islandfire Shameeks with those lips...But I love the chemistry between Justice and him. Justice is my dream guy Feb 16, 2020
mdcarmichael Not sure why folks think the cumshot was funny... I thought it was awesome. Justice has a fountain cock. Jan 30, 2020
emiliano69 hot hot hot but that cum shot was hilarious Jan 5, 2020
jrummi shameeks gets me brick just by watching him kiss, I am so in love with the kid Jan 5, 2020
mauricio1234 Shameeks is amazing. I love how passionate Justice is and Shameeks wasn't afraid to let go and be all vulnerable. Dec 22, 2019
mdcarmichael @ericbb Agree with Ross and/or Scuba pairing with Shameeks. Great cum shot by Justice tho. Dec 17, 2019
ACTION7 Justice and DOMINIC for the HOLIDAYS....or just very soon. Dec 13, 2019
ericbb Shameeks and Ross and Shameeks and Scuba Dec 9, 2019
enomad Justice be drowning folk with those cum shots!!!! Hot as Hell!!! Nov 16, 2019
11luvme2u @OKinMUC I envy that person too! I think Justice needs a husband and a wife! lol He has enough good dick and ass for both. Love you Justice! Nov 7, 2019
Dualex I've requested Shameeks/Scuba but I wanna see Shameeks/Ross first lol Nov 5, 2019
avan7742 Would love to see Shameeks and Scuba in a hot flip. Shameeks ass is ready for something good and a little bigger than what Justice brought Oct 30, 2019
deboer85 next i wanna see shameeks eat sperm! :p Oct 29, 2019
OKinMUC Justice is amazing: a consummate top with body, brain and everything else in sync. His cum shots are the stuff of legends! What an amazing lover - I envy the person who is getting the full Justice package off screen. I have to admire the sheer determination Shameeks showed throughout the scene. BTW, I loved the little exchange at the end: watching such an intense scene makes you feel close to these guys - getting that glimpse of how they might be like when the camera is off is just awesome Oct 21, 2019
smhard03 THIS WAS AMAZING! Shameeks is my new FAV!!!! Oct 18, 2019
goFish2 Loved Idris Elba more than I can say...Oops! Did I fantasize? Sorry, was just a little overcome...almost like that cum shot. Wow! What more can be said. Oct 16, 2019
bustaboy88 this scene has some of the best kissing I've seen on any porn film. honestly I would remain a loyal subscriber if there are long deep makeout sessions like this one. great job guys. Oct 16, 2019
biglarry One of THE BEST......!!! GREAT MODELS AND ACTION... video work excellent!!!! Oct 12, 2019
texasbugg shameeks makes me think about a young thug who i would put (HERSHEY's CHOCOLATE KISSES) in his ass hole have him push them to the top of his hole and eat them out same way with the m/m's i would love to see mike add candy to some of his scenes i would love to put some kisses in shameeks ass and eat them out he is so fucking fine. Oct 9, 2019
blktop2002 Shax, and creative mastermind Mr. Montez, I really enjoyed this one. Videography and creative shooting was superb. Underwater sequences were so erotic. Justice has grown on me so much. At first he didn't appeal to me at all. All that has changed. Looking forward to seeing all that you guys come up with going forward. Oct 9, 2019
Jayden27 The grizzly adonis returns! I say that out of love because I love the fact that he had hair EVERYWHERE! Shax was awesome to capture his entire body while he was removing his boxers by the pool. It’s great to see Justice again. Justice’s sexy, dominant, and aggressively gentle nature was a perfect fit for Shameeks. I loved watching Justice squeeze Shameeks’ cheeks underwater. The bedroom sequence was LIT! I loved the fact that he started off easy with Shameeks, and then increased the stroke as the scene progressed. There was one moment where Shameeks was about succumb to the pain, and Justice slowed his stroke down to try to make him more comfortable. You could tell he was understanding, and he gave Shameeks what he needed. Great performance! Good shot!

Bottoming for the first time is an unforgettable experience. If I had to speak for Shameeks, I would say that his experience was no exception LOL. Shameeks’ held on with every second he could muster to endure the painfully pleasurable sensations of Justice’s dick. We saw him in various positions in this scene, including reverse cowboy. He did that shit! Shit was fucking nice! We also saw him with a wide range of facial expressions that started from curiosity, then went to “This kinda hurts” then “OMG WTF” and lastly, complete, and utter surrender. In spite of that, he held on to give his fans two things 1) an unforgettable performance and 2) the gift we’ve wanted ever since he stepped in the BBA Zone...his ass. If he keeps bottoming, he could be a force to be reckoned with at BBA. Shameeks, thank you for agreeing to do this scene. Your performance was HOT! Don’t worry about your facial expressions—they were priceless! You earned EVERY cent of your pay for this scene! Kudos to you bro!!!

To Mike, Shax, Montez, Justice, and Shameeks! Good shit fellas! Thanks for a damn good time!
Oct 9, 2019
11luvme2u Congratulations to Justice for the promotion as an Exclusive Model!! You have definitely earned it. You are so ruggedly handsome, balanced with your aggressive and submissive sides, outstanding performer, and with the body of a god. Your scenes are consistently entertaining and stimulating. Be careful though my intuition suspects you might have a Bukkake scene coming. LOL We'll see! Great choice Mike and BBA! Oct 8, 2019
Louis351 They had good chemistry and enjoyed each other. This was a very hot video and i give it two thumbs up. I want to see more of Shameeks. Oct 8, 2019
surwinkstha3rd Great Scene you guys !!!! you got my votes Oct 8, 2019
langston35 That cum shot from justice was epic!! Healthy hairy young man!!!! Oct 8, 2019
langston35 This is a wonderful scene! Two masculine hairy brothers it was 🔥 Y'all are really on a roll! Can't wait to see what's next. Going to buy more credits to be sure I do not miss anything!!! Oct 8, 2019
texasbugg every time i look at this scene it looks more/more like justice is fucking a milky way candy bar damm shameeks skin is so smooth/pretty i want to know what he use on his skin. Oct 7, 2019
thinman1961 yes, drown me with cum Justice!! Oct 7, 2019
gdr1gdr1 Shameeks Is Fucking Gorgeous...One Of The Hottest Models On The BBA Stage. I Have Tried To Watch This Scene Numerous Times And Have Not Been Able To See Any Of The Viewings To The End. My Mama Taught me Not To Say Anything, If I Didn't Have Anything Positive To Say...Suffice To Say I Did Not Enjoy The Pairing. Shameeks Deserves Only The Best And This Was A Big Miss! Shameeks 👍🏾Thumbs Up👍🏾The Scene 👎🏾Thumbs Down👎🏾 Oct 7, 2019
Dualex The die hard Apollo/Dominic pairing will say this again: this Justice/Shameeks scene is topping all I've seen so far. They both delivered. These two can't be left unattended or there'll be a house fire lol Oct 7, 2019
xEdTvFP5 Wow...this was hot!!! Loved seeing Justice with all of his hair, the foot play, and Shameeks's lips and tongue. Oct 7, 2019
DisciplineU I love this scene. Outstanding. It includes the hottest ass smacking ever on BBA - because he smacks it HARD like it should be, not scared to smack it hard. Awesome that Justice gets dominant with Shameeks and makes it clear who is in charge, and then actually delivers an aggressive fucking. Great work. Oct 7, 2019
texasbugg shameeks i said before u keep doing what u r doing damm what the haters say how can some1 say they think u was fucked before cause the dick went in too easy babyboy my first dick was xxlg i took it like a pro and i know that was my first shameeks u r loved at bba/usa babyboy please come back to do another scene i love that milky way candy bar sexy body when u was riding that dick i nutted like a bull babyboy i hope to see u again sooner than later. Oct 7, 2019
Docteur I am not a fan of Justice at all. I would have preferred Isaiah taking him down or having more of the young newbie do each other in flip-flop fashion.
The femme kind of males are a turnoff. Shameeks and Jah would have been better. Where is Mikey? Where is Bandit?
Oct 7, 2019
rahimc This keeps getting better : ) Oct 7, 2019
VSWboy18 Shameeks is hands down the best KISSER in BBA history! This was a good match. Justice exudes a lot of passion. I don't see Shameeks and Bandit or Apollo as a good match. Bandit's sex is still a little too straight and Apollo acts too much. Shameeks and Blake would be an amazing flip! Oct 7, 2019
Jahanfav Its crazy that both stars make u fall in love every time u see them Oct 6, 2019
Gpimpin37 didn't quite do it for me, the scene lacked sensuality I think. Seems to focus on "generic" positions. A scene like bandit and saint is still way ahead. Oct 6, 2019
ojhudson that cum shot from justice was pure magical Oct 6, 2019
kevin343 Shameeks is an amazing piece of art, from head to toe! And when them lips start moving it is EVERYTHING to watch. It's just a big turn on to watch him in any type of action. Looking forward to seeing him and Apollo flip-flop. Or with JAH. That would actually be a pretty nice scene. Looking forward to seeing pairing or threesome. Oct 6, 2019
bbsndc Wow finally Justice gets his big sexy feet worshipped! He is so freaking hot!! Need to pair him with Jah for some foot 69ing! Oct 6, 2019
jrummi i would rather have seen shameeks as the top because I prefer justice as a bottom! butttttt shameeks is the best kisser ive ever seen on bba! Oct 6, 2019
jardonm I think it is showing the wrong trailer, or is that intentional? Oct 6, 2019
MichaelGalletta The trailer is for last week's update as well as this scene.
texasbugg SHAMEEKS babyboy u can take all my money i know this scene will make u move way up babyboy i love the way u put your all into every scene u do that tells me u r your own man u do what u feel babyboy keep it up this scene tops every scene this year knowing mike u will be in the xmas scene mike is very smart he knows u r pure gold top dollar justice u already know u did great shameeks babyboi i hope u get to do a scene with bandit u/dominic do a scene it would be coffee withcream(URSTILLAMILKYWAY) Oct 6, 2019
Coolrod Now that is how you break a young "Top" in! Justice let him know who was in charge! But I do believe that Shameeks has taken dick before. Justice's dick went in too easily. LOL. Great scene. Oct 6, 2019
3606tsb72 I'm a dickphile so, If Shameeks had gotten a BJ, I'd give the video a numerical grade of 100. Nonetheless I caught fire watching this Shax masterpiece, so a 99.99 has to suffice. Drop-dead handsome Hershey's Chocolate Bar, Shameeks, and fine husband material, Justice, the Cumer King, are what the doctor-ordered as they are sights-for-sore-eyes. Knowing the movie would feature a virgin getting "did," I didn't think I'd enjoy this. I was sadly mistaken, if not flabbergasted. Oct 6, 2019
MichaelGalletta Please go back and watch this scene more closely. It's brief compared to the rest, but Shameeks does receive some head from Justice in this scene.
papatiggger DAMN That was awesome! BBA classic right here!!! Oct 6, 2019
NellyOak92 Shameeks is perfect! would love to fuck him all day. Justice needs to work on his stroke if he wanna play top Oct 6, 2019
texasbugg SHAMEEKS babyboy u got me wanting to go to the store and buy me an x large milky way candy bar and have some hardcore sex with that candy bar cause u was looking like a milky way candy bar my bag a sexy milky way candy bar shameeks bro u still got your thug card i hope this is not your last time getting fucked bro i love to watch a young thug get fucked cause when it's over he go right back to thuggin that is so sexy to me shameeks fuck what others think about u get that paper babyboygreatjob. Oct 6, 2019
sanmiittai Talk about a facial! He almost drowned! Oct 6, 2019
Chillcat Justice ALWAYS cums like a fountain LOL! Now he needs his revenge. Oct 6, 2019
KNG5TNFN PERFECTO! For me I think "Shameeks" took it better than "Scuba"..... maybe it was the difference in partners but "Justice" has always had a way to connect with his scene partners on this deep emotional level where it just puts everybody at ease... I dont know its like making love for the first time...he's good at it... this was sensual and in depth loved every minute, great job guys! 😏👍 Oct 6, 2019
jbh221 Wow. Shameeks knew what he wanted and GOT it. Strongest bottom performance since Apollo. I had to take three breaks watching it. Bravo. Oct 5, 2019
11luvme2u I know Halloween is coming. I hope we have a creative group scene. I have been anticipating some sweaty and steamy sex with a group that only BBA can deliver. Oct 5, 2019
11luvme2u Justice has the best cumshots in BBA history! It was hot but also hilarious. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Shameeks should have known from Justice's prior scenes what might be "cumming". He looked like he tried to avoid a direct hit but there was no escaping those cum bullets. The chemistry between them at the end of the scene aroused me all over again. I wouldn't mind seeing them again in some capacity. OUTSTANDING JOB BBA!! Oct 5, 2019
11luvme2u I think after an in depth interview or a scene with more communication we will be able to connect better with him. But I don't know, maybe he rather be private. We'll see. The incredible camera work highlighted both their bodies and made this scene VERY EASY to follow. I wasn't bored at all. The scenery and water (though a little redundant with Shax) was very picturesque and tasteful. Very beautiful added touch. I cant wait to see how many comments there will be about that cumshot. Oct 5, 2019
11luvme2u The masculine energy Justice exuded was super hot!! Shameeks is too hot to handle! That rich chocolate skin, those full lips, slim toned physique, tornado tongue, and the list goes on. He's young, very skilled, and extremely talented. He can work that tongue better than any BBA model I can think of. Homeboy stretched those legs all the way back and did a great job ingesting Justice's hard dick. I was very impressed. I can't even imagine his scenes in a few months. He'll probably be top 5. Oct 5, 2019
11luvme2u Where do you start with a scene this epic? I guess I'll begin with the fact that I love Justice. I'm very glad he was paired with Shameeks because he brings an openness that balances Shameek's quietness. His dick has the perfect dimensions for a new bottom. Justice's body looks amazing and he definitely was extra yummy with that sexy haircut. He gave just the right amount of aggression to let the Harlem native know who was the top in charge. And those ass slaps were proof. Oct 5, 2019
Dualex Wow wow wow! Watched the scene top to bottom. You found two models who just complete each other, the kiss, the foreplay, they just went for it. That scene was Explosive. Not sure what else to say. I did not really enjoy the under water head though. Saying this, send Sham over to me so I can teach each how to swim silently lol. Last scene was not necessary this time though they were about to start again. I will conclude with saying Justice4Shameeks! Give us a revenge then flip flop 👏🏾👏🏾 Oct 5, 2019
WeatherMan One of the nastiest and freakiest scenes in BBA history and I loved every second of it. Oct 5, 2019
texasbugg this scene was so fucking hoooooot shameeks i love this young thug i love the way he use every thing he was blessed with by the gods he knows he got that sexy thug body damm i never saw justice dick so hard the kiss told me they was really feeling each other mike got to let shameeks/bandit fuck they got to meet up it's in the cards that they meet shameeks has rocked bba/usa into the stars it will be very hard to top this scene this is why i love to watch a thug get fucked they will take the pain. Oct 5, 2019
krishawnjames23 Let Me Be The First One To Comment! Ummmm, I’m Very Disappointed 😔 In This Scene! One Of The Worst Scenes In BBA! I Felt Like Isaiah Should Have Gotten His Revenge On Shameeks. Or Someone Better Than This Wanna Be Top! Not Trying To Be Funny Or Nothing But Ohhh No Baby Oct 5, 2019
illtown22 GooooootDaammnnn!!!!! That shit was pure flames!!!!! My shit was brick from start2finish. Justice turned me out and I been fucn for years. and what the fuc was that cum shot at the end? is that a fire extinguisher. da fuc. I hope Meek enjoyed his first time as much as I enjoyed watching. Excellent job to you both🔥🔥🔥👌 Oct 5, 2019
princexxchar YOOO!! WHAT A PERFECT I MEAN PERRRFECCTTT PAIRING! I love both them. This right here was amazing, i mean every minute. everything i imagined it would be. Bravo BBA. WOW!!! Justice!! i thought i love him bottoming but shit! I love him topping. yall DID THIS. Shameeks is so damn sexy. IM pleased alll the way around. Oct 5, 2019
blksexi I was not a fan of Justice when he first came on (hair) but his work the last year has all been stellar! His sensuality is amazing. And I must say this is by far the best edited Shax fuck scene. Full body and face shots! Thank you. Oct 5, 2019
avan7742 Now that shit was hot. Thank you for this magnificent update. Shameeks truly has a beautiful ass. After this I know a lot of the other dudes will be lined up for some of that ass. Oct 5, 2019
kapukan2 LOVE Justice!!!!!!!!! Oct 5, 2019

Sexy newcomer Shameeks' impressively THICK nine-inch dick might usually be the star of his scenes, but it's the dark-skinned 18-year-old's spectacular ASS that has most captured my attention from the start.

Sadly, Shameeks has been stubborn and stingy with that priceless treasure upon which he sits, claiming to be strictly a "top" and insisting that taking dick just isn't his thing.

Of course this has only made me want to see it split open and enjoyed by another man's dick even more! And based on viewer reactions to his experimentation with a dildo just a few weeks ago, it's clear I'm not the only one who's been wanting to see him finally try the REAL THING.

Lucky for us, Justice decided to take the new kid under his wing during a recent BBA trip, and turned our wicked porn dreams into a reality.

Justice watches lustfully from a distance while Shameeks swims alone late one night at the pool, paying special attention to the tempting twin melons stretching against the younger male's skintight swimsuit. With the other guys either asleep or away, Justice realizes it's the perfect time to make his move.

You'll have to see for yourself how things play out from there, but let's just say Justice wastes no time TAKING CHARGE and showing Shameeks exactly which one of them will be the "bottom" that night.

Enjoy nearly a FULL HOUR of intense and passionate action that includes some of the sexiest kissing we've ever captured on film, our first-ever UNDERWATER blowjob, lots of sloppy-wet ass-eating, and of course some good old-fashioned RAW "take-down" fucking.

Justice tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is supposedly Shameeks' very first time trying to take another man's dick. But it isn't long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he's grabbing Shameeks by the hips and aggressively POUNDING the subdued top's tight ass like it's his last fuck!

"That shit's INSIDE me, nigga!" Shameeks groans in stunned disbelief as he struggles to adjust to the overwhelming new sensations of pleasure mixed with pain while having his beautiful bubble-butt split open and ravaged by Justice's thick, hungry dick.

It's Shameeks like you've NEVER seen him before, moaning and cursing but ultimately SURRENDERING HIS ASS in this epic "take-down" you do NOT want to miss.

WARNING: If you're only looking for scenes starring eager and experienced "bottoms," then this ISN'T the scene or website for you! Shameeks' authentic reactions might be disturbing to our more sensitive viewers. But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by watching hung 18-year-old "tops" finally pinned down and squealing under some dick, then this is another proud "conquest" that you will never forget!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Tops Taken Down
Details: Oct 5, 2019 50 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Shameeks

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