Kingston: The Next Level

emiliano69 👍🏾👍🏾
Jun 16, 2023
jayjay2600 Would love to see more Kingston !!! Mar 20, 2022
turner95 Kingston is normally awkward.. BUT HE KILLED THIS SCENE Jan 21, 2022
3606tsb72 Manny and Bandit are favs and it's clear there's more than chemistry between them. But Kingston - how long can dude pretend he doesn't suck cork...oops!...cock, as his masterful worship of Bandit and Manny's instruments can't, IMHO, be matched by other BBAers. Actor Kingston should star in a BBA vid on how to properly smoke a pipe. I would not, however, like to see him penetrated, because, like me, I can't imagine him engaging in, as Jamaican law would say, "buggery." Sep 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta Oops. Too late! 😅
bye345 Would love to see Kingston and Justice! May 19, 2021
zebrasex4567 When are we gonna see more Kingston? Feb 10, 2020
emiliano69 dominic should show kingston the ropes (when he is ready) to rimming and possibly fucking Mar 19, 2019
Musta0000 Kingston is hot. This is classic BBA like someone already said!! Keep em coming.... Mar 8, 2019
T0BSSESIVE1 Its just like Mike always says "baby steps" remember they're taking him out of a world that he was confident in believing was his only pleasure to a world of unexpected possibilities and experience. This is like watching "Shaun & Scotty" from scratch and all those other models before that Mike got to do everything we love to see " Saint, Isaiah, Stephon..... to name a few, he'll get there hes freaky trust me he`ll get there. Feb 26, 2019
T0BSSESIVE1 @cocopop how do you explain "Mar"?? Feb 26, 2019
Jayden27 This scene defines classic BBA! I loved this group—the energy and banter they brought to this scene was great, and I loved every minute of it! The only person missing was the one and only Saint—BBA’s OG coach! Kudos to Kingston for even doing this scene, and to be honest, he did a great job. I laughed at his reaction to Manny’s thickness! After seeing it close up, I see why all of the models had a hard time receiving his dick! I do have this say though...genetics was a blessing to Manny! 😉 LOL!

I loved the chemistry between Manny and Bandit as always. Another funny moment that I loved was when Bandit rested his dick on Kingston’s shoulder. I CTFU when Kingston yelled, “Get the fuck up off me man!”

The couch portion was 🔥🔥! Kingston naked is a beautiful view! Hell, all three of them naked together was fuckin’ nice! Team light skin come through! Y’all did the damn thing! There was a moment when he (Kingston) was blowing Bandit, and his ass was turned to Manny’s face. I was looking at my laptop, watching Manny, saying out loud, “What are you doing bro?!? Eat it man!! Don’t look at it! Eat him out dude!” LOL! 😂😂 Right after I said that, Manny began feasting on Kingston. Then I was I like, “Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about bro! My man!” Kingston’s cum shot was 🔥🔥!!

Hopefully, this won’t be the last level Kingston reaches with BBA. I look forward to more!

To you, Bandit, Manny, and Kingston, thank you! It was fun! 😜
Feb 19, 2019
ACTION7 Kingston got the sexiest eyes out of the whole bunch. I gotta CRUSH on him. Feb 15, 2019
mrwhitley1 Okay, I’m shook!!!!
Everything was done correctly, He loves Manny and Manny is his 1st, so He sucked his dick 1st, but I’m SHOOK HE HANDLED 2 big dicks so well!!!
This is SO INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 15, 2019
jojo99 where's scotty and shaun,,,,,,,, we need to see them back Feb 14, 2019
ACTION7 KINGSTON and BANDIT are obviously CRUSHING on each other; wedding bells! Feb 14, 2019
cocopop I'm thinking Kingston got hot with Bandits fucking his mouth, it was years before Bandits dick got hard while sucking dick and he jacked that dick off. Like usual, Bandit was fucking that mouth to get him excited, still don't think he's a bottom. He's from Jamaica, where its taboo maybe against the law. You'll see in Jamaican movies they wear masks. Feb 11, 2019
MDN123 Scotty Shaun and Trapp. Saving my money for them. Those 3 are very authentic. Feb 11, 2019
DBackMariner Hope Kingston doesn't bottom. It's clear he wasn't enjoying himself. Oral is enough. Let the boy return to his straight life. Feb 7, 2019
supreme Kingston is showing potential and I am sure he will bottom soon. Bandit performance was lackluster. Thank goodness for Manny, always a professional .... Overall not bad A (3) *** out of five stars! Feb 7, 2019
jaydee4071 kingston has hella cakes can't wait to see manny or bandit open them cakes up.... and I'm with Coolrod, where is scotty scotty was getting turned up from sucking and getting his ass played with .... would love to see him flip. Feb 3, 2019
Coolrod Kingston has sucked dick before cause he was too good at it! Glad he finally stopped faking! I'm sure he has taken dick before too! We will see when somebody tries to bust him open! LOL. Cute guy with a terrible personality! Not a fan at all. Where are Shaun and Scotty? I love them. Feb 3, 2019
alvy72 if I see oral only I wont waste my time but these young men are handsome so they pass Feb 3, 2019
rawwar21 I was hoping Kingston was going to give up them cakes. He did do very well at giving head. The only thing that pissed me off was the "pay me" comment. Dude we know you get paid damn. I hope the next time we see him he taking the two biggest dicks on bba... in the ass. Oh and I fucks with Bandit and Manny Killa, cool and sexy ass dudes Feb 3, 2019
1deeke Still LOVE Manny and I like Bandit more and more with each new scene. But Kingston...nah. Feb 2, 2019
Godfather07 First of all thank you for bringing back Isaiah he is still a very hot man now I am asking please bring back Scotty he is very hot. this was good Kingston is a fast learner he is good looking hope to see more of him. I hope Scotty is out of jail. Feb 2, 2019
blktop2002 Now that the sermon is out of the way LOL. Kingstons new look was cute, He has such a pretty face and eyes, My other young fellas are always hot and handsome. This was okay to look at because of who was in it. But would like to have seen more than just oral. Feb 2, 2019
princexxchar either this wasnt his first time or he finally stop fronting for the camera, and let go. which ever it is, good job, heading in the right direction. scene turned out better than i thought when i saw him in it Feb 2, 2019
princexxchar okay...lets see. 1) i thought this was gunna be apollo n dom -_-. 2) were not gunna forget his instagram stunt. regardless of bba family sticking together, the nigga showed his "CHARACTER". jus something that stays in mind. 3) jus head videos dont do it for me.... 4) with that aside, all prior videos with him was bad. sorry. so i was thisss close to THANK U, NEXXXXT. but...he did muchhhhhhh better. im actually shocked. putting aside his character hes likeable, now. Feb 2, 2019
blktop2002 I am not a big fan of oral only either. I bought this because I am invested in the evolution of Kingston. I am extremely concerned that he may be being pushed too far too fast. I see others have expressed the same. I have every confidence that this young mans wellbeing is top priority but I am still concerned. It is an absolute turn off to watch someone hurt trying to take dick and obviously not enjoying it. Feb 2, 2019
emiliano69 a flip flop scene with kingston and dominic...greatness Feb 2, 2019
newfreak Mek mi tell dem wah gwaan, Kingston
This is a young brotha with a path to yet figure out. Encourage and teach him to never expect miracles to happen over night; be patient; be loving & little by little the change he seeks will come. Allow growth, some one allowed us all that opportunity. Never judge an AGONY. Him should never be afraid to fall apart. You'd be the way you were meant all along.
Wi need fi stop di fighting mi bredda, one love and one heart fi everybady
Feb 2, 2019
terbernt Saw Bandit, added more credits, bought. Like I said that's all I need. Feb 1, 2019
Dualex Only by seeing the head scene and final climax, lil boy really enjoyed it. Something tells me he's done it b4. He was too good a pupil lol, Can't wait for part 2. Manny is adorable.. Lastly can't people just enjoy nice soft, bromoerotic soft porn anymore??? Feb 1, 2019
baxter265 Wow, Kingston was smokin hot, very sexy. Feb 1, 2019
Blackncute This was HOTT. My favorite so far. Now let's see him bottom. Feb 1, 2019
Dualex Kingston seemed to have learned quite quick and well. He really enjoyed this and the sofa scene was very hot... I love bandit and manny bromance. Feb 1, 2019
Dualex Manny looks totally different to the one featured on the Christmas scene. Very cute scene.
Good to see Kingston experimenting but I hope this scene won't damage his mental health...
Feb 1, 2019
Lexxnh2016 WOW! This was hot, hot, hot: Especially Kingston - very sexy! Feb 1, 2019
Docteur As a BBA fan on most of the videos, I must say I haven't enjoyed any of them with Kingston. This is one of my top 3 least fave vids ever on here.
One can only hope we get more Isaiah, Apollo, Stylez and constantly keep Bandit in the mix. The femme ones not so much. Hopefully one day you can get Saint to be gangbanged by Bandit, Manny, Isaiah and Blake Bishop, and the ultimate of a threesome with Shaun, Scotty and Trapp.
Feb 1, 2019
ACTION7 this was very good!!! I love to see new guys bottom; he and Bandit flip-flopping but Bandit can only give him 2 inches...what / who yall think? He gotta cute butt... Jan 31, 2019
11luvme2u I mean the scene was good. No question. Kingston is young and obnoxious which kind of annoyed me a little but he will grow out of that. He gave great head and looked very sexy doing it. His moans were a turn on. Bandit has such a long dick and Manny’s is super thick. An authentic gay man would have been in paradise with those two monsters. Nice scene Mike. I’m hoping for Apollo and Dominic for Valentines Day. Lol Jan 31, 2019
Biggum Not a fan of oral only... Jan 31, 2019
h1lda74 I enjoyed this. And I would have no problem with Kingston only topping. I would rather watch that than see him uncomfortable and hurting through the scene. I know a lot of the younger guys these days are all about versatility, but frankly, some guys just aren't. Jan 31, 2019

Anyone who's seen the interview at the end of ​Kingston's last scene ​already knows just how unlikely it seemed this scene would ever happen.

"You guys can just erase that out your minds!" Kingston stubbornly insisted when we brought up the possibility of him taking things to the next level. "Not gonna happen."

So when this cocky, light-skinned Jamaican teen finally gave in and reluctantly agreed to put a DICK in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME, I jumped at the chance to film it!

And who better to bring in as the perfect mentors and guides for Kingston's "next level" training than everybody's favorite bromance, Manny Killa and Bandit? Both guys take turns eagerly kissing Kingston's full, pretty lips and demonstrating their own unique oral skills, showing their skeptical new student how it's done.

Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and unforgettable part of this threesome tutorial comes when ​Kingston drops to his knees and returns the favor....

Kingston ​still refuses to give up his tempting young ass, but seeing the stubborn straight boy finally slobber and choke on two of the BIGGEST DICKS on the BBA roster as they plunge in and out of his freshly deflowered mouth is a REALITY PORN exclusive you do not want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Jamaican Guys, Oral-Only, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Jan 31, 2019 45 min
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