Quarantine Chronicles #3

davids Where is Dominic? Is he doing ok? We really miss him! Mar 6, 2022
cookmanc What happen to Dominic he definitely missing in action Dec 3, 2021
poppycock DOMINIC!!!!! Hands Down!!! Jul 30, 2021
jaydee4071 can we get a dominic bottoming for bandit May 26, 2020
MichaelGalletta Our "Quarantine Chronicles" series has officially come to an end. Now that you’ve had a chance to watch & evaluate all 15 submissions, it’s up to YOU to choose the winners! Head on over to the BBA Blog to cast your votes:


Winners will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday, May 23, 2020.
May 16, 2020
11luvme2u Alright Dominic...so you sing huh? In your next scene we want to hear that voice sir! Or you can sing to your scene partner. LOL Now that'd be hot. But unlikely I know. But hopefully we can hear you sing... May 16, 2020
mrwhitley1 Nah, Dominic would’ve had it had He cum with the dildo inside. I just peeped it, He lost My vote. You got it Stylez May 11, 2020
MrBrown19942 Dominic- just... yes. Simple, yes. Dominic is the winner. Lol. 😂😍😍 May 10, 2020
cocopop @Dominic, Had your very first solo went like this one, you'd already be in that #1. Your performance in this one was spectacular, and well thought out. You brought the heat, and many nuts. Thanks for the performance, and the nuts. May 7, 2020
Thz1895 hands down Dominic, then Stylez then Isaiah May 7, 2020
Cecil191172 Very nice ... i really like Isaiah May 6, 2020
WSteven DOMINIC performed very well here.. Kudos to STYLEZ and ISAIAH for participating.. May 6, 2020
Shirly223 I’m starting to think Isaiah is slow. Visually he’s a pleasure but he always falls flat. He just don’t know how to tap into his sex appeal. And looks soulless in the eyes, he needs to learn how to sell it. Just let him get tag teamed from now on. I love him bottoming. Let’s see him cum while getting fucked like Ross does. He’s boring AF otherwise. Stylez is the only model on here who I’d pay to keep his clothes on. I done tried n tried with him. Issa no. Dominic saved this god forsaken video. May 5, 2020
DominicBBA I aim to please you all I have come a long way and now just trying to make sure each and every one of u enjoy everything I do and try to bring to the table ... I’m sure y’all will see me ride more and step out of my shell more.. stay tuned Dominic has a lot more surprises for u all... but nah I love y’all too and thank y’all for the support. May 4, 2020
battalioncsx Dominic 1st, Stylez 2nd, Isaiah 3rd... D and S know how to give a show. May 4, 2020
blkarmani2 Great set, Saint and Manny need to get their chance and Dominic he was in love with him from that scene a little payback. May 4, 2020
Dualex Dominic... My stunning boy next door. Omg ! I won't ask you to sit down on anything cause that's taking too much liberty. However continue to strive for the best. I love your competitive nature. Been a fan since your solo shoot. You've pressed through the criticism after your blindfold faux pas, learned from it. Then came that Christmas kiss with Apollo, I just cud not handle that. Wishing you all the very best make sure u always maintain that clean cut look. ❤️ May 4, 2020
Cecil191172 Dominic is ALWAYS awesome. I will give anything to date him
OMG what a beautiful person
May 3, 2020
cocopop @DominicBBA, You definitely gave me what I "deserved", and wanted. Keep up the good work, you've come a long way, with much improvement. Wanta see you ride that dick more. Stay safe brother, much love for your work. May 2, 2020
hornye115 yes Dominic won this round he is really good at what he does kudos.... May 2, 2020
DominicBBA Thank you all fans I just wanna give u guys wat y’all deserve May 2, 2020
Nutcannon So ya know overall Dominic delivered and has won this hands down May 1, 2020
jonalex Dominic looks much more good with his butt and pubes shaved! He should try pits too. I know Michael likes guys with some hair down there, but 1 or 2 completely shaved models can be cool also. Think about it guys!! May 1, 2020
duwayne i love some isaiah but he could have stuck his finger in his ass and i enjoyed stylez but dominic won this Apr 29, 2020
august829 Dominic definitely won this one. Apr 29, 2020
thatchocolateguy Damn Dominic!! I live for this brotha. HOTTEST Apr 29, 2020
cocopop During Dominic's bottoming scenes, we seldom see the result of his ass after being fucked. Either he's been training with the dildo to prepare for this solo, I've never seen that ass that open, like Apollo's was when Saint took that ass. For the longest, when showing his hole, that hole still looked tight. That shit was wide open, as if someone had actually fucked him. Apr 28, 2020
Dualex @11luvme2u... I wonder how wud a screen partner who enjoyed a scene with him feel, if he started to call some1 else's name? We gotta be smart sometimes. Same as when Trapp asked him whether his performance was better than Apollo. Dom smiled but his answer was 'no comment' which is correct. Well, at least, he called that Apollo shaped dildo (as some1 else funnily said) 'daddy'. Remember that's exactly how he called his personal trainer screen partner : 'daddy'... Okay we stan too much Apr 28, 2020
acura8215 Dominic won this round for me Apr 28, 2020
Dualex @phuryous... Your comment is spot on. Probably why I got the Apollo vibes 🤣 Apr 28, 2020
Metroman Isaiah still looks sexy...but he's lost some weight, and it's noticeable. Hope he's doing well. Apr 28, 2020
Beau 1 Dominic , 2 stylez, 3 isaiah Apr 28, 2020
Chillcat #1 Dominic, #2 Justice, #3 Ross. Apr 27, 2020
11luvme2u I'm telling you if Dominic would have done everything he did and just started call out Apollo's name as a part of the fantasy I would have screamed. I wish the performers would call out a past scene partner's name who they had a bromance with. Apr 27, 2020
11luvme2u @cocopop...Oh so you think Michael is going to pay $3500 per post? I highly doubt that. The blog says (We’ll post an official viewer poll once all entries have been submitted and shared). Check the blog. Apr 27, 2020
thinman1961 I still say Justice is #1. Stylez is #2 and Dominic is #3 Apr 27, 2020
buckim21 I never understood why the balls of Isaiah who among the most beautiful in the category "low hanging" have never been honoured as they deserve. What a pity! Apr 27, 2020
extreme7 1.dominic
Apr 27, 2020
Dualex Dominic really gives me Apollo vibes and makes me miss him even more Apr 27, 2020
mauricio1234 Dominic fa sho. His scene was everything 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Apr 27, 2020
Phuryous The G4$ performers have come to win! So far, Dominic is #1 and Ross is #2 in this competition. I thought Ross going to town with that English cucumber was gonna be impossible to beat. Then here comes Dominic deep-throating his Apollo-shaped chocolate dildo before fingering and fucking himself in three positions. DAYUM, that was hott ASF! Apr 27, 2020
zaygotit DOMINIC is EVERYTHING , so far him & Ross are my favs out of the quarantine series Apr 26, 2020
leech10x So much sexiness already just in this week alone. And now Dominic AND Isaiah?!? My heart can’t take this much bliss LOL Apr 26, 2020
Dualex Out of the 3 series.. 3/Justice 2/Ross 1/Dominic... Apr 26, 2020
cocopop @11lovme2u, Yall confusing me, I thought we were to choose between each 3 models per solo scene. Ross done already got paid, based on the polling with him in it, he won hands down. Here the choices are between Dominic, Stylez, and Isaiah. What would be hot, is a showdown between each top vote getter on each solo segment. Say like Ross, Blake, and looks like Dominic so far. Apr 26, 2020
11luvme2u Dominic outdid himself! Everyone has to take their hat off to him for the level of growth he shows on camera. I know he's gay for pay but I think there might be a little bisexual awakening happening. And he's not the only one...Maybe maybe not... When Dominic did those high pitched moans my eyes almost popped out their sockets. I was thoroughly impressed. At this point I say 1-Dominic 2-Ross 3- Jah Apr 26, 2020
atlfreakboy Yeaaaaaa so Isaiah wasted his time. Bruh couldn't even say hello? lol. Which sucks because we've SEEN him be a complete freak on the cam. Not sure what his prob was.

Dominic had time today....either he REALLY wanted that money, or he was REALLY horny. Never seen that dude before. Very seldom do I enjoy solo scenes, but I aint een make it to the end of his.

DOMINIC is 1st

Ross is 2nd

Then errbody else lolol
Apr 26, 2020
atlfreakboy ahhhhhh!!!! Stylez is cute and hilarious! lolol Apr 26, 2020
cocopop Dominic's quest for that #1 spot, I knew from seeing he was in this scene, he was going to bring the heat. By no means did he disappoint. He show up with his "new best friend", chocolate dildo and used it like a pro. Seeing that hole as open as I've ever seen it, Mike yall should show that hole more often after he bottoms. Hands down, Dominic, Stylez, then Isaiah, love him, but he put me to sleep. Loved Stylez's garden. Apr 26, 2020
rastamon88 Dominic 1st, Stylez 2nd and Isaiah 3rd Apr 26, 2020
faulknerfan I liked QC3, especially and surprisingly, Stylez. Normally I find him to be a very competent but decidedly “B” level performer, based purely on my personal taste and not on his actual looks or actual performance, which are excellent. But I enjoyed the tour of his garden, his chattiness, his trip to the weed store, etc. It piqued my libido and after his bit was done I sought out previous Stylez scenes I hadn’t bothered to look at much. Needless to say, thanks to him my day started out with a bang.

As to the other two on QC3, Isaiah is always welcome on my TV screen, but after a few moments of his blah surroundings I moved on. I can see his gorgeousness serving better purposes in his many other BBA scenes.

Dominic did a splendid job and had I not been worn out by Stylez I probably would have had more praise for him and his plastic friend. I especially loved Dominic’s sound effects. So I may have to put Stylez over my vote for Ross in QC1, leaving Ross in second place and giving Dominic 3rd place.
Apr 26, 2020
Jayden27 I loved this 3rd installment. I’m almost speechless. Notice, I said ALMOST. 😂 Here’s the love!

I. Stylez-“Nice Weeds, Naughty Deeds”

I liked the journalistic aspect of this solo. Loved the fact that we, the viewers, caught a glimpse of the person outside of the “Stylez” BBA persona. Who knew he had a green thumb? That garden looked bomb AF. Enjoyed the trip to the dispensary with the weed tent. I’ve never seen one before as marijuana is banned for recreational use in my state. Peeps use it anyway though. 😂 Of course, there’s the sex. 😈 Taking viewers to the classic setting of naughtiness, a car’s backseat, Stylez puts on a private show. Slow stroking with his dick in various positions combined with ass play with cum consumption at the end. We then watch him in the shower, followed with a second episode in his car’s backseat. Lastly, he ends the episode with a fly ass COVID-19 haircut. Thanks Stylez, it was a pleasure!

II. Isaiah-“Sweet, Simple, and Sexy!”

Isaiah is a chocolate dream. His body is flawless. I loved that Isaiah stayed true to himself and didn’t try to be overly sexy. Isaiah’s sex appeal oozes through his looks and swag—he doesn’t have to do much else. I enjoyed the slow ass tease as he stripped out of his Michael Adams boxers, showcasing the definition of his chocolate cakes. He obtained some great shots of the small of his back—beautiful! Close shots of his ass were more rewarding as he got on all fours. To wrap it up, he strokes his Hershey bar to give a cumshot! The solo was perfect as it fits Isaiah’s natural, laid back personality. It was simple, sexy, and satisfying.

III. Dominic- “Splendid Solo Sexpedition!”

“Wow. I need a minute.” My initial reaction after Dominic’s scene ended. Alright. I’m good. Now that I’ve recovered. Let’s talk.

Okay. “Sexpedition” is not a word. 😂 However, a trip, or expedition, in this case, around Dominic’s body for the purpose of sexual gratification can be described as such. Right? That’s what he gave us. This was entertaining from beginning to end. In fact, I didn’t even want it to end. Dominic, and his costar, the chocolate dildo, gave us views and pleasure from every angle imaginable. The moans during his fingering escapades were nut-worthy alone. Not just one but two fingers btw! The shot of his hole opened up after dildo play was 🔥! I loved the shots of him “practicing” his oral skills on the wall from above with his toy. Loved watching him play from the front, back, and the side. The cum shot was awesome! I actually came as well, and I did need a minute to recover. 😂 I’m ashamed to admit that I thought Dominic was going to be one of the models that would give little to no effort for this series. I proudly stand corrected. He’s grown so much as a model and performer. Dominic unleashed the freak and gave one hell of a show! It was everything you could want in a private session. His solo was outstanding, and, perhaps, the greatest offering featured in these chronicles. I fucking loved it! Thank you Dominic! It was a damn good time! 😈

Special thanks to Mike, Stylez, Isaiah, and Dominic for this episode! Shit was lit! I’m definitely about to watch this again!
Apr 26, 2020
theview143 #1 is Dominic he brought his ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Game and that hole was good and open and the cum shot amazing and the follow-up afterward just fucking amazing!!!!! #2 Stylez as he’s still sexy and he did the fans great for his two for one as well showing his horticulture side. #3 Isaiah as I kind of expected it from him before seeing it I had graded him coming in last but hey he know he was going to get something for ”E” for effort. Apr 26, 2020
Dualex BBA turning x str8 boys into freaks. Don't know how to vote... I'll go with the heart... 🥁 3/ Isaiah, just a let down, he cud hv done or engaged more... 2/Stylez, I really enjoyed his clip and the rawness of it and he comes across as very likeable... 1/Dominic, his thirst to the top and competitiveness makes him a good asset. After this clip I do not believe 1mn he is str8, seems too comfi with that dildo unless he is a very very good actor... Hmmm Apr 26, 2020
Dualex Stylez... He deserves the #1 spot, coz his to me is what chronicles should be. Being on lockdown in your environment and taking us into your daily routine. Not my fave model but his micro documentary was amazing to watch. I absolutely loved his openness... But shame he was mix with 2 other greats... Isaiah let me down though, handsome bloke but he seemed a bit detached... Apr 26, 2020
Dualex BBA doing gr8. Has Dom got a team behind him?🤔 His seemed more polished & professional. I cud neva picture him w/ a dildo. But he comes across as very competitive n not afraid 2 xpress it so I'm not surprised he'd want to give Ross a run. I hv 2 to say he looks regal 2 watch. Don't turn him into a bottom 4 every Dick, Tom & Harry please. I know most people here ❤️ da top2bottom stuff then complain there's no strong tops. Didn't know he sang? Have I got this right? I know he can dance though. Apr 26, 2020
texasbugg dominic did that 1 dominic 2 ross after seeing this scene i had to go watch the scene with trapp fucking dominic trapp said dominic was loving his dick i see it now well done dominic. Apr 26, 2020
dreadboi9 Dominic def need that 1st place he gave me everything I needed 💦💦💦 and did Stylez have tp on his hole 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Apr 26, 2020
rahimc In this one # 1 Stylez, # 2 Dominic, # 3 Isaiah. But for me Blake Bishop is still # 1 overall!! Apr 26, 2020
duwayne dominic won hands down Apr 26, 2020
Docteur I am not a fan per se of Dominic, but in this solo quarantine contest, he won by a landslide. I am a huge Isaiah fan, but he was not that impressive in the solo arena, and I like Stylez, so my final ranking is: 1. Dominic; 2. Stylez and 3. Isaiah.
Stylez definitely cursed too much unnecessarily IMHO also as a side note while in the garden. Hopefully Bandit, Scuba and Apollo are next in solo quarantine scenes.
Apr 26, 2020
swornsecrets dom def won this one Apr 26, 2020
Queengohma15 I didn't think Ross could be topped but damn Dominic!! Apr 26, 2020
Qbabykp03 Now y'all know Dominic won hands down Apr 26, 2020

While production is paused due to COVID-19, we asked several BBA models, past and present, to take us behind the scenes of their lives during these difficult times.

As an added incentive and for a little extra fun, we decided to turn it into a solo competition and let you the viewer determine the winners:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

Join some of your favorite BBA models as they practice safe "social distancing" and entertain you from home in these "quarantine chronicles."

After watching and evaluating all 15 submissions, head on over to the BBA Blog to cast your votes:


Winners will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday, May 23, 2020.

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Finger-Fucking, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 26, 2020 61 min
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Photo of Isaiah
Photo of Stylez

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