Worth The Wait

Sageking3 I love justice hair it looks mad sexy Oct 31, 2022
geechieboi89 I would have love to taste both of them!!! Sep 9, 2022
HottBlkQT This scene was decent, but mostly because of Justice's "sex talk". Hopefully, Justice will get a chance to top Stylez, in return. I just hope he trims/shave his body, because it'd be nice to see more of the definition of his body. And it'd be nice to see Justice do more vers scenes, because he seems to perform better in them. Justice & Apollo flipping is still his best scene to date, to me, (even better than Justice & Scuba's recent vers scene). Hopefully Justice & Apollo will be paired together, soon. May 27, 2022
MichaelGalletta I couldn't disagree with you more about body grooming. Even went on a Twitter rant about this recently. Give me a naturally hairy, masculine man over an artificially shaved, prepubescent-boy-looking guy any day. Nothing wrong with a little pubic bush trimming here and there, but asking Justice to shave off his body hair would be like asking Apollo to lose the muscles, or Bandit to lose a few inches of dick lol. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!
Nastynut This scene was FIRRREEEE!!!! When we talk about chemistry before, during & after fucking this is it!!!! I LOVED this video & anything Justice & Stylez are in because they have a chill vibe but both know how to get the job done top or bottom I love them Feb 12, 2022
freddy222 Stylez has sexy feet that should be sucked. The whole foot. Dec 31, 2021
joeman Love that hairy ass gettin fucked. Justice you the champ at takin the meat. Luv u May 20, 2021
Docteur Justice, Luh Redd and Manny Killa are my least faves on this site. Stylez needs to bottom primarily. Jan 19, 2020
Shirly223 Cant get into stylez dominating such a masculine body. Really irked cuz justice submits so well. Such a waste. Dec 13, 2019
getdickhoe Stylez is a BOTTOM. Seeing him top anybody is just like why. Nov 22, 2019
enomad Lil Scrap and Justice could be a hot scene. I remember Lil Scrap mentioning taking the lead and being aggressive with bigger dudes. The contrast with his lil sexxy ass hitting Justice real good could set it off. Nov 17, 2019
enomad I wanna see Bandit hit that!!! Stylez wasn't the best choice. Just saying ... Nov 16, 2019
tonejo Justice hairy bubble ass is my new favorite! Nov 16, 2019
Coolrod Boooring!! Stylez is the worst top on BBA. He needs to bottom! This was a thumbs down!! Nov 14, 2019
Dualex @blktop2002... Nothing wrong with you. Gangbangs are just degrading... I respect Stylez for not wanting to bottom. If u don't like sumn, don't do it. You don't need to please me. Don't waste people time, their money and mine... Nov 14, 2019
blktop2002 I try to understand the desire of those who wish to see models brutalized in gangbangs and other types of activity. It seems that Stylez may not be capable of doing this physically or emotionally even. Being ravaged by three of the biggest dicks on the team roster in one sitting no less. I said this once before. These are people not avatars in a CGI game. If it was something he truly wanted to try then I could be ok with and watching it. Maybe it’s something wrong with me then. Nov 13, 2019
VSWboy18 This was good but I guess my own sexual stereotypes kept me from fully enjoying it. Stylez lil azz seemed out of place trying to handle Justice. Even Justice's energy was completely unmatched by Stylez. I think Stylez gave it all he had sexually and there was chemistry but seeing his twinkish body trying to be king top doesn't do it for me. Nov 12, 2019
11luvme2u There is a youtube page called THE SKIN DEEP where two people engage in a deep conversation about a variety of topics. Since BBA values interviews and conversation it would be cool if two of your models with good chemistry play the SKIN DEEP game and then it leads to an intimate love making session. Just an idea. I know you guys value feedback. Nov 12, 2019
Danilo180 Justice is so hot. I loved this video. Some more close up ass shots would have been better but nothing much to complain about here. Nov 11, 2019
mfield44 Also another suggestion would be to start adding flip scenes then you won't disappoint anyone with pairings where some ppl hoped x would be bottom or top. Ive never seen a site where full flip scenes are done almost ever but i know profit is the reason why killing 2 birds with one stone would make you less money 💀 Nov 10, 2019
Theone5 yes it would be so damn hot. I enjoyed this hot ass shit. stylez need some hot dic in that ass Nov 10, 2019
mfield44 Stylez bottoming plz got me excited to see this update for nothing 💀🤣 Nov 9, 2019
Heroesrule99 Two of my favorite models. Loved this.

Stylez needs to be the next gangbang
Nov 9, 2019
Justen Am I the only one that wants to see Stylez in a threesome with him as the bottom for two tops? Nov 9, 2019
caliroc When is Stylez gonna really bottom? Nov 9, 2019
kapukan2 I haven't watched it yet....but anything with Justice gets a thumbs up. Nov 9, 2019
Docteur Stylez needs to be gangbanged by Apollo, Isaiah, Bandit and Scuba. Nov 8, 2019
11luvme2u @Jayden27. Nice analysis. When Mike got back BBA went to a new level! I can't wait for Christmas 2019. Nov 8, 2019
Jayden27 Greatness takes time, especially anything of substance. Justice and Stylez teamed up for the unforgettable “Straight Boys Taste Better #2” last year, and their chemistry was undeniable. This year, they come back together to produce another gem of a scene. Let’s bring on the love!
1. The Starter
From the very start of this scene, I got hard right away! Stylez sitting on the couch watching Justice, and the goat himself, Apollo, in “Double or Nothing”! Shout out to Apollo! Not to mention, hearing moans from Justice and Apollo in the background was HOT!!! I loved how Justice and Stylez switched roles for this sequel. Last year, Justice was watching porn, and Stylez was the voyeur. I love how vocal Justice is in scenes—it’s a turn on! Justice tells Stylez “Squeeze it! Squeeze it!”, referring to his ass! Loved it! You can tell from the start that the chemistry and fire between these two is still very apparent, and this scene is about to be 🔥!!
2. The Main Event
The oral game was lit! I don’t think these guys left anything on the table. We even see Justice worship Stylez’ feet for the fetish freaks! The head and ass eating were hot AF. Everything was messy, sloppy and spit was everywhere. At one point, Stylez even had spit trailing from his beard while Justice was eating him out! I think it is safe to say these two enjoyed themselves! 😂
Stylez is a great top! He allowed Justice to get a feel for his dick and went slow first before he started pounding. Stylez varied his stroke speed and depth all while maintaining eye contact with Justice. He listened and watched him carefully and adjusted his performance to his reaction.
Justice’s performance as a bottom was equally awesome as he showed that he can handle dick in a variety of positions while still providing sexy dialogue. There was not one time where we saw Justice pull back or run away. The hottest part for me was the sexy ass missionary they assumed while kissing each other.
3. The Big Finish
This scene featured two of the best cum shots I’ve ever seen at BBA. Stylez pulls out of Justice to a fierce eruption putting the “icing” on Justice’s grizzly cakes. Moments later, Justice returns the favor to give an equally satisfying cum shot by icing down Stylez’ beautiful round ass. I’ve got to admit that those two cum shots inspired a third, large, and very messy cum eruption created by yours truly! Very satisfying, indeed! Thanks fellas! 😈
Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Montez, Stylez, and Justice! This scene was awesome from start to finish! The satisfaction from this scene was worth every moment, every credit, every dime, and worth the wait. 😌
Nov 8, 2019
dreadboi9 Can we see bandit topping justice ?? Nov 8, 2019
11luvme2u Trapp, Justice, and Dominic are definitely pushing for the #1 spot. Bandit has a strong lead and has been nailing it in terms of bottoming and being more verbal but he still better watch out for these newer models. They're coming for the BBA Crown! There are so many pairings to look forward to between the newer and more veteran models. I'm so excited about the rest of the year and 2020 at BBA! OUTSTANDING JOB BBA! THE INTIMACY AND BOND THESE TWO DISPLAYED WAS PERFECT! Nov 7, 2019
11luvme2u I don't know what it is about Justice in missionary position but he turns into a beast! I LOVE HEARING HIS SEX TALK! The same thing happened with Apollo. When he's on his back whoever is topping him better be ready. These two have AMAZING chemistry and I could see them having a good connection off camera. Justice's sexual energy had Stylez calling on God several times but he tried to be reverent and say gosh. lol I don't mind seeing them work together again in the future. Nov 7, 2019
11luvme2u His hairy and sculpted body is also sexy. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL HE IS PAIRED WITH TRAPP! Nobody should sleep on Stylez either. I really enjoy him. He knows how to take control and works that slim body like he's a 6'6" 220 lbs football player. You can tell he likes to be paired with Justice and he topped him very well. Stylez has a beautiful ass and it looks even better in certain positions. He has a beautiful face and nice full lips. He's not afraid to be verbal either. Nov 7, 2019
11luvme2u Well Got Damn BBA!! This is what man on man action is supposed to look like! Justice ALWAYS gives me what I look for in adult entertainment. He's consistently passionate, verbal, engaging, exciting, and creative. I loved how he regularly used Stylez's name in the scene. I hope more models do that. I believe it deepens the connection. I love it when he's aggressive whether he's being dominant or submissive. His creativity with words, facial expressions, and emotions prevent boredom. Nov 7, 2019
WeatherMan With each and every update BBA manages to top itself and that is the case with the newest scene between my hairy favorites, Stylez and Justice. Just seeing these two beautiful hairy black men connecting is enough to make me start to get rock hard. It’s something about Stylez’s playful but boyish charm with his Carmel body covered in hair. Then, we have the man who has come such a long way in a matter of no time, Mr. Justice. Justice has a way of elevating a scene and you know when he’s in it, the scene will be freaky, nasty and passionate and that was the case here. I love hearing Justice moan about Stylez opening up his ass and stretching him open, that was one of the best parts of the whole scene. These two men have a real connection and Justice was ready for that dick and I was ready to bust a nut just from the screen cap alone. Mission accomplished. Thank you team BBA! Nov 7, 2019

As the host of a recent "Truth or Dare" game that ultimately led to Justice being tag-teamed by three other players, Stylez was both shocked and turned on to see just how far Justice has come since they last worked together almost two years ago.

Only Justice's second scene at that time, he was obviously curious but also nervous and new to the whole bisexual thing, and still pretty limited in what he was willing to do. 

But oh, what a difference almost two years can make here at BBA! Over the past year especially, Justice has evolved into one of our most passionate and verbal versatile performers, and Stylez was eager to experience FIRSTHAND all of the things he missed out on in their prior encounter.

In a sexy reversal of that first scene, Justice catches Stylez stroking his dick while watching one of Justice's recent bottoming scenes on his laptop.

Enjoy another much-requested "reunion" as Stylez discovers for himself just how much Justice's confidence and skills have improved and expanded over the past couple years, ultimately leading to him finally sampling that hairy muscle-butt he was only allowed to TASTE the last time around.

Based on Justice's exclamations and moans throughout an aggressive yet passionate drilling he submits to from Stylez, I think it's fair to say that both guys have wanted this "sequel" for awhile, and find it to be well "worth the wait"!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Nov 7, 2019 40 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Stylez

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