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Arutisuse Mike need some older black brothas to take on some of these young brothas & he need to get back behind the cam Apr 6, 2024
pilsener Please have Bandit & Juju fuck Kingston next! Mar 26, 2024
2Sexy4Words Michael Galletta will you ever add casting to BBA a very good thing now days to watch on your television especially if you got a 70 inch one like I do Mar 21, 2024
chuckiip Mike will you ever return back to the camera. I wanna see you take down Stylez, Scotty, and especially Shaun. Mar 21, 2024
Nastynut Michael, seeing your post about the extra credits sale I’m so sad I missed it. A lot of times I don’t double back to the comments unless I’m looking for you to hopefully respond to me. I would have loved to purchase those credits, as I have only been a monthly subscriber in the past but that was a good bargain. U should start a text thread from one of those automated text numbers, & that way your customers can subscribe to the automated text & you can send text when there is a sale going on, and when a new scene drops or when there will be a break between scenes. & since it’s automated you won’t get a flood of responses. Just a suggestion. I know a lot of companies use things like that. Just for the people that may not check the comments or Twitter that often. Mar 20, 2024
Docteur @MichaelGalletta are there any fellas. i.e. Rush and Maleek that will never be back? Additionally are there any fellas that are not of this world anymore so we can extend our Rest In Peace to? I know some are incarcerated, but some of us longtime subscribers would like to know if some of the peeps we ask about we may as well save our typing fingers LOL. Of course I remember the old adage of 'Never Say Never because never is a long, long time'. Cheers Mar 19, 2024
200water Love Kingston. Hopefully he will cum while bottoming before he retires Mar 19, 2024
tessjj1 okay thanks for the update i will look at the schedule Mar 19, 2024
MichaelGalletta Both are still possibilities, just not in the immediate future.
Pito1972 both are handsome fellas they are on the thin side , so i guess they are twinks Mar 18, 2024
tessjj1 Mike what happen to the consistency with the videos I mean the videos are put out there at crazy diffent times not the 1st and 15 like before. it like you don't get your moneys worth. Mar 18, 2024
MichaelGalletta Not sure what you're talking about. We have never updated on a 1st and 15th of the month schedule. We promise our monthly subscribers three updates a month, usually posted on Thursdays. And if you look at the schedule for the past couple months, you'll see that we've updated with hot new action scenes every Thursday for five straight weeks in a row.
dengoso BBA has struggled to find its footing ever since the epic matchup between Juju and Legend last December. This is normal. Historically BBA has seen this before. Remember the blockbuster showdown between Jahan Ace and Jay C back in 2018? BBA took a while to recalibrate after that as well. Kudos to everyone behind the scenes at BBA for the relentless pursuit of excellence. Mar 17, 2024

We're giving away 5 bonus credits for every 15 credits purchased TODAY (3/16/24) until midnight EST.

Buy 15 credits, you'll get 20. Buy 30, you'll get 40. Buy 60, you'll get 80, etc.

(Please allow time for bonus credits to show)
Mar 16, 2024
malkezie0 You guys need to bring back Saint and Ross. Mar 16, 2024
Docteur It is high time that Stylez gets slutted out by all the ones that are still active that he has fucked, i.e. Bandit, whom he has fucked twice, Apollo, whom he has fucked twice as well, Deontrey and Justice, also throw JuJu in for good measure. So far Stylez has only been fucked by Blake Bishop (1.5 times), Saint, Dominic, Scuba, Saxgotem and Denzel. Mar 16, 2024
paphos7878 The scene pairing was fine but it's the lazy camera angles which seem to be letting down most of the shoots. There was one shot that had potential when Kingston was on his back feet In the air and you could see the penetration shot but that lasted about 10 seconds.

Amateur shooting again stop filming from a side angle it's so lazy.

Michael please get behind the camera !
Mar 16, 2024
chucke1 Just want to say, i have been searching other porn sites during the off week and BBA def the BEST! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! Also of the 20 plus porn sites I am a member of, BBA still the BEST again! Mar 16, 2024
chucke1 will Rocky ever be back? Mar 15, 2024
aleakallday Scotty needs to fuck Trapp Mar 15, 2024
maybelater That was a bonus, I thought you was making up for missed scenes in the previous month. Mar 14, 2024
MichaelGalletta You're correct, maybe "bonus" wasn't the best choice of word. It's an extra update to make up for fewer updates back in January. Sorry for any confusion.
sorcier can we add a thumbs up and down button to the comments? Mar 14, 2024
MichaelGalletta No, but you're welcome to respond to individual comments by @'ing the screenname in your own comment.
bigdaddy1051 Michael how is an update that comes out on 4/4 supposed to count as a March update? Mar 13, 2024
MichaelGalletta We promise three updates a month, but that 4/4 update won't count toward April's three updates, making it a bonus fourth update. Hope that makes sense.
MichaelGalletta Just a quick heads up that there won't be an update this week, but we'll be back with hot new scenes on 3/21, 3/28, & 4/4 (with that last one counting as our promised bonus fourth update for the month of March). Mar 13, 2024
Docteur @Dualex, I have given up on Shaun, Trapp and as you call him the other one (who by the way is Scotty - my fave of those three). I have nothing against Jamaicans BTW, I don't care for uncircumcised penises, but hey to each his own. Regarding Legend, he is just not my cup of tea that's all. So you will be clear from this point on, my faves are (in no particular order except #1): Bandit, Scuba, Stylez, JuJu, Deontrey, Denzel, Apollo, Diez, and some that for the moment are retired - Isaiah, Ross, Maleek, Rush, Dominic, Rocky and Mikey Piper. At the end of the day we all enjoy what we like. Pubic hair and nice feet rank high on my list as well. Mar 13, 2024
Verdade Absolutely love this scene. Kingston & Ross have become my favorites on BBA as bottoms Along with Stylez and Blake. Along with Justice & Bandit doing it so well as Tops and Verse beautiful sexy guys.. Rico Pruitt. Love all of you guys so much. Kingston, Stylez....Kingston,Blake, Bandit...and everything with Ross and Justice featured...Man, are so sexy.. Just so many beautiful sexy men. Blake, Kingston,Bandit,Ross,Stylez,Justice...You guys are why I signed on with BBA...Love ALL of the new guys as well. Thanks to everyone of you guys. Hard to explain. Thanks Kingston/Stylez and Kingston/Blake and Bandit/Blake. Beautiful erotic sex. Thank all of you guys so much. Ross and Justice, miss you guys so much. Mar 12, 2024
Dualex @Docteur do u have a dislike of Jamaicans? You don't like Legend, you don't like Kingston ha ha ha... However you forgot to mention Shaun, Trapp and the other one. Good to see Kingston making his way to the top! Mar 12, 2024
MrBrown19942 I really enjoyed this scene! Their chemistry is felt, for sure. Mar 9, 2024
FadeLacer I love the evolution of Kingston... He's ranking up to Best Ass on BBA to me. Mar 9, 2024
smokey1984 👀 👎🏾 Not what I was looking for or desired to see. I’ll pass once again on this one. Mar 9, 2024
maybelater I don't get it, after what Blake did to that ass why give him a starter dick? Stallion or Bandit should tap that ass next! Mar 8, 2024
drakegay4real Two models I prefer as bottoms...every single shot of Stylez ass is just a tease for me 😫 Mar 8, 2024
Natsfan64 Those hairy 🍑's...🔥🥵🔥🤩🔥 Mar 8, 2024
Shirly223 I guess I’m happy to see Kingston being the bottom he’s meant to be in his last videos but I just can’t with Stylez. Pass Mar 8, 2024
chrisa94 Kingston Bukkake next Please!
Great Video!!!
Mar 7, 2024
theone12362 Loveeee Kingston, please pair him with Bandit, Juju or Legend. OMGGGGGGG Mar 7, 2024
Docteur Stylez is one of my favorite BBA models. I am not a fan of Kingston at all. So here's to hoping more orgies with Scuba being slutted out by about 3 or 4 models; Stylez being slutted out as well; and Deontrey being manhandled by Bandit and JuJu. Also wishful hoping that Maleek and Rush will come back and do a scene together. Mar 7, 2024
DjbiATL This is really for the suggestion box. So post if you want, but not necessary: As a long time loyal BBA subscriber I want BBA to do better with the overall wellbeing of the models and stop putting models on camera not looking their best. You guys have up’ed the production quality of the scenes, but lately and for a while now with a lot of the OG models, you all have them on camera looking a way that one could draw a conclusion. But nonetheless grooming, nourishment/food, hydration, moisturizing/lotion, line ups, manscaping, all the things need to be added to the set checklist on a shoot. After having watched the scene, this doesn’t even look like the Stylez we know (sexy, attractive, charismatic, good energy, skaterboy sexy, schoolboy freak). Like I stated, its been happening increasingly since coming back from the pandemic. Stylez is not the only one. Point is, yall are utilizing these guys as a product to profit from and they are utilizing the platform as career or at least stream of income, so make sure you are reinvesting in their overall health and well-being. Especially, the ones who have been around for a while and help to build and establish the brand of BBA. All said with love from a BBA super fan. 💯💯 Mar 7, 2024
Charmed35 I like the chemistry they had and I'm glad to see Kingston is being more open up to try new things and he def is fine bruh I would love to do a scene with him one day Mar 7, 2024
dv6000 I have always found scenes with stylez as TOP ONLY extremely unappealing... I appreciate him for who he is...I just dont like seeing him as a top. Definitely not a turn on.. at least for me. He's better off in a verse scene or as a bottom... Mar 7, 2024
dreadhead8 I like Kingston but y’all could’ve kept this one if he wasn’t getting gangbanged or nutted in something new it’s pointless Mar 7, 2024
getdickhoe 🤦🏾‍♂️ Looks like it’s going to be another damn month before I get to use these damn credits. 😒 Mar 7, 2024
DjbiATL Omg, 🔥 my top two all time favorite BBA g4p models. Bust so many times to these two imagining in my head it was me in the scene w them. never even thought about seeing them in one scene together. Great match up. 💯 I love how Stylez submits to being passionate in his scenes. And I love how far Kingston has come and is still pushing his boundaries all this time later. Mar 7, 2024
royce905 hes come a long way. i dig this Mar 7, 2024
JayJay389 The way Kingston starting to take dick make me wanna try.. He know that shii be feeling good when the dick ain’t too big.. But he need to link with Bandit in a flip scene!! Mar 7, 2024
cedaniel Kingston got some good ass. Mar 7, 2024
baage231 kingston is so cute lol Mar 7, 2024
Whitneyy Hell No! Absolutely not. Mar 7, 2024
xDavidK Wow Kingston has really did a 180 for gay sex. He seems really into it now. Nice job BBA! Mar 7, 2024
Hailkat Very nice. Two of the best... Kingston is gonna move on up in rank. Mar 7, 2024
misterblack You can’t go wrong with Stylez & Kingston. Pure fire; explosive chemistry; mostly 10s. My only negative is the durag; doesn’t look good on Stylez, Bandit, or any of the models. Thanks for another winner. Mar 6, 2024
TennesseeBator My two-light skinned hairy kings! I loved EVERYTHING about this scene and have been waiting to see those two paired together for a long ass time. Kingston is becoming such a pro at feeling comfortable on camera and his BBA journey is one for the books. Stylez is always a pleasure to watch because he gives his all in a scene, just a sexy little freak. Mar 6, 2024

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