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atl_king That was 🔥, we need a repeat really soon. You could tell Bandit really enjoyed himself, it was hot seeing him take and love that dick. And Diez is a keeper. May 9, 2024
in2mymind09 Never seen bandit come out his shell like that he really enjoyed hisself and dick was on brick! We need a part 2 May 7, 2024
Sageking3 I love a lot of our bba OGs but I think diez may be my favorite model. I've been Re watching his scenes every time I needed to stroke. He keeping me out these streets and off these apps right now. Feb 19, 2024
JezeroCrater The way both guys rode each other’s dicks was just too hot!! I love me some bandit. He just knows how to give dick and take dick. His booty hole is just so beautiful to me. Also, the way bandit was taking dick and making his facial expressions. I wasn’t even trying to bust. I just wanted to watch and see what was up and I had to go ahead and bust. I definitely enjoy this video.. Both guys seemed very into it. Feb 5, 2024
kennyg Juju and Bandit #1, this scene has got to be #2. Great performance from both models. Bandit really showed some skill riding the dick, would like to see him do more of this position. Have watched him develop over the years. His effort to perform really shows. Wish Ross would take a lesson from him. Jan 26, 2024
Darkseid Best scene. Diez takes dick like the superstar he is
and Bandit also as usual does great work.

Best Scene of 23
Jan 15, 2024
Dlove18 Best scene of 2023! The connection between them🔥🔥 Dec 31, 2023
cocopop By far, Bandits best scene bottoming, prior to this scene Apollo gave him the best dick of his career. All others he seem to get little satisfaction, you could see it in his facial reaction. Here he put many gay models to shame, his reaction to showing his enjoyment to being fucked. There was no doubt he thoroughly enjoyed himself. As for Diez, he's the one to watch in the coming years. Great scene guys. Dec 24, 2023
turner95 I’ve watched this scene many times and never lasted to the end until today. Never knew diez nutted in him. Anyway… this scene is still fire def top 5 of the year Dec 15, 2023
androgyny757 🔥🔥🔥🔥 That was fire! I love the close up of his home wide open! Dec 1, 2023
ondlolo Diez is so sexy. Bandit’s cock is perfect. More of Diez please! Nov 24, 2023
DjbiATL These two in a Christmas scene with Legend, Scuba, Staxx, Justice, Manny, and maybe throw Isaiah or Stylez in there 🔥🔥🔥 Ho Ho Ho 👌 Nov 15, 2023
DjbiATL You can tell when Bandit be attracted to his costar. That shit be hot AF seeing him let his masculinity wall down and be passionate and turned on. 🤤 Bruh gotta be a sapiosexual. He get off by being handled by another dude or by beyond surface conversation. Hot AF 🔥 Nov 15, 2023
chosenone206 Diez challenging Kavii for best ass on the site 🤤 Nov 11, 2023
Shredderman210 This scene was EVERYTHING!!! Diez is an undisputed superstar! And Bandit proves again why he’s #1. We need a part two asap! Nov 5, 2023
Dualex This scene is not the one of the year. Bandit is overrated in my honest opinion. His strokes and arch are 👎🏾 Not sure what everyone sees in him. Diez, on the other hand, is a star. Oct 28, 2023
markus28 Diez looks so fkn sexy when he spread out naked on his back and stomach, omg. That physique is just...FIRE. Plus, he look good! Fuuuuuk. Oct 28, 2023
bbadic92 Now this is a great scene! The best scene in a long time! Diez is so gorgeous! Smooth chocolate skin, bubble buttt oh my! And bandit I never really looked at him as much as I did in this scene he is a sexy man with a beautiful dick! This scene was perfect and I’m only half way through Oct 26, 2023
2hott4ya This scene was EVERYTHING! Diez is a breath of fresh air to the BBA Roster with a Sexy body, baby face and this intriguing look of innocence that seems to cover the freaky nature he truly has. This is the type of bottom you dream of! What I loved most about this scene was Bandit’s laid back swag. You got to see the comedian side of him which adds to his sexiness for me. I genuinely felt like Bandit and Diez have that natural chemistry. Bandit clearly enjoyed topping AND bottoming and was very vocal. THE NUT BANDIT BUSTED🔥🔥🔥… proved he was turned on!! And when bandit was talking at the end of the scene, lifted his leg rub, his ass and said “I was starting to like that” and the look on his face was dead ass serious. I was like yeahhh this is a bromance we need to see bloom. I’d love to see a 3-way with Apollo, Diez and Bandit! Apollo for me is forever Bae! His ability to be authentically sensual and enticing would add another level!! I think adding Apollo to this duel would be an EPIC scene! Can we make that happen? Oct 21, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 Scene of the year! Bandit is the undisputed King of BBA and Diez is making his mark quickly and not holding back! We definitely need a part two of the "Dynamic Duo" and "Birthday Twins". Run it back soon Mike & Montez! Oct 21, 2023
mrwhitley1 This guy is so wild & brave.
I know y’all are so pleased he’s giving y’all Easy 1take scenes.
That’s how it’s done.

Not even Bandit can compete w Diez.
Diez even made Bandit perform Better.
Bandit peaked in his 1st bottoming scene w Mike.
Y’all fail to get him drunk enough like the 1st time.

But yeah Diez did his big 1…& he’s done so since his debut!!!
Oct 19, 2023
markus28 This one of those vids you HAVE to download. Need I say more? Oct 17, 2023
MrBrown19942 Hi, don't mind me. Just revisiting this scene again (for the 10th time). Lol. Oct 16, 2023
drerenji Best for the year, without a doubt, lets see anyone top this Oct 16, 2023
supreme What a powerful BBA classic ...chemistry off the charts !! Thank you BBA crew A nut production Oct 14, 2023
illtown22 Also, where is my guy k9? Oct 12, 2023
baanzhunnit Wow! I literally never comment on these videos.. but THIS?! Best scene hands down!!!! Oct 9, 2023
Shirly223 Im a top but I love watiching bandit top people and I love watching him bottom. Oct 8, 2023
mrbates Diez did not come to "play!" He is on his goddamn game! He can take dick like a champ PLUS he is passionate PLUS he is a great top. He is a keeper 4 sure! Bandit LOVED being with him in every way. One could tell!!! Oct 8, 2023
Montez Yeah, Diez has certainly burst onto the scene with a vengeance lol. Even we did not expect this. We certainly aren't complaining!
tyscore Magnifique! Diez's ASS!!!! Oh My God!!! I cant never make it 5min b4 I nut...Bandit and Diez BOTH deserve 10 STARS!!!!! Everything about this video was top tier videography, casting, oral, fuckin, kissing!!! Oct 7, 2023
maybelater I can't stop watching this! I've busted countless nutts to this. This is one of the best scenes ❤️ 😍..watching Bandit ride dick like that drove me crazy! My dude Diez, boy you a beast too! 10,10,10 stars!!! Oct 6, 2023
woodbba This didn’t disappoint. Great pairing Oct 6, 2023
Martyb1965 Diez is the one for me, I'll pay for him he definitely does it for me. Oct 6, 2023
natedog89 Passionate Bandit is >>>>> Oct 6, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA -- Just finished watching this vid for the umpteenth time -- now BBA Children I'm convinced that a Juju / Diez match would be a blockbuster Oh excuse me I think a nuttbuster would be more appropriate LOL - Why -- Juju is emerging as the true Powertop @ BBA and I sense on the real side Diez would rather strictly bottom -- That appears to really be the primary reason why he chose to pursue a career at BBA and root of his bi-curiousness -- I mean Diez is a beautiful Butchqueen - I'm exclusively into Butchqueens and would love to stumble across a "Diez" in my journey through the maze of being an all the way gay man -- So let's kick things up a notch and go from a challenge to a competition -- Who can sex the other person up the most -- Diez wants to acquire the skills to be a Powerbottom because after experiencing Bandit's dick -- and enjoying being dicked down by Bandit's dick -- going forward for Diez size will matter both on and off the court / lol-- I play Fantasy Football -- this suggestion for me is equivalent to Fantasy BBA Porn/ lol. So as the wannabe promoter of this event, I think Juju can deliver the thrills Diez is seeking from the Dick Dept. and Diez can definitely put a smile on Juju's face after Juju discovers what Diez is working with in the Booty Dept. -- such a matchup would definitely make for a must-see TV moment for sure -- So get your popcorn ready -- In this corner we have Juju and in this corner, we have Diez -- Sit back and enjoy the show -- Ding ding, ding LET'S RUMBLE !!!!!! Oct 6, 2023
burielaaron30 This is 💣💥 Bandit and Diez are 🥵 Oct 6, 2023
cocopop @acg0924, I agree with you, before this scene, Bandit's best scene bottoming was with Apollo, all others have not excited me. Hear he showed how much he loved taking taking that dick. Love how verbal he was with both Apollo and here with Diez.. He took and enjoyed every inch of it. Diez oh Diez one of the best new models to come alone in a while. I have one question Mike, is this his first time taking dick? This guy takes it like he's been taking for years. I've seen some of your best gay model struggle taking Bandits dick, yet he took it like a pro. And the way he moans, is out of this world, nothing like hearing a man moan. Guys this scene was off the chain. Oct 5, 2023
Montez According to Diez, he has not taken dick before BBA. He has said he has a very high tolerance for pain. Some guys can just take it. Reminds me of Isaiah.
Dope88 @wsteven
exactly poor Apollo’s run @ #1 was short lived.
its crazy to think Bandit has been #1 since fall of 2016.

Many have come and done great jobs but I haven’t seen that spark that Bandit brought until Diez graced the screen, and the heart it took to take a pounding from that monster, knowing many models still won’t film with bandit for that reason.

Atp Diez can slide down the roster cause he caught the biggest fish and fast.

However Bandit hasn’t peaked yet, so I dont see him leaving that spot anytime soon and goin back to his solo scene in 2020 I’m goin to assume he’s not goin to quit this job anytime soon, as he doesn’t care what ppl think of him or what he does, Bandit is shameless 😂😂.
To some degree I think he thoroughly enjoys certain aspects of sex with men and this is a way to enjoy it with benefits attached.

Diez is always goin to be known as the Man who made Bandit bust the biggest nut in 7 yrs.
Oct 5, 2023
bjbradley89 Whew Bandit really was into it, can tell from his moans…. His dick being hard while getting fuck and Diez nice dick and ass he knows how to give and take need more scenes like this!! Top tier performers 🔥 Oct 5, 2023
WSteven When APOLLO appeared in his first BBA scene..
I was a little bit disappointed when he bottomed..
In the long run.. I rooted for the former No. 1.
In 2016,
A new STAR was born; BANDIT!
It didn’t took too long to wait until BDB bend his knees and got his cherry busted by SAINT.. A lot of bottoming scenes follows.
The rest is history.
It’s DIEZ era..
I like this man.. A young and very open minded. I’m OFFICIALLY giving my 👍🏼 for the next STAR of BBA.
“Just Did It.”
Oct 4, 2023
Seekingbootee Versatility in gay porn should be standard. Tops who don’t bottom and bottoms who don’t top are uncommon in homosexuality. People who say they don’t do those things often do them with someone else, making us all versatile. Oct 4, 2023
ef8432 Something about Bandit licking & kissing his ear from behind did something to me Oct 3, 2023
Charmed35 Yo this scene was epic I fuck wit dis definitely wanna see them do more stuff together definitely a good job guys alot love bruh ❤️🫶🏾 Oct 3, 2023
KandeeKorn Bandit’s dik is so beautiful when hard (particularly the head and circumcision scar) and it is VERY HARD here! Would love to see another scene between him and Rico Pruitt. Oct 3, 2023
Verdade Agree with Bandit looking a little bit heavy here, but man it looks great on him. So much love. Shout outs to all the new models As time goes I will have more love. Once I learn all of you guys. Shouts out to Stylez,Blake,Manny,Justice...all the new guys...Rico Pruitt,Isaiah,Apollo. Man Stylez...shout out to you. Kingston, all the light skin fellas. Just love everyone at BBA. BBA and Noir Male. The most beautiful, sexy, erotic sites on the internet. Fantastic,sexy, erotic men. Gosh, thank you guys so much! All the best to everyone. Oct 3, 2023
KandeeKorn Nice scene. Love the contrasting skin tones. Keep it going by pairing the delicious chocolate hunk Diez with caramel beauty Mr. Rico Pruitt. Love seeing and hearing Rico take dik and getting those beautiful cakes spanked. Oct 3, 2023
Duchess oAn Please don’t pair Diez with Kilo,Diez deserves top tier performers only Thx 🤞🏾. Kilo isn’t that bad just needs better coaching IMO..Kinda threw Salt on Denzel up coming status 🤷🏾‍♂️ Oct 2, 2023
Ted24 This is definitely the best scene of the year, hands down. Oct 2, 2023
Mann1962 Bandit you awesome!!!! Oct 2, 2023
tski513 One of your better collabs. Couldn’t make it all the way thru it before busting. Dayum Oct 1, 2023
Dualex I just don't like Bandit, I don't care if I'm the only one. I just came on here to read the comments but none has driven me to watching it. You love to tear Kilo left right and centre so let me speak my mind and say it again I AM NOT A BANDIT FAN AND WILL NOT BE WATCHING ANY OF HIS SCENES! Enaf said, on the other hand I love me some Diez and please bring Legend, Stallion and Juju to him please. Oct 1, 2023
ICeeIt21 Too many money shots to count thanks, in part finally, to the camera work. Great scene all around. Glad to see someone took proper notes from the Denzel/Zeke pairing. Far and away, the two best flip-flop scenes this year. Bandit demonstrated why he's top Dawgs, but it's good to see the next wave of newcomers step up their game as well. BBA continues to give us fans an abundance of black boys to keep us addicted for years to come. Thank you BBA! Oct 1, 2023
trey123 Jahan deserved this treatment Oct 1, 2023
KNG5TNFN Good God damn!! This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! Whew! Dat boi "Diez" gots ah beautiful black round azz and hole!! "Bandit" ma boy, you came to this game with a full open mind, ready to do your thang! You boyz did an excellent job 😀😉🙆🏾‍♂️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. You know what would've even been hotter?? If yall had done some frotting and kissing also. The BBA site would probably shut down with amount of feed back yo! Mmmn mmmn mmmmmmn 😋 absolutely scrumpcious! I watched this and then later ( afterr recovery) I went back and watched "Bandits" first time with Michael 😎 ...... boi you really came a long way........I think you're ready for "Stallion" now 🙄😉 even if he just gotta put the tip in 😁. "Diez", son you've got it, keep it up kid! Oct 1, 2023
gerald1003 I tried, but I couldn't make it past 22 mins.. I love when both dicks come out of the pants hard like they both did. I give the first 22 mins a 10.. Both Bandit and Diez were turned-on by each other. This scene is FIRE. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE REST. 2023 has been the best year in memory. Great job Mike and the Team. I know that Bandit has a big ass dick, but I swear it looks even bigger in this post. I LOVE me some Diez. Sep 30, 2023
acg0924 Ok I see you guys are really heating it up with the content. Bandit has always been a favorite but his bottom scenes always seem boring. This is the first time I felt like he was actually enjoying himself and Diez is a star. Very sexy. Hope to see more of him Sep 30, 2023
colormeblk GREAT VIDEO AND EXCELLENT PAIRING!!! These two models need to do a part two in a 4some with Denzel and Isaiah!! Sep 30, 2023
Meatlover I’m having the hardest time watching this because I keep on busting nuts to this before i get halfway through this film. This is a masterpiece pure & simple. One of BBA’s best films ever. Got damn! Sep 30, 2023
texasbugg I will always love bandit cause I love a thug that will speak out during fucking, letting the other thug know he is not putting in all that work for nothing by him saying damm that dick feels good. or damm this feels so good saying that don’t make u less of a man people, this is 2023 not 1999. thugs coming out of prison girls don’t care no more if they was in there fucking boipussy just long as their dick can still get hard. so with bandit he is still a raw freaky thug. bandit u still all that and a bag of lays chips no 1 can eat just 1. if they say they can they eat just 1 they a damm lie. Diez if u want to say it feels good say it (DOUFUCKTHEHATERS) Sep 30, 2023
turner95 Is bandit gaining weight?! He looks super sexy in this. Great video Sep 30, 2023
bigdaddy1051 As of 9/30 this scene has 295 likes. Already more than the previous two scenes. That tells you all you need to know Michael. This is what your paying customers want to see. Hot guys who love dick and ass and want to do it all. I'm sorry but no more Kilo and no more Legend until they are ready to do way more. Great job Bandit and Diez! Sep 30, 2023
dafootceo This was awesome! More of this please! Libra Gang in the building! I Wonder when their birthday? Sep 30, 2023
bigred4 One of the best scenes on BBA hands down!!!
Diez got in the game and came strong!
Bandit went from fire to GOAT.
I couldn’t even get through the video without bussin. Definitely gonna be drained with this one
Sep 30, 2023
DjbiATL A-1 🔥🔥🔥🔥 This is the BBA I know and love. The best of the best. Perfect from top to bottom, pun intended. Chemistry, directing, models vibe and energy together, foreplay was NEXT LEVEL, felt authentic to the plot set up. Keep this formula and multiply it across upcoming scenes. Sep 29, 2023
young9411 Yall definitely gotta run this back again this was fire.....with these two Sep 29, 2023
jaypablo Damn this scene was hot, bandit tore that ass up, I usually see him not being into the whole bottoming scenes throughout his movies, looks like he just does it for the fans and money, he tops the hell out of all his models he works with though but this scene, I seen him actually getting into it, the chemistry between him and Diez was fire, this was a perfect pair, great shoot BBA, the flip flop was perfect, loved it. Sep 29, 2023
texasbugg U know someone said bandit should retire. that person never heard of the saying wine gets better as it ages. bandit look damm good, dick still gets rock hard. bandit don't need no one to boost his ratings billy dee Williams is 82 years still having sex. bandit keep rolling babyboi I hope u do another scene with diez that was feeling so good u had that 🕳️🕳️🕳️ creaming 💋💯💯💯😋😋 Sep 29, 2023
comelaywitme Love the scene! Bandit is #1 for a reason. I think he should bottom for each new model to break them in. He is so comfortable taking dick now. Diez is definitely loving getting that ass pounded. He should definitely be the bottom for the Halloween gangbang! Sep 29, 2023
thedialectic I can't believe he nutted in Bandit twice!!! This was excellent 👏🏽 👌🏾 ... and yes #MoreBreeding Sep 29, 2023
kennyg As I do with all my favorite scenes, I find myself watching over and over. Just can't get enough!!!!! If Bandit had nutted while getting fucked, I think I would've had a heart attack !!! Keep'em cumming BBA Sep 29, 2023
texasbugg Bandit when u was laying down all the way on Diez back and u stretched out your arms past Diez head and Diez locked his arms on top of yours. Bandit u didn’t know Diez was trying to tell u u was hitting that spot more than likely he was pre Cummin. a thug will never say please don’t get up I kept saying damm bandit. n don’t get up u hitting that spot I wish montez would have saw he would have u to stay fucking like that over firemen wasn’t needed burn baby burn Diez is too hott to handle and too cold to hold Sep 29, 2023
maybelater Wow! The two interactions and the clear desire to please each other was incredible. They both rode them dick. Bandit my all time favorite, any video you in is 🔥 fire. DIEZ, my dude if every model has your mindset to experience every week will be fire 🔥 Great job on all sides Sep 29, 2023
313sex Wow! I never comment, but this scene requires a kudos. 🔥🔥🔥 this is definitely the best of the year so far, I’ve never seen bandit so excited and engaged, the way he was taking that pipe ooowee, and he’s never been able to ride like that! He was hard the whole time, and think he almost bust while on his back. This was the first I’ve watched with diez, and he did not disappoint ! Fav part, pull out game weak lol Sep 29, 2023
scrappydoo123 Love ❤️ love ❤️ it. Next challenge Diez with Stallion or Juju. Diez and all that nice chocolate ass. Sep 29, 2023
Zester1 Good video... could be done better.. need to see those dicks flapping without hands on them.. Sep 29, 2023
JKing3303 Great scene! This checked all of my boxes: the 69, kissing while fucking, being vocal. My only small disappointment is that they both were in the same positions getting fucked. It would've been good to mix things up by standing, laying on their side or something else. Great job regardless. Sep 29, 2023
A123 This was truly entertaining from start to finish! It had everything I could want: two incredibly handsome men, mutual enthusiasm/passion, great sex, and humor. Bandit let more of his personality show which is always a plus. All in all, this scene is easily one of my favorites from this year. Sep 28, 2023
jreecen Bandit looking extra snackish here. Good scene! Sep 28, 2023
lpc02c Stallion + Diez please and thanks. Sep 28, 2023
11luvme2u Classic BBA! Chemistry was amazing. Loving Loving Loving Bandit's continued growth and comfortability. Bandit is turning me on more than ever! Diez is a fast learner and has been bringing the chocolate sizzling heat. What a great addition. Great work. Sep 28, 2023
sanmiittai This was great! I can't wait to see Bandit and Zeke get a chance to work together too. Sep 28, 2023
Smyrna37 Best scene ever!!! Bandit always does whatever fans wants to see! Well deserved of them being number 1 model on this site for years now. Oh Diez was great too! Sep 28, 2023
daquarius96 These last couple of scenes have been excellent! But this takes the cake right now! Sep 28, 2023
Akashic1 Is he gonna be the new verse King...Blake, Apollo, the competition is well....stiff🤣I love his ENERGY...bring that boy Big Dicks, Stallion next. Sep 28, 2023
200water I thought Bandit was gonna cum while in missionary! That would have been so hot Sep 28, 2023
MrBrown19942 There have been many scenes on BBA, that've left me speechless. This scene is one of them, for sure. Whew. Thank you as always, BBA. Lol. Sep 28, 2023
sexydemon101 SEXY AS FUCK!!!!! Keep bringing us more of this! Diez was taking that dick like a fkn pro omg! Just sexy all around! Sep 28, 2023
Playwithme11 Fire scene Im loving Diez, he is so fine and amazing to watch, Having him paired with Bandit was a great call the passion that shown on screen is there and im loving it.BIG DICK BANDIT is the name Diez took that dick like a pro. When you get ready to do another group scene add Bandit Diez JuJu Zander and DEONTREY please. Sep 28, 2023
GeeGlitz95 This scene gets my vote for best scene of 2023! Studs!!!!! Sep 28, 2023
Shirly223 Dope pairing. I love the contrast of the chocolate and caramel complexions. Diez’s body looks great and his ass looks even better. For a second I thought bandit was gonna nut while getting fucked that would’ve taken my appreciation to the next level but ultimately his riding almost makes up for it… almost. I don’t think I’ve seen bandit ride like that b4. His performance has definitely improved as a bottom he now takes it like a champ, or in this case a pro since this is his profession. 9.5/10 Sep 28, 2023
texasbugg I been with bba for years I never once saw bandit enjoy hisself like he did in this scene Diez is so sexy I love the way both of them was talking while fucking great job bba 20 plus Sep 28, 2023
rog9989 Alright, give Diez the Stallion WHATEVER he wants! Bandit's been eating good ;) Sep 28, 2023
maxkev59 Nice update! Do a part 2 and name it ‘Birthday Twins!’ I think Diez has an ass made for taking dick; like Isaiah. Diez gets my vote for the annual Halloween gangbang booty. Sep 28, 2023
badizm66 wow great scene , amazing chemistry, foreplay was off the charts, in my top ten Sep 28, 2023
Docteur Oh I forgot that Bandit needs to get Shazeer and Dominic back as well in terms of topping them since they fucked him. Doubtful with Dominic since he has thrown in the towel with 'gay for pay' sex. Also that rock hard flag pole dick Bandit had in this scene is the most erect I have seen him since he had sex with the transsexual Sky Bigga (f/k/a Shameeks). Sep 28, 2023
Dualex Not intending to watch this scene but I'm glad I can comment on here. I notice a pattern with the use of Bandit. I'm reminded that the week after he filmed the Christmas scene with the very popular Apollo and Dominic, he was used to film his very scene with Apollo which increased his ratings. Same with using him after the highly popular Diez/Denzel scene. This will probably increase his ratings again. Time to retire him. Sep 28, 2023
dlfreakyone Diez is definitely a new fav!!! I need him in a 3 way now Sep 28, 2023
Myke305 DAMN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Bandit gave him the treatment👌🏾 Sep 28, 2023
misterblack I can't get enough of Challenge Accepted. Diez and Bandit are so beautiful and so hard! Great pairing! This is a video of enticing contrasts: their body types, complexions, ages, and porn experience. It all melds wonderfully into pure eroticism. Most importantly, they appear to truly arouse and pleasure one another. In turn, they please the audience. I don't think I've seen Bandit more erect. My favorite parts: Diez poking a finger and then a thumb into Bandit's asshole and Bandit returning the favor a little later; them taking rides on each other's ample penises; those sex noises; you could get rock hard with no picture and just the sounds of their moans and groans. The close ups of their magnificent sex organs were spectacular as was the lighting that illuminated those delectable dark chocolate and caramel forms. I also enjoyed their post coupling banter and playfulness. Diez is a wonderful addition to BBA and I hope he stays around for years to come. Bandit is getting better with age. Tens across the board. Thank you again gentlemen. Sep 28, 2023
klovejoy I love a good verse scene Sep 28, 2023
Timpen Whoever is responsible for Zeke Denzel and now Diez being a part of bba Thank you. Diez performed like a vet in this scene. Good to see masc men with no hangups coming to bba keeping me hooked. Sep 28, 2023
WatkinsD Can we get an update on majesty 🙈 Sep 28, 2023
kelvin Their riding scenes were both hot!! This was a hot hot! I nutted twice already Sep 28, 2023
chauncey Update from Chauncey -- Some comic relief -- Hello Montez and Shax - On behalf of all the children out here in BBA Land please immediately send an email to Bandit's inbox informing him that he will not be permitted to have that sexy-ass Diez all to himself -- Because all the children in the BBA Universe would love to have a chance to sex Diez up including me -- So Bandit you lucky mf -- you cannot have Diez for keeps unless you are going to come out and put a ring on it - We just want you to know this fact -- LOL -- Everyone enjoy your day !! -- It's your boy Chauncey / It's BBA 4Ever !!!! / LOL Sep 28, 2023
malkezie0 More breeding please Sep 28, 2023
LeeAnfernee_92 This is a great match. Very sexy scene. Chemistry is there and It’s so sexy seeing Diez enjoy getting dick. Reminds me of my first time. Sep 28, 2023
chrisa94 A+ Scene, who directed it? Sep 28, 2023
Deathking2011 Well bandit definitely likes him. Sep 28, 2023
Duchess Yooo I was on Brick before I even watch this scene 😫😫😩So of course I Hit the Like Button 👍🏾💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sep 28, 2023
kennyg EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like he's ready for another new found talent like K9. Now that would be another hot flip, I'm just saying (dreaming).... Sep 28, 2023
Dualex I'll pass on that one. As much as I adore Diez I just can't see the fuss about Bandit at all. Did not watch last week either as I am not a Blake fan. I'm sure next week update will be good. Hopefully we won't get Kavii. Sep 28, 2023
imanew15 I don’t comment but all I can say is b*****ch this might be scene of the year. Thank you BBA Sep 28, 2023
texasbugg There r no words to explain how beautiful sexy beautiful the scene is this is a gold vs platinum the talking is so hott during fucking so sexy Sep 28, 2023
dotunrh I have just paused this scene half-way through to commend you on what i would say is your best work in a loooong time, Diez, your new model, comes across as authentic. No over-dramatization nor vocalization. Diez seems to be genuinely into it - defo worked that paycheque. Please more of this authenticity. The camera aesthetics are also very pleasing and universal. @27:05 is just an example of some of the subtleties you may incorporate to push this site/genre to the next level. Well done - for now! Still have the other half to get through. Sep 28, 2023
Roseburg2000 Diez is a sexy guy and very sensual! Hats off to Bandit he really put in that work in this one!!! Sep 28, 2023
Docteur Very glad to see my #1 fave Bandit back. Wish this could have been a threesome with Zeke included, but this definitely made up for the last two lame weeks of updates. The kissing was intense and seemed non-scripted. Diez really enjoys male to male sex it is clear, and so does Bandit. Trade many times can't get erect even though they are getting paid. Bandit can get hard while being fucked and even while being kissed. I like his new head drip too. He looks more sexy now and less rugged and unkept. He will always be the go to fella on here when paired with the right sex partner(s). Hopefully one day he will be able to fuck all the one that fucked him and he didn't get a revenge on their ass i.e. Stylez and K9. Still would love to see the return of Maleek, Rush and Deontrey, as well as a Scuba and Ross pairing, and a Rush and Ross tag team on somebody, perhaps Apollo or Zeke. Once again Bravo for Bandit. Sep 28, 2023
mopapper This is the most alive I've ever seen Bandit! He also looks thicker. Diez was a vibe for him. Hell diez is a vibe for me. I'd love to see stallion or Zeke fuck diez. He needs some dick dick! Sep 28, 2023
TennesseeBator Came back to say this: this is the #1 scene of the year so far! Sep 28, 2023
kamron12345 Please breed bandit as often as possible. Sep 28, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA oh well -- another MASTERPIECE -- I enjoyed every moment of this vid -- never a dull moment -- I mean two models with great personalities and wonderful sexual assets - getting down -- Bandit kicked it up several notches into the "Big Boy Realm". Engaging from start to finish with so many surprises to boot. What I found most engrossing about this vid was how both Diez and Bandit really enjoyed each other's bodies - they had that "Animal Attraction Thing" going on. They were actually exploring each other's bodies as if this was their first time being intimate with another man. Now Diez being a good sport went with the flow being laid down by Bandit and that made it extremely interesting -- There were so many great moments but the portion of the vid showing Diez riding Bandit's dick is worthy of its own video / lol. I found that piece to be so fucking juicy !!! Bandit was captivated by the freshness of introducing the experience of riding dick to Diez. And it was so fucking sexy to witness Diez not being afraid to show how much he was enjoying the experience - That entire visual caused me to click the "Fav" button / lol. It just never grows old and I keep on saying It is great how Diez is embracing the whole emotional connection he is gaining from the pure sexual experience of being extremely intimate with another man -- He is not afraid to show how much he really enjoys being in the moment and discovering the joys of being sexually fluid. No restrictions !! Variety indeed is the spice of life - Diez is slowly gaining a deeper understanding of himself and the joy of having sexual experiences with extremely open-minded men like Bandit and Denzel. I don't know now !! I think it is time for Diez to consider switching teams and exclusively coming over to the Gay Side of life / LOL -- Bandit was equally intrigued and even amazed by how much he was really enjoying the experience he was having with Diez. especially with Diez being a relative Newbie. Bandit rested up for this one and indeed came with his "A Game". He wanted to demonstrate why he deserved to hold the title of the " Big Dawg" @ BBA -- and Bandit delivered -- BTW - I also like Bandit's new look !!. Yeah, this vid is definitely Big Boy Shit all the way -- Thank you gentlemen for such an entertaining and unforgettable vid -- I will be watching this vid over and over -- In my humble opinion, this vid comes in @ 10/10 Nutts on the Nuttmometer. Another grand slam -- BBA just please keep the surprises coming -- I'm about to watch this vid for the third time already !! just can't get enough --OK BBA children stay safe --
This is your boy Chancey
Sep 28, 2023
chucke1 Excellent update! Thank you guys so much! Sep 28, 2023
Beyy88 WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!! CANT WAIT YET BUT I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC! New fresh meat who’s open & then Bandit wit the cherry. Yea yall did yall BIG ONE! Sep 28, 2023
davids I give Diez the prettiest ass of the year award. This is a hot scene. 🔥 I love both of these guys. Sep 27, 2023
Dope88 WOW…10/10…Best scene of 2023 for me.
They share a birthday and a tattoo,I think its safe to say Diez is the leader of the new school.
Shoutout to Bandit for pulling up fresh faced and showing why he’s been #1 for almost decade.

Ill be unpacking this scene for months to come.
Sep 27, 2023
zebrasex4567 This is scene of the year. Idk how yall anticipated the chemistry but MAN. That was good Sep 27, 2023
Lowkey2088 Bandit is the best he never disappoints 💯😜😋👏🏽 Sep 27, 2023
fraybomb this is one of the hottest videos i have ever seen in my entire life. omfg. whoever thought to put this pair together needs five paid vacations to Bali, Paris, the Bahamas, or wherever they wanna go. because wow. the way bandit was so turned on by diez… the way they both performed… wow. diez is now one of my favorite models, alongside apollo, jahan, denzel, & blake bishop. whew. more of diez please! and i’ve even grown much more of a liking for bandit. bravo! Sep 27, 2023
djv1234 Wow Bandit and Diez, what a Fantastic Hot pairing ! Awesome to see Diez up his game as a muscle bottom to take on Bandit's huge dick. All credit to BBA for producing this Superb scene! Sep 27, 2023
FreakTeach As soon as I saw his last scene I KNEW yall would pair him with Bandit next. Let's see if it was a good choice...tbd Sep 27, 2023
TennesseeBator TENS ACROSS THE BOARD! This scene is what the BBA brand is all about, Diez brought something out of Bandit that I haven't seen in a minute, I have NO notes, everything was perfect. If someone doesn't LOVE this scene, they are a hater, one of the best of the year. Someone needs to get Diez and Zeke together and that would really make the table shake. Sep 27, 2023

As much as we enjoy watching reluctant straight guys slowly expand their boundaries here at BBA, it's also sometimes fun and refreshing when we find someone like Diez who on the one hand seems genuinely new to the world of guy-on-guy sex, but also actually EAGER to explore his newly discovered freaky side.

When we realized during his last scene just how shockingly skilled this 19-year-old newcomer was, we couldn't wait to fast-track his BBA journey by seeing if he could handle our #1 model and the infamous baseball bat swinging between his legs. Having previously confessed to having an attraction to other masculine guys, Diez didn't hesitate for a second to take on the challenge!

Like a kid in a candy store, Diez jumps excitedly from one new activity to another. Whether it's bravely trying to deep-throat Bandit's huge dick or licking another man's asshole for the very first time in his life, taking another aggressive pounding in his thick and juicy near-virgin ass or busting a nutt deep inside Bandit's ass, this is the kind of performance that can only come from someone who clearly welcomes and embraces every new experience we're throwing at him. And we hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as we did!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Creampies, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 28, 2023 59 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Diez

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