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blksung i am SOOOOO in love with K9. Mar 3, 2023
blksung K9 is different...but that's not a bad thing. i found myself intrigued by him. He is an attractive guy, yet unconventional!!!!! For you black gay dudes judging him for his looks, you are OBVIOUSLY a trick to the trade. you sell outs!!!!! check your frequency.!!! You are being a low, gutter, sleep clown. Some of the comments about this young black man is utterly disgusting. Mar 2, 2023
shikahijones230 I personally think he is one of the most attractive men on this site . His beautiful eyes and his goofy personality . I think he has beautiful lips too and he doesn’t have the typical persona as the thirsty gays who long for that thug “fake masculinity “ persona . I personally believe he has plenty of potential … based off other videos I have seen of him kissing , and performing oral . He needs to be paired with the more sensual models …. If the model isn’t sensual I think Makeek Would pair well with him … based on openness … but if you’re looking for a sensual model to pair …. Manny , Apollo, even the new guy Denzel ….

You have to look at how they perform with foreplay and oral . That’s why some of these matchups don’t work because not everyone does foreplay and oral on the same wavelength
Feb 8, 2023
emiliano69 I'm getting great bottom vibes, but let's see. Aug 26, 2022
felizmente We need a nice close up of K9's sexy toes. Aug 19, 2022
smokey1984 If he ain’t getting fucked, don’t bring him back as a top! Aug 7, 2022
Dreadhead9 I was expecting Scotty, more Ross or MALEEK I feel like it’s still more exploring to do with maleek Jul 27, 2022
Duchess @surwinkstha3rd Bro my Stash is long I have many saved updates doesn’t mean I dont have the right to express my opinion when I feel like it, that’s what this Platform is for. Besides my membership has been recurring for over a decade you do the Math Thx… Jul 26, 2022
KEEPSMILING01 Like others, I'll wait to judge K9 when he's coupled with another guy. Otherwise he reminds me of a less sculpted version of Staxx. Jul 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's so hilarious and bizarre, you're now the second person to say that K9 reminds you of Staxx. I'm just not seeing it lol.
hines1983 I'm wishing the new guy well. Looking forward to seeing him in action. Jul 25, 2022
Jayden27 Alright fam, you guys already know I like to be positive and funny AF in these reviews, and I will but I have be honest and vent first. 21 minutes? Y’all know we need more than that! LOL!! Aight, I’m done because I’m sure the fans have already given y’all the 3rd degree. Let’s discuss K9 shall we?

Y’all know I love chocolate right? His complexion combined with the tattoos that cover his skin definitely caught my attention. Coming to us from NOLA, he gives us thug looks, but his vibe and persona reveals a soft side that is charming and attractive. The interviews were short and sweet, and the most noteworthy thing that he said was that “Sex is like a sport where you pick up points. Sex is a good thing”. Fuckin’ facts bro. Oh yeah, great music choice during photoshoot portion also.

K9 gives us a seductive striptease, revealing every inch of the chocolate creation that is his body. The centerpiece is his 3rd leg which is visible as he takes off his boxers when the camera is filming behind him. He strokes and makes it fully erect to display its full length while laying on the bed—DAMN! He’s meaty—his suitors are going to have a lot to take in their mouth and ass. 😂 K9 then turns over and seductively humps the bed. Sexy AF! His ass may not be phat, but it’s toned, cute, and its hairiness is enticing. He opened the cheeks up to reveal an equally appetizing hole. I wonder if the models will get to sample. Sexy talk and a nice cum shot wrap up our introduction to BBA’s newest addition.

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Shax, and K9. Good shit. Definitely want to see more action with K9. Oh yeah, great job on the music choices—they were lit!
Jul 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Oh, trust me, I was PISSED about the length of this scene too and gave both Shax and Montez an earful about it lol. Shax has filmed plenty of amazing BBA solos, so I think what happened is that they got so caught up in the excitement and creativity of the whole BBA "Bachelor" concept and neglected getting the usual substance they needed for this to be a stand-alone solo.

In hindsight, it would have been better to use this as an introduction to K9's first action scene. That would have prevented some of the viewer backlash, AND helped K9 make a better first impression. Anyhow, FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, we priced the scene at only *ONE* credit to stash, which is basically giving it away for free! LOL.

Glad you like K9 overall and enjoyed Shax's musical selections this time around. 😉
djv1234 I've never ever given a negative comment or review of BBA having always been supportive for a long number of years. But regretfully I'm beginning to change my mind and will likely let my BBA membership expire and rejoin when Time is right. K9 is a decent guy but he's painfully thin and `bearing in mind the current worsening economic situation K9 like many young guys may desperately need cash and do whatever. Hopefully things will improve and Dominic and Stallion will return in new scenes with the best of BBA performers and I will be ready and eager for when that occurs. Best wishes to BBA for that to happen. Jul 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta If all it takes is one model you happen to find unattractive to make you "change your mind" about BBA, then let me respectfully suggest that your credibility and loyalty as a BBA fan is not as strong and enduring as you claim lol.

We have ALWAYS featured a wide variety of body types, skin complexions, personality types, dick sizes, etc. in our models and K9 is no exception. Funny enough, his slim, toned body is more representative of the BBA norm than the more muscular guys you mentioned by name.

If your enjoyment of BBA depends solely on Dominic returning and/or Stallion bottoming, then you're probably wise to step back for a break, because neither one of those things will be happening in the immediate future.
lonleyman2 My point exactly. When will MG do his own production again??? Jul 24, 2022
HTown @1415termino I don't think people are "entitled" as you say. It's a paid site, so as customers, people have the right to express their displeasure. Jul 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta I think the "entitled" part comes into play when people act like the entire site should revolve around them and their personal tastes, rather than humbly recognizing that we have a large and diverse customer base with a wide variety of "types" and tastes that might not always match up with their own.
Nonchalant24 I dont like face tattoos or grills but I'll be patient and see what he brings. Jul 24, 2022
Dreadhead9 Where’s Michael??? Can we have a fan vote choice on a video for different ideas? Jul 23, 2022
surwinkstha3rd OMG @Duchess why so brutal? Perhaps, create ur own #STASH store what u like to ur cloud and chill bro. Jul 23, 2022
surwinkstha3rd It's Just 1 credit you guys add him to your #STASH @pettypendergrass showing my support :) hey can you guys call #TRAPP (REMEMBER HIM) for ME and tell him I said Hello Jul 23, 2022
Duchess Is Mike Sick or retiring because Shax Carter and Montez seem to be running this site now and all I can say is No, No and No these updates been off quite a bit lately #BringBackMichaelGProductionUpdates #GetWellSoonMike 🤷🏾‍♂️ Jul 23, 2022
MichaelGalletta I have been really sick for the past couple weeks, but I haven't retired. I've just had a lot of family commitments and other things going on in my personal life that have consumed most of my time and energy this year. Thankfully I've been able to delegate most of the production duties into Shax and Montez's more than capable hands.

Regardless of who's doing the filming, some scenes are always going to be better than others. It's the same way with the scenes that I film. Let me remind you that MANY of the scenes we've put out this year have been praised by viewers as some of the BEST in BBA history. And you know who directed those scenes? SHAX AND MONTEZ. So it's really rude and unfair to start shitting on them just because you don't like a couple models or scenes. Unless you've hated every single update this year, which I highly doubt is the case, then you have THEM to thank for the many "masterpieces" and instant classics released so far this year.
loverboy02 Just a disappointed FAN that's all.... Gosh I tried to like it....Not even looking forward to the next episode. 😕 Jul 22, 2022
davids Drakegay4real, you are the only one who thinks he looks like Staxx. Lol. K9 is ok, but Staxx is beautiful on film and in person. I believe Justice will help K9 see that he doesn't have to try so hard to impress the fans. When you try too hard, you come over as unauthentic, which is a turn-off. Jul 22, 2022
bigdaddy1051 I agree with some of the others. This should not have counted as a full week Update. Jul 22, 2022
NellyOak92 No.No.NO, bring back Maleek and Deontrey Jul 22, 2022
yoskyler I’ve never left a comment but this was pathetic. Like what is this a tweet?!?! Jul 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta In hindsight, I agree that this would have worked better as an introduction to one of the action scenes. I think Shax and Montez got so caught up in the creativity and excitement of the whole competition idea that they forgot to get the usual substance for a full solo scene. That being said, it was literally only ONE CREDIT to stash, so let's keep things in perspective, shall we?
drakegay4real He favors Staxx to me, am I the only one? Jul 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Personally, I don't see it lol. Interesting.
wolfkno Sexy young man with a nice slim body, big dick, and perky little cute butt. I see nothing wrong. People ask for new models and when Mike offers something different everyone complains. Jul 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks once again for always being a rare voice of reason on here. Glad you're among those viewers who appreciate what K9 brings to the roster.
loydstar Cool...tall slim thug!!! pair him with Manny Jul 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad you like him. And that's not a bad idea, thanks!
1415termino a lot of y’all complain wayyyy too much, and act like y’all are entitled smh Jul 22, 2022
haughtona2 Not feeling him…. But I will give him a chance Jul 22, 2022
Akashic1 This update should have been the bonus, I was kinda expecting a little more, come on BBA, give us a Hotboy Summer.. Jul 21, 2022
Clinteastwood220 I’m Looking forward to see him fuck scuba Jul 21, 2022
Seekingbootee He looks like a good candidate for coin toss scene with Stallion. Who will give it up. In my Fleece Johnson voice: “ Somebody’s gonna have to give up some booty.” Jul 21, 2022
Partduece This was...underwhelming! Jul 21, 2022
maybelater I was turned on at first because I thought he was a real thug! But once he started talking and playing with him self I changed my mind. He need to get smash quickly and get it over with. Jul 21, 2022
Docteur If this was part 3 of 4, yuck. I too join the cry of hating most of the solo things, except for Mikey Piper (wish he'd come back for male to male sex). I was hoping with Ross, Scuba, Bandit and Justice all being in LA at the same place we would get an all out orgy. Now a new guy seems headed to fuck Scuba and Justice. I guess no Ross and Scuba pairing or Bandit and Justice pairing. Waiting on Scotty and Shaun all out sex with each other since presumably they both are out of prison now. Jul 21, 2022
mikemannz Y’all should give us the lineup of guys y’all picked Jul 21, 2022
chucke1 Not my type wrong turn for me! See you guys in three weeks! Jul 21, 2022
damon8 Oh dear god… How long is this going to take? Jul 21, 2022
Readyruk1 He's an attractive boy however, sadly I find him more appealing with his clothes on. Jul 21, 2022
PowerForward24 Meh... I'll reserve judgement to see where this goes. K9 kinda comes off as someone who plays a hood dude but not a hood dude fr. Weird vibe from him. Love that Louisiana accent tho. But I feel like this could have been a bonus update, not THE update for the week. But we'll see how this goes. Not excited to see Scuba is coming up. Jul 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Hmmm....Getting one's entire body covered in tattoos (including the tear-drops), grills in his mouth, and creating comedy sketches about stealing cars seems like a pretty major time/life investment for someone just "playing a 'hood dude" on TV lol. All evidence I've seen so far suggests he's an authentic 'hood boy from New Orleans.
jrummi another wasted week! hes sexy af, but solo updates are a waste Jul 21, 2022
swamp96 My type. Pretty and Hood. Im ready to see him fuck something, I know that NOLA boy dick is good. Jul 21, 2022
misterblack Looks like BBA has a beautiful new star(fish) & eel in the tank. Jul 21, 2022
gimmedat13 Will both of these be released next week?? We deserve it after these last two smh Jul 21, 2022
Prime2021 Damn that’s a nice hairy ass 👃🏾👃🏾👃🏾 Jul 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Right? Tight little hairy muscle-butts are so underrated these days.
markusg24 The Darkbrown Prince of L.A. (Cant wait to check this dude out in action!) Jul 21, 2022
davids K9 better come with a strong game with Justice and Scuba. Otherwise, his tenure might be short in this line of work. Jul 21, 2022
dfjmusic Ok. I’m excited about the series…. But is this the video for the week? Jul 21, 2022
MrBrown19942 Montez is a great host! I LOVE the reality-show feel to it, too. K9 is beautiful, and amazing! I'm excited for the upcoming episodes too! Thank you, BBA. Jul 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I know Montez had fun channeling his inner Julie Chen lol. Glad you enjoyed the sexy, reality-show vibe we were going for here.
Whitneyy I’ll see y’all in a few weeks. Y’all back on this weak shit Jul 21, 2022
Dreadhead9 Man my hopes was up…. Jul 21, 2022
A123 To be honest, this was a short, deeply disappointing scene. I always look forward to the updates, but in my opinion, the last two weeks have missed the mark. From the looks of the upcoming scenes, it doesn’t seem to get any more exciting. I hope that I am wrong. Jul 21, 2022
TennesseeBator Mike, Montez, and Shax: A NEW king has been found, a WINNER. The personality/attitude, the hairy body, the tiger stripes, the low hangers, I cannot wait to see how far he goes and how this concept works out, BRAVO, 10/10. Jul 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! So glad to know you like what you've seen of our new model K9 so far.

Two sexy freaks. ONE eligible bachelor.

His goal? To find the FREAKIEST on the BBA roster.

Don't miss this new "reality porn" competition series from BBA, following our "bachelor" K9 on his very first trip to the City of Angels, all the way from the streets of New Orleans. A self-proclaimed 'hood boy who likes sports and comedy, K9 is hungry and on the prowl for BBA's bravest and best....

But first....LET'S MEET HIM!

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Details: Jul 21, 2022 21 min
Photo of K9

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