When Roles Reverse

kingcee92 I don’t believe that man was 18 in the slightest & he DAMN sure ain’t no top! He was so sexy tho 🤧 Sep 11, 2023
maybelater All these years of following BBA I don't recall watching this video. Damn This was fire 🔥! K Snakes can really suck a dick and enjoyed it. I really like the authentic groans and sounds from the two guys. It didn't appear they was acting just enjoying each other...this was really good. Sep 2, 2022
Phuryous Mike, you need to stop interrupting when it gets good. We are not paying for color commentary. Jul 6, 2020
MichaelGalletta If I ever find a time machine, I'll be sure to go back in time and tell my younger self to do better. Because this scene was FILMED ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO SMH LMAOOOO!!!!
max2509 Okay I love ksnakes those lips are so sexy. The other boy had a nice dick too and he put ksnakes on his stomach love the way he was biting his lips when he was putting it in. And then he really got it in that hole, and then he fucked him good yes yes boy fuck that sexy ass man. It would have been better if his dick stayed hard. Jun 30, 2016
sexyguy i love ksnakes he is awesome, nice chocolate skin Jun 7, 2016

One of the things I love about making unscripted amateur porn is the element of surprise - that adrenaline-rush that comes from having no idea what will happen next! Even when things don't turn out quite the way I'd hoped or planned, the outcome can still be surprisingly hot!

This is one of those scenes that didn't quite go as expected. The original idea was to give K-Snakes a chance to show off his skills as a "top," something he didn't get to do in his scene with Beno. I decided to pair him with Tori because let's face it, the handsome young brother has a FLAWLESS ass and I couldn't wait to see it split open by a pipe as big as the one hanging between K-Snakes' legs!

When things didn't go according to plan, however, we had to negotiate a fair compromise that reversed the roles for the day and turned into BBA's first-ever "flip-flop" scene! See for yourself what happened when the scene's original "top" found himself bent over the futon with a dick up HIS tight ass instead!

Tori hangs out at my apartment on a Saturday afternoon and answers a few questions while we wait for K-Snakes to arrive. Tori hasn't even seen a PICTURE of his scene partner yet, so he's understandably nervous about how the day's shoot will go.

I keep the camera running as K-Snakes shows up at my apartment and meets Tori for the very first time. Neither guy is very talkative, so there's not much of an introductory interview.

Less than thirty minutes after meeting for the first time, Tori and K-Snakes are nervously leaning in for their very first kiss. No matter how many times I film scenes like this, my dick still gets rock-hard while watching two hot, horny black guys go from being complete strangers one minute to getting naked and FUCKING just a few minutes later!

Tori wastes no time yanking down K-Snakes' pants and placing the boy's sweaty teenage dick in his mouth. Watch as it quickly grows to a VERY impressive size in response to Tori's dick-sucking skills!

As both boys shed their clothes, curiosity and lust displace their initial wariness of each other. After enjoying some good head from Tori, K-Snakes leans over to return the favor. This is Tori's first chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy getting his dick sucked by his scene partner. (Beno didn't reciprocate at all, and Suspense only barely sucked his dick in their scene together). Tori clearly LOVES the attention, moaning in pleasure as K-Snakes deep-throats that dick like a pro!

Tori suggests they move into a "69" position. Tori sucks on K-Snakes' dick like a kid licking a gigantic lollipop - pumping his own dick in and out of K-Snakes' mouth at the same time.

Although he told me going into this scene that he wasn't sure about eating ass, K-Snakes can't resist the temptation of Tori's gorgeous butt staring him right in the face, and he decides to dive right in for a taste! He buries his face DEEP in that beautiful ass, grabbing and smacking and prying apart those pretty brown cakes to feast on the prized possession within. He laps hungrily at his co-star's sweet hole, poking his tongue as deep as it will go while Tori gasps and moans in response. K-Snakes switches between sucking Tori's dick one minute to licking that ass the next - as if he can't decide which one he enjoys doing more!

The boys take their sexual acrobatics to the floor, where the action heats up even more! There's lots of sloppy-wet dick-sucking as Tori straddles K-Snakes' face and fucks his wet mouth. It's nice to see Tori take control for a change!

"You like that dick?" he encourages K-Snakes, who soaks that dick with so much saliva that it's literally dripping with spit! "I like that sloppy shit!" Tori exclaims.

K-Snakes lifts Tori's legs and dives in for a second round of feasting on that tasty ass! This scene features a generous amount of ass-eating, including some great close-up shots of Tori's tight and tantalizing little pucker.

Eventually, K-Snakes gets to put more than just his tongue up that amazing ass!

Don't let this scene's title mislead you - the fucking is hot while it lasts! The room echoes with the sounds of squishy-warm butt-fucking as K-Snakes plunders Tori's ass in several positions....

The striking contrast of K-Snakes' smooth, dark skin against Tori's honey-brown complexion (as well as the six-year age gap between them) makes this part of the scene even more erotic and stimulating, in my opinion!

Unfortunately, sometimes a new guy like K-Snakes gets overwhelmed by the pressures of fucking on camera to the point that he can no longer perform, and this turned out to be one of those days! But after talking things over (off-camera), K-Snakes reluctantly agrees to "bottom" for Tori instead, in order to save the scene....

K-Snakes lies on his stomach and groans in a deep, sexy voice as Tori pries open that stubbornly tight ass with his dick. It's hot watching the scene's assigned "bottom" plunder the ass of the guy whose dick was inside HIM just a few minutes earlier!

Tori seems sincerely in AWE of how good that tight ass feels as it strokes and squeezes his dick.

"Your walls feel GOOD!" Tori gasps in pleasure. "Your shit is TIGHT, nigga!....Damn, that ass FIRE!"

Tori enjoys himself so much, in fact, that it's not long before he's yanking his dick out, ripping off the condom, and busting a "nutt" on K-Snakes' back. (Unfortunately, we didn't get a cum-shot from K-Snakes).

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Tori and K-Snakes share their reactions to each other and the scene overall. It's especially funny to see the way they continue touching each other throughout the interview, as if neither one's ready to part ways just yet!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Feb 7, 2010 62 min
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