Introducing: Kenny

kronosfan Kenny is one of the reasons I signed up for BBA. He is so cute. I hope he cums back someday Jun 8, 2022

Kenny is a quiet "boy next door"-type who likes to play basketball, hang out with friends, and watch scary movies. He's the kind of stunningly attractive young man you probably see every day at the mall, on the bus, or at work, but never in a million years imagine you could ever be lucky enough to see what he's hiding under his clothes!

Normally you'd probably be right! Kenny admits that auditioning for amateur porn is something totally new and out of character for him. But Kenny's roommate is a BBA model (whose identity shall remain a mystery for now) who has been trying for some time to talk his friend into doing a video. Lucky for us, he finally succeeded! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot private show as this shy but sexy black boy strips out of his clothes and shows off his body for the very first time!

Kenny's "audition" begins with a brief introductory interview. Like most of the guys I film, Kenny has never done anything like this before and he's understandably nervous in front of the camera. He talks a little bit about what he enjoys doing for fun. He also tells me that he is bisexual. When I try to get him to open up to me about his past sexual encounters, however, Kenny is reluctant to share anything too detailed or personal.

I'm a little surprised by Kenny's shyness at first, but when you see the way this beautiful boy's smile lights up the room (and melts your insides to mush at the very same time), you won't blame me for not making a big fuss about it! Besides, I know most of you are much more interested in seeing what Kenny's hiding beneath those sagging jeans of his!

With a little bit of coaching from me, Kenny slowly strips out of his clothes and shows off his flawless young body in a variety of seductive poses....

Now I admit that my thoughts sometimes get a bit muddled in the presence of black boys as cute as Kenny, but I swear I can't find a DAMN thing wrong with this boy! From his thick red lips to those large white teeth, his deep, piercing eyes to that slim body with its smooth light-brown skin, Kenny seems to be perfection personified!

Kenny's body is no less impressive when those boxers finally come off! I'll let you inspect and admire his naked body for yourself, but as you can probably already tell from these screenshot teasers, it most definitely doesn't disappoint!

Kenny watches a straight porn DVD and strokes his dick in a few different positions. He might not be as verbal or outgoing as some of my other models, but Kenny does have this way of staring directly into the camera that I find to be intensely seductive - almost like he's DARING you to jump through the screen and do what you please with him!

My only complaint is that Kenny initially refuses to let us see the part of him you know I most wanted to see. Thankfully, he eventually agrees to a compromise and later sits on the futon with his legs spread in a way that generously shows off his beautiful asshole for everyone to see!

The scene concludes with Kenny pumping out an impressive "nutt," followed by a few closing comments.

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Solo/Auditions
Details: Nov 15, 2009 58 min
Photo of Kenny

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