House of Whores #2

Photo of House of Whores #2
Buttlover Mm I love the concept but it would be better if the actors are masked the whole movie to give the horror vibe during all the scene.. Aug 5, 2023
luv2cporn Ok so my favorite part of this whole vid was Sax gagging on that dick! OMG....i have busted a couple of nutts watching that dick make him gag and almost throw up on that dick. Also seeing Sax get gang banged was hot with all those big dicks. I know that hole was hurting for a minute! Jul 12, 2023
JusticeP524 You should Pair Saint & Stallion with one another. Oct 7, 2022
atltop Stylez Is one lucky dude Sep 30, 2022
money202 My 1st time subscribing to BBA. I liked the scene. Sax was a trooper and hilarious at the same time. Maybe bc I can relate to his experience lol. As others has said, I would love to see his used and abused ass at the end. I love him as a bottom. Good scene. Jun 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Welcome to BBA! Glad you enjoyed this scene overall. Please feel free to share your questions and/or feedback in the comments any time.
jaypablo Great scene, love the old house, nice and creepy, I love sax, he’s hot and sexy, I would love to see a pay back scene where he tops all of them, especially stallion, I want him to pop his cherry, that would be a great thing to see. May 24, 2022
HottBlkQT I like that the idea of the "House of Whores" is being continued, because the 1st one was pretty good. This one was ok, but it should've been more than just a gangbang of Sax. It would've been better if it was more like the 1st one. Namely, have 2 of the guys who were topping sneak away & flip with each other. Since the other guys are "new" (& them getting fucked is probably being saved for later), maybe Stylez & Bandit could've been the ones who flipped with each other. We've already seen Stylez fuck Bandit, but I don't recall them ever flipping. May 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta The only reason the first HoW was set up that way is because Dominic couldn't take dick as well as we'd hoped, so in post-production we ended up taking footage from another incomplete shoot and combined it with the group scene to make a longer and more satisfying scene overall. Thankfully we didn't have that problem with Saxgotem, and didn't feel the need to include a separate scene within the scene.
200water Zander and Stallion chemistry is undeniable and insatiable. I would love to see a flip-flop with them. The kissing, dirty talking and fucking would be amazing especially with juxtaposing skin tones. Mar 19, 2022
turner95 Looks like Zander and Stallion need a 1 on 1 Mar 2, 2022
Soulkitty That intro scene was hilarious. I loved how Saxgotem was running from the scary man while tearing his own clothes off in horror.

Nice touch having the guys jacking off in a downward motion from atop the well of the staircase. BRAVO!
Mar 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! Getting that shot in the attic stairwell wasn't easy, but I'm extremely proud of how it turned out and so glad you appreciated the erotic artistry of it.
JusticeC64 The porn is great you have what most guys are looking for but I just hope these men are being compensated respectfully for what they go through. True enough it's their decisions, considering you've kept your models for some time now I hope they feel appreciated and are not being low balled into giving up their Manhood if anything. Don't know their personal lives just on the outside looking in. Feb 7, 2022
ACTION7 stallion AND ZANDER in a flip flop, mad kissing, sucking, rimming, hole fucking.... Feb 4, 2022
ACTION7 THIS Some scary psycho, shit, too freaky and SKURRY, the costumes are too good, very entertaining even without the sex... Feb 2, 2022
unitedguy18 Oh he went full super saiyan Feb 1, 2022
Montez LOL This cracked me up. I actually said at the time that he turned into Tarzan lol
unitedguy18 When sax started singing taking stylez dick i felt that Feb 1, 2022
loverboy02 I really enjoyed Zander😛‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Jan 28, 2022
Bigboy69 Yes to Sax for taking those big dicks. Just wondering when Stylez and or Bandit gone take Stallions dick? Saxgotem needs a payback video too lol Jan 23, 2022
turner95 When is Zander getting fucked??! Jan 15, 2022
Toofreak86 Excuse BBA! But as an experienced sub bottom...As you guys see at the end, He loved stallion's dick...once you're pass that 2nd hole, It's the closest thing to a I know from experience that he was in a high level of pleasure. So much that it hurts...if he didn't want to do it, he would have stopped the film, But this he clearly enjoyed himself... Jan 14, 2022
islandboy44 sax was a good bitch Jan 11, 2022
blackjohnson513 Stylez made this group scene happen.... other than Saxgotem he's the only one getting with the other participants. That's what makes a group scene hot. Jan 9, 2022
Sissy2000 I love the scene. This is a natural reaction for someone who does not have a lot of bottom experience. It was very exciting to watch. Would have preferred to see more hole shots of sax. Jan 2, 2022
joycarto A waste of money , never again Dec 30, 2021
bigboii37 I would have to loved to see sax’s hole at the end. Also would’ve loved to seen an interview on how he felt after. Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta We chose not to do an interview because this was set up as a horror/fantasy scene. But I agree that I should have gotten a good shot of Sax's poor little used and abused hole at the end. There was so much else going on that it completely slipped my mind. Sorry for the oversight.
BLOOP Gotta love the gangbangz lol Dec 22, 2021
cam6594 Michael I love this scene forget everybody else. Dec 22, 2021
waddup09 This shit was not hot. You get these new models and can't wait to bait them into taking dick on cam. Watching somebody in clear physical pain is not hot. Even more so with your wh-... nevermind. I hope he got top dollar out of you Dec 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta I have a simple solution for you: DON'T WATCH. See how easy that is instead of being a dick about it?
mjg4life89 Such a turn off You guys need to find better bottoms Dec 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry this wasn't a good fit for you, but you do seem to have completely missed the whole point of this scene lol.
Prime2021 It was hot to see Sax taking dick, it’s obvious he isn’t a full top 😂😂 he took 4 dicks 🤷🏽‍♂️ Dec 2, 2021
1khalil1 Brooo they put my baby through his paces and wore him out!. Oh my goodness, I wanted to hold Sax after he got put through all of that lol 💙 Nov 25, 2021
juan24 Omfg, Sax mustve been high to volunteer for this, lol! I dont think he knew what he was getting into, or rather, WHAT was getting into HIM, lol. A poem: Better than a Ween full of treats and tricks/ is four scary monsters with big azz dicks/ if u can take em and handle the licks/ u a bad mf who'll do it for kicks. Definitely 5 stars out of 5 stars! And the storyline was kool asf to watch too! Nov 23, 2021
loverboy02 Yes.what DeeSummer said, let Sax get his revenge on every one of them‼️‼️‼️‼️ Nov 19, 2021
DeeSummer Please let Sax get his revenge on every one of them. That would be great Nov 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta A scene with Sax getting his revenge on all of the guys would be hot and hilarious. House of Whores #3? 🤔😈
bigkingofkings93 mannnnn sax is that nigga. sexy as hell, and you can tell all of those guys wanted to fuck him lol Nov 11, 2021
MrBrown19942 This scene, is amazing! 👏🏿❤️ 🔥 Nov 11, 2021
ef8432 && where the hell is Trapp & Lil Jake ????? Nov 9, 2021
ef8432 Great scene, honestly anything more than 3 guys I’m not here for. 3 is usually the limit for me. Well King 🤴🏽 Bandit did his thing & that was a big cum shot for him. Stallion is stellar. I honestly didn’t see it for him but Blake flipped his whole switch. Nov 9, 2021
djv1234 Stallion loves to have his ass eaten, with Stallion highly enjoying the pleasuring of his sexy ass he should bottom soon. It'll make him a huge star at BBA Nov 8, 2021
redred Love SAX!!! Definitely one of my favorites Nov 8, 2021
scrappydoo123 Stallion needs to be paired up with Shameeks who is the best ass eater and best dick sucker by far. Nov 7, 2021
YELLOWFOXX This was really good! Love sax getting fucked Nov 7, 2021
drakegay4real MORE ZANDER PLZ🔥🤤🔥🤤🔥 Nov 6, 2021
ACTION7 Stallion and Ross need a flip flop soon Nov 6, 2021
11luvme2u @MIchaelGalletta. Thanks for the response. I commented in the past about how there are reasons why people simply move on from porn. I'm glad you confirmed it. Wow, one of your former models isn't even a man??? NOW you have me wondering who could that be??? lol Well, though I miss those legendary models of the past you all are casting very good new talent like Stallion (who I can definitely see moving his way up to the top 10 if he stays as passionate and open-minded as he has been). This gang bang was great but honestly I am very excited about some good steamy 1 on 1 action with good chemistry. Something like Stallion and Justice (that makes for intensity and passion). NOW WHO IS NOT A MAN??? lol Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @NastyNut: Sorry to hear this scene wasn't your personal cup of tea. We have plenty of sweet and passionate scenes in the archives for you to enjoy. But a horror-themed GANG-BANG like this one called for something more raw and raunchy and aggressive. I understand that's a turn-off for some, but it doesn't make this scene any less scorching hot to those viewers who share my more sadistic streak. 🤷‍♂️😈

I also disagree with your critique of Bandit's performance. He and Stallion were both limited in how much they could do thanks to Sax's resistance and lack of experience. But Bandit tried his best and he won't be going anywhere any time soon.
Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @scrappydoo123: One of the sexy, fun "subplots" of this scene were the various looks and touches and interactions between the other guys. For example, as you pointed out, Bandit's not-so-subtle interest in Stallion, or Stallion's curious glances at Zander and Bandit. And of course Stylez' obvious interest in all of them. 😂

There's A LOT packed into these 74 minutes to analyze and enjoy!
Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: Thanks for the detailed review! I love that you're already looking ahead to Sax getting his revenge. Spoken like a true BBA fan lol.

There are a variety of reasons why models aren't cast in a scene, including scheduling conflicts, social dynamics, budget constraints, not getting tested in time, or delays/problems with their results, etc. Other models simply aren't available anymore, period. I'll try to post a long overdue "Where Are They Now?" on the blog within the next several months, since we keep getting so many requests for models who are in all likelihood gone for good. Hell, one of our models is no longer even a man! (How's that for a tease lol).
Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @scrappydoo123: Whoa, slow down there, buddy! 😂 There's a big difference between enjoying having your ass ate and being ready to take your first dick lol. These things take patience and time. But you can be sure that if/when that day comes, it is going to be just as EPIC as everything else Stallion has done for us so far. Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @terbernt: Glad you still found some moments in this scene to appreciate and enjoy. Much like the long-anticipated epic showdown between Apollo and Bandit, Stallion vs. Bandit is definitely a dream scene I hope to make happen someday, but one that is going to take some time and maturation on both models' parts before that is possible. Nov 5, 2021
Dope88 And @MichaelGalletta since im here. its time for bandit to get some revenge preferably Scuba and Dominic (tell them boys buy a dildo and practice 😂)

link him and trapp too, the hood boys need to continue that vibe from the 1st house of whores 😮‍💨
Nov 5, 2021
Dope88 @MichaelGalletta naw i thought the same thing. stallion is thicker but definitely not longer. go back to when Sax was walking up the steps to the attic. and when he was holding both in his hand. and when he fucking him it seem to get even harder. like bandit 🤯 Nov 5, 2021
KNG5TNFN Hey Mike have you guys also checked out that kid "Martavis Ray" I think he could be a good addition to the team, that boy is phat !!! Nov 4, 2021
Nastynut Edit to earlier comment: Did I mention how intense Stallion’s facial expressions were when getting ate. At one point he even reached back to grab Sax’ head and make him keep eating the ass bc he was taking too long sucking the other guys and he was still zoned out from getting ate out & wanted more. I thought that was so hot. And how he talks all nasty in ya ear & shxt while beating it up. Definitely gives me passionate vibes!

I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW MODEL! He is cute I’m sure for some other company but I don’t think he belongs at BBA! I was fast forwarding every time he became the focus. He just didn’t do it for me. There was no chemistry, no passion, just fucking and he barely did that. Bring back Kavii & let Stallion dig him out then we need to see Stallion w/someone like Blake Bishop that would be 🔥🔥🔥
Nov 4, 2021
chucke1 OK don't like this one at all LOL! You need a thumbs down button as well! so I don't have to comment for another decade LOL! Where are the models I mentioned from the pre pandemic BBA? I miss them so much, any coming back soon ? You know I love you guys!!!!! Nov 4, 2021
kloliver11 this is one of my favorite scenes. I enjoyed the fun laid back vibe of this video. Stallion is becoming one of my favorites. that dick is big! I'm sure he will be in more scenes and maybe he will take the "bottom" role in a future project. this was different in a good way. Nov 4, 2021
MichaelGalletta @mrwhitley1: Like I've explained to you a thousand times before, when you complain about something not being part of a scene, 9 times out of 10 it's something we actually tried but didn't work out. Putting aside your hilariously ignorant comment about us never including riding in our scenes (have you actually WATCHED any of our post-COVID scenes lol???), I'll just say that riding can be tricky depending on the models involved. It requires a rock-solid dick for one thing, which isn't always available with our "gay for pay" guys. We attempted some riding in this scene but it wasn't working out for Sax or the others, so it wasn't included in the final edit. Nov 4, 2021
MichaelGalletta @Dualex: You're perceptive to pick up on the chemistry between Stallion and Zander (light-skinned new guy). There was so much going on that I didn't really notice it until I sat down to edit the footage. They seemed to have a little "bromance" brewing behind the scenes too. Stay tuned for more proof of this soon! 😉 Nov 4, 2021
MichaelGalletta To everyone asking about the mysterious new guy, his BBA model name is Zander, and he'll be introduced more officially soon. He’s done some work in straight porn and dances as a male stripper for women and men. "Straight" with an ex-wife and kids but probably leaning more toward Bisexual, as you can probably tell from the scene lol. Didn't find out until he showed up that he's done some scenes for several other gay companies too, so that was a big disappointment since that's not really a good fit with our brand. But he got along great with the other guys and really seemed to enjoy himself, so maybe he'll have a home here at BBA after all. I love his freckles! For me, he fulfills a fantasy of seeing Anthony Ramos do gay porn. 😈😁 Nov 4, 2021
MichaelGalletta @flylikebird1: I already told you I have no problem with you or anyone else not liking this scene. What I do have an issue with, and what will usually prompt me to reply on here, are ridiculous and blatantly inaccurate claims like the ones you were making. I am always going to speak up in defense of reality and logic when it comes to BBA or anything else. Nov 4, 2021
luv4blk House of Whores 2: Saxgotem Gangbang - Saxgotem relaxes in a big house, he's soon chased and grabbed by four horny sexually charged strong male intruders. Saxgotem is soon strongly dominated and attacked by the sexually strong men as all four take control, dominate and gangbang Saxgotem's mouth and booty with their rock hard dicks.
Enjoyed this scene and all four of them taking over Saxgotem's mouth and bootyhole.
Nov 4, 2021
Nastynut Sooo I’m a huge fan & have been subscribed for a while, I just had to create a new login unfortunately but I go back to when Isaiah was first being brung in and have loved 99% of all the scenes even the old, old scenes like before HD lol. So that being said, I HATED this scene!!!!! Nothing about it turned me on except the parts where there was a lot of ass eating in the beginning and when Stallion was into his ass eating scene. This was just too much to turn a person off, the huge spits while sucking dick, the fact that a TOP started off bottoming with 4 HUGE dicks when it should’ve just been Stylez honestly. He was the one that made the scene for me bc as Montez said he stepped up & calmed Sax down & I can even catch on to him having the two huge dicks ease up when they were dicking him down bc he was clearly uncomfortable how they were doing him but I guess it went with the “far away where no one could hear the screams” aspect of this flick so I get it. But if y’all want people to BOTTOM more often or even explore it for the first time with BBA we need less aggression and more passion. Unless the bottom at the time likes that aggression. Idk I look for those aggressive type of flicks over at the other porn company’s but I’ve ALWAYS liked how BBA handled their models in the scenes more but this just wasn’t it. Lastly, let’s make this Bandits last scene for a while. He USED to be my favorite but now he is extremely LAZY in his scenes and Lacks chemistry with these models he’s been performing with & it shows he’s just there for the check. Give that man a break. He don’t even take dick the same nor give it the same. It’s time for a new #1 model Stallion is that you?!?! Nov 4, 2021
VJ ehh u could’ve saved this video in archive...
We need more bandit for sure. Stallion up next up verse king!
Nov 4, 2021
flylikebird1 Well math nor any other subject was never a weakness of mine, I was always at the top of my classes..grade school thru college..seems like it's just a agree to disagree situation..but time will tell..and opinions are not facts..and constructive criticism is not a bad thing..but it seems like when someone doesn't like a scene, its not welcomed..but I'm still rocking with u..pride and Nov 3, 2021
islandboy44 would love to see more of the guy with the dog tags tattoo Nov 3, 2021
KNG5TNFN Smh "Saxgotem" welcome to BBA officially 😝 niqqah u brave 😉 i take my hat off bruh.... Mike and Montez should send u to a spa after all dat bruh.... relax all them muscles 😜..... that new boi foin!!!😍😍😍 and i really do hope "Stylez" was paying close attention for when its his turn to be gang banged like that with his smooth flat stomach and his beautiful golden peaches 😏😎😎 hmmn mmmn i especially liked it when he sat on the couch with legs opened up watching the action i almost busted but i held back for the ending. Stallion, Stallion, Stallion... my man...... u sexy chocolate god u, can't wait to see u give it up 😜😜 and his majesty king " Bandit" boi u put in some good work there bro.... I bow... great job everybody loved everything!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ Nov 3, 2021
loverboy02 This is EVERYTHING!!! ‼️‼️ Nov 3, 2021
MichaelGalletta @flylikebird1: Clearly math isn't your strongest subject lol. Again, the scene already has nearly half the number of likes in THREE DAYS that it took the original scene over TWO YEARS to get. If you can't grasp the predictive trajectory of those numbers, I really don't know what to tell you. Same concept applies to the other post-COVID scenes. You can't compare scenes that have only been up for a few weeks to scenes that have been up for years.

Thankfully you're in the minority when it comes to this particular scene, and I have no regrets about our choice to limit the interactions between the other guys. Even so, there was far more interaction in this one than the original, not counting the brief Bandit/Trapp interlude, which was only included because it was a separate shoot that didn't work out.
Nov 3, 2021
flylikebird1 I've been on the bba team for yrs..I'm just stating the obvious..I seriously doubt this scene reaches over 500 likes..and the #s don't lie when it comes to the rest of the scenes..didn't say I didn't like it, just could have been better..and if the other guys had interacted with 1 another didn't mean it wouldn't have been a gangbang..just a better scene..and most definitely more likes.. Nov 3, 2021
Montez @cam6594 I am not exactly sure what that is lol Nov 3, 2021
11luvme2u @MichaelGalletta. I feel you on the gangbang point. Makes perfect sense. Now let's get that sexy orgy going with some of your top models and new guys like Stallion, Sax, and Kavii. Nov 3, 2021
MichaelGalletta @flylikebird1: This sequel already has close to half the "likes" in THREE DAYS that the original has in over TWO YEARS, so you might want to reconsider that illogical point lol.

Like I explained on Twitter, there’s a difference between a GANGBANG vs. an orgy. We wanted this to be the former. We wanted the guys to aggressively dominate and “victimize” Sax. It’s a horror scene, after all. 🤷‍♂️😈

Having them focus on each other would have changed the entire theme and dynamic of the scene. I stand proudly behind my creative choices for this scene.
Nov 3, 2021
awj1214 I never watch the pre scene. I did this time and it was amusing. The main event was A1 but of course. Sax is really sexy. I love it. Now I'm excited to see if you got any other pair offs from this group coming. Interesting group and different way of introducing a newbie. Nov 3, 2021
cam6594 @montez, did you ever think of a Riker scenario? Nov 3, 2021
flylikebird1 #1 had over 500 likes..the lack of action between the other guys, killed this scene for me and I'm sure others..and the #s are dwn across the board when it comes to all the scenes that have been put out thus far..this scene most definitely could have been I stated before all the right ingredients but the final product didn't come out*tt happens.. Nov 3, 2021
JezeroCrater Wow!! All I can say is Saxgotem ain't NEVA had no dicks like the BBA BOYS!!! I've followed him on OF and I've seen some things but CLEARLY he ain't neva been really fucked like this. I hope he comes back to do more. He's a handsome guy.

I was VERY happy to see my Favorite Bandit and Stallion in the same video. Bandit bent over getting that ass ate is such a beautiful sight to see.

The new Special Dark chocolate dude Stallion. Watching him fuck and look at the cam is tantalizing.

I like how when the guys came down the steps we got to see a close up of their phat dicks flopping. 👏👅🔥😈
Nov 3, 2021
kendol I want to see the new guy more. Sax looked good in the video Nov 3, 2021
ACTION7 Bandit should be paired with Stallion soon, then Ross, then Dominic, ...Scuba Nov 3, 2021
damarcus I cringed watching Sax. It looked like it was too painful. I didn’t enjoy that. Stallion is ready! Give him what he wants. Nov 2, 2021
haughtona2 Sax I love you!! Who’s that fine lightskin? You need to introduce him the next scene y’all do!!! Stallion out shines Bandit in this, still love you tho! Great scene! 🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥 Nov 2, 2021
atlraw The only way this possibly could've been better is creampies. Nov 2, 2021
Montez Sort of a mixed bag, but glad that MOST of you really enjoyed this scene. It was so incredibly fun to film. As a huge horror fanatic, I had a lot to do with the structure of the intro, so happy to see that a lot of you appreciate it. Also, I want to give Michael his props. Love the scene or hate it, he put this thing together in record time, in order to release it on Halloween for you guys. We only made it back home on Friday and he barely slept at all until it was posted early Sunday afternoon. Amazing.

This was an ambitious task and Sax is the MVP for even agreeing to the scene lol. All those dicks for your bottoming debut? Sheesh lol. All the guys brought it, in my opinion, but Stylez definitely deserves a lot of credit for stepping up and being the group scene veteran lol.

For those who did not like it, I'm not sure what to say lol. For those saying that other models should have been a part of it, consider that they may not have been available for one reason or another. All in all, I am very proud of how this turned out and this may have taken Double Or Nothing's spot as my favorite shoot lol
Nov 2, 2021
mrwhitley1 I think bandit was crushing on the new dude.
He likes the wyts.
It’s really unbelievable how attractive Stallion is, y’all struck gold finding him.
It’s y’all models that keep us.
Remember, only let him bottom if he wants it, or initiates it. Don’t force it, regardless of all these comments I see.
Nov 2, 2021
shoeman59 Saxgotem...indeed,he did get them. Not sure however,if this was his intent. Nevertheless,the scene was Great. Stallion,however,has appeared in every scene,since his debut. As such,he appears to like posing his ass up,to be eaten out. Mike,please give him what he's silently asking for. Stylez,may be the person to break him in,if not Saint,Trapp,or Dominic. Preferably,Saint,if not him one of the mentioned names. Just don't make us wait too Long!! Nov 2, 2021
getdickhoe @syeone I enjoyed it too. My dick was on brick all the way through. @Mike umm Stallion is feeling that new light skinned dude you picked up. Light skin is on point. You should have let him slide in Stallion cause he was all in. Let Stallion and the new light skin dude do a 1 on 1! Vids back on point! Nov 2, 2021
scrappydoo123 You can tell that Bandit wanted to get up in Stallion fat chocolate ass. Bandit kept smacking Stallion chocolate ass. Nice Nov 2, 2021
JayMan2021 Sexy as fuck!!! All of them 😊😊😊 Nov 2, 2021
nowayjose damn I feel bad for him. I know that shit hurt. You can tell he wanted it to stop so bad. lol Nov 2, 2021
syeone Sax is fine as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Enjoyed the video. Nov 1, 2021
11luvme2u Now that I have time to I really enjoyed this scene. The intro was very suspenseful. You guys did a great job setting the Halloween mood. Sax is a good actor. Kudos to the crew for taking the time to produce more than just "straight" fucking. The scenery and house were perfect. Sax still seems new to gay sex. You can tell there were times when Sax was really struggling (spitting up a lot and with bottoming) but he still delivered. I think moving forward his bottoming scenes will be much better because he is broken in. I think his next bottoming scene should be with someone like Justice or Dominic (average sized dicks from guys who take their time). The other models looked great together. I wish they were more involved with each other sexually but hey it was Sax's spotlight for this one. Stallion is doing A GREAT JOB! I'm so excited about seeing him explore anal play and eventually bottoming. That pairing HAS TO BE SMART! I say Saint or Apollo ideally. He can't bottom for the first time with just anybody. Eventually Sax definitely deserves a revenge top scene with Bandit and Stallion. The new guy has a great body. What's his name? I know people move on from adult entertainment but where's Trapp, Saint, Apollo, Dominic, Isaiah...? I miss seeing them. I love Bandit but he's kind of being overused. But anyway, this was a great treat on a Sunday night. Can't wait until the next scene... Nov 1, 2021
cam6594 Loved it! Sax got exactly what he deserved. However I do miss the old BBA crew... RIP to Saint's character. Nov 1, 2021
Docteur For the most part I thought this was okay, but the light complexioned male was not needed at all, and he should have been replaced by Ross or Apollo.
I am anxiously awaiting Bandit and Stallion doing an all out flip-flop fucking each other with kissing and 69ing. Also Stylez needs to bottom for all the ones he has fucked like: Isaiah, Apollo, Bandit and Manny. Hopefully Trapp, Shaun and Scotty will be all free for that all out 3 some of life in the near future.
Nov 1, 2021
scrappydoo123 Stallion is ready for some dick. He loves ❤ getting that fat chocolate ass ate and he keeps it in position and ready for the next level of his porn career. Nov 1, 2021
terbernt Dammit, now upon rewatching I like Stallion's fucking at the end too. Stallion/Bandit flip-fuck, plsssss. Nov 1, 2021
terbernt Well maybe I did like the part where Bandit was fucking him and he kept moaning, but still that lightskin model needs to be dicked down by Bandit and I'd love to see Stallion dick down Bandit, plus where's my boy Manny? Nov 1, 2021
terbernt I bought it for Bandit like I said I opt for anything Bandit but I didn't like this scene much. Sorry. Nov 1, 2021
emiliano69 This may be one of the best scenes EVER! BEST HOLIDAY! BEST ORGY! BEST FACIAL! HOTTT! Nov 1, 2021
MichaelGalletta Wow, that's high praise. I don't know about best scene EVER lol, but it's definitely one of the best holiday scenes, group scenes, and group facials I've ever filmed. Thanks as always for your encouragement and support!
Jerity41 This was so good. Sax and Stallion are EXCELLENT additions to BBA. Sax is my fav now Nov 1, 2021
Clinteastwood220 Happy Halloween 🎃👻👹👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥😍 Nov 1, 2021
mcchaz Can you add the full model list somewhere please? I enjoyed the film Sax is a cutie. And stallion - yes please! Nov 1, 2021
MichaelGalletta Like we did with HoW #1, we wanted to keep the cast list a mystery for a few days. But we've now posted a teaser clip on Twitter revealing the other models appearing in this scene, and updated the site with the complete cast as well.
rayray214 Yea y'all did that ! Oct 31, 2021
Beau Real Tongue In Cheek horror flick. I laughed at all the classic horror movie stuff. Sax can you walk. It was a fun scene. It’s what I expected. I liked how the other models took care of Sax. The hollers were real folks. Overall great scene. Time for Stallion to flip. Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed the fun, silly, tongue-in-cheek humor behind some of the scares in this scene. You can probably imagine some of the laughs we had while making this, and we'll probably share some of them as BTS clips in the future.
Beyy88 New guy I’m HERE for! Mad it wasn’t Trapp but still enjoyed. Glad Sax stepping his game up & getting that bread. I know Stallion was ALOT but bul survived him & bandit. Great scene. Love u Bandit💯 Oct 31, 2021
lablue Love this scene. Liked the new model. Stallion this ur third scene and you got me wanting more each time. I wonder when or if ur gonna bottom soon. Stallion Bandit and I 4got his name but he was in the last house of horrors and he directs 2. I wish u guys do more video with story lines like this bcuz I love all the them. And thank u BBA 4 everything. Oct 31, 2021
Candid1 Loved this scene! Can’t wait to see Stallion and the new guy go further! A bottom scene would be great!!!! Great job on this one! The Model choices are why I’m a long time BBA subscriber! Oct 31, 2021
damon8 I’m not going to write a thesis and essay or even a book report about this scene. I’ll just note that if those were my whores they would have had to do more for their money.
( If it was my stable I would send that new light skin whore back to stroll.)
On the upside, those opening shots were the best part of the production. I was hoping Michael dressed like Dr. Frank N Furter was going to open the door in a corset, introduce that pretty new dark skin boy as Rocky and then proceed to fuck him in the ass. It is Halloween after all. That’s a GREAT house btw. Wow.
Oct 31, 2021
flylikebird1 1 was definitely better..every 1 interacted with 1 another..had all the right ingredients but the cake didn't come out right..bad directing..stylez the only 1 who stepped up.. Oct 31, 2021
dewill34 Who is the hot 🔥 new guy? Oct 31, 2021
kevin343 I didn't even take my dick out. C'mon BBA ! Oct 31, 2021
Jayden27 FUCKING EPIC! This scene was A-FUCKING-MAZING! Honestly, I don’t know if there is anything more that this scene could have given. It was everything, and a worthy follow-up to the original House of Whores from 2019. I’ve been a fan of Sax for a long time, and I have been subscribed to his OF for a little over a year. To see him bottom was a dream come true. Thanks for that Sax and BBA!

There were so many great moments. First off, the house…can you say creepy AF! I think it’s creepier than the first house in the first “Whores” scene. I laughed when I saw the ghouls in the window in the living room when Sax was on the computer. The moment when Sax is climbing into the attic to be greeted by two of the biggest dicks that BBA has to offer. Stallion’s cut out in the apron was a nice touch. BBA dropped off a package with NO information whatsoever, but he is cute as hell! Newbie* (the new model) is cute AF with a nice dick and ass to match! Watching Sax give head was like watching Niagara Falls—who knew so much DNA could leave one person. I was jealous of the models though because that head was probably good AF! Sax bottomed like a G! You could hear the screams of agony, but he did not run from the dick at all. He hung in there. He was even better the second time around. Kudos to Stallion and Bandit, as they understood their size, and took their time at first, by the end, they both managed to open up Sax very well as he was able to take all of them. I cracked up when Stallion smacked Sax’s ass and he replied (Sax), “Hell no! Don’t slap this muthafucka!”. The bukkake at the end with Sax falling to the floor was great also.

One of the best parts of this scene is the depth of humanity that was displayed by the models. Sax was struggling, understandably, in parts of this feature. The compassion and patience given to him by his co-stars was awesome to see. Stylez and Stallion were doing everything they could to keep Sax calm while he was going through this ordeal, all to get paid and please the fans. I was impressed, and it also goes to show that it’s helpful to have someone that understands what bottoming for the first time is like around you.

I’ve seen some negative comments on Twitter regarding this scene and some of its models. Look, it’s ok not to like a scene, even a particular model; however, disrespect concerning a model’s look, body part, or performance is RUDE AF and UNCALLED FOR..PERIOD! These models, Michael and Montez, worked so hard to bring this scene to life for us to enjoy and it was a masterpiece. Sax deserves all the love in the world for his performance in this scene. It’s hard enough to take 1 dick, let alone 4. On top of that, two of those dicks are some of the biggest ones that BBA has to offer.

To each of you, Michael, Montez, Stallion, Stylez, Bandit, Newbie (only because I don’t know your name yet—sorry!), and Sax, thank you so FUCKING much for this scene! It was most definitely worth the wait, and it did not disappoint. At all! Happy Halloween you sexy ass muthafuckas!
Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta THANK YOU for your epic and glowing review! It was exactly what I needed after this whirlwind of a week. Like Montez explained, we literally just filmed this Halloween special last Tuesday (and a couple of the intro clips on Monday and Wednesday), and I only had TWO DAYS to edit this after getting back to NYC Friday morning. I'm honestly still shocked and amazed that I was able to finish in time. Especially considering that it ended up being well over an hour long, and involved an extended introduction, multiple musical sequences, and juggling footage shot on Montez's cell phone as well as the footage from my camera. I stayed up all night just to be able to get it posted by Halloween, so needless to say I was drained and exhausted by the time it went up lol. But on the bright side, I'm incredibly proud of the final result and thrilled to see it getting so much love from our viewers. Like I mentioned on Twitter, I honestly think it's the rare movie sequel that is actually BETTER than the original!

When I asked Sax to be our newest Halloween "victim," I honestly figured it was a long-shot at best. He took a little over a day to give me an answer, and I was SHOCKED when he finally said he'd give it a try. Of course you know me, I also made him a lucrative offer that was hard to refuse. 🤷‍♂️😈

But his attitude was also surprisingly upbeat and positive, saying that if he's finally going to try bottoming, he might as well go big and make it truly EPIC! Unlike most guys, his attitude going into the whole trip was so optimistic, even excited. Of course as you can see in the scene, he had a few "Incredible Hulk" moments when confronted with the painful reality of taking those gigantic dicks, but he was still a trooper and did the best that he could! Wish I'd been able to get more/better footage than I did, but overall I'm pleased that he did as well as he did for his first time, and it was still a far more successful gangbang than we had with Dominic in the first one.
mrwhitley1 Why are y’all so obsessed with abuse fucking?

Y’all could go about the same theme…But make them RIDE THE DICK!
Y’all never have the models ride.
Ross said it clear out loud…”I don’t know how to ride”?!?
How does Ross who enjoys anal sex have no experience riding.
Y’all have to do better.
Sax did great, but it not even a good scene when it’s so much abuse…MAKE ALL THE MODELS RIDE.
Then you have a scene.
I hate he had to go through that for it to be reg.
Where was the direction.
The scene was kool…had yall made him ride the dicks…you would’ve had a scene.
Also Bandit cannot be #1 he failed his bukakke scene because of lack of scene structure.
I give it to Sax because he eventually took all 4.

Where is the vision behind these scenes?!?!!
Oct 31, 2021
chucke1 #1 was better! Where is Apollo, Justice, Isaiah, Jay C, and Dominic? Sure miss the old BBA! Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Ohhh, Chuck! 🙄🤦‍♂️😂 If you don't like a particular model or scene, just say so. But please stop this nonsense about missing the "old BBA," like you haven't been complaining about 9 out of every 10 scenes we post for damn near a decade lol, including many of our all-time most popular scenes (as this one is almost certainly destined to be).
11luvme2u All I can say for now is it was was incredible! Kudos to Sax! Countdown to Stallion's bottoming scene! Now that'll be a nice holiday gift to see! Oct 31, 2021
Dualex Oh and I missed Scuba and Ross. They could have added more spice. A bit disappointed with Bandit. He was too idle. He is too seasoned to be like that. Oct 31, 2021
Dualex Awesome production. I really enjoyed the introductory scene. Sax is cute and did very well but I do not envy him at all looool. Stylez stole the scene for me, the only one who interacted with the other models and took care of Sax. I'm not into rough fuck and scream, that put me off. Stallion: he is my crush, oh gosh, I just can't look at him, he is too much for my old heart. I believe I can see him bottom eventually and the top might be that mix race newbie. I saw some onscreen chemistry between the 2 of them. Lastly shame Ross was not there. Oct 31, 2021
Dope88 1. Niceeeeeeeee job everyone
2. Bandit biggest cum shot ever 😩👏🏽
3. Stallion is turned out.
4. Sax I'm sorry it had to be you 😮‍💨
5. Bandit might have the longest dick alive cause wtf. the shit kept looking longer and longer
6. Good Job Again Guys
Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta 1. Niceeeeeeeee job everyone (You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.)
2. Bandit biggest cum shot ever 😩👏🏽 (Without a doubt - he even admits as much in the scene lol.)
3. Stallion is turned out. (Not all the way, but he's making quick progress lol.)
4. Sax I'm sorry it had to be you 😮‍💨 (Ha! Sorry not sorry.)
5. Bandit might have the longest dick alive cause wtf. the shit kept looking longer and longer (I think Stallion has him beat!)
6. Good Job Again Guys (Thanks! We had fun making this one and thrilled to hear you enjoyed it.)
MrBrown19942 This scene is incredible! Thank you BBA, for always bringing us great scenes and moments! 👏🏿❤️❤️ Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Awww, thanks, you know we always try our best so it's nice when we're able to make epic scenes like this possible, and we appreciate all the love it's been getting from you and other BBA viewers.
maxkev1 DAMN!! Bruh might not wanna go back to that spot. LOL!! The bros ran a serious train on him & he took that shit! Stallion is a BEAST. 10 out of 10 for me on this one. Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the encouraging feedback! Glad you enjoyed this one as much as you did.
allgood72 Wasted potential..certainly disappointed Oct 31, 2021
vctime Who is the fair-skinned boy? Oct 31, 2021
1992 who is that sexy ass light bright. never seen him b4 Oct 31, 2021
trance I was just here for Stallion...can't get enough of his booty hole Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Can't blame you, Stallion's bootyhole is a BEAUTY!!! Wonder if it tastes and feels as good as it looks? 🤔🤤
greenhung11 Exceptional. Absolutely impressive bottoming debut from Sax, and who is the sexy new guy? Oct 31, 2021
bmore91 Painful to watch… this sealed the deal for me. I’m good off my subscription Oct 31, 2021
swamp96 It didn't do it for me. Not worth the wait/hype. Stallion is great and I'll leave it at that. Oct 31, 2021
jrummi the new guy with freckles is a no for me Oct 31, 2021
TennesseeBator Now, I see why this scene was a LATE production and posted LATE, EVERYONE completely brought it. This is HIGH production value but still with the BBA feel to it and the guys WORKED it on own. Sax is going to become one of the NEW hottest go-to models. Stallion is a complete beast and he is going to be a BBA legend if he keeps going like he's going. It's always good to see King Stylez who gives it his ALL in every scene he is in. Bandit is just a big dick king. I also liked the new model representing for the light skinned cats. BBA is on a VERY serious upswing, Montez and Mike need to keep it going through the holiday season and bring in 2021 with the homeboys, BRAVO to everyone involved. BEST HOLIDAY SCENE YET! This is how you do a porn scene. Oct 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Wow, calling this our "BEST HOLIDAY SCENE YET" is high praise indeed! Only time will tell, but I'm inclined to agree. We had a lot of fun making this one, and I'm thrilled to see all the love this scene has been getting from most of our viewers and fans.
episode97 Bandit and Stylez are the easiest to pick out with masks on, for the same reason! Oct 31, 2021

Far from the city, where no one can hear him scream....

There's a house of horrors where every Top's nightmares come to life.


Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Forbidden Fantasy Series, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Special Guest, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex, Tops Taken Down
Details: Oct 31, 2021 74 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Saxgotem
Photo of Stallion
Photo of Stylez
Photo of Zander

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