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battalioncsx And he evolved into the star we know today ... currently 2019 Aug 16, 2019
Shirly223 this makes me like saint SSOOOOOOO much more. he has come such a long way in such a natural evolution Mar 5, 2019
kalani Saint more than makes up for not taking dick. May 18, 2016
cocopop @chgohydepar1, Saint cant take no dick, as many guys that have attempted. I had the same thought as you being that she knows what he's doing (wife's reaction), I only hope Mike is deducting each time he fails to give that ass up. Apr 19, 2016
chgohydepar1 Saint is an extraordinarily handsome and personable guy. Watching Saint's progression in reverse (this was my 1st time seeing his solo audition) was hot. Needless to say, he has come a long way! Saint is one of my favorite models...just waiting for him to take dick more comfortably (probably "scurred" of wife's reaction -- I'm jes sayin.) Dec 20, 2015

Saint is a 20-year-old straight guy fresh out of the Army who just recently got back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. A mix of Black and Native American, this sexy military stud has a tall, athletic body and strikingly handsome face with high cheekbones and exotic eyes that have no doubt seduced many women over the years!

When he isn't busy working two jobs, Saint enjoys playing basketball and watching ESPN. He describes his personality as "laid-back but goofy at times," and explains that he wants to do amateur (straight) porn as a way to make ends meet and provide for his family.

In a surprising twist to this scene, Saint tells us that his WIFE actually KNOWS about his new job! "If she didn't, she'd probably kill me if she found out!" he laughs.

Enjoy a front-row seat for Saint's solo "audition" as this straight Army boy strips out of his clothes and shows off his naked body to a public audience for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The scene begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with Saint shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

Saint tells a funny story about losing his virginity in a Jeep Commander when he was 17 years old. He admits that he's been addicted to sex ever since, and estimates that he's had sex with at least SIXTY women since then - most of them during his time in the military.

He shares several hot and surprising stories about his sexual exploits since getting married, including the time he and his wife had sex in a crowded hotel room with other people watching!

Even though he's been naked in front of other guys plenty of times while in the Army, Saint becomes EXTREMELY nervous and uneasy when it finally comes time for him to strip out of his clothes. For a brief, awkward moment, he even comes close to calling it quits!

Of course Saint's nervous reluctance only turns me on even more, and I'm determined not to let him slip away that easily! Eventually I'm able to help calm the straight boy's nerves and coach him through several seductive poses as he works up the courage to step out of his boxers and expose his smooth, muscular body for the very first time....

Don't miss the surprising and hilarious moment when I turn around after changing the tape to discover an embarrassed Saint with his dick standing straight in the air!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to talk this skeptical straight guy into bending over to show us his hole.

"I think that would be too weird!" he explains.

Saint eventually moves to the bed where he watches straight porn and strokes his nice-sized dick in a few different positions - including one that gives us a brief, teasing glimpse of that tight virgin asshole he refused to show earlier!

Even though he's clearly nervous and tense throughout most of this scene, this straight Army boy is still sexy as hell and we should all be grateful to his lucky wife for so generously sharing him with the rest of the world!

Saint eventually pumps out a nice, creamy "nutt" that coats his fingers and balls in a warm, sticky mess.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Saint discusses the roller-coaster ride of emotions behind his first solo "audition."

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 26, 2012 56 min
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