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jaypablo I love the behind the scenes, it actually shows the models and how they really are taking it and doing it, it’s a process mentally and physically but they get it done, great work, these 2 here are my favorite. Jul 12, 2024
ck71690 Can we please get Dominic not to shave his ass or pubes. Please pleaseeeee Jun 12, 2024
koolkatmd Yo. These 2 were very hot. The body on both of them were really GOOD. Apr 22, 2024
ondlolo I thoroughly enjoyed this!!! Apollo and Dominic are my favorites on your site. Please convince Dominic to come back. He is so cute and sexy and masculine. Apollo gave good dick on this one. I love missionary and especially on the couch! It was hot! Nov 4, 2023
springs44 I wish there was a two thumbs down button 👎🏽👎🏽 this was horrible. It seem forced and the talking giving instructions is a big turn off when we trying to get a nut!!! Nov 3, 2023
MichaelGalletta This is a BTS/Outtakes update, offering a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes of our video-shoots, for those viewers who enjoy that kind of thing. If you just want to get a nut to some hot action, you're better off watching the official edited version.
debattx77 I miss Dominic. Please bring him back Aug 26, 2023
davids I really miss these two guys. They bring so much passion in their scenes. Mike please keep trying to get them to come back. Aug 19, 2023
bussitbaby09 Hold up Apollo is retiring…. What a bomber😭. I would have love to see him have his whole series like Bandit or thrown to the wolves pt2 with him Denzel and Juju😂. But hey a boy can have his wishes. Michael keep doing what you are doing. I am seeing the complaints and I am like but you are still here and probably came multiple times.😂 Aug 6, 2023
cam656914 I enjoyed this BTS! I love Apollo and Dominic. I really enjoyed the extended play when Apollo fucked Dominic on the floor. I will miss those two. May they both enjoy a healthy and long retirement with their respective families. Thanks Michael and team for this! Jul 29, 2023
reddude15 I have no problem with bts footage but not for an update especially when it’s 2 back to back who came up with this idea please Mike no more this year Jul 21, 2023
MichaelGalletta Just like we did back in May, we're offering BOTH of these recent BTS updates as a substitute for only ONE of our three promised monthly updates in July. (The 8/3 update will basically be July's third promised update, just a couple days late). So technically our monthly subscribers are actually getting MORE content this month, not less. But I do understand that most viewers prefer brand-new content, so please don't worry, this won't become a regular or ongoing thing.
HottBlkQT While I enjoy the BTS footage, most of it wasn't substantive (hence the reason it was initially cut). Hopefully future BTS footage will be something more along the lines of Blake Bishop & Rico Pruitt. Now those additional scenes, made it seem like a whole new vid, so it was definitely worth watching/re-watching. Optimistically, if Apollo & Dominic are paired together again it'll be a verse scene. I get why it wasn't done yet (to get more scenes from arguably the most attractive guys on the site), but since they've both fucked each other already, there should be no holes barred whenever they next meet. A holiday orgy would be the perfect place for it. And speaking of orgies, can we get a lot more daisy-chains going? It beats the guys lounging around doing nothing in a scene, or performing the over-used spit-roasting technique that's used to try & compensate. Jul 19, 2023
misterblack This was well-done. I enjoy behind the scenes looks because we see the personalities of the models and the fascinating process of creating these scenes. It was sexy and funny at the same time; hot until Dominic's shorts are removed (the bare groin is a look I have never been able to stomach), but that was the case with the original video. I'm appreciative Dominic decided to restore his manhood for the last few BBA scenes in which he appeared. Jul 19, 2023
dafootceo I love the BTS updates but feel that they should not require the amount of points needed to access the content! 1 or 2 points to access compared to 4/5/or 6 would probably cut down on the complaints that people have about constantly spending money and not getting new content as often Jul 19, 2023
A123 I would agree that the BTS updates can kill the fantasy of the original product. It’s hard for me to get pleasure out of watching people do things that they so obviously do not want to do, and the BTS updates reveal how miserable the men really are. Dominic is my favorite performer. He is who attracted me to this site, and I hate that he no longer does gay porn. Apollo is also one of my favorites. Jul 19, 2023
vinrod79 The only thing worth watching here was Dominic being finger fucked. Love both models and yes this was never before seen footage of an already released scene but it wasn’t worth watching. Jul 18, 2023
mrwhitley1 Seeing these had made is so clear.

It’s You Michael.
You are so pessimistic.
You are the problem!!!!
Why the fuck are you interrupting them every time they are doing Great.
& Your choice of words is atrocious!

It’s absolutely You!
The bad pairings/Delays/lack of scene structure.
You are the problem!

Thank Goodness for the desperation of the models to ensure they’re executing their acts to secure a check.
Jul 18, 2023
MichaelGalletta Yet here you still are, making the same hilariously unhinged complaints scene after scene after scene. Year after year after year. So I must be doing something right lol.

It's truly a miracle that I've somehow managed to operate such a popular and successful site for nearly *15 YEARS* without your wise guidance and expertise and approval.
MrBrown19942 I really enjoyed this behind the scenes moment! Thank you for the amazing content as always, BBA! Jul 17, 2023
Jayden27 So, let me get this right...BBA has given us the opportunity to experience this masterpiece that drove us BBA fans wild back in '19 again? With extra footage that we haven't seen before? Is this really happening? I'm here for it! Come all the way through!

The BTS footage teaches us that so much goes on behind the scenes in order to bring an iconic scene to life. Apollo and Dominic are BBA legends, and in my opinion, are the most beautiful models to ever grace the BBA website. I was appreciative of Dominic's authentic reactions during this scene because it shows that bottoming, for straight men, is a mental process. I do have to say that Dominic handled it very well, and gave us fans an unforgettable performance. The chemistry between Apollo and Dominic was real and definitely helped to give the scene an authentic vibe.

Another major component of this feature was hearing more of Michael's direction throughout the scene. I even enjoyed the model's reaction to some of Michael's requests, in which they gave a look that read like "Really, Michael? Are you serious right now?" LOL! Dominic rolling his eyes was funny as well. BTS features show us that these men, contrary to the beliefs of some, are genuinely straight! Apollo even had trouble getting hard, and Michael directed him to use his phone. BTS highlights problems and curveballs that happen during the process, and we can grow to appreciate the trouble shooting, along with the model's cooperation and professionalism to make the scene possible.

On a final note, I have to mention the masterful editing of Michael to deliver a product that BBA fans love. We only saw an hour's worth of footage--there's no telling how much footage this was created from, not to mention the time it took to plan it.

With all that said, special thanks to Michael, Apollo and Dominic, again for this awesome scene! If I remember correctly, Dominic and Apollo was one of the most, if not the most requested pairing by BBA fans. I know I requested it MULTIPLE times. BBA delivered. The models didn't disappoint, and it's a feature that will harden the dicks, wet the clits (for the freaky female fans), drain the balls, and bust the nuts of BBA fans for years to come. Thanks for making it possible.
Jul 17, 2023
mopapper Can we get behind the scenes with lil scrap Jul 15, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World !!!! Love this vid -- A true blast from the past -- don't they look fabulous together? --Two intelligent, sexy, hot, hot, hot, men -- pure eye candy to boot -- I'd smash both -- I don't know about you / lol -- fun, fun, fun -- thank you, Mike, for choosing this particular vintage footage -- I mean what is there not to like about this behind the scene episode - on my list of favs -- signing off -- Your Boy Chauncey -- Peace Jul 15, 2023
ssmith06 I love the behind the scenes. I want to see the behind the scenes from their Christmas scene Jul 15, 2023
Nigerian It appears the site runs reruns as an update... I call it BS for my hard earned dollars to watch a fantasy. Other sites may deserve my money instead Jul 14, 2023
MichaelGalletta You obviously haven't watched this or you'd already know that this is actually OVER AN HOUR of brand-new (to our viewers), previously unreleased footage from one of our most popular scenes of all time. We've been posting these types of BTS updates for years, this is nothing new and we try to do so sparingly and only when needed to keep everyone entertained during longer-than-usual gaps between new scenes. We understand these aren't going to be to everyone's liking, which is also why we're doubling up so that two of these count as only one of our three promised monthly updates.
Verdade Absolutely love this Michael, Montez and Shax... It is so erotic. I know in my last post I complained a bit about too many new guys....not enough of Manny,Blake, Justice, Ross, Isaiah ,Kingston, Stylez. All the erotic men that helped make BBA so wonderful.... Please try to keep a mix of the new guys along with all of our favorites that I listed. I just love all of the above mentioned guys so much. I know sometimes they are not available,,,but please, please get them back when you can. I appreciate you guys so much Michael... Your library of ALL of these sensual sexy men is just so erotic and amazing. Love All of them and you guys so very much Thanks guys! Jul 14, 2023
chucke1 Again, I hope you show more of the guys just hanging and unscripted like the opening scene. You actually out did yourself!!!!! Jul 14, 2023
kennyg seeing how the "sausage" is made is interesting, lot of stopping and starting.... proves just how crucial the editing is to the end product!!!!! Jul 14, 2023
Docteur I personally enjoy the BTS when it features my favorite models. It is interesting to see how scripted the scenes are with the heterosexual bruthas that are indeed doing these "gay for pay" scenes for the bag. I can tell the difference when the homosexual males are in a scene, too much directing is not needed lol. Now that Apollo is married and Dominic's wife has put the law and order down for him to make a choice between doing porn or keeping his family, I don't know if we will see them on BBA again, but never say never, because when that $$$$ gets real low, they know they have an ardent fanbase here and they just might be back and wifey will have to understand or kick rocks. Still waitng for Michael to answer the where are they now that he has promised ages ago. Hopeful Scuba and Stylez get slutted out one day, and the return of Rush and Maleek, and to see Bandit and Stallion flip-flop. Jul 14, 2023
ICeeIt21 Thank you for this. I absolutely miss the hell out of both of these guys. I really enjoyed this bts footage. It would be exciting to see either one of these guys return to action. At the risk of sounding it possible to add the bts footage from the scene with Jahan and JayC to the line up at some point? I'm really enjoying the recurrence of Jahan from time to time, but his scene with JayC is a masterpiece. Perhaps you can give this suggestion some consideration for the next BBA break? Ijs... At any rate, I truly appreciate you guys for this platform and for the consistency in the raw, unadulterated, hardcore, amateur sex between black boys. I am one of the many addicted for sure. Keep it hot and keep it cummin. Jul 14, 2023
chucke1 Other than the fact I didn't get to watch this YESTERDAY which blew my mind, by far and away one of my favorite scenes ever!!!! I especially liked the guys arriving and the reality of it! Love to see these guys real life!!!! GREAT JOB, but still should have had this sooner! Jul 14, 2023
MichaelGalletta Please save your complaints for when our updates are actually LATE (Friday morning after midnight EST), which frankly is almost never the case. In fact, many of our recent updates have beeen posted as much as 24 hours EARLY.

This one took a little longer than expected because there turned out to be so much more extra usable footage than I'd anticipated, and the fact that this ended up being *OVER AN HOUR* also meant it took longer than usual to encode and upload to the site. I worked my ass off to get it posted as soon as I possibly could, which turned out to still be right on time, thank you very much lol. Glad you enjoyed and appreciated the finished product!
Natsfan64 Nice to 👀 Dominic bottoming... Jul 14, 2023
davids This behind the scenes was a great pick to share. I absolutely love the both of them. The natural vibe they share is amazing. Off camera I could see them as friends. Jul 14, 2023
abyers Is Dominic ever returning ?? And if he does he needs to actually take a load IN HIS MOUTH… and swallow 😊 Jul 14, 2023
djv1234 Fantastic to see my two favourite BBA Legends Dominic and Apollo. I'm not normally a fan of BTS but am pleased that this 5 Star scene is actually better and Hotter than the original. That shows how greatly missed Dominic and Apollo are and it would be Awesome if they can return! Jul 14, 2023
boibuzz Respectfully as a fan for years, it might be time to call it quits with BBA. These “Blooper” updates ruin classic scenes. PLEASE Stop it. No one wants to see Apollo struggling to get a hard on. Porn is a fantasy. These “let’s drop something updates” are starting ruin the chemistry the guys appear to have in classic scenes. Furthermore, the “thing’s being crazy” around the office excuse is starting to get old. You’re running a business bro, act like it. Jul 13, 2023
MichaelGalletta As a fan for years, you should already know that we have been doing these types of updates for nearly 15 years. Some viewers actually enjoy going behind the scenes to see everything that gets cut from the official edited versions. Nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to watch these BTS compilations, so if they are only going to spoil the fantasy and ruin the models and scenes for you, then I'd definitely encourage you to avoid.
skinnylegend122 man when is shaun coming back? y’all promised us him back before the spring 😂 Jul 13, 2023

In case you've missed our recent announcements, BBA's July schedule is going to look similar to May's with BTS updates this week and next, then two new action updates coming at the back-end of the month on 7/23 & 8/3. As always, we'll do our best to make sure they're well worth the wait!

To keep everyone entertained in the meantime, we're taking you behind the scenes of one of our most popular scenes of all time with this collection of bloopers, outtakes, and NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN hardcore action from the epic encounter in which Dominic finally surrendered his virgin muscle-butt to the "sex god" Apollo.

Hope you'll be as shocked and thrilled as I was to discover just how much exciting extra footage there was from this scene. In fact, this BTS compilation clocks in at OVER AN HOUR, even longer than the original scene!

A special treat for those of you always asking to see EVERYTHING that goes into the making of these classic scenes where we "take down" our straight boys and Tops.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Cherry-Popping, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Military Men, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jul 13, 2023 64 min
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