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MichaelGalletta In anticipation of the HOT & EXCITING new content coming next week, we're doing another *FLASH SALE* on credits:

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Jul 12, 2024
chucke1 Bring back Maleek PLEASE!!!!! Jul 10, 2024
mrwhitley1 Diez was Always Brick, & Nuttin from dick his first few scenes…which is why I truly believe that the Scene w Diez & Apollo turned Diez off to Gay Sex.
Which I verbalized that those scenes should have either been filmed separately…or switched to have Diez fuck Apollo, then Apollo fuck Diez & 💦.
Once he realized All the Models weren’t rock hard while getting fucked y’all been messing up the scenes since.

There has to be Scene requirements.
Just like y’all expect penetration in films…Kissing & hard dicks/ cum shots/ creampies should be requirements.
+Stop mixing old models with New Fresh Evolved Minded Models.
BBA models need to catch up w Diez/Manny/Ross/Blake/Zeke
Jul 10, 2024
fraybomb i love diez and i love BBA. i just really wish there were more scenes with the guys nutting in each other. they barely seem to want to do that, and to me when the sex is good that’s the go to! hopefully that changes in the future. also, i would love to see diez with jahan in the future or maybe zeke! blake bishop too. Jul 7, 2024
rayymirez Sosa needs to get fucked asap 😍😈. The way he was moaning/whimpering while getting that boy pussy ate was very sexy. Jul 5, 2024
MekhiM6094 Yea I bust a huge load I don't like anything but I like this first video in the line up Jul 4, 2024
Arutisuse Would’ve been perfect with mutual rimming but both bros hot 🔥🔥🔥 Jul 4, 2024
Meatlover It was great seeing my new favorite Diez again! It starts & ends right there. Jul 2, 2024
peneroj can we get another with diez and bandit the best thug looking guys with the biggest prettiest dick??? can we get them to both have facials and actually not run from the facial like everyone does?? its so many hot guys yall could pay on twitter to have bj videos or for these sexy tops like diez, that can suck better and have a nice facial.... think about it Jul 2, 2024
bigdaddy1051 Diez just might be the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. Jul 1, 2024
barnes I’d love to see Sosa sucking two twinks close up. I love seeing him getting his ass eaten too Jun 30, 2024
hcs1220 Sosa should be with someone not as thick talented and sensual as diez. I think he got potential but diez and zeke would be torch. Jun 30, 2024
dv6000 Sosa needs to bottom... Jun 30, 2024
misterblack I agree with Docteur about Sosa letting his pubes grow out; love his pits. A bush to match them would be a sight to behold. Jun 30, 2024
MichaelGalletta We'll be off for the next couple weeks due to new production & the 4th of July holiday weekend. But we'll be back to our regular monthly schedule with some exciting new content starting Thurs 7/18, the first of at least *FOUR* weeks of updates in a row.

P.S. I won't be approving complaints about the schedule on this thread. The canceled update earlier this month, on top of not breaking up a couple of our longer scenes that in hindsight we clearly should've split up, definitely disrupted the usual flow of our planned release schedule.

But please let's keep this thread focused on Diez and Sosa and their hot scene together, rather than complain about something we've already explained ad nauseum and can't do anything about.
Jun 29, 2024
poppycock 2 gdlooking guys and then..... all that Over Acting ...smdh Jun 29, 2024
paanther i would love to see juju top diez next!! Jun 28, 2024
Jerity41 I didn’t like this scene Jun 28, 2024
chuckiip Sosa is 🔥🔥🔥… I love me some Bandit but I think Sosa about to take the #1 spot… Jun 28, 2024
3606tsb72 Hum. Diez has a nice dick...both guys are good-looking and had decent cumshots...but most of the time I was bored stiff. Grade: Present Jun 27, 2024
Tyvan1 This was hot also Sosa look like he ready to bottom 🔥 Jun 27, 2024
Damnthatsjay 🔥🔥🔥should have been a flip Jun 27, 2024
hamonlife22 Definitely should’ve been a cream pie over a facial. It was hot though. Jun 27, 2024
apollo10 Unless Sosa is willing to suck some dick, I’d rather he be set aside. Diez deserves some quid pro quo Jun 27, 2024
jamila122012 Damnnnn I wanna see Sosa get topped so bad that pretty hole. Jun 27, 2024
dickjerker69 This is a pairing I did not know I needed!! Sosa is a great addition and that Diez!!!! Whew Diez is one of my favorites I love him!! 🫶🏾 Jun 27, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Sosa seemed close to kissing Kavii in the last 5 minutes of their scene. He went there with Diez! 👍🏽 He looked like he wanted to lean down and suck on Diez 🍆 when he was sitting on his face. Let's see if in his next scenes he goes there. I like how he's progressing already. I hope everybody stays patient as he grows. I like Sosa's skinny fit body as is but letting Diez bulk him would be cool too. Good job and thanks for the early drop Mike! 👌🏽Sosa and Denzel, Donte, or Rico will be 🔥🔥🔥! Diez needs another long strong 🍆 like Bandit or Juju to take care of them good chocolate cakes soon too! Jun 27, 2024
disgruntled Can you please partner Diez with Zeke in a verse scene? Jun 27, 2024
maybelater I really like Sosa, I'm not sure if he thinks he's a straight guy and it don't matter. But he appears to enjoy sex with guys. And when he's ready to bottom and he will, I think Apollo has the perfect dick for him. Jun 27, 2024
MichaelGalletta Sosa openly identifies as Bisexual. He talked about it a little bit in his intro scene.
Docteur Sosa is a keeper. I wish he would let his pubic hair grow out. Would love to see him in an orgy with Bandit, Scuba, Stylez, Denzel and Maleek. Or a one on one with: Bandit or Maleek with no hold barred. This was pretty good although it would be nice if he returned the oral and gave up the buns :-) Jun 27, 2024
colormeblk Ok y'all wearing Diez out now!!! Starting to see him too much... get some new MEAT!! However the scene was ok.. it would have been better if Sosa would have bottomed instead... cause it would have been a first time for him on film! Jun 27, 2024
RobbySan29 Diez has always been a chop for me. Boring, not freaky enough and I’m not feeling these fake ass contacts. Mediocrity at its finest… only thing he brings to the table is ass, dick and abs. Nothing else. Jun 27, 2024
lonleyman2 I cant wait to see Sosa with bandit getting ganged banged Jun 27, 2024
Sageking3 I love watching diez. I hope he will be ready for a group scene soon. I keep imagining him getting spit roasted Jun 27, 2024
Charmed35 Yo I love it bruh the chemistry and everything was on point 😊 keep the good one man these two I def wanna see them together again in a Flip flop scene that would be dope Jun 27, 2024
birdred30 Well it's better then the last one , but this guy only gets his ass eaten , and top , that makes the rating go down, as you can clearly see he bottoms , but not on camera 🤳 I guess , ok meanwhile don't over expose him , you had him 2 weeks ago , also still need that story line base , not just calling it a title , stick to what you call it , I guess we get 4 movies next month cause only 2 in June , and they weren't all that, not just me saying it I saw the reviews , hope this gets at least some or half way better , give the customers what they want , or get around to some , part of areas they requested, see ya in July , hope it's good , !!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 27, 2024
chocolatedemon No shade I would love to see Sosa bottom 😍😍 Jun 26, 2024
smokey1984 It was OK! Diez is a sexy shiny black man with a bubble booty. Something just didn’t gel it for me. Sosa’s inactivity kinda shifted the mood of the clip. I don’t know! It wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t electrifying or steamy or sensual either. I think I’ll pass on this one.

One last thing: Please don’t over use Diez!!!!!
Jun 26, 2024
Playwithme11 Decent Scene but would have been hotter if 1.Sosa sucked Diez dick. 2. If the scene was verse. I like Diez but when can we see Drezzy fine ass or maybe get a scene with K9 and Trapp would be good. Jun 26, 2024
DolaDragases Michael I beg you, give Diez a proper creampie. My life would be complete ahah Jun 26, 2024
chucke1 I will pass on this one, neither one do a thing for me! Jun 26, 2024
jam1967 Diez, I was in the Military and married right out of HS. This was in the 60s. The time of free love and Black Panthers. I started out getting blowjobs from guys because stds were rampant then. I went on to serve in a war zone for over 3 years. Still my only sexual outlet was getting blown by guys also married mostly. This one night i was on guard duty with a guy, and I took a piss break in the can in the tower. The guy watched and asked to blow me. But he did more than that Rim and blow is what I got. this called around the world, so mind blown for me. I had heard of this from guy in barracks. This continued for a couple of months til he asked me to fuck him, we did it for another couple of months. I only know for a fact that this continues today on the DL all around. Diez may have some similar DL times. I admire him for enjoying what he does in porn, I am a big Fan of his. Sosa will learn or not, by the sound he made in this scene I would say the squeal is real. Thanks for reading my tangent. Jun 26, 2024
Dummy358 Yo the way sosa moans🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 he need to get fucked by someone who is going to really fuck him goooooood not saying every model dont fuck good but i need some aggression 🫦 like K9, Staxx, Blake Bishop, or Juju🥵🥵🥵 Jun 26, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Diez & Sosa was enough! Hearing "the attraction is real & unscripted" is the 🍒 on top! Now watching! 👀 Jun 26, 2024

Attraction and chemistry between models is always hard to predict, and while we always try our best to make educated guesses when planning our shoots, we never really know for sure until both guys are together in the same room and the camera's turned on.

Sometimes, the models just never vibe and the scene turns out to be a dreadful disaster. Other models can barely stand each other OFF-camera, but have enough of a physical attraction to still produce a good scene. And every so often, the stars seem to line up just right and you can just tell the models are naturally into each other and looking forward to what's about to go down.

That was definitely the case with our latest pairing between fan favorite Diez and our sexy new model Sosa. When Diez returned from a sweaty workout at the hotel gym, Sosa couldn't stop staring at the dark-skinned athlete's muscular body. Can you blame him?

The attraction is real and the chemistry is adorably cute and unscripted in this action-packed post-workout session in which more than just Diez's muscles get stretched before the day's over....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Jun 27, 2024 43 min
Photo of Diez
Photo of Sosa

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