Something Old, Something New

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Duchess Stephon slander will not Be tolerated 😎
He has the full package 💁🏾‍♂️
May 13, 2024
Blackboy1099 YES!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ May 2, 2024
JPeak84 Diez is my favorite you guys are doing excellent with all the content having Diez in a lot and on his stomach 😍 Apr 24, 2024
Verdade Stephon is sexy. Glad to see you back Stephon Hope you continue. Diez is sexy also. Thank you so much Stephon for coming back. Great to see some sexy guys returning. Lovin' all the new guys also. Mike, Montez, Shax...Thank all of you. Thank you Diez. You are very sexy. Montez....thanks for letting the guys say bye to all of us after their orgasms. So beautifully naked and soft after their orgasms. I love that so enjoy them naked and soft dicks as they say bye. That is so beautiful from every one of them. I just love to see all of them naked and soft after fantastic sex.. Beautiful naked Men. Thanks to All of you guys. Apr 16, 2024
Docteur Sorry, but this is a not it pairing. Diez and Apollo. Scuba slutted out by three different people, Stylez getting torn apart by Bandit since he has topped Bandit two times (and they have never kissed), Deontrey and Scuba...Stephon, Kilo and Kingston if they never appeared again it would be great by me. I realize to each his own, but more Bandit please. Apr 16, 2024
damarcus Stephon is my favorite so it was good seeing him again. Would have loved to see him bottoming but this was good. Apr 15, 2024
Shirly223 I hope we see a lot more of Stephon. Great scene though I prefer to see him bottoming. I get the play on something old and something new but I wanna say for the record there is nothing old about stephon lol Apr 15, 2024
king2019 Stephon is better as a bottom!! He did well as a top!! Diez is amazing. Great comeback after his accident!!! Overall great video!!! Apr 14, 2024
OKinMUC Diez truly is all kinds of awesome. What a pleasure to see him in action Apr 13, 2024
Mjm1665 What's with the socks tho? Apr 12, 2024
comelaywitme Loved loved loved the scene!! Stephon is one of my favorites, but as a bottom! What can you say about Diez! He came on the scene hitting home runs. Great pairing. I would like to see JuJu top Diez and Stephon. Can we make that happen.?❤️💯 Apr 12, 2024
colormeblk Stephon is one of my favorites, I'm glad y'all brought him back ... he is better as a bottom tho, not a great TOP... and stop calling him old... he getting fine like wine.. he can still do his thang... I wish he was in the escort bizz! Don't use Diez so much now or viewers will get tired of him quick... Im slowly getting there! He has talent but take a break with him. Put JuJu with Stephon that would be a great match! Much Love BBA!! Apr 12, 2024
Alowicious Stephon best Topping scene yet Apr 12, 2024
whatuwant Diez is theee best, and I love how he kisses….. like he was with Denzel…. Stephon is still hot!!!!! Good pairing… Apr 11, 2024
A123 It’s good to see Stephon again. To me, he works best as a top. He always seems to be slightly awkward with a hint of discomfort in every scene, but when he is topping, it is a bit more entertaining. Diez does a really good job bottoming regardless of who his scene partner is. In all of his scenes I always wonder how he stays hard from beginning to end. I wonder if he takes some type of pill to make that happen. Apr 11, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 Diez is my Favorite right now! Beautiful Guy Apr 11, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 This is sexy! Love Stephon’s Body and dick!
Can we please get a video with Diez and JuJu?? PLEASE!!!
Apr 11, 2024
Readyruk1 Damn, can't we see some lighter skin bruthas sometimes. Just saying...! Apr 11, 2024
DjbiATL Stephon getting sexier and sexier with age 🔥😋. Boring AF as a top though, way better bottom. And he know he can suck the D better than that lol. Decent scene overall. Was missing the passion. They are both timid and need someone dominant to bring out their best. Apr 11, 2024
bigdaddy1051 I love Diez. Nice to see Stephon back but Diez needs a break. He has appeared in 3 of the last 4 scenes. Apr 11, 2024
duke19 Anything with Stephon is a 10/10 🔥 …. I wish it was a flip scene 🎬 but it was still good. So glad to see him back 😈 Apr 11, 2024
scrappydoo123 Need to see Stephon being fuck by a strong top like Juju. Both guys are nice chocolate. Apr 10, 2024
kennyg These guys really gave a good performance. Glad to see Stephon doing some topping, I was afraid he wasn't going to do anymore scenes. Looking forward to seeing more from him. Apr 10, 2024
damon8 Stephon should always be on bottom.
That was whackity whack whack whack.
🛌 😴
Apr 10, 2024
oscarmeyer Idk what you all have to do to make it happen but a scene with Maleek and Diez would break the internet. Omg Apr 10, 2024
chrisa94 I think we need Lil Tyga :P
with anyone

Great Video tho BBA team!
Apr 10, 2024
MrBrown19942 Listen, this scene is hot! The chemistry is there and I can feel every moment of their exchange. An awesome scene as always, BBA. Apr 10, 2024
TennesseeBator Chocolate on chocolate perfection, love these two and they worked so well together. Apr 10, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Diez said he's back and on his BBA veteran tour of duty and Apollo said he's back and on his BBA new talent tour of duty. The double dark chocolate collabs the last month are appreciated! What's the chances we may get the caramel combo of Rico & Bandit I'm begging for anytime soon? Looking for that Rico freakiness, wet deepthroat, sexy eye contact, smile when getting dicked down, making his top feel like a real king action. I'll bet that'll be a top scene of 2024. 💯 Apr 10, 2024
gerald10033 Michael, what is going on??? You guys have been cranking out Hot posts week after week after week for the past 8 or 9 weeks with only one break, every Wednesday or Thursday. Great jobs. I dare anyone to complain. Apr 10, 2024

As one of BBA's most popular and promising new up-and-cumming models, Diez has been on a mission to sample some of the most legendary veterans on our roster.

This week he's testing out his newly learned set of skills on Stephon, finally returning to BBA again for the first time in nearly a year....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 11, 2024 41 min
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