A BBA All-Star Christmas (Part Two)

Photo of A BBA All-Star Christmas (Part Two)
Docteur Hopefully the Xmas party scene will have Maleek, Deontrey, Rush, Scuba and Bandit. Also great gang bang would be all the top BBA fellas topping Ross; or Scuba. Still wondering if Scotty and Shaun are out of prison? Dec 10, 2022
glidein10 I love Apollo but he cant keep the dick in his mouth like Bandit when they are getting spit roasted lol. May 18, 2022
kloliver11 Christmas during the spring. I had to go back and watch this video again! I enjoyed seeing the top models. What really got my attention was when Apollo told Bandit it was his turn. Def love seeing a top get fucked. one of my favorite holiday scenes! Mar 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad to hear you're getting lots of repeat mileage out of this epic BBA Christmas Special. This is one I've been returning to again and again as well.
Docteur I still want to see Bandit fuck Stylez. It seems only fair since Stylez has fucked Bandit two times. Also Apollo needs to fuck Stylez since Stylez has fucked him two times. Additionally it is time for Scuba to let Bandit fuck him. I am not sure if Trapp is coming back, but I holdout hope for an all out threesome among Trapp, Shaun and Scotty. I can only surmise that some of the past models are not here because they refuse to get vaccinated. Finally awaiting more Ross and Deontrey, both bottoming, ditto for Stallion. Michael, you and Montez do a good job. P.S. get that train fuck scene happening, where someone topping is being fucked at the same time. I have only seen that two times, both involved Stylez and Blake Bishop, one was more of an attempt while Apollo was riding Stylez, and the other time was while Stylez was fucking Isaiah, and Blake Bishop entered Stylez for a bit. Feb 24, 2022
mrwhitley1 This Scene almost looked brutal
None of their asses were open enough “before penetration” to get fucked like that.
It looks like they were all in pain as tops and bottoms. Nothing is attractive about tight buttholes. All their dicks looked like they were in PAIN afterwards.
You gotta set the mood better before the scene.
Feb 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta "Nothing is attractive about tight buttholes"????

Ummm, you do know this is BBA, right? "Tight buttholes" are our bread and butter. 🙄🤦‍♂️😂
sanmiittai Loved both parts! Great job! Jan 23, 2022
terbernt Soulkitty: it seems we share the same guiltily pleasure. I read some comment about Bandit being over-exposed and I'm offended. You mean under-exposed. I come to the site weekly looking for a Bandit update. If anyone has a problem with Bandit or his #1 spot Michael has given you the mechanism, simply join give Michael money by creating a membership and then you can vote for models, cause as I see it with many in agreement Bandit is still #1 by a pretty frickin decent margin. Team Bandit all the way. His personality, his height, his quirkiness and that body, c'mon. Us Bandit people are plenty happy and I have a feeling we outnumber the haters. No lie, I was trying to force myself to appreciate other models in this vid and there was a part where a model was laying down the pipe on another and I saw the model's butt and I'm like incredible shape thinking it was Bishop and when the camera went up, sure enough it was Bandit. So I reaffirm that Bandit is terrific enough for me to recognize even when I can't tell who the model is immediately. I welcome more Bandit! Jan 18, 2022
MikePipe What an excellent line up of All Star A-1 cast. I wouldn't change a thing. I loved every anticipating minute. A guaranteed cum shot every time I watched. Bandit is still holding the No. 1 spot as far as I can tell. I gotta give Apollo my shout out thou. He's neck and neck about to take over and snatch up the No. 1 spot. I've been there following him from the beginning. He might just have already snatch that No. 1 spot. However Blake is a veteran as well as Isaiah. They both are still running a tie in my book as No. 2. Bandit just never ceases to surprise me the way he takes DICK! I think it's because he knows what it takes to act and put on an excellent show. Apollo, will have No. 1. Bandit needs to give someone else the crown. He's holding the title because of how tight his hole closes when he takes dick. Apollo however has a hole that appears to look like if he took the right dick, he'd squirt multiple nuts out his ass and dick repeatedly. All the guys are doing great work. Thanks Michael for keeping these fellas in the game as long as they've lasted. Looking forward however to seeing brand new actors and models to take over and continue to keep BBA the best No. 1 porn site on the net for the last twenty plus years and still holding strong!! Jan 12, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the rave review and encouraging praise for our All-Stars. Hasn't quite been TWENTY years yet lol, but we're fast approaching our 15th Anniversary in 2024, so that will be exciting. None of this would be possible without the loyal support of enthusiastic viewers like you!
romack767 I cant believe some of the guys are complaining about the all star line up. Bandit, Apollo, and Isaiah gave up everything for their fans. Blake may have had a little experience. First fuck, suck, getting fucked and we saw the pain they went through to give us that. But they were giving up a lot. The money can't compensate for the agony of getting fucked. Also I did see the chemistry between Apollo and Bandit but these guys have bonded and respect each other all of whom have some first encounters they can share. I have great love and respect for them and they deserve their title. Jan 10, 2022
Soulkitty Bandit is so adorable. And watching him get his little booty drilled has become one of my guilty pleasures during the pandemic. He has really become a world class dick taker. Props! Jan 10, 2022
ssmith06 I’ve missed them and I hope you have outtakes from this. Isaiah needs to take on Stallion 🤤 Jan 9, 2022
11luvme2u @texasbugg Hell, why don't we have a sequel with Bandit and Trapp? Seems like the next best alternative to outtakes. lol If that ten minutes (give or take) still gets me aroused then imagine what 45 minutes of Trapp and Bandit flipping could do? I can hear Bandit responding to Trapp even now, "Hell yeah I feel it..." That's a pair I REALLY hope we get to see in the future. I sure hope Trapp has not moved on. Jan 7, 2022
texasbugg mike do u have any outtakes on when bandit fuck trapp? that u can put 1 time in 2022 Jan 5, 2022
MichaelGalletta No outtakes, sorry. Those clips included in "House of Whores" were actually taken from a completely different shoot that didn't work out, and I already included the best of the footage in that scene. Sorry to disappoint you.
Docteur I forgot no one ate Isaiah's ass, and also Apollo and Isaiah didn't suck each other's dicks, nor did everyone kiss each other, but it was still a great 4some.
I will never get tired of Bandit, Isaiah and Apollo (also Scuba and Stylez).
Jan 5, 2022
BBALover72 I'm loving this content. I can't wait to see Stallion dick down Isaiah, Apollo, Dominic, Justice & Saxgotem (in a 1 on 1).
Also can't wait to see who's going to pop Stallion's cherry on camera first.
I've always wanted to see Mr Marky, John Johnson aka Ace Rockwood, PhatRabbitKiller, Zeez cum thru and ravage your roster of studs.
Like you could have a well known TOP pornstar cum thru anonymously every once in awhile and fuck a willing stud or two from your lineup, do an anonymous post interview but then a reveal. I think that would be a new treat for the fans. BTW we miss SAINT!!!
Mike you're doing great things don't let NOBODY tell you different. Keep up the good work sir.
Jan 4, 2022
Cumalot I joined this site believing in and agreeing with you that other sites features the same models , but that seems to be the case here its always the same models especially the over exposed Bandit . These models have practically grown up on here , years and years of the same models. But on the other hand I get it. Jan 3, 2022
MichaelGalletta We have ALWAYS featured a mix of fresh faces with familiar fan favorites, and will continue to do so. Since coming back from our pandemic hiatus in July, we've featured new models in almost every new scene, and we'll continue doing so in the weeks and months to come.
Duchess @Notetaken Figure of Speech I feel you Bro.Mike G is So Sensitive by you calling his models Stale 😂😂 I also read a comment where Overexposure was being said which is True.Michael G you have shut down production for over a 1 year and 1/2.these well known popular models has had scene updates new and remix all threw the Pandemic so I really don’t think saying we missed them for 3 years is Quite accurate. besides Blake Bishop, Apollo, Isaiah and Bandit all have an Extensive interesting Catalog.Which I luv,but that being said they all have work together many times in the past.BBA has a Dope roster so i don’t see why a remix Christmas scene update was Necessary.2021 has went by so fast it seems.You even Teased us with other good models we haven’t seen in ages during the Pandemic that I was hoping to see when you started back production.PS Michael G I luv your work and BBA site please don’t yank our Chain here in 2022 😩😩 HNY Jan 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta Yes, they did homemade solo scenes during the early months of the pandemic, but neither Isaiah or Apollo had appeared in an official BBA scene in nearly three years. And up until just a few weeks ago, it was looking highly unlikely that they'd EVER return. I'm sorry this didn't excite you as much as it did us and the vast majority of our viewers, but I'm extremely proud of this scene and have a feeling it will become a new BBA classic over time. And for the record, these four have never worked together in the same scene, at the same time. But just as we did in almost every new scene throughout 2021, we'll continue featuring plenty of exciting new faces in the weeks and months to come! 😜
megamindporn This was amazing. A versatiles' wet dream, BBA has come so far, and it's always exciting to see how it's evolving throughout the years.

I would love to see the next video being of Bandit and Zander or Blake and Zander.

Zander had a fine ass that needed to be taken. You can't let that man get away with such a fine uneaten ass Michael.
Jan 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta Zander has been busy doing lots of scenes for other porn sites, which unfortunately makes him not the best fit for BBA. But we know a lot of our viewers liked him and we'll try to work with him again in the near future.
MrBrown19942 This entire scene, is amazing!! ❤️💥 Jan 1, 2022
chrisgoins33 Hey Mike I don’t want to tell you how to do your job but you should let all the ppl that be commenting on here negative to apply and do a scene with BBA Jan 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta 🤣🤣🤣
dreadhead8 I told onlyfans dreamybull about you guys he said he’s going to look into it hopefully you guys connect!! Would love to see him in a scene with a bbc Jan 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta Not familiar with that name. Please send us an email or Twitter DM with a link and more info. Thanks!
Beaudry Fantastic job on this scene, as well as Part 1. I loved how Apollo got railed again and again. My only critique/suggestion would have been to have a Train Fuck going on with each guy taking turns on being the Caboose. The underneath shots would have been Epic. Maybe throw that in for your next 3some, 4some or 5some etc etc etc. :) Just a thought. Anyway, Happy New Year, and looking forward to seeing what you give us next. Jan 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the encouraging review and hot request! We'll definitely keep that in mind for future group scenes.
djv1234 Congratulations on producing part one and two of such worthy and impressive Christmas celebration videos. No one other than BBA can put together 4 such significantly awesome versatile Black performers who like the finest wines get better and better with time. Special commendation to Apollo who both gave and took dick so impressively, whilst looking the hottest he's ever been. Part One and Two should appeal to the most discerning BBA members and leave us wanting more. 2022 will be an amazing year for BBA and hopefully Stallion, Apollo, and Dominic will appear together along with a range of exciting new and current hot performers. Jan 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta Awww, thanks for this amazing review! So happy to hear you enjoyed this as much as you did. I'm honestly still busting nutts to this almost daily.... LOL.
swamp96 Ok cool. Now let’s move on for a min and use some new guys. When will that scene with the other new guy be out? Jan 1, 2022
notetaken watching the same guys every week gets a little stale. Jan 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta It's ignorant feedback like this, completely disconnected from reality, that always annoys me the most.

We've featured new models in nearly every scene since resuming production back in July. This is Part 2 of a lengthy, action-packed Christmas special featuring the unlikely and much-requested return of two BBA All-Stars we haven't seen in nearly THREE YEARS.

To characterize this as "the same guys every week" is just obnoxiously stupid, inaccurate, and insulting.
Coolrod Great job BBA! I loved this scene! These four guys had so much chemistry and genuine respect for one another. Glad all the guys were versatile and took turns slutting each other out! LOL. That's how its supposed to work. My boy Bandit never disappoints!!!!! I'm looking forward to 2022. Dec 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the glowing review! Glad you enjoyed this one.
11luvme2u When I took time to think about it I realized Apollo and Stallion together would be dynamite. They're both sexy, fit, and passionate. Stallion can be very sensual like Apollo. I remember when Apollo said to Dominic, "I can guarantee a scene with you." And we all know how legendary that bromance was. I wonder what chemistry would be formed between them? I'll keep my fingers crossed. Dec 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Absolutely! There are so many similarities between these two, it's downright scary. We'd desperately hoped to be able to pair them together for Apollo's shocking return, but unfortunately Stallion's schedule didn't cooperate. Something to dream and strive for in the future....
Beau This was just ok. You guys have done so much better with these same models. I loved all the models they were somewhat not fully in tuned with each other. The money shots were underwhelming. Let’s do better guys. We are paying for this site and you are not delivering like you should. Dec 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry to hear this was underwhelming for you. Thankfully most of our viewers don't seem to feel the same way.
Dope88 yall really be trolling in the comments. this man already said Stallion isnt present for christmas, and if your tired of the same ol go somewhere else cause we seen nothing but new faces this yr

-Thanks Fake Management 🙄
Dec 31, 2021
Cookie20 This was an Amazing Scene you can never go wrong with using your vets!!!!! Please do a scene with Isaiah and Apollo & Apollo and Bandit AGAIN…. That would be a hit… now I would love to see Scuba and Justice in a scene together… last questions: Where is Saint We Miss Him and is Ross permanently gone ? Dec 31, 2021
chauncey Hello Mike & Montez;
I love what BBA has become over the years and there can never be too much fucking, sucking, kissing, and ass-eating for me. BTW -- I took some notes this time around - 2022 I'm upping my tongue game in the bedroom / lol -- After checking out this 2021 Extravaganza I simply love the way Isaiah has evolved from Day 1 -- I have always found him super interesting and sexy, sexy, sexy no doubt - but baby now -- he is the whole meal and a box of cookies -- I'm exclusively into butch queens and the grown man Isaiah has become -- Well he checks all the boxes for me. He is now my fantasy lol -- As stated in Part 1 -- I can watch these Gentlemen all day !!! -- we have the advantage of going back and watching everyone in action from prior vids which I will surely do!!!! - Mike has hinted that we may not see this ensemble of gentlemen in action again? -- If that is the case - I wish each model who is not returning only the very best as they continue their journey of becoming the best version of themselves. Thanks for the memories -- BBA 4Ever !!!
Dec 31, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your perceptive and encouraging feedback! I'm glad you appreciate being able to watch these guys evolve over time, and I agree that's one of the more unique and exciting aspects of the BBA brand. Isaiah is definitely the most dramatic and thrilling example of this! Hopefully we'll be able to see much more of him in this New Year.
luv4blk Hot to see Bandit and Apollo being the main bottoms getting hit banged! Apollo got passionate enjoying his chocolate fat booty getting banged by all three, when he arched his back in full enjoyment pleasure! Isaiah and Apollo bodies is HOT, both flows into the bottom role so freely! Dec 31, 2021
KNG5TNFN Well, Mike, Montez, guys... well done 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 and a Happy New Year 🥂🍾🎉. I must say in part one I really loved how "Apollo" took charge and got the ball rolling when he took "Bandit " like that.. smh, was truly dominant and just a ultimate turn on like "come here gi mi dat ass now"!! Mmm mmm had my mouth watering... cant wait to see how "Stallion's" gonna play that game with him😉 and how he's gonna receive his take down 😏 another mouth watering scene 😍. These guys are now the veterans and I think all the new models should have a scene with either one of them, everybody keeps asking for a threesome with "Scotty", "Shaun", and "Trapp" but before any triple scene we gotta see the buddy scene first, because the best friends were the ones we saw from get and they need to go to the next level together thats what I really wanna see 😎 then we can scene them out with those four vets that for me will be natural progression eh Mike? Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for your loyal support and encouraging feedback throughout the past year.

Let's just say we're pretty much on the same page with everything you just said. 😉🤞
daedaeg It's good to see BBA's top 4 back together again. The chemistry between these guys is really unmatched. Seeing Apollo take dick will always bring a smile to my face. He takes it like a champ. Dec 30, 2021
colormeblk Well I want to say they are all #1 in my book!!! Great Job Gentlemen! Dec 30, 2021
twannu50 I know y'all wanna play with your old friends but like everywhere else, you'll have to play with the newbies as well Dec 30, 2021
Timpen I hope you have an open door policy for all your models . So that they all can possibly return Dec 30, 2021
mrwhitley1 Should’ve been 6 credits 🤨 Dec 30, 2021
Kevinjamal Where is Stallion? No hot without him Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta I've already answered this question in my replies to the comments on Part One, as well as on Twitter.
wolfkno Great job Michael. This was an awesome scene. No drama queens. Everybody seemed like they were genuinely enjoying themselves. Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta You're absolutely right, these guys genuinely like each other and enjoy working together, and I'm glad that came through in the scene.
RobbySan29 I’m guessing the foot fetish category is dead from now on. Bring back Justice, cause it’s getting boring with the same stuff every week. Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta We'll try to include more foot fetish action in upcoming scenes, but that never has been and never will be a regular feature in our scenes. It's more of a "special occasion" type of thing, depending on the models involved.
11luvme2u All good things must CUM to an end. This was a great holiday treat. I was really turned on by seeing Isaiah top in this scene. Seeing that strong black masculine rugged body in motion made me want to see more of him in 2022. Bandit has a great sense of humor. I do want him to really work on his eye contact during his scenes but I love his work. Apollo is still passionate and can arch that body like none other. Blake's big ass dick is definitely a stretcher. I don't know what Isaiah and Apollo's plans are for 2022 but it would really be nice to see at least 2 or 3 scenes from them. I mean who doesn't want a side hustle. I'm super excited about January! Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed this epic holiday sextravaganza to close out a rocky but overall successful year here at BBA.

I agree that it was hot seeing Isaiah in the top role again....it had been too long.

Bandit is a little bit like the class clown, which can try the teacher's patience sometimes lol, but overall you're right, he's a really funny guy and I'm glad his personality has started to shine through in his scenes from the past couple years, compared to the whole reserved, "deer in the headlights" persona he had when he first started out.

As far as Apollo and Isaiah are concerned, I'll leave it at this: You haven't seen the last of them yet. 😉
DirectorE What happened to the NEW model who walked in at the end of part 1 ? Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta Don't worry, his name is Deontrey and he'll be introduced very soon. Stay tuned!
LemanR1980 Only 1 complaint. It was like a 2 hour Christmas special, and everybody got their asses ate, EXCEPT Isaiah? That's like the greatest ass ever, his pretty chocolate cheeks & that hole. That's my only nitpick, but this was a BBA classic. Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry about that. It wasn't intentional, just an unfortunate oversight on my part. There's always so much going on in these group scenes that it's easy to forget to include certain things. It wasn't until I sat down to edit the raw footage that I realized nobody had eaten Isaiah's spectacular ass. I was just as disappointed as you are. Glad you were still able to enjoy the scene overall!
Sageking3 My favorite 3 Isaiah Apollo and Bandit! Dec 29, 2021
sexyguy Why we are not watching Christmas with the new faces? Tired a seeing these old guys Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta We've featured fresh faces in just about every new scene we've posted since resuming updates in July. But our Christmas scenes have almost always been about reuniting our all-time fan favorites, and this year we decided to continue that tradition while also taking it to a whole new level. Don't worry, we'll continue featuring plenty of new faces in the weeks and months to come!
Duchess this just seems Redundant. I was Expecting a better Christmas from BBA 😒😏 Dec 29, 2021
romack767 The best BBA has ever posted a star studded performance. Nothing u have ever done beat this year's Christmas All Star's. It was such a delight to see everyone. I want to see more of them. Beautiful Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks! That's high praise indeed. I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed this that much.
chgohydeparker Aside from the hot sex, I really love these guys' personalities and how they complement each other. seems genuine. so cool. Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks, that means a lot! I've always said that watching the guys hang out and interact before any clothes ever come off only makes the hardcore action that comes later even ten times hotter! Glad you agree.
klovejoy This was boring! We need be refreshing models. Kissing big pretty dicks & real chemistry Dec 29, 2021
Docteur All of the intro with repeat from Xmas One was too much, but the action was great in Xmas Two. Everybody was a top, everybody was a bottom. Perhaps this was less scripted than most scenes because some models didn't suck each other or kiss each other, but overall when Part One and Part Two are combined with three of my fave BBA models, it still gets an A grade from me. Now on to Rush, Deontrey and this Springs long awaited return of Scotty and Shaun, hopefully paired with Trapp in an allout threesome with no holds barred. BTW never get enough of Bandit, still want to see him and Stallion flipflop. Happy New Year Michael and Montez. Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta I included the intro footage to remind viewers (and inform new viewers) of the sexual tension and build-up between Apollo and Bandit, which finally gets consummated in this epic climax. Glad you enjoyed the combined parts overall though. Happy New Year to you as well, and thanks for your continued encouragement and support!
Prime2021 These boys are some bad actors 😂😂 that 🍆 isn’t even hurting Dec 29, 2021
loverboy02 So damn sexy. These men are sexy as hell. This has to be one of the best ‼️‼️‼️ That damn Bandit and Apollo Dec 29, 2021
pooce31 Great scene !!!
I loved it when they all took turns on Bandit.
I just wished they also all took turns cuming on his face or in his ass. But very hot nonetheless
Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed seeing Bandit slutted out once again! This part of the scene was basically what we'd hoped to make happen back in his Detroit Bukkake scene several years ago. We FINALLY made our dream cum true of seeing Bandit taking multiple big, raw dicks up his tight little ass, one after the other in repeated succession.

Agree that seeing them all cum in his ass would have been hot as hell, but since Bandit wasn't the sole bottom in this scene, we decided that wouldn't really fit.
terbernt This had me once again envisaging Bandit in the middle of a three way fuck. Very well done! Dec 29, 2021
haughtona2 When are we going to see Demetrius make his debut in BBA?!!🧐🤞🏾🤞🏾 Dec 29, 2021
SagsciousPro Awww Bandit❤️ So proud of how far he’s come 😌 he’s the only reason I update my subscription Dec 29, 2021
TennesseeBator This is BBA's BIG year end return to form, I cannot wait to see what 2022 brings us! Dec 29, 2021

Christmas is a time for coming together....

We're celebrating the holiday season with the surprise return of Apollo and Isaiah, two phenomenally popular and much-requested "gay for pay" legends that I honestly didn't think we'd ever see in action again.

Since their last scenes for BBA before the pandemic nearly THREE YEARS AGO, both of these strikingly handsome straight men have married their long-time girlfriends and pursued more mainstream careers. But after having to cancel last year's Christmas Party due to COVID, I wanted to come back with something extra special for 2021, and thankfully my patience and persistence finally paid off with this BBA Christmas Miracle.

We're also making some new BBA history by reuniting BBA's four most popular models (our "starting line-up," as Isaiah puts it) for this year's All-Star Christmas Party, and their first (and probably last) scene all together at the same time.

"You expected to fuck us and we not fuck you?" Apollo teases Bandit, whose big dick and tight ass he's clearly been fiending for the entire night. "Just because you the host don't mean you don't get HOSTED!"

Join us for this action-packed conclusion to the BBA Christmas Sex Party that began in Part One and now continues late into the night with Apollo and Bandit finally getting their chance to prove why they deserve their coveted spots at the very top of the BBA roster.

When combined with Part One, there's a total of FOUR mini-gangbangs, starting with #4 and working our way up to the #1 model.

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Dec 29, 2021 46 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Isaiah

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