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joeman Gimme the dick baby. Feed me that cum. OMG Apollo at his best. Stephon the great giving his all. Luv the cum shots May 20, 2021
Shirly223 I need more videos with stephon in it. Him bottoming for Bandit would be the best video on this site. Aug 27, 2019
pilsener TWO of BBA'S hottest models ever clearly deliver a fuck session they were both into! I can't believe how far STEPHON has come!! APOLLO can do no wrong in my book. HE ALWAYS BRINGS HIS A GAME! Jan 1, 2019
ACTION7 put STEPHON and ISAIAH together Oct 13, 2018
uboy22 that last comment from Stephon when Apollo looked at the camera....kind of fucked me up too that shit sounded homophobic as hell {Men don't suck dick} naw nigga we DO, it's just your dumbass cant handle it. Aug 21, 2018
3606tsb72 One will never understand why Mike mischaracterizes these men as "straight." Viewers see evidence to the contrary, so why does he persist in insulting our intelligence? Many would say it's an indication of self-hatred, that he prefers men who, but for money, wouldn't give him the time of day. Apollo and Stephon may enjoy the ladies, but something else is going on up in here (so to say) Did I state I like Mike? I do, but... Apr 22, 2018
kapukan2 of my favorites. Stephon is finally letting himself go more and enjoy man sex. Stephon needs to come back. Where is he? Apr 22, 2018
SanFran12 No. No, no, and no. I don't even know where to start this video was so bad. This entire video clip is boring. Apparently, these dudes were trying to act with the wrestling but it just looked silly. The super gay noises, comments, and (I assume) having sex faces were horrible. I wish these dudes would just fuck and stop trying to act because clearly, they cannot act. Nice looking guys but spectacularly stupid video clip from start to finish. Apr 21, 2018
12LEROY We need Stephon back Apr 20, 2018
cocopop Stephon still got those little green draws from five years ago, must be his BBA draws LOL. Apr 8, 2018
gbarroso no fun watching guys in pain Feb 15, 2018
bandit4true STEPHON has a nice phat ass man. Mike I want to see you hook him up with someone who has a nice size dick who knows how to fuck a nice phat ass like he has. Dec 28, 2017
cocopop Dam, some of yall complained about Saint being spitty when it came to eating ass, Apollo takes it to a new level here, that the sloppiest ass eat n I've ever seen. Feb 27, 2017
texasbugg Stephon needs a big size dick to get up in that ass that thug got a sexy fattttttttttttttttttttt ass. i can see bandit, tay or lil scrap in that ass now lil scrap would act badddddddddddddd in that thug ass i can see his eyes rollin in the back of his head cause i know stephon got some good asssssssss. Feb 3, 2017
cocopop Shit Saint must have really busted that hole open for Stephon, if its been 2 years since taking dick. Hell he took it better for Apollo than for Saint "Ah you in that ass" "you in that ass". It must have been feel n good. Jan 29, 2017
tjm133 Stephon and Apollo are extremely good looking. The bareback was great. The cum eating and swallowing was some of the best I have seen. I hope for a repeat. Jan 12, 2017
cocopop I think Stephon was enjoying that dick once he got use to it. Nov 7, 2016
jowilf We all know that once No. 1 is in it.. It's a flip flop scene. Aug 1, 2016
cocopop @avan7742, a Stephon and Bandit scene would be hot, I'm sure the "I allowed you to win" was scripted. Stephon was going to be fucked anyway, whether he lost the wrestling match or not it was planned as a flip flop. Jul 30, 2016
avan7742 Hook up Stephon with Bandit from what I am seeing he is truly ready to get that nice ass of his fucked really good. He even admitted that he allowed Apollo win so he could give that ass to him???? Jul 26, 2016
TOPDUDE100 I'm sure they paid Apollo good for him to swallow lol damn Jul 17, 2016
cocopop @brandonh93, Yea, a blake or re-match with tyga, tyga gitting up in that ass. Or even better little bandit up in that ass. Jun 19, 2016
extreme7 apollo is fucking sexy Jun 18, 2016
extreme7 I fucking loved the cum eating especially by apollo. Jun 18, 2016
cocopop trickey2, I agree with you a Bandit and Apollo scene would be hot, they both two sexy libra bro., they would look good together. The chemistry would be hot. Jun 3, 2016
trickey2 but the wrestling scene was super fake and should've been left out of the scene Jun 3, 2016
trickey2 I would love to see Apollo and Bandit hook up in a scene. I think Apollo would take Bandit to the next level and I would love to see how Apollo takes that dick. Jun 3, 2016
brandonh93 I would love to see Apollo fucked by one of the real gay or bi guys from your group not just a gay for pay guy no offense.. but like blake, tyga, staxx etc. May 31, 2016
jowilf @THETRUTH1: I understand fully. Everyone have different perspective or views and I will respect it. I will stop "insulting...?" as what others labeling me here. I think I'm just being a strict BBA member. I apologize for that.
May 27, 2016
thetruth1 @jowilf I personally would leave matters of preference to myself. That's just me. If you don't personally care for cum eating that's cool, but to go a step further and say it's inappropriate, and people are suddenly "not men", is also unnecessary. It's a porn site after all, not much should be considered inappropriate. Also, the idea, "you can have a dick plowed in ur ass but god forbid u swallow some protein and DNA", is silly. Let's not be petty. May 26, 2016
jowilf The subjects here are APOLLO and STEPHON ... and not me. The "cum eating" isn't appropriate at all. Whether a model is a "straight guy" or a "gay." Have you seen KODY or YOUNG MONTANNA do it? They're two of the "gay" models of BBA. APOLLO?!? That's too gay. I watch BBA videos only because I love watching "black boys" get fucked. May 25, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, everything you state is based on you not wanting these models to bottom, your real man is just a veil to hide the real reason. You never answer my question as to whether you see yourself as a Real Man. According to your theory a "R.M" is a straight man, so if you are not gay and that's you, straight men wouldn't be viewing gay sex on BBA. May 24, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP: A "real man" don't do what APOLLO and STEPHON did near the end of this scene. Re: "cum eating"
It's not healthy to me.
May 22, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, what you know about a real man swallowing cum? "are you a real man"? May 21, 2016
curious3397 It would be nice, if it's not believable, to just leave that part out. It seems like Mike is trying to let them "act" and it throws the entire scene off. I liked the natural responses, and the naturalness, of str8 guys going bi for the fans. Now this full bi/verse shit, well, you know how I feel about that. May 21, 2016
curious3397 @JoWilf: Cocopop can't tell the difference between method acting and actually having sex. The only "acting" on this site would be the role play up until taking dick by Isaiah, and Mike, sparring with Saint and Mello, sparring with Apollo and Isaiah, and that's pretty much it. Once you cross that line to full on fucking, the acting its obsolete. May 21, 2016
curious3397 @Jowilf: No 1 now, can take whatever is thrown at him. He's wide open now. It's sad, because watching him now, is lining up with another person's story. He's in too deep now. LOL Anyway. To the birds nest, that protect all things gay. Double standard are no stranger here than in anything else in life. If this was something they didn't want out, they'd not have it filmed. May 20, 2016
curious3397 @jowilf: I hope so too. But I see now that Julien, is priming up for the next top bottom scene. LOL I figured since he specifically asked to be a part of the gay porn world, he'd be the first to get poked out of the 3 new people. Bandit would probably drop out or take the longest to give up his ass. But he is totally enjoying the topping aspect. May 20, 2016
jowilf Now, it's APOLLO's turn to "swallow" cum; "SWEEEEEEET!" ... a "real man" wouldn't attempt to do that. B-E-L-I-E-V-E me COCOPOP. But that's the "theme" of BBA? REAL MEN EAT "cum" LIKE SAINT, APOLLO AND STEPHON ... Are they? ... really?!? What more I can say? May 19, 2016
cocopop When did Apollo start eating ass like Saint, all that spit running down even the nut in the mouth scene was a Saint original somewhat over the top for him.... May 18, 2016
kapukan2 Thanks Michael. Good scene. Love that Stephon showed more of his personality this time and seemed more relaxed. He just needs to let himself go and allow himself to enjoy it. Many "straight/bi-curious" dudes feel guilt about this. I would love to see more passion with Stephon, kissing, enjoying dick, and eating Apollo's ass like it's his last meal. May 18, 2016
cocopop @thetruth1, it's about time more like yourself step-up and speak up, they wrap it in fake issues like Mike still using str8 labels to refer to the models, concern for models mental health, BB sex (while still watching BB), real man/true top. The truth is the majority of guys don't give a damn, we don't care whether Mike call them str8, bi, gay, or dl, we on here to get a Nut, we don't care which one fucks, just fuck, the haters are bottoms that want to keep these guys tops for their satisfaction. May 18, 2016
thetruth1 I'm so tired of people and their negative views of models going verse. The reason many of us joined this site is because of the umm...what's it called? Real GAY 4 PAY CONTENT! I certainly wouldn't have stuck around if the models hadn't eventually given up that ass. Trust and believe the great majority of us don't post, and are TRUE fans of this site. Mike I'm so glad you're able to sift through the horse shit and stick to your vision. Mike, models, BBA team, keep doing what you do! May 17, 2016
cocopop how about a Stephon and Zadian pairing Mike? May 17, 2016
chgohydepar1 Was difficult to get excited watching the stilted "fucking." Not enjoyable. I'm thinking tho, the cum scenes might have made atones for that other stuff. lol Swallow my nut, damnit!!! May 16, 2016
chgohydepar1 sexy bros, work on your stroke games... May 16, 2016
jowilf ... just reached the century mark.👏👏👏👏👏 May 16, 2016
jowilf So far ... No. 4 and No. 7 are the two remaining BBA models in the Top 12 who don't get "topped" on BBA. I think their next scenes will be a "versatile" one or they've refused to "bottom" ... the main reason why they're left behind by No. 1. We'll see what Michael have in store for them. I'm more interested in BANDIT and JULIEN's next scenes. Will BANDIT be the first one to touch "dick" ... ? or do an "oral scene" ... ? Who's who?
"Stay Tuned."
May 16, 2016
jowilf @CURIOUS3397: I hope your man ... ROSS will not follow APOLLO. No. 4 was the first one who "topped" No. 1 in BBA history. No. 1 will remain as a "bottom" until the "Gang Bang" ... SCENE! I think this most awaited scene will be featured in December ... "Santa's Special Surprise (Part 3)." I don't know how brave No. 1 can handle 3 or 4 "tools" in a single scene. Maybe after that scene, No. 1 will retire as a BBA model. I hope I'm wrong ... May 16, 2016
curious3397 @JoWilf: LMAO, the hell, I was over him after the 1st bottom scene. LOL I've learned not to get too attached. But I'm still rooting for Ross to keep his ass off limits. May 16, 2016
jowilf @CURIOUS3397: As if you're NOT an APOLLO faithful ... ?!? hmmm I STILL LIKE No. 1 ... even though I'm disappointed by the "versatile" role ... May 15, 2016
curious3397 Ok, to be honest, take the acting out... The intro was cool up to that point. In the Saint and Mello scene where they sparred, it was natural, and it was kinda cool. This was a complete waste. They weren't even trying, and it seemed like they were just ready to fuck. I tell you what, Mike.. Denial... I feel ya on that... May 14, 2016
jowilf In fairness, this scene is a scene that I've been suggesting ... in BBA.
AN APOLLO-CAESAR or a JULIEN-CAESAR is a great fit. But STEPHON performed well in this scene. Even he lost intentionally to APOLLO, No. 1 give him a good match.
I predict that this scene is one of the Top 5 in 2016.
Great job Michael!
A JULIEN or a BANDIT update next ... please.
May 14, 2016
eleco1 Anything with Apollo is hot! The only thing missing here was Saint. Maybe next time? May 14, 2016
cusmile1x OMG....Michael, I usually don't make comments but this was one i just couldn't resist you must have read my mind cause I had been thinking about what it would be like to have them two together thank you Stephon & Apollo together best scene ever May 13, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, good, "what more can you say"? You been saying it for the last 5 months, hopefully the next one will be a flip flop too. Mike, enjoyed the scene, good to see Stephon back, still sexy. Either Apollo taught him well or he's seriously in need of the money, this certainly was not the old Stephon. He took that dick, Apollo bust that ass open. Keep up the good work Mike. May 13, 2016
josh2016 rate from 1 10 being the high it is a 2 for me as well...Two of my favorites models it may be the way they are paired ...disappointed .... May 13, 2016
detrini1 This scene made me subscribe to BBA again and I was NOT disappointed. It was HOT!!!!! May 13, 2016
Godfather07 This was a very HOT scene Apollo you are just so Hot and sexy and Stephon has stepped up his game, two hot boys, Mike keep up the very good work. May 12, 2016
jowilf ... it's a "flip flop."
What more I can say.
May 12, 2016
jowilf This is hot!!!
I will watch this scene later ...
APOLLO redeemed himself in this scene ... I'M VERY GLAD MICHAEL.
At least, my request is granted.
Thank you!
May 12, 2016

After more than TWO YEARS since we last saw him in action, long-lost fan favorite Stephon recently met up with us in Houston, Texas for an action-packed "refresher course" with one of the biggest stars of BBA's next generation.

After swapping stories about their favorite and least favorite experiences as "gay for pay" models, Stephon and Apollo begin comparing their athletic experiences, which leads to a wicked bet on an impromptu wrestling match in which the loser has to give the winner some ASS!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for some intensely erotic nude and semi-nude wrestling as these muscular straight black guys roll around on the floor for our entertainment, a tangle of sweaty, athletic bodies grasping and groping in a determined effort to take the other guy down (in more ways than one).

Even though only one of them ends up winning the match, they both come out on "top" in the end when their homoerotic wrestling eventually leads to tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and flip-flop RAW fucking that you don't want to miss!

Of course it wouldn't be a true BBA "comeback" if we didn't make our returning straight models take things to the NEXT LEVEL, and this scene is no exception! Stephon's much-requested return includes his VERY FIRST TIME taking another black guy's dick RAW - something he has stubbornly refused to do before now - plus a special treat near the end that you really have to see to believe!

The scene also features Apollo bravely taking on the challenge of his THICKEST dick yet!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: May 12, 2016 49 min
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Photo of Stephon

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