Ross: The Redemption

LngstrkeMike88 Another hot scene between two sexy men from BBA, I'd like to have a threesome with both of em 😎🔥 Dec 6, 2022
reddude15 It’s clear to see Ross is attracted to aggressive men who take control one of the best scenes! Justice doesn’t get enough credit he is one of the best on the bba roster ! Nov 11, 2022
Verdade My Goodness! Ross and Justice. My goodness! My best friend says Justice looks like LeBron James. He does...he absolutely does...he does. Ross is so very sexy!!! So very sexy! Man, Ross...let your hair out to that old school afro. You are so dynamic! Please let your hair out to that old school afro look in future scenes. Justice and Ross!! Love these guys so much! Michael & Montez....Please ask Justice and Ross to come back with other fellas....and how much we love both of them!!! So much beautiful sex with Justice and Ross.. Love you guys so very much. My goodness!!!! Oct 28, 2022
Verdade Love everyone of the BBA Models. My 3 favorites are Justice, Ross and Manny along with Isaiah and Dominic. Man, you guys are so sensual and erotic. My friend says Justice looks like LeBron...He does...he does. Man, Ross. I love you with your old school afro going crazy in previous scenes....Just very erotic, sensual, seductive sex. Love ya so much Ross.....My goodness fellas....Just such beautiful sex...My goodness fellas.....Love ya!! Ross and Justice.....Man Ross, let your Afro out in future scenes. Justice, you got that LeBron look...So seductive. Man, love you both so very much! Oct 8, 2022
kevinz62 Ross has such a nice ass and I just love how his hole pushes out when he’s taking it. I would suck on his toes too. Oct 3, 2022
Kelly5000 This is one of the hottest scenes and I love the connection between Ross and Justice.. I love how Ross took that dick and also how they both are very comfortable around each other . Really beautiful 😍 Oct 1, 2022
freddy222 Feet are beautiful sexy. Sep 13, 2022
TonyBluestar13 I don't know Ross but I'd love to meet him some day! Sep 8, 2022
griz85 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Sep 4, 2022
ken1jim love ross. hope there are other videos of Ross being fucked in a gang bang by 7 guy masculine thugz Sep 2, 2022
JezeroCrater I love me some Ross! Come back anytime sir! I love his voice and how he sounds while taking dick. He gets me hard! Sep 2, 2022
kennyg So glad you did not give up on Ross. Good pairing with Justice, he always gives his best in any position. Would like to see Ross with Zander in a flip. Aug 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta Not a bad idea, thanks!
emiliano69 I knew Ross was going to ride some dick...and he did not disappoint. There hasn't been any riding in a good lil while. That asshole was gripping. The missionary was nice too Aug 26, 2022
FreakTeach Love this scene and most scenes with Justice and Ross is just perfection. People saying the moans are fake haven't been watching Ross because that's def just how he moans (and he really enjoyed it) and haven't had sex with guys who moan the same way. Not everyone moans the same people lol. With that said, if guys aren't into facials don't make them do it. It's much more enjoyable for me as a viewer when the entire experience is enjoyable. Ross seems like the type that wouldve really enjoyed getting nutted in especially from someone who nuts like Justice. He really got into it when Justice was saying that while he was fucking him earlier in the scene. Aug 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta A creampie definitely would have been hot, especially coming from Justice, but we've been waiting damn near a decade to see Ross finally take his first facial, and we weren't about to let this rare opportunity pass us by lol.

No redemption without a little punishment, right? 😉
cocopop @B4UBuss2, Speak for yourself, you surely don't speak for me, nor the majority of viewers of this scene, nor your words concerning Justice. What is it with you people, now a days? Constant negativities, you don't care for Justice, thats on you. Justice has a fan base, without you. Aug 23, 2022
chgohydeparker Literally, I just watched what has become my MOST favorite scene/pairing on BBA for the 37th time, and I came each time. Ross is so fucking hot, and listening to him/watching him ENJOY good dick was an absolute (repeated) turn-on. Justice is my guy. Great work, Montez and Shax. The moans, the camera angles, the intensity, the lighting...Hell yeah! This will go down as a BBA classic. Mark my words. Aug 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta On behalf of Shax, Montez, the guys, and myself, THANK YOU for your passionate and inspiring feedback! Glad you're getting so much "mileage" out of it, and I hope you're right about it becoming a new BBA classic.
B4UBuss2 ..this...faux upsets is hilarious lol. Again either put them with guys they are attracted to, hire more authentic guys, this is a sic fake fetish idc what these dudes say they like it. Ross lol his reaction ruined the scene he was upset maybe cause it stinked or got in his hair? Neither him nor bandit liked justice semen. If justice never came back no one would mind Aug 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Please see my reply to you over on "Brought to Justice."
Strangecoffe14 When is Ross next scene!!! Jul 28, 2022
Docteur Ross and his brother Rush in a threesome with Bandit would be hot. Where they both are fucking Bandit and he fucks both of them and while each is being fucked, the brothers would comfort each other. Jul 26, 2022
Prime2021 It’s giving fake moaning for me! Too much acting Jul 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta Having worked with Ross for damn near a decade, I can assure you that his moans were not acting lol. With the arguable exception of Trapp, I don't think I've ever seen Ross this turned on by a scene partner.
boyette There just something about Ross that does it for me 😮‍💨 Jul 24, 2022
Teerexx01 Ross made this some sexy ass shit, being with justice hot ass and ross turned up, turned me up all the way Jul 23, 2022
Candid1 So glad Ross came back!!! Please do more bottom scenes of him. Jul 21, 2022
cocopop Excellent scene Mike, welcome back Ross, you are redeemed. Your best yet, Mike I'd love to see Apollo get his revenge on Ross, better yet a flip flop scene. That day is long overdue. Jul 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Don't worry, that "reunion" has been on my list for awhile and I still hope to make it a reality one of these days. 🤞🙏
BBALover72 I wanted Justice to FLOOD that asshole. He is the best nutter in the stable. It's very possible for him to breed someone and make them cum hands free. I know I have done that with my ex plenty of times, so I know some of them would as well. FIRE SCENE!!! Jul 19, 2022
trump45 ross is my #1 since tori retired. he did great in this scene. not a fan of justice, but because ross had something to prove, he would've been good with anyone who knows how to f___(props justice). the camera work accentuated this scene as well. would love to see the new ross help with maleek`s training; that`s one sexy mf. Jul 17, 2022
Partduece The hair told me everything I needed to know. He's broke af lmaoo Jul 14, 2022
Beyy88 The fact my baby came back, on the top of what he’s not used to as far as kissing & playing wit ass?!! Babe YOU DESERVED EVERY COIN! Let’s not forget he’s a Capricorn. They’re stubborn asf! But he put pride to the side. I don’t get how he’s not at least number 3. Jul 14, 2022
Tooflyshawty17 My bae Ross is back! 🫠🥰🙌🏾💪🏾 Jul 14, 2022
damon8 I was sure it was going to be a nutt up the butthole followed by blowing cum fart bubbles like Bandit did that one time with Saint.
Color me disappointed. 😢
Jul 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta Considering Ross has never taken a facial before, getting that captured on camera was our top priority for this particular scene and I stand behind that decision (although I do wish it had been a full facial rather than letting him turn his face to the side). We'll try for a fart-bubbly creampie in the future lol.
Candid1 Ross is my favorite bottom, next to Bandit!!! This was another hot scene! Jul 13, 2022
texasbugg this scene was super hott by ross doing time it really showed in this scene looking at this scene made me think about a model we might not never see again i still go back and bust many nutts to his scene (YOUR ROYAL BADDNESS-AKA-LIL SCRAP) mike u said lil scrap had got 15 years mike i know this is a first what i'm asking of u me myself being locked up for 5 years getting mail is a blessing mike could u write lil scrap and tell him he got some fans that would love to write him mike when a rapper gets locked up no 1 forget about him a young thug that do porn should know no 1 has forgot him mike he would love to hear from his fans ask ross how much mail means in prison. thank u mike. Jul 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's a nice idea in theory, thanks for asking. But it's not really possible for a couple reasons:

1) We couldn't do something like that without revealing the model's name and personal info to the public.

2) I don't actually know where Lil Scrap is locked up or how to communicate with him. He has never reached out since getting locked up. I just knew he was facing some serious federal charges when he first worked with us, and last I communicated with him he was about to go to court for his sentencing. But I haven't heard anything from him since then.
Beau This was a great scene. Ross is my all time favorite. Once he gets started and stop thinking he has a good time. I love him bottoming. He tries to fight against it but his urge takes over and you fuck him right he is nutting every time Jul 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Exactly! It's all about catching him in the right frame of mind and making sure he doesn't start thinking too much or getting too much in his head.
dlgaboi I love me some Ross man I want him Jul 13, 2022
11luvme2u Ross has been redeemed. Watching him give Justice head made me super hard. I would love some POV time with Ross looking directly into the camera while giving oral in the future. Justice always brings his A game. Great scene. Jul 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Ahhh, yes, a POV shot of Ross looking up at the camera with his mouth full of dick would have been a nice added touch. We'll try to keep that shot in mind for the future! Thanks.
Ataylor90 Ross is still my favorite, another 🔥 scene from him 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Jul 13, 2022
monkibone1134 Also: Please don’t pair Ross and Stallion again. They don’t have chemistry and though Stallion is cute with a big dick, he doesn’t use it right (in my opinion). I would say the next to pair with Ross should be Zander, Scuba, Apollo, Jahan and I know this is a long shot but…the return of Beno! Either of these guys would do great with Ross, either topping him or in a flip scene. Jul 12, 2022
monkibone1134 The amount of nuts I’ve bust to this video are insane. You could tell the chemistry, moaning, and great sex puts this as one of my top vids for this year. BRAVO! Y’all did y’all thing with this pairing. Justice knew exactly what to do to bring the freak out of Ross and Ross responded by taking and riding that dick like he was trying to make a baby. The best part was, you could see that both guys were in total ecstasy from the pleasure they were giving each other. Ross’s hole gripping on Justice dick had Justice close to breeding him several times. This is the type of scenes I love! Keep up the great work BBA! Jul 12, 2022
Montez You are absolutely right. We had to cut several times during the riding portions because Justice was about to nut. LOL
Jayden27 Ross and Justice are a pairing I was excited to see because these two men are freaks, and they are kinky AF! Expectations for this scene were high, and as per usual, they were exceeded.

I have to admit that these two gentlemen had more chemistry than I expected. The kissing and nipple play was hot. I loved seeing Ross’ erection through his boxers, and it was even better when his dick popped out after stripping out of his boxers. ‘Preciate that slow mo on that part as well—I watched that part several times. The 69 was fire! Ross went IN! Ross’ head was treating Justice so well that at points he had to stop giving Justice head. Justice got the chance to further enjoy Ross’ redemption when he ate his ass. Ross was eating it so well that at one point he snatched his soul. Ross’ ass steals the show—it’s so fuckin edible. Justice takes advantage of this as Ross stands up at the headboard, facing the wall, he goes to town. Ross’ soul was snatched as Justice returned the favor. The fucking was 🔥. Seeing Ross bottom NEVER gets old. It amazed me how Ross maintained an erection for most of his bottoming experience. Justice, being the skilled performer that he is, didn’t let up. From reverse cowboy, cowboy, sideways, missionary and finally doggystyle, they did that shit. However, the highlight came watching Ross cum in the missionary position while Justice was still giving it to him. Ending was great—-Ross was mad AF about the facial! I think that’s the meanest cum shot in BBA history! LOL! I died laughing!

Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Montez, Justice, and Ross. Ross had to seek redemption after the fuckshit he served in the session with Stallion; however, he’s not the only model to seek forgiveness (shoutout to Kingston!). Ross reminded us why he’s high in the ranks on the BBA roster, and a continual fan favorite. This performance was fire, and by far, his best yet. Ross, that was good shit, and you are forgiven! Let’s just hope that Stallion forgives him too so that the two of them can give that shoot another chance.
Jul 11, 2022
Montez Ross wasn't mad about the facial, he was more overwhelmed lol. We had warned him that Justice nuts a lot but I don't think he expected that much lol. His main concern was his hair. I totally understood LOL.
danirile80 Maybe it says more about my sadistic voyeur streak. But I love the reactions of models like Ross when they are in full bottom mode. Ross identifies as straight, but his body enjoys all the sensations, especially when his hole is being munched properly; Justice is one of BBA’s experts. Ross’ eyes roll up as he goes into his blissful trance zone.
Visual of the film for me was capturing Ross’ hard-on jutting out and stretching his briefs ready to get out. Whatever issues that Ross had in the previous film, he came to do business this time. He rode Justice like a pro rodeo cowboy 🤠 Good first film on the road to redemption.
I’d like to see a rematch with Justice eyes rolling up as Ross slides into his hairy hole.😄 Or if you’re so emboldened, have Ross be the one to worship Stallion as an apology. Bring in the oils!
Jul 11, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed this as much as you did. I share your "sadistic voyeur streak" and loved watching Ross's reactions in this one as well. Also agree that the epic visual of Ross's hard-on straining against his underwear was one of the scene's highlights!
smhard03 JUSTICE!!!!!! Justice is one of the sexiest BBA models on here! Face, body hair, dick, ASSSSSSS, and them cum shots always HIT! I wanna see Justice take Stallions big ass dick !!!!! Great work BBA! I will keep watching! Jul 11, 2022
rafex20 With the new and improved Ross, I would love to see what a complete scene with him and Stallion could have been. I'm guessing that would be a hard no for Stallion. Would love to see Stallion and Elijah that would be an incredibly hot scene. Jul 11, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're correct, that's a hard no from Stallion, sorry.
ef8432 Also I think when Ross was cumming Justice should start sucking his dick or jacking him off for a great reaction. Jul 11, 2022
ef8432 Y’all knew what y’all was doing by pairing Ross with Justice & making him take that nut to the face 😈 Jul 11, 2022
Montez Absolutely lol.
gtheking Impeccable scene! So good, I had to comment!!! The exchange in masculine dominance was captured in all the perfect shots.

Note to the producers: include hip hop music for transitions, B-roll, and the BBA theme music. This is BBA not SeanCody
Jul 10, 2022
conunjrum Well damn!!! I’m missing why Ross was missing and needed redemption, when Stallion is the one who needs to go!!! Ross has evolved!!! Meg the Stallion is more of a thoroughbred than Stallion… He’s terrible in every, I mean every scene!!! How does one come off as boring fucking Blake Bishop… Stallion doesn’t need redemption, just termination… Ross has a high rating for a reason!!! Although this scene was good, the absolute best was the dream sequence with Ross, Blake and the Ghost of Christmas Past!!! To the dumb ass who said Ross came back because he needs money, I retort who the fuck doesn’t need money now? Are you in a fucking cave in a hut??? Gas, food, utilities, etc. are all high as shit!! A car battery is now $200, a radiator is $150… Every fucking thing has elevated!! Go back and submerge your head in the sand dumb shit!!! Jul 10, 2022
MichaelGalletta I couldn't possibly disagree with you more. We've had some boring tops over the years, but Stallion is far from being one of them. Just the opposite. Admittedly, he was a bit more reserved in his recent scenes directed by Shax and Montez (found out later he was going through some personal stuff behind the scenes), but when he's at his best he brings an aggressive verbal energy that is thrilling to watch.
ACTION7 I nominate this for BEST VIDEO of the summer, the talent is OUTSTANDING, ROSS'S FINEST. HE MISSED US YALL AND WE LOVE HIM TO THE BONE. Jul 9, 2022
ericbb There was No chemistry...for these guys to do this gay, bi, curious, or straight you have to establish trust honor and respect...apparently Ross fucked up...he's a fave of mine but perhaps he's not built for this emotionally...hope you guys have a therapist on set for mental health checks...his is not a job for the weak...much respect to ALL OF THE GUYS ..that includes Ross cause I want him to win but I also want him to be 100% Jul 9, 2022
Montez I am not sure what you watched but I 100% disagree. There was definitely chemistry between Justice and Ross. So much so that I mentioned how surprised I was by it, to Michael.
ICeeIt21 I would like to take this time to extend an overdue 'thank you' and appreciation to all of you at BBA. I believe it was very big of you guys to offer up another opportunity to Ross to do what he is (now) obviously comfortable doing and what we fans enjoy seeing him do (and quite well in this scene, in particular). Justice is a long time fan favorite and BBA icon. For all that was intended with this pairing and the title of the scene, how fitting it is that Ross returns in grand sexual appeal to start, again, from the bottom up. While this is certainly not the best pairing or scene for either guy, it does represent what we have come to expect, respect, and appreciate about BBA...raw, uncut, hardcore, freaky amateur sex from black "boys" that truly are all our addictionz. Thank you Michael, Montez, Shax et al. for providing an outlet for pure perverted indulgences. Please keep the fresh talent and the heat cummin! The future is looking very sexy indeed. Jul 9, 2022
Montez On behalf of us all, thank you for the kind words and support. This was wonderful to read.
Nutcannon I really love Ross I really really do but never have I seen so much rage in a cum scene. Jul 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta You must not have seen most of our early BBA "facials" lol. First one that comes to mind is the one I gave D-Rel. Talk about a death glare lol.
mdcarmichael Thanks for allowing Ross (my all time favorite) to come back. Good decision to pair him with Justice. A reasonable sized dick for Ross to take without having to edit or ask the other model to hold back. Justice's cum shots are amazing! Jul 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta This is such a refreshing change of pace from the comments where people love to "Monday Morning Quarterback" and second-guess our casting decisions lol. Glad you understand and appreciate some of the reasoning that went into this pairing. We're pleased and proud of how it turned out, and honestly can't imagine it going quite this well with anyone else.
Docteur I think I recall seeing one of these scenes on here where the model bottoming said to the model topping, "Put that shit back in" when the dick came out of the ass. Does anyone remember what scene that was? Jul 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta Hmmm....I would need more details. That's not ringing a bell.
Nastynut Now this was a good ass REDEMPTION for Ross! I feel like it was just enough & he honestly performed mentally and emotionally on camera this time the best that I feel he ever has. I did catch a moment where he avoided a kiss with Justice while they were engaged in their foreplay but he redeemed himself in that moment with something else. I don’t expect a GAY FOR PAY man to come on here and let another man bust him wide open & act like a female while doing it so the fact that these men perform to the best of their ability of what we see on camera I APPRECIATE IT! They do a good job at fulfilling most of the crazy fantasies for us even the outrageous ones sometimes. 💯🥰 This was overall a good update for after a long break because what sounds short to the production, us as fans be anxiously awaiting our Thursday updates lol I know I do! So great job with the update.

PS: I WILL ADD, I AM PRAYYYYINNNGGGGGG that one of the updates we gone finally see Justice & My babyyyyy Bandit 😍🥰😍🥰🥵🥵🥵 (that man makes me weak he’s definitely number 1 for a reason) FLIP FLOP!! I think that’s going to be EPIC 🤌🏽 & a top scene if they both come & performmmm for us like we know they can & do!! Im hoping that’s why Justice didn’t bottom in this scene & judging if the story line in the beginning that ain’t who he initially there for so I’m intrigued lol 🌾👀🌾 I LOVE the old vets I could watch an update of bandit every week 💯

SHAMEEKS- (Chocolate melanin with a fat ass & beautiful dick with the BEST facial expressions)
TRAPP-OMG that man! He’s next to bandit as far as the “hoodness” for me 😍🔥🤌🏽 With that phat pretty ass & dick
-KAVii,Kavii, Kaviiiiiiii-He’s a fresh face with a banging body & performs extremely well in all the scenes we’ve seen & he got them facial expressions too
ZEKE-He was EVERYTHING total package 10/10 I highly recommend lol that asssssss & his chemistry & smile just lights up a room we need him in a full bottom scene with bandit too!! I’ll NEVERRR get tired of bandit!
& Stallion you should dismiss him he likes to do his straight onlyfans porn & straight exotic painting shows but won’t take dick likeeeee let’s next him now lol he’s overrated sorry fans he had a good run with that fat chocolate ass & stallion of a dick but he’s boring to me now
Jul 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your passionate and thorough review! I agree with most of it except the last part about Stallion. He's still a relatively new model and if I gave up on every model who didn't want to bottom, as quickly as you're advocating I do, BBA viewers would have missed out on some spectacular and historic "take-downs" over the years lol.

One of the things on my "To Do" list is to start tweeting some "Where Are They Now?" updates over on Twitter about some of the missing models we get asked about all the time. I'll probably copy and paste some of that here on the website as well. Stay tuned!
misterblack This is one of the hottest I’ve seen. Loved the enthusiasm Ross displayed from that early erection to his moans & growls as he was being serviced by the magnificent Justice who has always been my favorite. This was Ross’ scene though. Kudos to the director; loved all the positions & angles. Just as I thoroughly enjoyed the veterans, it was great to see Scuba, with all his sexiness. I’m anxiously awaiting his upcoming scenes. I love BBA. Keep doing what you’re doing gents. Jul 9, 2022
monkibone1134 this was so fucking sexy. the chemistry was A1. so glad to see Ross back again stretching his tight hole over some dick. the only thing i'd love to see next is Ross getting a nice messy creampie in his hole by a heavy cummer like Justice. Jul 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's something I'm more than happy to add to our "To Do" list for Ross's upcoming scenes. 😈
BBrooks Great scene but I don't find Justice attractive at all. Scene would have been better with a better top Jul 9, 2022
brookbroad Justice and Ross! Two of my favorite models on this site. Amazing. Jul 9, 2022
djv1234 Great to see Ross back and taking dick in this truly hot scene with Justice. BBA's excellent powers of persuasion worked well on Ross and hopefully will work too with Dominic returning and Stallion taking his next much requested step Jul 9, 2022
chgohydeparker He hath been redeemed. Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Imagining this in your booming pastor voice. Love it! 😂
maybelater Good dick make you forget! Ross i forgive you baby🥰! Damn the way you rode that dick I forgot everything...Stallion who???😂🤔 Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta 😂😂😂
marios Justice is a no for me 🙄 drop the next scene tomorrow lol Jul 8, 2022
androgyny757 We need somebody to open Ross up so he can take the big dick... Jul 8, 2022
Here4Ross ONE WORD: EPIC!!!
This is the best scene I have seen since the Pandemic!
Jul 8, 2022
Montez Well that is high praise. Considering some of the bangers that have come out of 2022. The top ten list at the end of the year is definitely going to be a difficult one to put together lol.
joeman It's sexy , erotic and fucking grand stuff with great oral just to keep the party alive. Justice delivers a great fuck and top cum shot. Ross is awesome as a bottom. Throw Bandit and Dominic in the mix next time for a scorcher and free for all. Jul 8, 2022
Saga888 Nice scene, Ross is amazing and Justice did his job properly.
But we'd like more breeding scenes, please :(
Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta We'll try our best to feature more breeding/creampie scenes in the future.
nbrown1210 Congrats to the cameraman for capturing such eye-scorching closeups of Ross's beautiful asshole! Too bad the angles and direction didn't do as good a job of featuring Justice's hairy hole. Great pairing. Welcome back to BBA to two of my favorites! Jul 8, 2022
Docteur I am not a fan of Justice at all. I wish there was someone else that could have "punished" Ross if you will. What I would love to see is Ross in an orgy where he gets fucked by all and has to suck, kiss and eat ass of all. More than anything a threesome with his brother Rush would be hot, where they both have to suck someone else's dick and get fucked by the third person, while they hug, rub on each other but not necessarily have sex as some would get turned off by the incest. Need Maleek and Rush together in a flip flop; need Bandit to top Deontrey; need Apollo to get Ross back for topping him. Also many on here ask about certain apparent former BBA models, my feeling is that certain ones have either decided to not do this anymore or some are incarcerated, and others refused to get vaccinated from the Coronavirus and thus that was the deal breaker. Manny Killa, Dominic, Trapp come to mind for the latter, and we all know about Scotty and Shaun and their propensity for jail - sighs. Jul 8, 2022
bigfanwow Wow!!! Talk about HOT! Ross definitely did that! All the riding scenes were hot af Jul 8, 2022
comelaywitme I loved the scene! It was great seeing Ross back. But Michael! I remember how you did Saint when he messed up one of your sets. Yes I been a member a long time. Lol! But you need to have Ross done like you did Sax for Halloween. Ross need to be bred by a few of your best before we call redemption. Still great to see him with that phat ass!! Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta We can definitely try to work our way up to that level of epic punishment/redemption, but for Ross's first time back we knew that would be way too ambitious and risky.
RobbySan29 Justice always delivers the BEST TOE SUCKING SCENES!!! I’m so ready for him to get a hold of Bandit and Maleek’s feet 💦💦😩😩 Jul 8, 2022
jaleyaahg So good to see one of my faves Ross back. I would love to see a scene with Ross and his brother Rush topping somebody. I'm thinking Scuba...I wouldn't mind seeing Bandit either. Them all flipping. Jul 8, 2022
bbadic92 These scene are getting worse and worse. Recycling the same guys. Justice is boring we’ve seen enough of Ross. It’s like you guys are being lazy now and not finding new talent Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta I'm all for honest and constructive feedback, but ignorant BS feedback like this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Ross hasn't been featured on the site in over half a year, and he's been in high demand from most of our viewers. You clearly aren't paying close attention because literally the update prior to this one featured a fresh new face in Maleek. Right on the heels of a year that has introduced plenty of exciting new talent like Deontrey, Drezzy, Zeke, Saxgotem, Rush, Elijah, Zander, Kavii, Stallion, and returning long-lost fan favorite Jahan Ace.

If you don't like a particular pairing, just say so, but to accuse us of being "lazy" and not finding new talent is just obnoxiously and provably false.
Dualex That was hot. Oh gosh. He really redeemed himself, didn't he? I can't remember seeing rodeo riding on BBA b4... Yes, everyone deserves a second chance. Now bring Stallion to Ross. Jul 8, 2022
Kevinjamal Damn ross , the way he was riding the dick 😍 fire Jul 8, 2022
SharodXXL Waste of scene with Ross. I think everyone is over him at this point. It would’ve been hotter if Michael tag teamed Ross by topping him and making Ross suck his dick Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta I think a quick glance through these comments will show you that your statement about everyone being over Ross is ridiculously, provably FALSE.
anutha1987 This was an extremely sexy video. I loved the foreplay, the oral, and the kissing (would have loved to see more tongue). Ross seemed so turned on and more comfortable. My favorite parts had to be Ross and Justice frotting and when Ross was riding - which I would have loved to see more of. Keep the heat coming this summer BBA and definitely consider a part 2 with these two with Justice on bottom or a verse scene! Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the encouraging feedback! We were all completely caught off guard and blown away by just how comfortable and turned on Ross seemed to be with Justice. Never would have expected this level of chemistry between them tbh.
jaypablo Great seeing justice back and with Ross,
Hot scene both of them together.
Jul 8, 2022
dlking93 Ross is that dude always been so sexy justice is very lucky finally got to see Ross kiss! Jul 8, 2022
malkezie0 omg yesss glad Ross is back! he's my fav! Jul 8, 2022
ChgoSheers Thank goodness my guy Ross is back!!!!!
Two of my FAVS in an incredible scene!!!
Loved the chemistry, responses and dirty talk.
Justice is my toe sucking KING!!! That made my day. Ross' body, flawless. Just waiting to see Ross in a bondage scene!!!
Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Ross in a kinky bondage scene would be hot. Thanks for the reminder.
Shirly223 Yay lol I say throw him in between bandit and another well endowed model and his redemption will be complete. Or you can turn it into a whole series titled Ross’s Path to Redemption where your top models each have their way with him Jul 8, 2022
haughtona2 So glad Ross is back!!!! Still not feeling Justice! Jul 8, 2022
bigdaddymn1 His punishment should have Been him getting ganged banged . Now that’s a cum back Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Ha! Hopefully that can still be arranged in the future, but that would have been way too ambitious and risky for his first scene back.
A123 This was a decent scene. It’s nice to see Ross again. He still seems a bit hesitant to kiss and eat ass. He especially seemed to hate the facial, but at least he tried. On another note, will models like Dominic, Manny Killa, Jah, and/or Trapp ever return? Just trying to set the proper expectation for all future scenes. Again, for the most part this scene was decent. Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's part of what makes this scene unique and momentous, the fact that all three of those things Ross has been refusing to do for literally YEARS, and we finally talked him into doing it all for his fans. Naturally, he's refused to do these things for a reason, so some reluctance is to be expected (and part of the wicked appeal for us more sadistic viewers lol).
davids Ross showed back up with his game on point. I have never seen him ride a dick from so many different angles. He got into the moment with Justice. It was clear he understood his assignment, and that was to remind his fans why we love him so much. Welcome, Ross. You are redeemed. Jul 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! I like the way you put that, about Ross fully understanding his assignment and reminding everyone why they fell in love with him in the first place. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
zaygotit The perfect redemption fashooo 🔥🔥🔥 Ross was so submissive it was perfect Jul 8, 2022
Yourtemp I miss Justice Bottoming 😭 Jul 8, 2022
griz85 Yesss rossss I did not even watch it but i am so happy Jul 7, 2022
ACTION7 ROSS IS A Natural STAR with REAL Heart Jul 7, 2022
justreal07 Outstanding job Ross and Justice! BBA has done it again with this masterpiece!!!!! Jul 7, 2022
FreakTeach Ross (my fave) is sexy af! Especially when he's taking dick but if being nutted on his face is repulsive to him please don't make him. Also, people be sleep on how fine Justice is and that stubble look is really working for him. Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta Are you new? 🤔😈
bbadic92 The gap between videos is too long and then you come with this bs Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta What you dismiss as "BS" is a scene that other viewers are calling a "masterpiece" and easily one of the best scenes we've put out this year lol.
TennesseeBator I am going to keep this review short & sweet: this was a masterpiece and this is why I keep my membership going at BBA, the heat was brought! Jul 7, 2022
magoomonday ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jul 7, 2022
turner95 I’ve never seen Ross look so good. He definitely out-performed himself in this one. Very sexy Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed this! We would never have chosen the scene title we did if we didn't feel confident that this was Ross at the very top of his game.
Whome27 Wait Ross is kissing on camera now and enjoying the dick?! Sh*t I'm jelly. Can a brotha get a go with him, lol. Nice chemistry betwixt the two. Wish this was a flip/flop because Justice is awesome as a verse. Jul 7, 2022
clarkwbc Love Ross so much good pairing Jul 7, 2022
Dope88 Well well well.
Great Scene.
Justice is a damn freak, Ross i appreciate the progression and im glad you’ve gotten another chance. I enjoyed.

Bandit made my heart flutter when i seen him pop up on the screen.

Good Job 👏🏽
Jul 7, 2022
hines1983 Ross came back because he needed the money. Jul 7, 2022
blackmagic11 I know we were all disappointed with Ross. BUT, he's a BBA icon. He's the 5th ranked model for a reason. Scene was stellar and I'm glad he got his moment of redemption. Justice was great, too. Even though that grandpa mustache ages him lol. Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta I agree with you about Justice's hideous mustache. It definitely ages him and makes him look like a 70's porn star lol. But grooming pet peeves aside, he was the perfect match for Ross in this scene, and I'm so glad you and so many others have been enjoying this reminder of what makes Ross a BBA icon.
cam6594 BBA did a great job! Welcome back Ross! Jul 7, 2022
mrwhitley1 The Redemption would’ve been having Ross & Stallion do a round 2.
I definitely thought with talk of “New School” & the Future y’all should’ve casted Zeke. He Would’ve tore Ross up…now that’s revenge. Also did Ross say not to have him Kiss throughout the scene??? Cause if Not the “direction” should’ve pushed for kissing throughout the whole scene.
I’m glad they got to link up, Usually Justice seems more freaky. Definitely more reserved in this scene.
Ross was bobbing for apples gulping deep on Justice dick, & he rode the fuck out that dick too.
EnForce it!!!! 😄
Ross was looking to get dominated and bitch out.
Y’all stay Tryna make everyone a bottom 9x10 they gone like dick 😂.
Zeke/Ross. Apollo/Ross. Ross/Drezzy
Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta Zeke wasn't available for this production trip, and I actually disagree that he'd be a good scene partner for Ross. A re-do with Stallion is NEVER going to happen, as Stallion understandably has no desire to work with Ross again, and that's just another disaster and waste of time waiting to happen.

Justice was the PERFECT scene partner for Ross's "redemption," bringing a successful mix of aggression and patience to the scene. In fact, everyone was shocked at just how obviously turned on Ross seemed to be by Justice.
kamron12345 Time for Ross to be bred. Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta That would be hot. We'll see what we can do. 😈🤞
Salvator96 Ross got the best ass on BBA!!!!! Really missed him. Jul 7, 2022
200water I’m so happy to see my boy Ross back! He did not disappoint. He put on a show. The skin on skin grinding was so hot. Him riding Justice even hotter. Man his hole still looks so tight. This is definitely a multiple nut watch. Now if you really want to make it up to us swallow your pride and redo the Stallion scene Jul 7, 2022
faulknerfan Scrubbed my way through BBA’s latest just to get a feel for it but had to stop scrubbing and pay attention halfway through! Those two are sexual athletes - nay Olympians! Watching them go at it tired me out, but in a good way. So glad you took Ross back. He’s the sexual equivalent of a genius and, like most geniuses, a nut job and impossible to be around. But… his genius makes him worth the hassle. As you obviously know from your dealings with so many of BBA’s other “geniuses.” Also, hats off to Shax. Very nice job here. He seems to be getting the hang of producing videos for people who just want to jerk off, or maybe he’s given up on art, lol. But his craftsmanship remains first rate. Was a little disappointed when I saw the same old faces again at the beginning (except for Bandit), but this first installment shooed away that feeling. Good to have BBA back. Jul 7, 2022
Dreadhead9 Love them both😍 but please use lots of lube! That could’ve made this scene even better they would’ve got deeper and slippery Jul 7, 2022
hollandjb fucking hell justice looks so hot here. even moreso than usual Jul 7, 2022
chucke1 No way would I ever have allowed Ross back, not with that attitude! Burned my bridge, not interested! Jul 7, 2022
brianhpotter05 The facial I was waiting for. Thank you Michael. I saw Ross and skipped to the end just to see if it would FINALLY happen. Again thank you. Jul 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're very welcome! You know that's been on my private "To Do" list for a VERY long time. 😈
swaggonauto Love u Ross and proud of u Jul 7, 2022
loydstar Cool...we also need his little bro back!!! I'd like to see you or Saint break lil bro in though!! Jul 7, 2022

Here at BBA, we believe in second (and sometimes third, fourth, even fifth....) chances and always love a real-life "redemption" story arc. If we required pure perfection from ourselves and our models, we'd have gone out of business many years ago.

With this in mind, we humbly listened to our viewers and reluctantly agreed to give Ross a chance at redemption.

"I know y'all probably thought y'all wasn't gonna see me again!" Ross sheepishly admits at the start of this scene.

And THIS time, he's shown up with something to prove, further expanding his boundaries and revealing a passionate, freaky side NEVER seen before in any of his previous scenes!

"I'm gonna try to go outside my box again for you guys," he teases with a seductive smirk in his eyes. "So I hope you guys enjoy it!"

When Ross finds himself sharing a room with Justice on our latest trip, see for yourself JUST HOW FAR he was willing to go in order to reclaim his reputation and repair the bridges he'd burned....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 7, 2022 49 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Ross

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