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darkmanjah28 @Dualex I appreciate the info bruh! Im already following 12 ppl on OF, now I'm gonna add 13 AND 14, LOL. And i agree with you and @Khalil...Top 5 without a doubt, and anyone who says different must not be from this planet Earth, but from the planet Emotionless, lol. May 18, 2024
khalil @Dualex.. i second that statement...Top 5 May 12, 2024
Dualex @darkmanjah28... They're both on X and OF... Top 5 BBA pairings. Say no more. May 1, 2024
darkmanjah28 I saw the premier off this vid. It is STILL, to me, the hottest no penetration video i have EVER seen, ever. I mean, for example, just watching the eye contact git my rod stiff. I also can NEVER sit still and watch the video all the way through bc i git sooo aroused i dont wanna bust, lol. So, i stop it usually after 20 min and find a soccer match somewhere on Bein Sports, lol. Lastly, im sooo glad JuJu gotta OF account. I havent subbed yet, but real soon, so i can tip his fyn azz regularly. Legend need an OF too. Dat bro is...JUST as fyn and sexy as JuJu. This is just crazy yo!!! Apr 22, 2024
BigGoog Legend waste too much time putting the dildo up in Juju Apr 15, 2024
davids I love seeing these two guys together. The chemistry between them is so natural. Both guys seem to really enjoy each other's company. I can't wait to see them in another scene together. Mar 7, 2024
Dualex Well done Legend as our fave new model and JuJu fave model overall. Whoever decided to pair you deserves a high 5... Feb 27, 2024
Docteur JuJu says he will never bottom or suck dick and there is no amount of money that will make him do either. Amazing you will jack a dick, eat ass, kiss a man and even let his cum get on your hand, but you have absolute no-nos - hmmm. Let's see how this works out LOL Feb 17, 2024
koolkatmd These 2 are 🔥 I know it would've been 10x BETTER WITHOUT THE TOYS FOR ME. ESPECIALLY they both have nice ass and dick. I'm just not into the toys. Feb 10, 2024
rayray214 Bro u fucks with that slow 4play.! Feb 2, 2024
demanding I like the other BBA models but JuJu and Legend are my new favorites- they work great together please keep pairing them up again and again - we need a marathon for just them two—exclusive content !!!! Jan 24, 2024
chocolatedark Ready to see juju bottom Jan 16, 2024
Dualex And I'm still revisiting... Jan 4, 2024
Dualex Read the Juju/Bandit scene comments. Some1 said 'Juju has not found a scene partner to match his energy'. Legend is the one.
I need 2 more scenes with them. Or plenty till I get bored, I love the magic and dynamic they create as a duo.
They also can't leave us without a blowjob or even an attempted one 👌🏾... Bring em back again...
Dec 30, 2023
natedog89 This was fire! The frottage was so good. Dec 27, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 North Poled is going all the way up and I had to come back to where it all started for the JuJu and Legend series! These two are 🔥🔥🔥 together! The fun, laughter, attraction, sexy eye contact, kissing, licking, and taking each other to new places are Amazing! I can imagine and hope we get to see JuJu cumming inside of Legend, them getting super freaky with some great oral, and them telling each other it's their ass while hitting from the back or watching the other one ride it. They gotta see how great they are together and we can't wait for more of their explorations of each other. JuJu he's yours and Legend you got him! I'm addicted! Dec 27, 2023
Dualex Legend is right, him and Juju create magic. It's hard in BBA world but they should only bottom for each other. Sex is mostly about connection which creates unforgettable scenes. Dec 27, 2023
darkmanjah28 Fuuuuuuuk. All i got to say is is that there aint no losers in this one. In other words, the Sun (JuJu) and Moon (Legend) was in perfect alignment. Merry Merry Christmas to me, lol. (And i aint even seen their LATEST vid yet. Awwwwwwww shit, lol)! Dec 26, 2023
tassain54 Legend You is PHINE as Fuck you are a Ten Plus Flawless Body , Ass , Beautiful Afro - Centre lips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 25, 2023
jgxtasy81 Vote for Legend. He brought me back and didn't disappoint. Juju is now a favorite 😍 Dec 14, 2023
blackspice505 This scene could not have been possible without Juju and Legend. I personally can’t pick a winner, they are both hot ass Champs!! Juju showed a level of Sensuality, Tenderness and openness that took my breath away. Legend was a perfect match for this scene!! Move over Apollo, Saint, Ross and Bandit, there’s some new Men in town🔥😍😜😘 Dec 11, 2023
Docteur Well, these two have kissed they jerked each other off they fingered each other they put toys in each other. They sucked each other‘s nipples rubbed each other have done frottage so now it’s time for them to suck each other and fuck each other. I can think of some other models I’d like to see JuJu with since I am not a Legend fan, but these two deserve an encore and perhaps throw in Ross or Zeke. Dec 10, 2023
MrBrown19942 Congrats to Legend, for winning! I fell in love with him, after watching this scene a few times. Whew.. this scene will never get old! lol. Thank you again, BBA. 🧨💛 Dec 2, 2023
jaypablo Omg this was a great scene, loved it, they both were great, it’s hard to pick one but Legend got more into it and took it well, this will be perfect for a flip flop for the next video, these 2 had such great chemistry, they gotta fuck each other, I think they will both enjoy it very much, I would like to see Juju get it first and then he fucks legend, juju was also a good sport, you could see he was a little nervous, that’s why he was doing all that talking, these 2 already busted each others cherries with that dildo, now they need to make each other comfortable enough to take the real thing. Dec 2, 2023
Dualex Man like Ledge!! Well done. Wish I cud hv voted for Juju too. He brought the humour, the jokes. The way u ate Ledge 😋.. Juju won part 1 but Ledge had too much fun with those toys. Dec 2, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World -- A shoutout to Legend -- "YOU BETTER GO BOY" !!!!! Dec 2, 2023
MichaelGalletta CONGRATS to Legend for winning the bonus cash prize, earning an impressive 74% of your votes! 👏🏆

JuJu received 26%, but many of you rightfully admitted it was a VERY difficult decision to make.

Thanks to both guys for giving us one of our hottest scenes of the year!
Dec 1, 2023
arch_back Legend got this even tho he had previous experience. Juju is typical neighborhood boy but damn, those are the ones I'm anxious to fuck. Dec 1, 2023
Dualex Seriously BBA, this is CLASSIC! My tops this year:
1. Juju/Legend.
2. Diez/Denzel
3. Diez/Jboolee
4. Denzel/Stephon.
5. Kilo/Zeke.
I watched the Shaun/Trapp and Scotty and trying to understand what do some see in it? It put me to sleep.
Yet they criticise this Juju/Legend masterpiece. I just don't understand.
Please read the commentary, I'm sure Michael or Montez explain it all.
Sex is not going to Pound Town ALL the time. Sex can be erotic with nice frot, sexy kisses, banter and A1 bromance foreplay...
And wassup with people hating on Legend's looks? Are you mad?
That boy is sexy and his exotic looks hypnotise me lol.
I'm sure Juju got hypnotised by it too he seemed like falling in love ha ha...
Once again one of your best scene but please don't make me beg u for part 2.
Nov 30, 2023
onetrickpony The way I keep coming back to this scene 😋😋😌😌😌 Nov 29, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Who "won" this competition? Did I miss the announcement? Nov 28, 2023
Meatlover Underwhelming as fuck. I might as well had watched lesbian porn. They’re still both scared of the dick and it’s fucking annoying now. These n*ggas need to step it the fuck up already.

And no one won.
Nov 26, 2023
man12345 Y'all need to stop stalling, when is JuJu going to give it up? Nov 24, 2023
Sexxyme yes finally i'm up cooking about to watch the new scene. Nov 23, 2023
Martial Legend got my vote! Juju was great too Nov 22, 2023
peterj09 Legend gets the vote! Him and that dildo had a time! Nov 22, 2023
BluGod12 Idk when it’ll happen but I can’t wait to see these two with Diez, Denzel and Zeke. Nov 22, 2023
KDavion94 Legend took the cake here .. pretty evenly matched but once the toys came out legend took them a lil better and longer Nov 22, 2023
WSteven I’ll go for LEGEND.
JUJU performed very well in this scene.
Nov 21, 2023
lonleyman2 Legend all the way for the win Nov 21, 2023
MrBrown19942 I vote for Legend. This scene made me see him in a different way (a good way). Bring Legend and Juju back, 10 more times! Please. Lol. Nov 21, 2023
PENO_XXX I'm in agreement with the other subscribers we should see more videos than what we are seeing . If you made it known to the subscribers that three videos will be updated monthly we haven't been getting that. My personal opinion is that you upload a hot video like Legend and JuJu and when it comes to the subscribers subscription to end than you upload another hot video to bate the subscribers to resubscribe. That is my personal opinion because that is what I have witnessed. Nov 21, 2023
MichaelGalletta The publication dates for our scenes are literally right there on the website, for everyone to see. Clearly showing that we consistently update the website three times a month, as promised. Respectfully, your "personal opinion" doesn't reflect reality.
yngpblo This was probably the best video yall posted!!! I usually skip through the video but I actually watched all of this!!! I busted a fat nut too!! Sheesh we need more video like this with two tops!! These two were PERFECT!!! Their energy together was awesome!! We need a part two with these two guys!!!! Nov 21, 2023
sorcier my vote goes to legend. love juju but legend won this one. he was ready to take that dick. Nov 20, 2023
ooouuuutbaby ima keep my true comment to myself but commenting says a LOT from me 😭 Nov 18, 2023
Taylor500 either one of them bottoming would be gold!! Plsssssss make it happen Mike! Nov 17, 2023
cbd1012 Legend delivered for sure Nov 17, 2023
conunjrum Legend gets my vote… barely Nov 17, 2023
lonleyman2 Why we don't get what's coming soon? We miss them preview days Nov 16, 2023
lustgawd89 This was fire 🔥🔥

Sb: Yall kill me with the “production issues” excuses for the “off week” lol I feel like with all the subscribers this site has 1 video a week isn’t a hard ask
Nov 15, 2023
MichaelGalletta Nobody was making excuses. We only promise three updates a month and that has been the case for many years now. We announce these "off" weeks as a courtesy to our monthly subscribers, but they're a built-in part of the schedule. Was simply explaining that the updates are spaced out a bit differently than usual this month due to our production schedule and the holiday falling a little earlier than usual this month.
anthonyjohnson Juju is one of the sexiest models on the roster. Kinda confusing laughing while i JO. Lol. Overall though Legend took the cake for me. Nov 15, 2023
KNG5TNFN Please do "Stallion" & that new guy that wiped the floor with "Diez's" ass ... "Jboolee" for next , please, please, please! 😉😉😉 this was ............ mwah! Par excellawnse 😋😍😍😍😍👌🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💪🏽💪🏽. The behind the scenes on this must've been pure fun to reccord, both guys did a beautiful job, sex appeal was off the map yo! But " Legend" just edged out "JuJu" for me by a finger tip. Those moans yo 😍😍😍 and that exotic stares he was giving "JuJu",,,,,, smh oh lawdy, lawdy..... Nov 15, 2023
hcs1220 These the type of Niggas we tryna see. This was lit 🔥 Nov 15, 2023
DjbiATL 🔥👌💯🔥 Hell yea, this wtf we been missing right here. Legend so MF sexy. Even JuJu alpha energy could not resist and succumb to it. Best pairing of two newbies for 2023. Nov 15, 2023
texasbugg Juju when u was tongue kissing legend I had to pull up Rick James song ( DREAM MAKER) I remember being in my room playing house with this young thug we was in bed under a thick blanket that thug put his tongue 👅 so deep in my mouth 👄 then Rick James song dream maker came on he was fucking me so good I use to call him my milky way bar sexy chocolate like u juju u got my vote dream maker great 👍 job u guys 20 plus Nov 15, 2023
Queengohma15 Great scene, Legend wins this round. Nov 15, 2023
TXDude7 Chemistry was on 🔥🔥🔥 my vote for Legend Nov 15, 2023
texasbugg I got to give my vote to juju I saw a side of him come out l never saw before he tongue kissing juju was really feeling this juju is opening up this scene was fire for real I can’t wait to see juju bottom the best part is after he bottom he still got his thug card plus getting fucked don’t make u gay I hope the new scene next week will be juju/ Diez please let it be j/d where juju will tap out when he finds out he can’t handle Diez good boipussy Nov 15, 2023
thinman1961 part 2 is about to be amazing!!!!!!!!! this flip session will set records Nov 14, 2023
Verdade I love all the comments. These guys are great. I would ask all the posters? Who are your favorite 3 new guys, and who are your fave 3 old school guys? I love Blake,Manny,Justice,Isaiah...Love Jboolee is sexy. What do you guys think about Migo becoming such a star as Anton Harden in straight porn? Do you guys like Anton Harden? Just asking? Thanks. Love all of your comments. Nov 14, 2023
MichaelGalletta We'll have a slightly odd update schedule this month due to our production plans & the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. But wanted to let everyone know this will be an "off" week, followed by the remaining two promised updates for November on 11/22 & 11/30. Stay tuned! Nov 14, 2023
bret2613 My vote goes to Legend. He seemed most passionate during the scenes. Nov 14, 2023
marxwayne20 Legend all the way, I think he would let JuJu hit cause the way he was moaning on the dildos. Nov 14, 2023
Dualex Would love to see 2 newcomers experiment the whole journey. Will be a first for this wonderful site. Part 1 was very promising and hopefully we'll get a part 2 with the same models, and even more mind-blowing. They were very patient with each other, so, they can do it. Nov 13, 2023
freaktopboi By far this is one of the best scenes I’ve ever watched. The chemistry between the two of them is immaculate. They both are pushing their limits more than expected, which to help me let one out. Nov 13, 2023
blackspice505 I’m so blown away by the Professional approach and ability of these guys. Props to the camera operator, he knows the hottest and most steamy angles. This is online porn at its Best!!🔥⚡️BBA you came thru Big Time🫶🏽😍😍😜 Nov 12, 2023
enomad After reading all of the glowing comments I must be missing something. This was a bit boring to me, sorry. I'm not canceling though, I get value from the site, this one just did nothing for me. Nov 12, 2023
bkwilliam This was a good scene, in fact really good. I appreciate them pushing their limits and expanding their sexual pleasures. Honestly, it seemed like they both have had some type of hole play before now, especially Legend (I knew it before he said he’s done some play before on OF!). Did y’all see when Legend grabbed Juju’s hand to push that thang in more and he said “faster” and Juju was like “really?” That was hot af. I know we all, or most of us really want to see them take dick, but I only ask that their first dick is not a monster dick. There are several models with small to medium sized dicks that would be perfect for beginning (ha ha, yeah right but ok) hole training. I want them to ease into it so they will enjoy it and begin to crave more dick; then they’ll move up to the monster dicks. And let’s not forget Legend’s face down ass up!!!’ That arch was absolutely everything. I have to go back and watch again and hopefully make it to the end w/o nutting at least 2 times. Juju is sexy af and his ass is beautiful but it’s something about Legend for me. This dude is irresistibly sexy and delicious and I’ll take him any hour of the day. I would say though that I’d like to see them swallow a dick…can’t wait to see their initial hesitation (like Diez’s first scene but by the second scene it was on and popping…he loves it). This round is definitely Legend for me, hands down. Thank to the models/actors for your work but the BBA production team/staff are the real winners for their tireless work to find good talent. Thank you all!!!! Nov 12, 2023
BluGod12 Both did great and it was a very close call, but I’m giving it to Legend. Juju is still that dude tho!

Also…I wonder why the same 2-3 people are always in the comments for every update complaining and claiming to cancel their memberships. It’s been months if not over a year…yet here they are still.
Nov 12, 2023
mrbates 4 stars! I never thought that "sexual simulation" could be so arousing! Excellent work!!!! Nov 12, 2023
ef8432 Legend won
Juju personality is a gem

Cum shots were good just wanted to see Legends Face
Nov 12, 2023
ScorpioJay97 I was so turned on by both Juju and Legend. I felt the chemistry between them and loved the sensual sex between them. Would love to see them take each other’s sexy hairy dick. Nov 11, 2023
hairyassholes101 The way how juju kept talking and goofing around was making the scene more sexy lol hopefully he can act more like this in future scenes ! Nov 11, 2023
hairyassholes101 10/10 !!!! This vid was like a big throwback !! We need more type of reality scenes like this pleasseee !!!! Nov 11, 2023
11luvme2u Cool scene. I can't wait for their bottoming debuts. Nov 11, 2023
Docteur It is high time for JuJu to go all the way. There needed to be some mutual oral. I am not a fan of Legend, so this pairing didn't work for me, but the competition plot was interesting. Nov 11, 2023
misterblack Everything about this scene was outstanding. From the frotting, the massaging of each others assholes, and finally the penetration, it was one of the most erotic I've seen. The closeup views of their beautiful bodies are what aroused me the most (maybe the fact they didn't fuck allowed the camera better access?) Loved both of their muscular asses; Legend's winking hairy asshole; those popping abs of his and that thick dick. Damn JuJu has a sexy smile. One of my favorite moments was when JuJu caressed Legends balls as he inserted the dildo, producing those moans and the request not to stop. They had great chemistry and seemed to really enjoy each other; loved the humor as well. Please pair them again. I hope both of them decide to bottom; appears Legend might be the first. I'd also like to see them embrace sucking dick in the near future. As always, thank you gentlemen. Nov 11, 2023
Dualex They're both Aries. Let's call their next vid: 'the battle of the Aries' 🐏♈ Nov 11, 2023
Charmed35 Ima give my vote to Juju because he is Good I like Legend and he need to keep up the good work but Juju have been working hard and has more sex scenes than Legend yeah Legend sexy and definitely took that dildo good asf but JuJu been puttin more work wit his videos now if Legend had more sex videos he would have won 🥰😍❤️ but both are winners but I got to give it to JuJu that been putting that dick to work Juju need to step it up though and bottom for a scene next time wit Dat perfect ass Legend ass look good too Nov 11, 2023
Dualex After rewatching Juju actually played cleverly. He's got a serious tongue game. The way he ate Legend really turned me on. Some serious freakiness there from the both of them. Nov 11, 2023
Zester1 Ok that really was hot Nov 11, 2023
clarkwbc Now this was hot , u can tell they had fun together and some passionate moments love the grinding Nov 11, 2023
tj3174021 Legend hands down! Great scene Nov 11, 2023
usmarshall My vote is for Legend. Let's see them both take the real thing in another scene. Before you guys make a Final Decision. Nov 11, 2023
Dualex Kangs are just testing the waters. Once they read the reviews we'll probably get more... Nov 11, 2023
Sexxyme put Jboolee in the mix that would be a hot 3some. Nov 10, 2023
Sexxyme THANK YOU. This is why i joined BBA, hot scenes like this can't wait for the sequel both of them giving up the ass to each other, Nov 10, 2023
gnat34 Juju has become my favorite too bad he doesn’t bottom I want to see him get fucked so bad damn he is a sex demon Nov 10, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World this is Chauncey -- This was a fun vid -- and it is a fav to boot -- I will be checking it out again and again and again - you get the message / lol !!! -- So cutting to the chase -- I'm casting my vote for Legend -- Legend is smooth and cums to the table with a more advanced "game". He knows how to combine making love with having just sex -- Also I like the way Legend worships the body and obviously believes your body is a temple so take care of it -- come with that perspective in mind is so sexy, especially to an all the way gay man like myself who has been around the block a few times or more / lol -- Legend is my dream date -- Now for Juju -- I like Juju's energy and his focus on really wanting to please the other person. He also can be very romantic wanting to chill at the end with his partner/s and build a connection between him and his partner. However, at the end of the day, Legend gets my vote -- Thank you for making this type of scene a priority/ Kudos to the production team and the performers -- It's BBA 4Ever -- Please keep the surprises coming -- Everyone remain safe and enjoy the upcoming holidays !!!! -- This is your boy Chauncey -- Peace Nov 10, 2023
biggsexyface Hands down, one of the hottest, sexiest scenes you have done!! Both of them did exceptionally well, I wish I could vote for them both. Legend has my vote, since he is one of my favorite newcomers. I would love to see a threeway with these two and Maleek. Nov 10, 2023
badizm66 boring scene wasted effort, not even hard , no kissing, rimming wasnt good either, maybe a 3some with juju legend and bandit but this scene nope Nov 10, 2023
vinrod79 Legend definitely has my vote. Nov 10, 2023
200water These are the kind of scenes I like. Two masculine enjoying each other. I would have to say Juju won since this is the most he has done to date Nov 10, 2023
PENO_XXX My vote is for Legend😍😍😍😍 Nov 10, 2023
Dualex Great sex requires long and hot starters. So I'm expecting a very delicious main course 😋 Nov 10, 2023
rawwar21 My vote is for Legend. Cant wait until they start doing more. If they want to be in the top 10 they are going to have to step it up. Nov 10, 2023
king500 Yes great reminds me of what bba is all about. Now it's time for these men to get penetrated by some real dick from each other Nov 10, 2023
zamontekg Y’all should do a scene where bandit take turns breaking them both in I pay to see that Nov 10, 2023
Wblackstudstud Sorry I must be missing something, neither guys could keep their dicks hard. All they were doing was rolling around on the bed.
Please bring Jay C back and Beno back.
Nov 10, 2023
supreme BBA how can you ask me to vote when I cannot get through the first 15 minutes!! So much fire , fire, fire Juju like I said in other comments is a bottom waiting to happen , I think it was he who brought out an exceptional performance from Legend so far. Nov 10, 2023
TennesseeBator OVERALL WINNER: Legend Nov 10, 2023
romans18x Legend won every round need a bttm or flip scene asap Nov 10, 2023
Phuryous I'm a top but was in a LTR with another top so essentially we became "sides" with each other. This scene was very reminiscent of our sex life, except there was oral. I found our sex life to be one of the most intimate fulfilling relationships I've had, even without penetration. It was an open relationship so we were both able to have outside sex with a bottom, if we wanted to fuck. But I found that the intimacy made up for the lack of penetration, so I became a side for around three years and never felt a need to engage with an outside partner. This scene reminded me of that relationship, so it was a hot scene for me. It seemed to work for the majority of the people who made comments. There were a handful of people who whined about there being no fucking.There are HUNDREDS of other scenes available on this site to satisfy their need for penetration. But every now and then, you throw in a scene that shows some variety, I'm fluid so most of the scenes (even the straight scenes) appeal to me. In this scene, Legend seemed to go with the flow and was more comfortable and into it than Juju. Also, I just find him really sexy with the dreads, natural hairy body (like Stylez), easy charm, and personality. Nov 10, 2023
jordanown01 Soooo if either bottom in a scene hopefully the first time is with each other Nov 10, 2023
loydstar Love to see another scene with Legend being aggressive with Ju ....shiii would be 🔥 especially while Ju playing his innocent good boy role...Lol Nov 10, 2023
chucke1 Geez, I am shocked some people didn't like this scene!!!! This is how BBA started and made it what it is!!!! Nov 10, 2023
imanew15 Juju won this for me facial expressions, seemed really into it and he did more than I ever thought he would Nov 10, 2023
jairock2016 JuJu is fine as fuck. This was definitely one of the best scenes. Nov 10, 2023
Bertless65 I was bored AF. Would have been a hotter scene if they sucked each other's dicks!!! Nov 10, 2023
Roseburg2000 Great job fellas I enjoyed both performers, it's a tie for me. PS.. Apollo would be a perfect match with either guy. Nov 10, 2023
cocopop Loved the scene, the chemistry, kissing was hot as hell. My vote goes to Legend cause he seems more into it than Juju. I've watched a many straight models come through BBA, all have been able to take a finger, or at lease a butt plug. The fact Juju was uncomfortable with either, tells me he wont be bottoming anytime some. Now Legend that brother was ready in this scene. I feel he'll be the first to bottom. Nov 9, 2023
FreakTeach Let's get these two in a flip flop scene immediately! This was hot af! Nov 9, 2023
misterblack Juju just edges Legend; review to follow. Nov 9, 2023
chaotic92 Legend won it was the arch for me lol Nov 9, 2023
DamariLuv Absolutely Legend. All around, every round. Nov 9, 2023
frank47 simply JuJu perfect ass for taking dick and can't wait to see his lips sucking on a big dick Nov 9, 2023
Duchess This update should of been held at least to the 2nd or 3rd update for November scenes, especially coming off Hiatus for two weeks. I Truly think Mike G has sold the BBA brand and his name is just still being
in use 😏 BTW gtr8 guys.Juju Catalogue is getting lengthy,and still not doing much.And I go to say this year is almost over Michael G you have not return as promised and or brung back some of older Gr8s.Too many new recruits not doing much 🙄 Needs Better Coaching IMO.
Nov 9, 2023
joshma77 Legend won. But want to see Juju spitroasted and facial. Be heaven. Bukkake of Juju like Apollo Nov 9, 2023
champ53 Loved the scene. Legend and JuJu did their thing. Everyone is saying that Legend was really into JuJu, but I think JuJu was really into Legend. JuJu kept giving Legend compliments on his looks, body, and hair. I think something happened when the camera was turned off! Looking forward for these two to be paired again soon I hope! Great Job! Nov 9, 2023
nastyscorp10 Dope! The only thing missing was mutual sucking. Maybe next time🤷🏾‍♂️ Legend got this one though! I bet they both suck a mean dick. Nov 9, 2023
SilkySlim1986 JuJu won round one, but Legend took round two. Legend won overall, but it was close. I absolutely loved this scene! They made simulated sex look better than the real thing. The chemistry was undeniable. They both look ready for the next level. Nov 9, 2023
Sageking3 Apollo need to come back to open up juju Nov 9, 2023
MrBrown19942 I really enjoyed this scene, overall! Their chemistry is amazing. It's hot as hell, too. Thank you, BBA!! Nov 9, 2023
Dualex I did not think they needed direction. They were absolutely fine. Need to re watch it again... Very very good update. I wanted more more more. Very good. Nov 9, 2023
Dualex 3rd comment. LEGEND is the winner.
He was really into Juju, his level of maturity, not willing to kill the flow, professionalism...
I know Juju is gonna top him and I'm FINE with that!!! I loved this update. It was perfect.
Nov 9, 2023
Dualex 2nd comment... I love me some serious bromance wow! I'm hot!
BBA deserves a massive hug for that scene. I LAAAAAAVED IT!
Watched it from head to toe, start to finish. I shot a big one at the end.
I was expecting Juju fingering Legend while jerking him off but it did not happen. I would never have imagined them two together at all, unless 3some.
From the beginning I saw that Legend was really into Juju, he wanted to kiss the boy so bad, and it eventually happened!! 👏🏾👏🏾 They are my new fab couple after Apollo/Dominic, Denzel/Diez.
I loved their banter, chemistry and willing to please.
Cannot wait for part 2. Well done.
Nov 9, 2023
A123 That was really good. I enjoyed both of them expanding their boundaries a little. It would have been nice to see some mutual dick sucking, and I wish there were subtitles to make out what JuJu was saying at certain points. It was entertaining to see more of both of their personalities, but to me, Legend won. He seemed like he was more open to the tasks than JuJu was. Overall, well done. Nov 9, 2023
champse550 Legend was really into it!! his sensuality would have been dope with Justice!!! Juju is koo..but he laugh and play too much..he needs more of beginner partner... this was Lit Exploration!! Nov 9, 2023
MARK183 Loved this scene. Both gave uber passion with touching. Special moment when they held hands. My vote goes to Legend for the way he was eyeballing JuJu throughout the scene and his tender caresses of JuJu's muscles. Would love to see these two in an oil wrestling scene. Nov 9, 2023
maybelater My only comment is this would have been the perfect time for both of them to try sucking. I really enjoyed watching this tho. It was actually good for me. Nov 9, 2023
nastybba I vote for JuJu only because he got aroused first! He need to gone and give it up! That's what the people really want. A Legend and Juju flip! Nov 9, 2023
bigdaddy1051 I vote for neither. Neither one did anything special and they don't deserve anything extra in my opinion. This is not a good way to come back out of an extra week break. Waste of time.. Nov 9, 2023
trance Okay I enjoyed the scene...personally I'm more into ass views than fucking...I think the camera angles were solid and a good shoot...I got my nut lol Nov 9, 2023
chuckiip If they was gonna play with toys they might as well just did the real deal… But Mike I think you need to top JuJu Nov 9, 2023
Dualex Where is Diez when needed? He should have been right in the middle. Especially knowing his love of challenges. He may not be fem but he certainly is a gr8 and entertaining bottom... Nov 9, 2023
Str8BoyzPlz Juju 4 the win... Legend seems like he's been down that road before. It seemed new to Juju with the dildo and plug.

However, they would be an AMAZING REAL PAIRING!! Juju would look great bottoming for Legend.. Hell, Juju would look good bottoming in general.
Nov 9, 2023
turner95 My vote goes to legend Nov 9, 2023
Timpen Thanks for finding a clever way to make these guys progress a little faster. I am now counting on you at bba to keep them moving forward. The scene itself was interesting and intriguing. So my winner would be Legend because of his better dildo performance and his moans of enjoyment Nov 9, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 Salute to Legend and Juju on this scene! They seem to have a mutual attraction or at least great chemistry. The compliments on the lips, smiles, body hair, size and curve of each others dicks is dope to hear and see. They are stretching and hopefully this is the beginning of them being more versatile. If they keep up I can see one of them making a run at the top spot that Bandit has earned and held so long. My vote though both did the damn thing has to go to LEGEND! He was a little more open and sexually willing to do things than Juju. Plus his arch was amazing! LEGEND for the bonus! Nov 9, 2023
Akashic1 Juju won 🏆 but this would have been 🔥 if yall brought back a cute bottom for a beatdown or even a DP...think on it ..It was cute but ok... Nov 9, 2023
aw4567 Easily the best scene of the entire catalogue. There was natural chemistry, natural passion, and just enough tease to make us want to know which one will give in first and let the other one take his virginity. Feels like these two would actually make love and not need much direction. You may want to elevate this and turn the follow up to this scene into something cinematic Nov 9, 2023
Devo1010 I was skeptical at first and didn't think I'd like this... but you know what? I thought it was hot! JuJu let his guard down, so did Legend. The kissing and intimacy was hot AF. Nice job. Can't wait to see them both go further. Nov 9, 2023
chorton2025 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Michael Michael let me tell u something....u took me back to the old bba days omg I loved it.. this is art and love that they had fun and enjoyed each other this was hot 🔥 a round of applause for u on this scene this Gold 👏 💖 ❤️ this one of my favorite besides tyson ❤️ 💖 ♥️ and is he ever going to come back Nov 9, 2023
kevindarko5 Damn too hot 🔥 , too sexy , too intense, love this Nov 9, 2023
kennyg Better still, how about pairing Juju with K-9. With Juju giving up some of that skull...... Nov 9, 2023
kennyg Had to watch it more than once. Juju really looked hot when Legend was grinding on his ass, the way he rolled his hips was quite convincing. Legend seemed to do better when taking the dildo though. Overall performance I'll have to give it to Juju, This caused a lot of leaking, no full erection. They really should split the bonus!!!!! My vote goes to Juju only because I think he's hotter. I think the members should get a bonus scene after this, or at least some hot group action soon. Maybe a session with Staxx and Juju. One can only hope...... Nov 9, 2023
blackboyz123 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍑🕳️ I will definitely need to watch this one quite a few times to see which one of these talented gents worked the hardest Nov 9, 2023
cam656914 I think both were good but JuJu edged out Legend. I was hoping someone got penetrated by a penis and not a dildo. Nov 9, 2023
blackboyz123 Wow, iconic !!!😋🍑 Two new super novas delivered a feast of experiences in this one for sure! Nov 9, 2023
sexyguy They were both great but I love JuJu Nov 9, 2023
miffyb Both were amazing, juju takes it though. Nov 9, 2023
sexydemon101 Who tf asked for this Nov 9, 2023
Taylor500 Waste of time. Again… I’m canceling my subscription! Nov 9, 2023
katomatay They might as well had flip flopped if they’re gonna use that big dildo Nov 9, 2023
shayeblack Super hot! Great work Nov 9, 2023
Shirly223 Yea no. Pass… this was not worth no wait Nov 9, 2023
blkfinemale Okay, that was nice. I approve. My vote goes to Legend 😉 Nov 9, 2023
yayaya Got excited for nothing. I thought someone was about to get their back beat in 😂. Maybe next time Nov 9, 2023
duke19 This scene was EVERYTHING! This is exactly why I joined BBA over 10 plus years ago. Although there was no hardcore sucking/fucking this left you wanting MORE from two ALPHA guys who are willing to push boundaries. I must say I’m shocked (a good shocked) at how far they actually went & how submissive both were. It’s kinda hard to choose which one deserves the bonus but I’ll have to go with LEGEND. I gotta feeling that for the Christmas AND NEW YEARS scene both are gonna go all the way. I’m excited and the scene definitely did its job because I’m eagerly awaiting for more from BOTH😈😈. 👏🏾Hot 👏🏾 As 👏🏾 Fuck Nov 9, 2023
marios Yooooo, this is the BBA I remember. Nov 9, 2023
Natsfan64 aight...someone gotta give the cookie up next time/handsome asf...🔥🥵🔥 Nov 9, 2023
reginatheequeen I can’t even think of a good enough word to describe this scene 😩😩 Nov 9, 2023
chucke1 WOW BEST OF THE BEST, AND THE OSCAR GOES TO ...... Nov 9, 2023
WSteven My vote is for LEGEND. Nov 9, 2023
ahliasjay Legend takes the W for sure! Nov 9, 2023
pajones Legend deserves the cash prize. Nov 9, 2023
vctime Legend should win. Seemed to be more relaxed and open. Nov 9, 2023
londonmcm JuJu was the best. Lol more feminine partners wanted for them is like saying just go do straight porn then. Nov 9, 2023
JKing3303 Legend won this for me. Both guys did great but Legend seemed to be more into it. He looked like he wanted to kiss Juju early on, he was more vocal and kept complimenting/hyping Juju which seemed sincere. The way he was "riding" Juju was hot and he kept stroking Juju's dick all throughout the scene. Honestly, Legend wasn't really on my radar until this video.

Juju did great too. He took the more comedic approach to the scene which showed a little bit more of his personality. Reminded me of Scotty in his scenes with Shaun or Trapp.

Anyway, thanks BBA for taking it back old school. I think this was a great way to get these guys to explore their boundaries and keep us fans excited for the next step in their journey through BBA.
Nov 9, 2023
djv1234 Fantastic to see that JuJu and Legend are prepared to further expand their sexual horizons, though frustrating that neither went all the way in this long video. Hopefully these two Hot models will do a part two scene with full hardcore action in the great BBA tradition! Nov 9, 2023
Phuryous That was hella hot and they had real chemistry together. I wonder how far they would have went if this was a Jack'd hookup with no camera involved. They probably wouldn't have gotten to the toys but they probably would have gotten more oral. As far as the competition, this was really close but I think I'm gonna have to give the edge to Legend. Like he said, he has used toys before in his OF so he was more comfortable with it due to familiarity. Also, those little moans he made really did it for me. Nov 9, 2023
davids First off, I love both of these guys. They have a lot of sex appeal and very pretty asses. This scene reminded me of Scotty and Shaun. I'm a top. I vote for Legend. He appeared to be more in the moment and might be the first of the two to bottom in a verse scene. Juju might give the booty up but it's hard to tell. Nov 9, 2023
Beyy88 It was…….cute. Legend has so much potential & I don’t think he sees it yet. Nov 9, 2023
Maurice2015 Legend gets my vote!! Nov 9, 2023
mocombo Wow, knocking it out of the park, again! Nov 9, 2023
MaxMuney My vote goes to legend Nov 9, 2023
drakegay4real Love the throwback vibes, almost became a JuJu fan but i cannot take those childish ass braids seriously🤣....Legend gets my vote, those moans continue to be damn near instant nut busters Nov 9, 2023
Empire2021 Legend won this scence for me Nov 9, 2023
Zester1 This scene is Garbage Nov 9, 2023
hellothere great...really liked where at the end they jacked each other off instead of doing it themselves...again great...JuJu was the one. Nov 8, 2023
Shredderman210 This scene was hot af! The grinding and frotting almost took me over the edge! Nov 8, 2023
leelewisss Honestly not even mad this scene didn’t have fucking.
Was mostly into the kissing! It was hot.
As for votes.. I have to go with JuJu… just felt like we haven’t seen much of Legend..
Nov 8, 2023
acg0924 Yes! All I gotta say is Legend is ready! He wanted it deeper and faster ! I Busted a great nut and looking forward to the official take down Nov 8, 2023
imanew15 Michael and Montez Thank you! Amazing scene what a collaboration! Chemistry the sex appeal the length of the scene just enough to watch 2-3 more times. Just amazing. Thanks again my words a jumbled but damn. Nov 8, 2023
TennesseeBator I loved everything about this scene because it reminded me of old school BBA. JuJu always shines so brightly but also and I am pretty sure many will disagree with me, Legend has never appeared more comfortable in a scene than he does in this one. Also, this scene shows that intense fucking does not have to be done for a scene to work. I hope the fans take the time to check out this scene and notice all the little things that make it so damn good. Nov 8, 2023
smokey1984 Surprisingly this was hot! Now, I want to see some fucking next week, but this was hot. Nov 8, 2023

We're going old-school this weekend with this lengthy, unscripted encounter between two of BBA's sexiest and most popular Alpha Tops.

It's a much-requested pairing that we've been reluctant to attempt prior to now due to both JuJu and Legend preferring more feminine scene partners and being pretty stubborn and limited in what they're open to doing on camera. So we set up this friendly competition between the two rising BBA stars, roughly divided into Easy, Medium, and Challenge rounds, that would test their limits and entertain their fans at the same time, especially those eager and impatient to see them try some new things.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as both guys compete for a bonus cash prize, the winner of which will be determined by BBA's viewers based on who they feel is the most open-minded, passionate, and overall deserving of the extra reward.

If you're ONLY interested in hardcore fucking, then this ISN'T the scene for you. But if you're like us and find yourself turned on by watching all of the various subtle and surprising ways two masculine and muscular Tops will (and in some cases will NOT) step out of their personal comfort zones for their fans, then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don't want to miss! Let's just say more than just their limitations get "expanded" before the night's over....

"Y'all like that shit?" JuJu asks in his irresistibly sexy country accent as he finds himself in several "compromising" new situations that we've only been able to dream about before now. "It turn you on?"

One of the reasons this scene is so much longer than usual is that we wanted those viewers who enjoy these types of scenes to be able to experience every spontaneous, suspenseful, and shocking second right along with us, in pretty close to real time as everything unfolded that unforgettable night.

Don't forget to CAST YOUR VOTE in the comments for who you think most deserves the bonus cash prize. All votes will be individually verified, and only those votes cast by BBA viewers who've actually watched the scene will be counted.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Shax Carter, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Nov 9, 2023 87 min
Photo of JuJu
Photo of Legend

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