Q&A Series: Dominic

bigfanwow This scene is top tier!!!! Apr 28, 2023
24markus I like this dude even more bc of the interview. Yep yep. Apr 13, 2023
cbnation07 I miss dominic.... i was hoping to finally get to see him and bandit do a flip scene. hopefully he comes back and that scene is the one ... they started a little bit during the haunted Halloween. Jan 23, 2023
davids Dominic, I don't know if you read these reviews, but if you do, I want to let you know we love you and miss you. Every time Mike announces the coming of a new scene, I always hope you will be in it. If nothing else, consider making a final appearance and let us hear you say goodbye rather than leave us guessing. We love D. Sep 27, 2022
Travisj42 Where is Dominic? I miss him. Sep 9, 2022
davids I am so glad to see Dominic moving up the chart. He needs to be in the top four. Mar 9, 2022
aw4567 Can we please have more Montez!! Honestly there’s something about him I can’t get enough of. Nov 4, 2021
scruggle Will he be back in any future scenes? Sep 15, 2021
kanehoa He needs to do a whole shoot just showing feet!! Jan 16, 2021
Jayden27 Dominic is a fucking wet dream! I always get excited whenever I see his name on an update because it’s always a treat. This update was no exception! The interview was interesting. I loved the story of how he lost his V-card. I don’t think any of the fans would mind being locked in a room with Dominic. Just imagine the possibilities. 😈

Kudos for these interviews. I love the interviews because it gives fans an in-depth perspective into the person behind the model. We learn the ways in which this line of work affects their personal lives, something that’s not always talked about on camera. When fantasy meets reality, it’s not pretty sometimes. Dominic talked about his sister confronting him about his BBA work and the aftermath. I’m glad this was included, and I’m glad she was able to forgive him. It shows that the models catch negative backlash at times from friends and family—that, oftentimes, affects them personally. Because of that, it’s all the more reason for us fans to show these models crazy love! It’s not always easy bringing us the entertainment we love! Ok! That was the interview portion! Now, it’s time to discuss the good stuff! 😈

The dares is the portion that everyone cums for! Let’s just start this off by saying that I hated Montez throughout this part of the scene! 😂 I was very, very jealous!! In the second dare, Dominic had to place his feet behind his head. While that was a fail, the attempt gave fans a BEAUTIFUL view! Dominic bent his legs down with his elbow with his hole exposed and ready. *insert drool here* I paused and stared at the screen. I was like “FUCK! This dude is sexy!”

The entire “dares” part of the scene was a turn-on! From the seductive striptease to the “booty clap”—it was LIT. Speaking of that twerk, I’ve got to say that it was 🔥. It was simple and sexy, and I like the way those ass cheeks moved. Can we get a gif of that? 😈

I fell TF out when he called his best friend and stroked his dick. I thought he was going to chicken out—but he didn’t. Kudos! I almost lost it when Montez began fingering Dominic. The moans were sexy AF. I began thinking “Did Montez find Dominic’s spot?”. The shenanigans heated up as Dominic’s famous costar returned. Watching him use it in various positions took me back to that steamy solo session from the “Quarantine Chronicles”. I loved watching Dominic with his leg in the air stroking, while getting fucked by the dildo. Man! The memories! The finale was lit! I enjoyed watching Dominic stroke on the bed, followed by an AMAZING cum shot! He always has great cum shots! Lastly, we finally get to see Dominic eat cum! Loved it! I fucking love watching guys eat cum! Hopefully, we’ll see it again.

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Dominic for this awesome update! Dominic, we appreciate the love you give the fans, and we give it back! Thanks again! Shit was a damn good time!
Aug 1, 2020
A123 Dominic is the model that brought me to this site. He is unbelievably handsome, and I enjoyed listening to him answer questions. I understand that he is straight, and lm glad he did not spend the whole interview reestablishing that point. Also, the dares were entertaining even though calling his friend was a little awkward to watch. I hope he stays on this site for a long time. Jul 28, 2020
damon8 - ok since Montez is going to be in the room where it happens anyway, can he maybe start plowing some ass so we can get back at it please? Time to man up and earn your porno shoes 👠 Montez 😀 Jul 27, 2020
ACTION7 Please bottom with your legs behind your head DOMINIC. I think you and Saint would do well, flip flop or you bottoming; yall had very good chemistry connection. Jul 26, 2020
lemmebabysit Time for Montez's dick to make its debut Jul 26, 2020
3606tsb72 Ugh. Ass-play galore...dildos...wtf? Where's BBAs imagination? Dicks are delicious 2. Do some POV dick clinicals. BLACK DICKS MATTER, so if you're doing solos, film dicks with the respect they deserve...film them jutting in/out their britches/hard/soft, showering, pissing, JO, and incorporate a CUMPilation of their money-shots. Variety is best, always. Monotonous assology...NO...enuf already. And Dominic has a pretty instrument. Grade: Dominic: A. Montez's editorial choices: C+ Jul 26, 2020
Docteur I enjoyed Dominic and thank goodness he has pubes now. He and Bandit in an all no hold barred flipflop will be great. Additionally Isaiah needs to get some of his ass since he got some of Isaiah's. Jul 26, 2020
leech10x Yoooo Dominic is SUPER down to earth! This was a great interview I am loving these Q&As Jul 26, 2020
chgohydeparker Dominic seems to be a genuinely cool brotha. You'll be #1 soon! (My prediction.) Jul 25, 2020
apollo423 Dominic is honestly the best looking model imo. He is so sexy and I love his little moans. Yes I was jealous of him grinding on Montez lol I would’ve had to eat that tbh. I wouldn’t be able to control myself Jul 25, 2020
mocombo What a pleasant young man. Jul 25, 2020
smokey1984 His personality is so personable and down to earth. Dam he’s moved up on my list because he’s so likeable. Such a major UPGRADE from Kingston’s detached interview. Hell, I didn’t even skip the interview and fast forward to the end. I watched the entire interview. Very down to earth and he has a humble spirit. 💯 He’s a keeper! Jul 25, 2020
Dualex What's not to like about this boy? Being bi myself is a real struggle both mentally and physically so him having issues getting hard in his early BBA days, and now at times with girls is totally relatable... So cool of him to open up. Montez is a great Q&A host... Jul 25, 2020
Dualex He lost a bit of weight n looks lean and good... I enjoyed his honesty compared 2 da 1 we had last week, he did contradict himself at times. Well done Montez 4 catching him out. He's an asset to BBA and I appreciate the love he has for his new fam. We know for sure he'd bottom more 2 get 2 the top... Wanted more questions from different people tho. So he lost his V at 12-13? That was quite uncomfortable a reveal. Anyway, I love the boy so much... Jul 25, 2020
11luvme2u Montez is sexy as well. Great to see his friendly personality interacting with the models. I can't wait to see more of Dominic. Jul 25, 2020
11luvme2u This interview was very enjoyable. Dominic gets sexier every time I see him. The Gods truly graced him with beauty! Those legs up in the air were a sight to behold. Don't worry once that prostate is properly stimulated he'll appreciate bottoming more. You have to put the toy deeper inside to reach it. Lol Jul 25, 2020
Dualex I'm elated! Was certainly not expecting a Dominic Q&A on my birthday 🎉#25Jul... Thank you sooo much!! Jul 25, 2020

Our Q&A series continues this weekend with fan favorite Dominic (the 2nd Place winner in our "Quarantine Chronicles" competition), sitting down with Montez for an illuminating and entertaining interview in which he answers most of the questions submitted by viewers last week.

Things REALLY start to get interesting when it comes time for the "dares." Let's just say Dominic's "new best friend" makes a welcome return, and once again Montez can't resist the temptation to get his own horny hands on one of BBA's hottest models before the day's over!

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Details: Jul 25, 2020 55 min
Photo of Dominic

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