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May 17, 2024
coolavatar23 I think we all want to see Donte do a topping scene at least once or a flip flop scene his meat is too big and pretty not to be used but still this was a great scene love the emotions and connection in this scene May 15, 2024
ICeeIt21 I have a feeling there is still undiscovered talent in Donte yet. If he can top as well as he bottoms ?!?! Ijs. Blake always shows up and shows out, but Donte is rapidly coming into his own and putting his stamp on the BBA brand. His future is looking very sexy. May 5, 2024
darkmanjah28 That made my Friday morning. Damn! BBA now and forever. Apr 26, 2024
yepnigga78 Great scene. Perfect match!! Apr 24, 2024
Verdade Hi mattk79699..... I agree totally. Blake is so beautiful with his sex. Blake has become # 1 across the board. Thank you mattk. Blake does. He makes beautiful love. Blake is dynamic, sensual and erotic. His vibe is so beautiful. I can ride his sexual waves with him...He does not even have to put on. Thank you mattk . Thanks Montez...Donte you are beautiful also. So much love to Blake Bishop. Thank you mattk for a beautiful post. Blake Bishop is beautiful, so beautiful with his love making. Man, I just love to click on Blake and ride his waves of pleasure with him. Love all the posters and everyone at BBA. VIBE! Apr 23, 2024
apollo10 Donte is a sexy little thing and obviously loves dick. But the hot scenes with Saint, Trapp, Apollo, and Scuba that ended with a no dodging oral cum shot and swallow are way too few and far between. Guys hungrily eating their own cum is also super hot. Some variation, like licking their juicy load off the asshole they just fucked would be great. Cum swapping and cleaning by licking the cum off the face you just blew a load on is also a pleasure. One last suggestion. When doing the post scene interview, its hot to see them lying close and fondling each others dick/balls as they speak like Apollo did with Diez at the end. Apr 23, 2024
zilly83 Hands down one of the best scenes. The chemistry is amazing. Apr 23, 2024
Gtirumatii Donte can bottom like a champ, but that big thing needs to be clappin some cheeks! He shoots big too... if he bust inside... Apr 22, 2024
cocopop One hell of a Blake fuck down, know he felt all that dick. Good scene, fellows, where is Legend? Apr 21, 2024
mariahsbetter This video was STELLAR!!! WOW!!! :) Whyyy did the footplay get cut off?? It seemed like donte was going to give blake his feet then HARSH scene cut!! That would have been TOPS!! :):) Maybe we can get that scene later??? Dyyying for it Apr 20, 2024
nbrown1210 Those suckable toes on the counter looked as good to Blake as they did to me. LOL Apr 20, 2024
bigdaddy1051 @2Sexy4Words. I've been black all my life. It still looks ridiculous. Apr 20, 2024
chorton2010 I must say donte this was actually 👍 one with you and u don't look dirty I see they cleaned u up a little..very good look but when are we going to get a verse scene out of u ..u have a nice tool can we see u try to use it Apr 20, 2024
smhard03 Its the chemistry for me! 10 outta 10 Apr 20, 2024
2Sexy4Words @bigdaddy1051 clearly you don't know anything about black men style other than they have nice dicks, nothing was wrong with his head piece only someone black would understand. Apr 19, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Quick appreciation post for the work put in to post every week as promised a couple months back as a make up. Thanks BBA crew! Apr 19, 2024
spondre Cumshot was not it and the edit of it was too obvious Apr 19, 2024
mattk79699 No one is hotter than Blake Bishop. He makes an emotional connection in every scene, and doesn’t just have sex…he makes love. I am totally in love with him. Apr 19, 2024
getdickhoe Y’all are falling off with your content drops. This is about to be another 400 and below liked video. But, I guess as long as you have a few people saying it’s 🔥 that’s all That really matters. #400nBelowClub Apr 19, 2024
popoce33 Donte in his role🤩WOW!! Apr 19, 2024
miscstuffyo_ All the scenes this year have been mediocre so far 😞 Apr 19, 2024
Akashic1 Blake knows how to suck a dick and eat some booty , we need a 3 way , and then put Donte out to rest, Juju, Donte and either Blake or Stylez as the verse... Apr 18, 2024
blkfinemale Looks like Blake adores Donte’s feet. Nice chemistry. Thumbs up! Let’s give Maleek another shot Apr 18, 2024
A123 Blake looks good as hell in this scene. He is one of the best tops this site has, and Donte can take dick like a champ. I love the chemistry and the passion in this scene. Well done. Apr 18, 2024
sanmiittai Good Lord! This scene is everything! 😍 Apr 18, 2024
mikemannz Let’s get real freaky spit in each others mouth cum swap piss 👀😱 can we get a section of content for that 👀🤪 Apr 18, 2024
Jbrewington68 Donte is sexy as fuck. We have seen him take dick like a champ and has enjoyed it. Now it's time to see him use his big thick uncle juicy dick in some tight ass. BBA staff, Don't let his endearing manner, voice, and doe eyes fool you Donte knows how to swing that meat. Apr 18, 2024
2Sexy4Words Blake Bishop never disappoints top or bottom he brings the heat !!!! Donte gives you what you want hands down Apr 18, 2024
Docteur I am not a fan of either one of these BBA fellas, but lately Blake Bishop has been quite the top cock slanger. He certainly can suck a dick, kiss well, eat ass and take dick, but the way he slayed Bandit and in this video Donte, he is more on point. I wanna see Blake Bishop slay Scuba. Let's give Donte, Kilo, Kingston and Stephon a long rest (maybe permanent, LOL)...bring on Bandit, Maleek, Stylez, Deontrey, Scuba , Denzel, JuJu and Apollo. Apr 18, 2024
dcstudnw Blake and Donte make quite a pair! hot video! Still waiting to see Donte top! Apr 18, 2024
anthonyjohnson They was cooking up rough af on them counters. But when they got into the living room Blake created a home in that ass. An unexpected pairing of magic and passion. It is how I would imagine the gods Or The bishop made love to mortals. Apr 17, 2024
bigdaddy1051 Whatever that is on Blake's head someone please tell him it looks ridiculous and please never wear it again. At least not on BBA time. I can't believe they let him film with that on. Apr 17, 2024
baage231 now with bandit please Apr 17, 2024
Britchesreport Should’ve left it in Apr 17, 2024
Smyrna37 Donte with Bandit please in a flip flop scene! Apr 17, 2024
rawwar21 I really enjoyed them together. They were aggressive at times and passionate at times. But did anyone see Donte cleaning the counters with Febreeze air freshener. Apr 17, 2024
BluGod12 What I love about Donte's scenes is that the guys always start drilling once they realize he's really wanting them to take it. Apr 17, 2024
TennesseeBator Wow, I loved this scene and this proves why Blake is one of the best performers on the BBA roster. Donte is also one to watch because he always puts in work in EVERY scene he is in, loved the setting for this one, I hope the fans like this one. Apr 17, 2024
dreadhead8 Nice scene but I’m still waiting on creampie vids actually real creampies Apr 17, 2024

What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen.

At least until they move to the living room, where things get even more acrobatic and intense.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Apr 18, 2024 41 min
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Blake Bishop
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