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russianjm Hearing Apollo take dick is just musical. I'd love to be in a room while this is happening. So hot! Nov 30, 2022
willie1958 Did u guys hire a new camera man. U were once known for your very closeup rimjobs. But I now see u are getting away from those outstanding rim shots. Truly, that's my reason for joining. I didn't too much care for this one. But I do like both of these young men. And I also like Straight or very masculine men. Nov 27, 2022
emiliano69 Not the best scene but they are definitely hot as fuck together...maybe they need a third with them...or fourth. Aug 22, 2022
mrwhitley1 These comments are ridiculous.
These dudes just want to see Stallion bottom. BBA needs a resident Top. Let Stallion beg to bottom or randomly bottom on his own in a scene…but don’t push it on him.
Apollo got fucked the shit out of…literally & you could see the stroke game Stallion was putting on Apollo.
He def gone remember getting fucked like that.
I bet Apollo himself would say that.
These comments wild.
Jun 9, 2022
azzfedish So disappointed in this poorly directed film! Two of my favorites but it didn’t give what it was supposed to give! And it’s definitely time for Stallion to bottom! Jun 8, 2022
atltop It's funny because I am African American and growing up all my crushes was on white guys May 31, 2022
atltop Mike have read your bio. We have some of the same things in common. Don't ever let the negative comments get you down. You majored in English and I majored in math wish I could have thought of what you are doing. Best wishes and hope for tomorrow May 31, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your note of support and encouragement! That means a lot. Please feel free to share your feedback and requests any time.
davids Stallion loves getting his ass ate. When the right model's tongue hits the right spot, Stallion is going to give that pretty chocolate ass up. I hope it's Ace or Blake that takes that virgin hole. May 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta 🤞🙏
bigdaddy1051 I've seen alot of people mention Ross in alot of these comments. In my opinion he should never be allowed to come back. He doesn't deserve to be paid again by Michael after the way he acted. Totally disrespected BBA fans and wasted people's time. May 24, 2022
bigdaddy1051 I would also like to say that I appreciate Michael's honest assessments of his scenes. Some producers wouldn't be as honest as you are Michael. It is very refreshing. When a scene doesn't quite come out like expected you don't mind saying so. That's another reason I love your site and have for years. Great work. May 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your note of appreciation, that means a lot. I've always told people that I'm BBA's toughest critic. Both Shax and Montez will back me up on that lol.
spooner From what I have seen, Bandit wouldnt, Ross couldnt, but my man Apollo DID IT. Took Stallion all the way. Apollo will always be my favorite. Would like to see him in a flip with Ross now that they are both more experience since their first encounter. May 21, 2022
BBALover72 I want Stallion to top Isaiah, Zeke, Dominic, Justice, Saint, Jay C & Stephon. May 17, 2022
MichaelGalletta Duly noted. 😉
cam6594 I keep going back to the video with Ross and Stallion and I see more chemistry between those 2. I don't see it here with Apollo and Stallion. May 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Honestly, I don't think there was much chemistry in either pairing. Chemistry can be tough to predict when it comes to casting the "gay for pay" guys. In theory, this sounded like an explosive pairing. In reality, not so much.
DjbiATL Apollo seems bored and going through the motions, very fake vibes. Stallion doesn’t seem attracted to him or into it. Stallion is best and in his zone with submissive types and not superstar pose for the camera personality types. May 12, 2022
MichaelGalletta Clearly not an Apollo fan, I see lol. I agree that Stallion seems to come out of his shell and perform better with more submissive gay/bi types. But this is a pairing we had to attempt at least once!
Whitneyy Idccwhat nobody say. Stallion nutted in that mf and kept going! I know I ain’t trippin! Apollo was pushing out cum at 18:59 ! Ahhhh 🔥💯💯 May 10, 2022
HottBlkQT I'm sure it's going to be a while before we get to see Stallion bottom, so I think he should top Saint or even Justice next. And it'd be better if Apollo actually did some actual verse scenes (like he did with Justice), instead of just topping or bottoming. I get that it makes for more scenes and all, but Apollo's been around enough that we should get to see him do a full-on verse scene. Maybe with a past co-star, like Dominic or Ross. May 9, 2022
chaotic92 Scene was 🔥 but i do agree wit some of the comments that stallion wasnt his usual self compared to BR (Before Ross) i feel like ever since that scene now stallion not in the right head space i feel like he need a reset frfr bring blake back to get his mind right and den we can go from there cuz i miss old stallion dat was lowkey excited and ready to show out now its like he jus in his head too much cuz normally that d**k stay up but yea ima give him a pass this time cuz i can only imagine how much he got turned off by the ross scene so i hope next time he back to normal May 6, 2022
MichaelGalletta I agree with you that Stallion was a bit "off" in this scene and not in the right headspace for his pairing with Apollo. But I don't think the shoot with Ross is to blame, because he brought a fantastic verbal energy to his threesome with Bandit and Zander, and that was filmed AFTER the disaster with Ross.
deboer85 make cum swallow vids May 5, 2022
MichaelGalletta We will definitely try to feature some hot cum-swallowing in the near future.
cam6594 Michael and team this was a yawn. May 4, 2022
Dummy358 Can we plz see Kavii and Stallion 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 May 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the hot request! That's definitely a pairing with a lot of potential.
daedaeg I enjoyed this scene overall. I do feel like Stallion held back a bit. With 2 titans coming together I expected a bit more passion and a longer scene. We're spoiled with the 50+ minute scenes. But definitely hope to see more of these guys in the near future. Glad to see Apollo is still committed to BBA. May 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta Ditto to all of this. Thanks for the feedback.
Docteur I like Apollo, he is one of my Top 5 fellas on here. I need Bandit to flip-flop with Stallion, period! Would love to see Rush with either Scuba or Stylez in an all out everything goes sexcapade. Hoping one day Mikey Piper will come back for a male to male sex scene. May 4, 2022
acehouston Stallion & Jay C or Trapp May 3, 2022
djv1234 Stallion bottoming would rightly crown the new site! May 3, 2022
bigdaddy1051 I'm sorry but this scene did not do it for me. Clearly sex with another man messes with Stallion's head. He never was able to let go and really enjoy himself. This is why I was not one of the members clamoring for his return. He and Apollo both have absolutely gorgeous bodies especially Apollo and I have always enjoyed his scenes. Did you see how Stallion reacted to the facial? That was nothing but disgust. I couldn't get off to this scene. Stallion bottoming? I would be absolutely shocked if that were to happen. I know I'm in the vast minority here but Stallion has a sexy body and huge dick but he clearly just can't let go and enjoy himself with another man yet. He's got a lot to learn. May 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta Like all of our "gay for pay" guys, Stallion is a work in progress and part of the fun is getting to watch him expand his boundaries and evolve as a performer.
Redbone76 Yes, I want to see Stallion bottoming, he loves men playing with his ass. May 2, 2022
bullshit512 I don't believe for a second that Stallion won't bottom at some point. Have you watched his scenes? If you have, then you can clearly see a man who LOVES ass play. In my experience men who love ass play, also enjoy getting fucked! Plus Stallion is making money right? Well we do a lot of things we may not want to do for money. My money is on Stallion bottoming. May 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta Hopefully you're right and it's just a matter of when, not if.
Dangerboy Terrific scene with two top models! Let’s see cute newcomer Zander and fan favorite Bandit get underneath Mr. Stallion since he’s not bottoming anytime soon. Pretty please!! May 2, 2022
lpc02c Thanks for this scene, overall was a good scene. Wondering what was going on with Stallion, there definitely was an energy change with him later in the scene -- and not in a good way, it was weird. Hope it was just a momentary thing and he's still open to exploring. Looking forward to his next appearance, he's a star. May 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta I agree, Stallion seemed a little "off" his game and in a different headspace. Hopefully he'll return to form in future scenes. 🤞🙏
seven9leo I love it, these two are my favorites! May 1, 2022
Jayden27 Wow! I am convinced that BBA is trying to give everybody and they mama cardiac arrest. Apollo AND Stallion in the SAME room at the SAME DAMN time?! I have to admit that seeing these two kings together was nothing but EPIC! Shout out to you all for making this happen! Let’s talk about this shit!

Orally, these two kings were fire! The initial kiss in the beginning was hot as hell—there’s no denying the fact that these two looked great together. Stallion’s oral skills have greatly improved, and he was so careful not to have his teeth scrape and injure Apollo. It was nice to see him kiss Apollo as well! Loved it. Stallion’s legs spread in the air as he enjoyed Apollo’s tongue inside his cakes was a beautiful sight! Apollo’s oral skills strike again to captivate another model. He was feasting on Stallion’s ass when Stallion began to motion with his dick for Apollo to give him more of that signature head game only he can give. His facial expressions during “The Apollo Experience” were everything! He was lovin’ that shit, and so was I! Stallion, later, directed Apollo’s head toward his dick again for another helping of his dick oral skills later in the scene.

The view of these kings walking away from the camera, toward the bed, sans pants and underwear, was divine. Both of these beautiful asses walking away and moving at the same time. These two could have stuck me in the middle and made me a sandwich! Sheesh!! The fuck show was on point, but before we talk about that, let’s discuss the frotting—can I just say DAMN!? That was some of the sexiest shit I’ve ever seen! I cannot tell you how many times I watched that part, and I love the close ass shots we got from both of these models—as they both have some of the BEST asses ever. Shoutout to Shontez for that! The sensuality seen between these two models definitely took me back to “Spring Break Showdown”, “Coming for his Crown” and “New Years: The Afterparty” where the sensuality was 🔥! These straight men may have had soft, limp dicks while filming that part of the scene, but this bisexual dude (me) stayed on brick!

I have to admit that I was kind of nervous about this pairing because I didn’t know if/how Apollo was going to be able to handle Stallion’s dick. Honestly, his dick is the biggest one since Migos to be featured on the site. BBA fans know all too well the ratio of big dick and tight asshole—it doesn’t always go too well LOL! However, to my surprise, Stallion slid right in, Apollo took that shit like the pro he is and the fuckshow began. The dialogue was sensual and erotic AF. My favorite part is when Apollo looks at Stallion and says “You hit my G spot”, and shortly after that, his eyes rolled back! Whew! That’s a first—never seen Apollo give a sign of pleasure while bottoming..until now. Good shit Stallion! Another hot moment comes when they transition into the missionary position in the corner at the front of the bed, and we get a closeup of Stallion’s ass while he’s inside of Apollo! Did you see his stroke game?!? These two men have the sexiest strokes ever! Damn! I could get drunk off of the image of Stallion’s cakes contracting and relaxing while fucking Apollo, whose legs are lifted in the air. I’m getting hard while writing this and thinking about it. LOL! 😈

The cum shots were awesome! Stallion’s shot was hot, especially when he continued to rub his meat across Apollo’s face. The best part is when Apollo returned the favor to give Stallion his very first facial! This was sexy AF! Apollo’s cum shot was hot—I love hearing his sexy ass man grunts when he cums. It did seem like he was drained a bit though—maybe from putting in work in another scene?? 😈. I cracked the fuck up when Stallion tried to wipe it on the bed and Montez got onto him. LOL! I don’t care what people say—porn is a BEAUTIFUL thang!

This shit was 🔥, and I couldn’t be any happier. Special thank you to all of you for making this unlikely event happen! In the future, if Stallion steps into the final frontier and decides to finally bottom, and if a reunion of these kings is possible, I believe they should reunite to film that scene also—Apollo, the gatekeeper, is the perfect choice to welcome Stallion to the bottoming world. I would really love to see a scene with these two when/if Stallion is doing EVERYTHING! It would be the fuckin’ best! To Mike, Shax, Montez, Apollo (AKA THE Sex god!) , and Stallion (AKA Hershey’s XL)—thank you! This was a damn good time! I can’t wait to see who else came to play on this production trip. Let’s gooo!!!
May 1, 2022
11luvme2u This is what I call a Power Pairing. You can't ask for two sexier guys together than Stallion and Apollo. They both did a very good job. As the scene went on it seemed like the chemistry changed a little though compared to the beginning. No doubt I loved the scene but I wish Stallion would use more tongue when kissing and that Apollo made more eye contact while bottoming. Yet, I love seeing Apollo snack on his chocolate cakes. Stallion has a really nice ass. I can't wait to see him bottom. I think these two should be paired together again in the future. For some reason I think a second shoot will be even sexier. Nice work. May 1, 2022
Gpimpin37 Michael i'm giving you a mission called "when stallion bottoms" i have credits on reserve for that scene. There's your money maker Apr 30, 2022
MichaelGalletta You should know by now that's a "mission" I accepted from the moment I first laid eyes on Stallion. 😉
bigfanwow It’s like Mariah and Whitney. Legends! But together…it’s just ok. Apollo did his part! Verbal, sexy, and ready! Stallion is naturally sexy but it felt like Caucasian porn (I blame the director). Still appreciate the work of these two!!! Apr 30, 2022
2hott4ya Apollos moans r EVERYTHING. He is one sexy man and love how he is submissive yet still masculine as a bottom. Apollo will always b king Apr 30, 2022
azzfedish It’s about Fucking time Mike!!!!! Apr 30, 2022
ericbb Unless Stallion has a particular curiosity....keep him the resident "trade top" he is perfect...he seems sexually mature and adjusted and he brings a dominant sexual energy... He's every man and woman's my top vibes...not twink Apr 30, 2022
MichaelGalletta I hear what you're saying, but it's Stallion's aggressive "Total Top Vibes" that make SOME of us want to see him get "taken down" even more. 😈😅
Kevinjamal More more of Stallion, very good combination. Awesome job Michael 👏 Apr 30, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks, but all I did was edit this one. Most of the credit goes to Stallion, Apollo, Shax, and Montez.
Soulkitty Stallion is fine as hell and handsome too. And he knows how to lay some pipe. Apollo was happy to get that meat. Apr 30, 2022
colormeblk This scene was fantastic... you have two power stars here... Stallion needs to bring more antics he seems out of it for some reason... and during the cum shot he looks blah ... have him make some kind of sound or moan! Plus it's time for Stallion to bottom, eat ass, and flip flop... Apollo is far one of the BEST guys here on BBA... He Is The Real Gate Keeper!! Oh and the editing was very amateur... do better next time... whoever was holding the cam... tell them to cut back on the coffee ... too much caffeine will make yo hands shake..LOL #shakyView Apr 30, 2022
Sageking3 Any wait is worth an Apollo scene! Apr 30, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! We were thinking/hoping the same thing. 😉
ssmith06 This was a great pairing! I imagined bandit was going to be the first to take stallion’s big dick, but Apollo is an all time favorite of mine. This was a great scene! There were moments that I felt stallion could have and should have went harder because Apollo has a way of letting his partners know when to have their way with him😊. Definitely looking forward to seeing Apollo get his revenge😈. Apr 30, 2022
marios ‪it was okay 🙄 Zeke set the bar higher and this just didn’t give what I thought it would. Zeke & Stallion is a chocolate meltdown I would love to see 😈 Apr 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta We tried to make that pairing happen but unfortunately Zeke's schedule wasn't cooperating. Hopefully it'll still happen sooner rather than later! 🤞🙏
cocopop #N2muscleguyz69, I thought the same thing, enjoyed the scene as well, but I too felt Stallion wasn't his usual self. The brother showed such great potentials in his early scenes. I loved how comforting he was toward Bandit, while he was bottoming, very verbal. This scene I heard Apollo responding, but couldn't hear what was said. Overall, great scene. Apr 29, 2022
Readyruk1 Just when did Apollo become such a voracious power bottom?!...I want times and dates! Apr 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta 🤣🤣🤣

It's been almost a decade in the making.
ericbb Stallion carried this scene hands down....he's the unofficial #1 of BBA Apr 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta There aren't too many models I can realistically see dethroning Bandit. But Stallion is definitely one of them.
N2muscleguyz69 So in general I thought this scene was pretty good. Certainly, you gave us two of the hottest guys in the BBA stable. However, something seemed to be off with Stallion. He’s usually very verbal and present in the scene. Felt like he was just going through the motions this time around as if his mind was elsewhere. Just my take. Apr 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta I picked up on this as well. We're noticing that Stallion seems to work better with the more openly gay and bisexual guys. On paper, it seemed like he and Apollo would have explosive chemistry, but the reality was something different. FWIW, I also found out after this trip that he was dealing with a tragic loss in his personal life, so that may have been part of it too.
KoolBreeze94 With these two I thought the foreplay would be plentiful, it wasn't. 35 mins is not long enough for this much potential. Apr 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta We're in agreement 100%. The foreplay was definitely brief and rushed compared to most of our scenes. I've shared my own candid feedback with Shax and Montez, and hopefully they will learn from the mistakes made with this shoot and continue to grow and improve in the future.
Dualex The sofa scene before the scene does it for me. When Stallion sit and waits for Apollo to join. That's so so sexy. I want them back again. Apr 29, 2022
jaypablo They both were great together, a flip flop would of been perfect. Apr 29, 2022
Frankoboh As member waiting over 2 weeks for a scene 👎🏾👎🏾 Apr 29, 2022
YoloReckless Stallion and Luh Redd please Apr 29, 2022
maybelater Man, these two guys together was hot! That body hug Stallion gave Apollo was beautiful! I love the fucking and can see Apollo busting Stallion cherry. My only complaint is Mike was not behind the camera. I just think he's a beast at capturing the right angles and shots... Apr 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta Awwww, thanks, I'm flattered! This is definitely a pairing I wish I could have directed. But I've been preoccupied with some things in my personal life, and trying to delegate more of the filming responsibilities to Shax and Montez. Be on the lookout for more hot scenes directed by me later this summer. Who knows, maybe even a rematch between these two?
Dualex I don't see the obsession and the pressure to make tops become bottoms. This happens with time and preparation. I just love Stallion as a total top. Apr 29, 2022
texasbugg i can't stop watching this scene this is some very good raw hardcore fucking how juicy that fatt dick was looking goin in/out apollo hole stallion hole is so fucking pretty. Apr 29, 2022
katrinamoses Glad to see stallion back he was truly missed 😊 Apr 28, 2022
Longblack809 Amazing, I love both them and together they look even more amazing. The only problem I have is all the moving of the camera. Why all the moving? Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Sorry about that. Shax and Montez film these scenes together, and sometimes they have to move around to avoid getting in the other guy's shot. That's my best guess, anyways. We'll work on minimizing the camera movement in the future.
TennesseeBator A scene between a king and a prince, the passing of the crown, one of the best scenes of the year, the two guys brought the STAR power, nothing else to add. Apr 28, 2022
Candid1 Ive never been more excited about a scene!!! more, more, more please!!! Apr 28, 2022
jerome9 Apollo is the one model I just can't get enough of. I just love this dude. Apr 28, 2022
chauncey SENSUAL AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- DEFINITELY WAS A SCENE WORTH WATCHING -- now the time has arrived to bring on that foursome -- ala the Merry X Mas vids / love them!! -- Starring Apollo, Deontrey, Dominic, and Stallion -- now that would definitely be a "buttgina" popping session - with Apollo the Master of Ceremonies !!!! / LOL -- 4 sensually oriented men and all sexy AF -- That would be a "berry" popping time for Deontrey and Stallion -- Apollo and Dominic can walk Deontrey and Stallion through the experience of taking major dick. Get your popcorn ready because that vid would be off the hook - The filp/flopping combinations alone would be monumental in scope / lol -- BBA keeps it coming -- In closing the action was quick and to the point -- I loved it !!! The world of what if is still alive and well @ BBA -- I will be tuning in by appointment!! - thanks for the memories !! -- I rest my case. Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks as always for your enthusiastic and entertaining reviews! That's quite a unique and intriguing combination you've suggested. Ambitious too lol. Fun to fantasize about, at the very least.
Godfather07 This could have been a great video the directing was poor did not use the talent to its full potential it seem like there was a rush to do what they did do. I thought your first scene after being on a break for 2 weeks was really going to be hot this was luke warm, I don't blame the actors Apollo is always on point Stallion did just okay. the scene with them on the bed laying on each other was too short. Please the next time you are going to take a break longer than 1 week Please Let Us Know! A Loyal member Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Funny enough, my own feedback to this scene was strikingly similar. Definitely should have been longer, and there were places that needed better direction. Thankfully we seem to be in the minority and I'm thrilled that most of our viewers seem to be loving it.
texasbugg damm this was a 3am prison fuck after the officer did his last count until 6am where the young thug is putting his hand over your mouth to stop the loud moaning damm he know how to make a person feel him apollo has really became a pro in taking dick job well done not a 10 but a 20 plus 10 stars. Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta We can always count on you for your imaginative and lively reviews lol. Glad you enjoyed this one, TexasBugg!
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing! Their chemistry is phenomenal. 🙌🏿🔥🖤 Apr 28, 2022
sally9999 Nice, Good model chemistry and action in this update. Hope you bring back Elijah for another scene. Apr 28, 2022
tyscore Now this is what you call STAR POWER! This scene was AMAZING from start to finish. Stallion and Apollo's energy together was magnetic. Apollo took that Stallion horse like a straight G and he enjoyed every minute of it! Stallion was in heaven from the minute he penetrated Apollo, hence his signature breeding of Apollo's hole that you all tried to downplay like a true Stallion fan would not recognize his moment of ecstasy. They were so in tune with each other that he was instantaneously back hard for Round 2....I must say this was truly the return we've been highly anticipating from Stallion and who else better to assist in that journey than the Gatekeeper himself Apollo, who always puts on a show. GREAT JOB guys! Short but straight to the point...And Mike don't feel bad every scene is not meant to be a flip especially with someone as MAGNIFICENT as STALLION! We will patiently wait as long as he continues to give us his signature doggystyle arch while getting his ass eaten, which was mysteriously missing from this scene! Remember to always get that shot! OVERALL A+++++++ Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the rave review! I think what you're seeing in Apollo's ass is just lube, but you might be right, ya never know lol. That's certainly hot to think about.
Duchess Grt8 pairing 💪🏾💪🏾 After a few weeks on hiatus and all BBA drummed up is 35 mins with these two Dope Dudes 😏 something was definitely Missing 🤷🏾‍♂️ Apr 28, 2022
Dualex Bring them back please. I knew Stallion was not gonna be ready. All I know is that I want to see them again. They're so good together, wish it was a lil longer though. Stallion was very nervous. I believe Dominic was a better top and more adventurous. But I love Stallion. Apr 28, 2022
djv1234 Thanks BBA I'm so pleased you got Apollo and Stallion together. Although it wasn't the desired "historic" flip-flop it was a very hot scene indeed. Stallion sucked dick like a pro and kissed tenderly. so I feel he may bottom sooner than we think. Apollo is such a Star and Stallion will soon be a major star too especially when he finally bottoms. Well done BBA for another great hot scene! Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Trust me, we knew how epic it would be if we could make this a flip-flop, and tried everything in our power to make that happen. But Stallion wasn't ready or willing to take that big of a "next level" leap, at least not yet. So this is what we ended up with instead.
markusg24 Str8 brothers def more fun to watch. Well, NOT as much fun to watch than my gay brothers but close, lol. Apr 28, 2022
Dualex 2 sexy black men who enjoyed each other. Apr 28, 2022
DisciplineU Great scene. Great pairing. Really like Stallion, everything about him. Love his verbal too. Michael, you have one mission in life. Get Stallion fucked in a scene. Make sure he knows it will be one of the most epic moments in porn history. Apr 28, 2022
mopapper Stallion is amazing! I think he needs to only be with the models who can really take dick! He is amazing with those type of models who let him get in it and lose his mind. I would love to see him and Isaiah fuck... Isaiah can take some DICK! Apr 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta I think you're partially right. Stallion definitely seems to work best with the guys who are able to surrender to him with relative ease, and enjoy the relentless pounding he gives them. I'm still on the fence about whether Isaiah would be a good match for him though.
Whitneyy So is Stallion gone bottom? Apr 28, 2022
200water Dam Ross, that could have been you! Apr 28, 2022

Stallion finally meets Apollo, what more needs to be said?

We honestly weren't sure if we'd ever be able to make this scene pairing happen. Apollo returned to his (thankfully short-lived) retirement after Christmas, and we've had a hell of a time bringing Stallion back due to his busy schedule with a full-time job and raising his kids.

But after trying for many months, we finally succeeded in bringing together these two stunningly handsome and irresistibly sexy straight guys for this long overdue and much-requested encounter!

"I hear you're the new big man around town," Apollo teases Stallion as they toss around a football in the backyard, just minutes after meeting for the very first time. "You know I'm the gatekeeper, right?"

"I didn't know that," Stallion replies with a confident smile. "But guess I'm gonna find out. This should be interesting!"

This is NOT a flip-flop. Trust me when I say that WE TRIED. But unfortunately Stallion isn't ready to take that next big step just yet. However, he did surprise us with another exciting "first" near the end of this scene that you won't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 28, 2022 34 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Stallion

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