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Seanyboo101 That last scene is one of the hottest scenes I've EVER seen!😵‍💫 May 16, 2023
bigfanwow Ross can do no wrong! Definitely keep bringing him back! Mar 30, 2023
emiliano69 They are hot and the concept and set is great but there's no chemistry. Mar 28, 2023
supreme Nothing like "The Ross Experience" , had to see this again to appreciate it more therefore I am upgrading this scene to a *****five out five nut production Mar 25, 2023
kennyg the more I watch it, the better I like it. looking forward to the next Halloween special, can hardly wait!!!!!! Oct 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for letting us know! Always nice to hear when a scene only gets better with time.
Sageking3 Every ross vid on my favs Oct 16, 2022
mojica Can we please do better with kissing... Tell them it's like kissing females. Oct 9, 2022
Pumper Wassup Mike! First time ever commenting on here but I’ve been rocking with y’all since day 0 (speaking of which, where/how is Shyne??). If you ever get Scotty back though, please pair him with Ross. Ross is definitely the top bottom on here. I’m so glad he’s back bc he def does it for me, along with Bandit and Trapp. The main thing is getting Scotty back, by any means necessary! Lol, but I’m serious. These four could make a crazy lit scene too.

Thanks for all the 🔥 all these years!
Oct 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the comments! Hope you'll continue sharing your feedback and suggestions here in the future.
markusg95 That was hot. Real hot. I like seeing 2 dudes with fire physiques fuck around, especially in the weight room, lol. Oct 1, 2022
vinrod79 I try to like Zander I really do try but now Ross I LOVE! Sep 27, 2022
swaggonauto This was trash and I love everything with Ross but this was way off in energy and directing in my opinion. Wasn’t worth the month long smh Sep 21, 2022
Yourtemp Where’s Kavii?! He is Missed! Looool Sep 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta We're still in touch with Kavii and haven't ruled out another appearance by him in the future.
texasbugg i got my fingers cross that shaun is part of the 5 scene damm please let it be so let it be so Sep 19, 2022
Nastynut I absolutely LOVED this scene!!! I LIVE for videos where a man is sagging in some tight briefs or working out in some compression gear OMG!!!! That was an instant brick for me. Within the first 59 secs my dick was rock hard & throbbing for me to beat it!!! My first nut I laid in silence in the fetal position for so long lbvs!! And you chose someone with an amazing ass for a video like that!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us more videos and plots where the ass is being highlighted in some nice underwear or workout gear, I can’t express how much that turns me on. Now that I got that out the way….THE FUCKING!!! First of all I am so glad that Ross is still being open & giving us what we want in these gay for pay scenes because we know it’s hard but thanks for not letting us see all that bc it’s such a turn off. He is such an amazing performer and actor with a great vibe. Them asses were perfect & pretty & pink!!!! The angles were on point, I do wish the position selection was better all over the gym but y’all worked that gym!!! That was so hottttt!!! I literally nutted in each segment of the video basically lol!!! Definitely my NEW NUMBER ONE video for sure bc the foreplay alone, makes me nut multiple times. Excellent job BBA!!! More scenes with plots like this please, maybe even a gangbang or foursome gym scene. Sep 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Your reviews never cease to entertain, encourage, and amuse! Thanks for continuing to take the time to share your hot and hilarious reactions. Thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this one as much as you did. I've always wanted to try a scene set in a gym, and I'm incredibly proud and pleased with what Shax and Montez have accomplished with this setting and overall scene.
blooper7 More touching, less posing. Don't let professionalism overtake the passion. Folks like it raw. It's what we're here for and why we stay or come back. Also, please try and keep feet in the frame whenever possible. It's just sexier and completes the picture. You seem to be losing that aspect as well in recent scenes. Two handsome sexy models. Good pairing but oh what could have been. Love Zander. More please. Sep 19, 2022
smhard03 meh................................... Sep 19, 2022
Phuryous Glad to see Zander back, he's sexy asl and my new BBA crush. I've seen several of his scenes on another website where he is always topping but it seems like he cums to BBA to explore his versatile side. For that I am grateful because any one of his scenes at BBA is hotter than all of his scenes on the other website. Sep 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks, that's actually really nice to hear. And you're not the first person who's mentioned that to me. Glad to know we're doing something different and right with Zander's BBA work.
jordanbanks Love Ross.....Zander....I want to like him, but I can't. Way too corny and stroke is weak! Sep 18, 2022
Partduece Ross not getting hard while getting fucked says everything.... Sep 17, 2022
MichaelGalletta I noticed that too. Definitely not the same shocking level of attraction and chemistry Ross had with Justice, but still plenty of hot and beautiful moments - including the first time Ross has ever called another man "Daddy" in the heat of the moment! 🤭👏
DolaDragases Meh, they are hot and the directing is pretty good, but I really can't feel the chemistry here :( Sep 17, 2022
Seekingbootee Nice video. The videos are too rare these days. Is a Stallion/K9, Stallion/Zander or Stallion/Maleek flip video possible? Sep 17, 2022
alopez Zander and Ross bottoming, excellent. Sep 17, 2022
fullerbones This was trash 🙄 and a whole month. You getting over on ppl Sep 17, 2022
MichaelGalletta Hard to take comments like this seriously. This scene might not be to everyone's liking, that's fair and expected. But it's not even remotely deserving of being called "trash" or accused of ripping anyone off.
Readyruk1 Brilliant job on the staging and lighting. Great angles too. Both of these beautiful actors showcased to their own personal best. Hats off to Shax and Montez! Sep 17, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! The visuals in this one were truly stunning and unforgettable, right? Shax and Montez knocked this one out of the park.
Jerity41 Zander does nothing for me. I will continue to support BBA. However, you guys are falling off a little. We need more Maleek, Shameeks, Deontrey, ZEKE, Drezzy, Sax, Stallion, and hire some more New faces. I’m tired of Ross, Bandit, Isaiah, Stylez, Apollo. Love ya byee Sep 17, 2022
haughtona2 I pray Scotty and Shaun comes back!! I miss them!!😩😩😭😭 Sep 17, 2022
Deathking2011 Why does Ross always remind me of Kendrick Lamar. Sep 17, 2022
JezeroCrater I love me some Ross but could do without Zander. I like my meat dark. I guess it was fun to see his dick disappear in Ross ass! Sep 16, 2022
smokey1984 Not my favorite scene and not worth the month long wait; however, this was by far the best lighted scene ever. Yeah I thought chemistry was a lil suspect too, but fuck the lights were perfect. A for lighting and C for scene. Sep 16, 2022
DonnyBrasco377 Ross riding Zander's face was all I needed and more....... this was a MUST SEE!!!!!!!!! Sep 16, 2022
Prime2021 They were acting too much for the camera! Didn’t even seem like they enjoyed it Sep 16, 2022
shayeblack Michael, any updates on Scotty? Sep 16, 2022
jmj61082 😍😍😍 Ross is so perfect!!! I would love to see Ross give k9 some booty. Also I feel like we need Ross and Blake paired again! Sep 16, 2022
bigdaddy1051 This was not worth the almost month long break. Sep 16, 2022
FreakTeach Super enjoyed this scene. And for the record, sometimes you can really tell when chemistry is off and other times it's just projection. They had great chemistry. It's just evident that Ross doesn't like to kiss in his scenes which is okay. And Ross can def bottom and def enjoys it. Bottoms don't show pleasure in one way people 🙄. Some of yall comments tell on how unsatisfactory your actual sex lives are. Eek... hate that for yall 😬 Sep 15, 2022
peterj09 The thing that I love about Ross is how hard he gets while being fucked, this was not the case here. I do not think they had great chemistry. But I am pleased with Ross' evolving! Sep 15, 2022
Whome27 Ross has been in my top 3 for a while and Zander is also a favorite of mine but the chemistry between the two was off. I wanted to love this scene but as far as 'acting' in porn goes, it seems like they both were just going through the motions. Let's see what the next BBA update has in store for us. Sep 15, 2022
RobbySan29 We need more freaky guys, they be the ones slobbing on toes. These guys be trying to be pretty to make up for the sex. Sep 15, 2022
BBWallace This pairing felt awkward due to how they really can’t bottom. (Not to blame them cause bottoming is ghetto af) but this scene is a no for me. Sep 15, 2022
B4UBuss2 Can we stop this false equivalency/false narrative - "both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them back home" - they are having sex with other males because they enjoy it - cut the cap. No repeated person who engages in homosexual sex with another male is "straight". It's cringe and has a negative undertone, it is not appealing or desirable at all. Also, moderate comments ok I guess, but when you cherry pick/edit a comment before making it go live, you tell the narrative you want, which is not true engagement if the commentors comment is spliced and edited to fit someone else's narrative... Sep 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta You're entitled to your willful ignorance about human sexuality, I suppose. The statement about their girlfriends and kids is simply a statement of fact. And gay men have been having sex with women for centuries, does that make them straight? Sexual acts do not automatically equate with sexual ORIENTATION. That's the distinction you're failing to comprehend.

And not sure what you're referring to, but I only edit comments in rare and extreme cases. For example, when someone reveals a model's real name, includes links to other porn sites, and/or crosses a line from constructive criticism into obnoxious insults. I might be wrong, but I think in your case, I cut out parts of past comments where you disparagingly called certain male models "women" or similar. That doesn't fly here at BBA.
kendol I shouldn't but I love Zander flip flop scenes Sep 15, 2022
kennyg I had requested to see these two favorites of mine in a scene. Thanks for this, they didn't seem to show as much chemistry for one another. However, they did put in the work and for this I thank them. They looked really good doing it, I didn't watch it right away, I had to go see "The Woman King". Now that was good chemistry LOL Sep 15, 2022
kennyg wishes do come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 15, 2022
misterblack Hair matters. I love Ross's new look and the neatly trimmed beard; adds to his overall sexiness which is serious. Zander's toned body, abs and tight butt (beautifully adorned with those hairy inner cheeks) would be so much hotter if his pubes and pits were allowed to grow to their natural state. I was super turned on by the grunts and groans of both models as well as their gentle banter. I also loved the concept, setting, angles and areas of the room they fucked in and on; the exercise ball being unique. This one was beautifully directed gentlemen. Sep 15, 2022
chucke1 I'm not saying I didn't like, just that it wasn't fresh faces & hot surprises like you indicated it would be, so I was sort of disappointed because nothing fresh or surprising in this update! Sep 15, 2022
awj1214 I'm normally not negative but this one wasn't impressive. A bit boring and the setting was not ideal. Sep 15, 2022
Jjdude86 We waited a month for these two? SMH. The only person I wanna see Zander with is Stallion. Stallion wanted a piece when they were last in a scene together. Sep 15, 2022
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing!! Their chemistry is evident. I love it! Another awesome video as always, BBA! Sep 15, 2022
jamila122012 I swear I’d eat both of their asses up Sep 15, 2022
tski513 Waited all this time for a new video and this is what we get. They acted like they were afraid to fuck each other Sep 15, 2022
terbernt Love some Zander getting fucked. Sep 15, 2022
Travisj42 Amone Bane is back AKA Zander. Sep 15, 2022
Shirly223 Eh, I watch Ross’s scenes to watch him bottom and cum while doing so. It’s like his special finishing move at the end because most of the guys on here don’t cum while getting fucked. That’s pretty much the only kind of ending I want to see from him, step it up a notch and have him cum while getting fucked and sucking a dick at the same time. He has top bottom potential 😂💯 I wouldn’t be opposed to a scene similar to Isaiah’s Christmas scene featuring him as the bottom. Don’t get rid of Isaiah though… he just needs to work on spreading his legs instead of pulling his knees up covering his dick and stomach when he bottoms on his back. He needs to try the positions Ross did this scene because it shows a lot. This would’ve been 10 if it weren’t for the ending so I’m giving it a 7.89 Sep 15, 2022
Docteur Ross - excellent and very sexy. He gets an A +. I wish he had been paired with Apollo instead. Totally not a fan of Zander. Hope in the coming updates we see: Rush, Maleek, Deontrey, Scotty and Shaun. Of course never get enough of Bandit. Sep 15, 2022
blacbarbie31 I am loving Zander!! I would love to see him flip with Jah! Orrrr do a three way with Zander, Bandit, and Jah! But back to this scene I’m really happy Ross rose to the occasion! My favorite part was the closeup on Ross’ hole while topping Zander! Watching Zander’s untamed ass being clapped as he lay on his stomach did it for me. Zander being put on his stomach with nowhere to run def forced him to open up and take it! I think Ross is really making it up for his failure in the past. I’m so upset he didn’t ride Zander the way he rode Justice forward facing! Ross showed out in that scene! I enjoyed this pair as well though. Now for the future, idk who it needs to be, but someone needs to be gangbanged BBA style! Haha! Sep 15, 2022
funnyboy1 2 of my favorites but the chemistry was a bit off here Sep 15, 2022
xl01955 super hot :) love the way ross can submit and be really into it, Overall great stuff wouldn't change a thing. Sep 15, 2022
mcchaz Great pairing. I love Zander’s look. Sep 14, 2022
djsexingtonsteel ...Ok, it was worth the wait! Sep 14, 2022
mrwhitley1 Nah…what made y’all think We’d be into this?!??! Sep 14, 2022
TennesseeBator It's so weird to think that Zander and Ross are TWO of my favorite BBA models and I would have never imagined them together & this scene was MINDBLOWING for me. I loved everything about this from the story line to the way the two guys interacted with each other. BBA ALWAYS manages to come back from a break and bring fire content and this scene was an example of that. Zander really knows how to bring out the best in EVERYONE he works with, so freaky in the best way possible and I love seeing Ross continue to reach new heights, 10/10 Sep 14, 2022

Ross and Zander are lifting weights at the BBA Gym when Ross's prominent muscle-butt stretching against his tight compression shorts catches Zander's attention and starts giving him some wicked ideas about a very DIFFERENT kind of "workout" he'd like to try with his new gym partner.

Zander knows EXACTLY what he's doing when he calls Ross over and asks the sexy, half-naked "straight" guy to spot him. Ross moves in closer to stand seductively behind Zander as his own attention starts drifting away from the weights toward the tempting bulge in the light-skinned porn star's shorts.

Don't miss this fun and sexy "gym session" unlike anything we've ever filmed before, as these handsome, sweaty athletes, both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them back home, explore some exciting new ways to give their muscles a workout!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 15, 2022 39 min
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