Introducing: Ross

mdcarmichael Whenever I need to get myself going, I just watch Ross from minute 40 on. He’s so incredibly sexy and fun. A beautiful smile and nice hard dick that turns me on without question! Love Ross...Always will! Jun 23, 2020
markus2424 That dude Ross is beautiful. He got face, body, ass, and he looked too sexy in that shower, lol. And them eyes. I can't believe I missed this vid when it came out tho. I hope he's staying in shape. Jun 2, 2018
robertja Ross is handsome articulate and savvy. Ross puts me in mind of Apollo with his good looks. Feb 24, 2017
cocopop Beautiful smile, out of all the models of the past I wish would come back it's him, then Javion, he was ready for some dick, we never got to see him in action. Javion was one sexy brother. Miss me some Ross. Feb 3, 2017
sexyboy513 i love him and everything about him. i don't want him to bottom at all. just stay a top Dec 28, 2015
Bigboi I think he may become my favorite BBA model! Dec 14, 2015
Cobra Ross has a fast growing following on BBA but he's a little weird and flat to me. Almost like Collin. Can be first time jitters but not overly masculine either to me. Nov 18, 2015
lovethomas1 sexy guy sweet body and nice dick not too big not too small his nut was so sexy hope to see him soon in lots of video would love to meet him in person just to say whas up he have a nice pink ass hole Oct 11, 2015

Ross is a sexy straight boy from the East Coast who enjoys playing sports, lifting weights, and having sex every chance he gets. He competed in football, track, and boxing in high school, earning himself several college scholarships before a serious injury cut short his dream of one day playing in the NFL.

This latest addition to BBA's sizzling-hot summer roster is straight with a girlfriend and young son that he's trying his best to support, but he's also an exhibitionist who enjoys showing off his body to anyone wanting to look, even if that includes horny gay men. "As long as you don't try to force it on me!" he's quick to clarify.

Enjoy a front-row seat for Ross's "audition" as he introduces himself to BBA's viewers and slowly strips out of his clothes to show off every inch of his athletic young body....

The scene begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight recruit shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

Ross shares a funny story about losing his virginity when he was still only in the SECOND GRADE! He admits that he's had an insatiable sex drive ever since, and his eyes comically bulge out of his head when I ask him how many women he's had sex with since then.

He eventually estimates that he's slept with at least *TWO HUNDRED* women so far, and shares some hot stories from his many sexual exploits.

"I like doing things that make your blood pump!" Ross explains. "I like the rush!"

After Ross's entertaining interview, it's finally time for us to get to know this outgoing straight boy even BETTER and see for ourselves where his cocky confidence comes from!

Much like a certain OTHER popular straight model introduced earlier this year, Ross proves himself to be a natural tease, seductively taunting and teasing his audience as he strips out of his clothes to reveal a muscular and tempting young body.

Understandably nervous about doing something like this for the VERY FIRST TIME, Ross gets a little goofy at times, but even when he's being silly and joking around, he's still irresistibly sexy with an addictive charm you'll have to experience for yourself....

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Details: Jun 21, 2015 46 min
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