There's A First Time For Everything

imCarlos8 More mouth and less hands probably would have felt better for Lil Steve. I like to see the mouth more on a dick and he should have tried to take it deep more often. Sep 19, 2022
juan2424 Lil Steve would have been more aggressive had there been no camera, lol. He looks open-minded, and he gave a good performance the best way he could under the circumstances. Dragon, of course, always pleases, with that handsome face, nice thick body/butt, and one of the prettiest set of hands and feet combination on BBA, up there with Tori, with his pretty hands and feet, and with Mar. and Bishop. I think that's it, lol. Jan 17, 2018

Lil Steve kept the promise he made at the end of his solo "audition" by coming back a couple days later to receive his VERY FIRST blowjob from another male! For extra pay, he also agreed to try fucking a guy in the ass. "I might as well," he shrugs in his pre-action interview. "There's a first time for everything!"

This time I decide to share the fun of "breaking in" a curious straight boy with one of my younger and more attractive black models. And who better to introduce Lil Steve to the pleasures of man-on-man sex than the popular and talented Dragon?!? With his impressive deep-throating skills and that beautiful ass to rival most females, I knew Dragon could give the beefy straight jock a "first time" he'd never forget!

Unlike what you'll find in most so-called "straight bait" porn, Lil Steve is NOT some obviously gay "porn star" PRETENDING to be new to guy-on-guy sex! He's just a horny, boy-next-door jock who has never messed around with another guy but for the right price decides to give it a try! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as I capture on camera every spontaneous, suspenseful second of Lil Steve's first gay encounter!

Lil Steve looks visibly nervous and uncertain as I begin asking him a few brief questions. "It feels weird," he explains when I ask him what's going through his head in the moments leading up to his first gay experience. "I can't believe I'm doin' it!"

Meanwhile, Dragon waits patiently outside my apartment until I give him a call to let him know we're ready. I keep the camera running as he walks through the door and meets Lil Steve for the very first time. I try to catch up with Dragon, but Lil Steve seems uncomfortable with the "small talk" and impatient to get down to business.

I pop in a straight porn DVD and let Dragon take over from there. At first, Dragon looks almost as scared as Lil Steve, like he's afraid he might get his ass kicked for touching his straight co-star's dick! Dragon cautiously pulls Lil Steve's hard dick out of his shorts and then leans over to get a taste of the "forbidden fruit." Soon Dragon is slobbering all over Lil Steve's dick, licking and sucking and even deep-throating that virgin straight-boy meat like it's the first dick he's tasted in years!

As Dragon's head bobs up and down between his legs, Lil Steve sits back and stares intently at the straight porno on TV, occasionally glancing down to witness Dragon's talented mouth hard at work. He seems reluctant to admit that he actually LIKES getting head from a guy, even though it's obvious to anyone watching that he's enjoying the best damn blowjob of his life!

Dragon drops to the floor on his knees, pulls off Lil Steve's shorts and underwear, then dives between the football player's legs for a taste of those big, sweaty balls! Lil Steve stands up as if in a trance, grabs the back of Dragon's neck, and drives his dick deep into the back of Dragon's throat.

If you like watching long, hot, sloppy-wet blowjobs, then this is a scene you won't want to miss! Dragon's mouth has never looked so pretty and tempting, and the challenge of "turning out" a real-life straight boy really brings out his best oral skills! The room echoes with the wonderfully wicked sounds of licking, slurping, gurgling, and sucking as Dragon coats that thick dick with his spit and proudly shows off his talents.

And that's only the beginning! Things REALLY heat up when we pull out the futon....

[SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to find out about this scene's hottest surprises in advance, STOP READING NOW!]

Lil Steve, who has remained mostly tense and aloof until now, kneels over Dragon's face and begins vigorously fucking his mouth! It's exciting to watch as his embarrassment and uncertainty slowly gives way to his ravenous, demanding lust. He surrenders completely to the pleasure of the moment, pounding the back of Dragon's throat with increasing speed and intensity. Dragon submits to the face-pounding like a "pro." He enjoys being this straight stud's "first" so much, in fact, that he yanks down his own shorts and begins stroking his rock-hard dick without Lil Steve's dick ever escaping his mouth!

Both boys get so caught up in the passion of the moment that Lil Steve "accidentally" shoots his load directly in Dragon's mouth! At which point a clearly startled Dragon jerks his head back and lets the rest of Lil Steve's hot spunk land on his lips and chin. Just seconds later, Dragon unleashes his own explosive orgasm all over his chest and stomach! It's one of those hot, spontaneous moments that you'll only see in amateur porn! Because it all happens so fast, I include a slow-motion "instant replay" so you can savor the hot moment again!

"I can't believe I just did that!" Lil Steve exclaims as if suddenly waking up from a dream. Thankfully, he's still open to taking things to the next level. I'm guessing he realizes that if Dragon's MOUTH felt as good as it did, that tight, warm ASS will feel even better!

Lil Steve watches straight porn to help him get hard, then shoves his dick into Dragon's tight asshole! Like most straight boys trying to fuck another guy's ass for the very first time, Lil Steve is understandably stiff and awkward at first. He soon gets used to the new sensations, however, growing comfortable enough to grab Dragon's hips and begin fucking that ass like it's his girlfriend's wet pussy!

While Lil Steve's BODY clearly enjoys what it's doing, his mind unfortunately has other ideas! Eventually, he lets it get the better of him (that plus the fact that he's already shot off a load) and can't fuck for as long as I would have preferred. Instead, the two boys sit side by side and jack off. I even coax Lil Steve into wrapping his hand around Dragon's big dick!

Dragon eventually pumps out a SECOND cum-shot for the day and it's nearly as much as his first! Dragon disappears to clean up in the shower, while Lil Steve strokes out his own second "nutt" of the day!

The scene concludes with a few interesting and amusing reactions from Lil Steve to his first time trying sex with another guy.

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Details: Oct 4, 2009 77 min
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