Bandit's Beach House: Royal Treatment

peneroj yall gotta start saving yall nut for days before having a scene. bandit came nothing lol Jul 25, 2023
Shirly223 I think I like any scene bandit is in. Its his laid back quality and versatility. I love seeing him bottom. He looks more masculine now which I love, he doesn't look like a kid anymore (thank god) Nov 17, 2022
Arrozganny Hi Mike! I’m such a huge fan of BBA I’m sooo happy u guys returned from this hellacious pandemic that we're in! I’m so looking forward to more new content I love love love Bandit tell him I said what’s good 😊 love that nigga so much he’s so laid back and he seems easy to work with I love the new improvement with the camera quality video I can’t wait for more scenes I love you mike and I love bba 🔥😊😊😊😊😊😍😍🦶 oh and majority of them have the most sexiest and biggest feet it’s rare when I catch bad feet but I just love it and I would love to see Bandit getting his sexy long feet worshipped Jan 5, 2022
loverboy02 Bandit & Stallion ASAP‼️ Dec 28, 2021
DjbiATL Needs a part 2 where they flip, and Elijah comes in and they both top him and then he tops Bandit. Also, frfr Bandit lost too much damn weight. Skin and bones. Feed and Hydrate my boy so he gets that slim swimmer’s body back with the bubble booty. Ass deflated af, face and skin look dehydrated. Nov 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta Part of what you're noticing is probably just Bandit growing older lol. I haven't noticed any significant weight loss, though. If anything, I think he's looking thicker and healthier now than ever before, with added thickness in his booty most of all.
ACTION7 BANDIT needs to top Scuba, but bottom for STALLION; Bandit has that twinkle in his eyes for Stallion... Nov 4, 2021
ACTION7 bandit in love, they need a redo Nov 3, 2021
champ1503 would have love to seen a flip Oct 9, 2021
mdcarmichael Nice job of showing Scuba's fat dick pushing into Bandit's hole. Would love a flip though! Sep 9, 2021
islandboy44 love looking at bandits face when he is taking dick....practice makes perfect....Manny should fuck him again and make him take it n breed him Aug 27, 2021
bishyguy Love seeing Bandit take some dick. Hope we see more of that especially if we can get Manny to fuck him again. Aug 20, 2021
ef8432 I hope we get a flip flop scene between Bandit & Manny Aug 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta @terbernt: I'm beginning to get the sense that you're a Bandit fan? 😜 Aug 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta @shoeman59 (your 2nd comment): Great minds think alike. 😈 Aug 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta @kevin343: Like I mentioned in a previous reply for another scene, we faced an avalanche of abysmal bad luck with our recruiting and plans for this trip. You'd think I was making it up if I went down the list. But we took those lemons and made the best damn lemonade that we could lol. I'm sorry that you still haven't found that "explosive" scene to your personal liking just yet, but thankfully many of our fans and members are enjoying the new scenes. Hopefully our next round of production and new faces will be more to your liking! 🤞 Aug 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta @jaeesmash29, smhard03, & Nippy222: I respect your preference for Bandit as a top. He's a phenomenal top, no doubt about that! But don't worry, we'll be seeing his topping skills on full display again soon. 😉 Aug 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta @shoeman59: Thanks for the encouraging feedback and hot requests! Happy to hear that this is your 2nd favorite of the series so far. The models you mentioned weren't able to join us at the Beach House for this particular series of shoots, but we still hope to work with most of them in the near future. Aug 14, 2021
MichaelGalletta @terbernt: Thanks for the candid and constructive feedback! We'll try our best to spice things up with some non-traditional positions in the future. Please keep in mind that just because a certain position sounds hot in your fantasy, doesn't necessarily mean it's practical or easy to perform or film in real life lol. I also agree with you about the importance of natural, unedited transitions and will continue working with Shax to make sure these are included in his scenes. Aug 14, 2021
MichaelGalletta @texasbugg: Can't tell you how happy we are to see you back with your unique and hilarious reviews! You definitely have a way with words when writing about tight male asses and guy-on-guy sex lol. But I have to ask, what kind of football coach asks his players about their sperm counts and sex lives?!? You sure he didn't have a secret cam installed in the team's locker room LOL? Aug 14, 2021
djhood Where is this week’s video?? Aug 14, 2021
MichaelGalletta and mcchaz: From the FAQ section of the site: “New content is added at least THREE times a month, and most of BBA’s scenes are between 30 and 90 minutes long – MUCH longer than you’ll find on most other sites! Depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly (usually on Thursdays), and other times more staggered with longer waits in between.”

We just posted 4 weekly updates in a row, and will be back with the final three scenes from this series starting next Thursday.
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: Glad you enjoyed this one! I completely agree with you about Bandit evolving into a much more confident and comfortable performer. This was also his first time working with Shax, and Montez and I both feel like he was trying to show off for the new director lol. Whatever motivated him, it worked! 😂

Like I mentioned in a previous reply to one of your comments, August's updates will be a continuation of the Bandit's Beach House series. In other words, scenes that were already filmed on this same trip. Followed by more new scenes and additional models in September and continuing into the Fall.
Aug 14, 2021
mcchaz Are there any more updates planned? Aug 14, 2021
turner95 I love every scene with bandit. Scuba has a big dick but he’s wack on camera, he should’ve bottomed Aug 13, 2021
terbernt Came back to read the additional comments and must say from the pic on the upper right alone: "damn I love how long and well shaped Bandit is" If only Bandit had a twin and Bandit could fuck Bandit, that would be justice served well-done. Hope Manny returns soon, I'm getting Manny nostalgic too. I'm even tempted to buy the new non-Bandit scenes just for the minute or so footage of Bandit at the front. Dang Bandit: why you so sexy? Aug 13, 2021
bbadic92 I’m sorry scuba can’t fuck at all ! Aug 12, 2021
Nippy222 Bandit Should be Topping All of them, thats a waste of Big Dick seeing him constantly bending over. He even stated he hated bottoming so why make him do it. He stated he like Fem guys so match him with a Fem guy and let him put that Big Dick to Work. Or Let him and Blake Double team another bottom Aug 12, 2021
ACTION7 I like these guys especially when they obviously get enjoyment bottoming, I need to see SCUBA give up the goods to BANDIT or someone he is into. Aug 12, 2021
royce905 in my opinion, these recent updates haven't been good at all. i really miss the amateur-style filming. that's what was the most engaging about this site. i appreciate the updates, but i would be really excited if you all got back to your roots. i've rocked with you all throughout the pandemic for the archive content but that has now gotten old. any exciting scenes with classic shooting upcoming? Aug 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta We're still in the process of figuring out the right balance between better equipment/production values and remaining true to our amateur roots. There will be missteps and growing pains in that process. But thanks for your candid feedback, and hopefully some of our future scenes will include more of the spontaneous, amateur vibe that you're looking for.
greenhung11 Scuba’s haircut is distractingly bad and his stroke is weak. Where is the fire in these new scenes? Aug 11, 2021
Jayden27 The Royal Treatment. Well, fitting title seeing as how BBA's king and a hot prince have decided to grace us with their presence. We couldn't be any luckier. Let's get into it.

First off, let me start off by saying that Bandit's Beach House is hella nice! Bandit and Scuba waste no time and jump right into the foreplay. I thought both models were excellent here. I didn't know who to be jealous of more--licking Bandit or Scuba would be a pleasure. LOL! Scuba's reaction to Bandit's oral skills were priceless--I loved watching Scuba's eyes roll back and Bandit continued to slob his dick down. Scuba returned the favor by slobbing Bandit down, causing Bandit to give off of some of the sexiest moans. Yes, it's acting. I know this, BUT it's still hot! Scuba used his tongue to pleasure BBA's king, and it was arousing to watch every inch of Bandit rise for the occasion. Bandit was one lucky dude to have Scuba's tongue in his ass. Loved this part. The camera point of view was perfect here. In one frame, Shax makes us feel that we were inches away from Bandit's head, giving us an amazing view of Scuba eating ass. *Chef's kiss*. Bandit stood up with his back toward the camera, and Scuba continued to eat him out. The view of Scuba's tongue moving in between Bandit's cakes was LIT AF. I'm not gonna lie--Bandit's cakes look so good on the screen I wanted to join Scuba and have some fun myself. LOL

You know I love details right? There was a small transition in which Bandit and Scuba walk up the stairs to go into another room to fuck. Loved that. It was a small detail, but it was great and gave
sensible scene flow. Very nice. The view of the models in their birthday suits was nice too! That room was hella nice too. I loved the fucking; however, it was short, and I wish we had more. Loved watching the two of them in doggy style. Missionary with Bandit's legs in the air was SEXY AF! My favorite, however, was Bandit riding Scuba. Once again, the views in this part were awesome. I especially loved the POV when we were right under the models while they were fucking. Bandit took every inch of Scuba, leaving only his balls visible.

Cum shots for the finish. Scuba drizzled his load all over Bandit and licked it up. Loved it! Bandit, on the hand, was drained. It's ok though. We can tell that Bandit has been getting plenty of action in
his Beach House. Who doesn't want a piece of everyone's favorite model? Honestly, Bandit earned his spot as the #1 BBA model because of the many moments he's given us fans in the BBA scenes. He's a hard worker, and the rest of the scene was great; therefore, Bandit gets a pass on this one! The kiss was hot though! The shot of them leaving the room naked at the end was lit too. Good shit.

To Mike, Shax, Scuba, and Bandit...thank you! I can't wait to see what's next.
Aug 10, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for another fantastic and entertaining review! Happy to hear that you enjoyed this one as much as you did. Like you, I don't think I will EVER get tired of watching Bandit get fucked in his cute little butt. And seeing him take on the challenge of Scuba's intimidating thickness was a joy to behold!
luv4blk Bandit slim and sexy. Would've been hot seeing them take turns & flip flop bang each other! Aug 10, 2021
shoeman59 Mike, as I think about it, since you have Stylez and Scuba in the house together, do you think the two could pair up, and let Scuba return the favor to Stylez, by fucking him? Aug 8, 2021
joeman Luv Bandit, Put him up with Justice please. Aug 8, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the hot request! Bandit and Justice would be truly epic. Hopefully we can still make that happen one of these days. 🤞
MarkDC The FAKE MOANING was killing me.....too much!!! Just be natural. Aug 8, 2021
jp294j Bandit isn’t a very good bottom, and scuba is a bad top. Tbh he doesn’t exude their “gay for pay” vibe, barely seems masculine. But his stroke is awful. You stroke with your hips, not moving your whole back, back and forth. Aug 7, 2021
MichaelGalletta Only some of our models classify as "gay for pay." Scuba is not one of them. He has identified as openly bisexual since his very first BBA scene. I agree that his stroke still needs some work, but he's young and still learning as he goes. In my opinion, he's already improved greatly as a top since his very first BBA scene.
kevin343 Still waiting for that explosive scene and electric pairing. The scenes are lacking luster. BBA has all the tools to bring it. Let's go! Let's focus and get back on track team. Blackboyaddictionz has so much more potential. Let's get back in the game. Mike and Montez and the models are doing an awesome job with the new website. I think we're missing the mark on the content and fresh faces. I think that's what everybody is looking for and waiting for. Aug 7, 2021
Cumalot It was perfect , im sure he fucked him again off camera , Bandit was in heaven , he got treated and he loved it Aug 7, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the rave review! I do think Bandit was enjoying that dick more than he wants to admit, but I'd be shocked if they hooked up later for a second round. And pissed off that we didn't get it on camera! 😂
hchc28 Best scene yet for Bandit don't really feel Scuba but for the very first time Bandit shows some real passion luv me some Bandit Aug 7, 2021
FreakTeach I wish I was a Scuba fan but Im just always...underwhelmed Aug 6, 2021
Readyruk1 Good to see both of these two boy bunnies back in fine form! Aug 6, 2021
kevin343 Hell no. Not Kingston. EVER. Aug 6, 2021
maui1one 3rd scene in a row, no interest. Started off with a bang but all down hill from there. Loyal fan for years. After a long wait, I'm thinking of cancelling. I'll wait a little while longer and rewatch some older flix. Aug 6, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for being a loyal, long-time BBA fan! I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment with our recent batch of scenes. Hopefully some of the upcoming scenes will be more to your liking. At least we have extensive archives to explore and enjoy in the meantime. Appreciate the honest feedback.
Clinteastwood220 Bandit is everything ❤️‍🔥 But I would love to see Bandit dick scuba down next time Aug 6, 2021
Coolrod Another bad scene! Why is Scuba topping everyone?? I didn't think a model got to tell the production company what he won't do. He needs to give up that ass real soon! Ugggh! Aug 6, 2021
smhard03 I am not a fan of Bandit as a bottom. Scuba is sexy af, but again... Bandit as a bottom... nah. Aug 6, 2021
lablue Okay I hardly ever leave a comment but I was reading the blog. I love the changes yall made on here. Love this scene. Bandit did the damn thing. Scuba u never disappoint me. Hey why yall aint bring Trapp on this trip. U tops should just gang bang that bussy and mouth. My skip over the last message. #BBA4eva Aug 6, 2021
MichaelGalletta I always love reading your comments, and hope you'll feel comfortable leaving more of them in the future! Happy to hear that you loved this one. Unfortunately, Trapp wasn't able to join us on this trip, for reasons I'll announce on the blog in the near future. No doubt he would have given us some epic new scenes had he been there!
davids This was a hot scene. I love these two models. I was hoping it would have been a verse scene. Aug 6, 2021
Candid1 Love seeing Bandit take dick! Aug 6, 2021
MichaelGalletta You and me both lol! I actually bust a nice nutt to this myself just a couple nights ago.
3606tsb72 With the exception of Kavii & Scuba, I've seen the other Beach House (BH) scenes. And the new BBA camera is superb at capturing the vibrancy of Black skin tones. I've always enjoyed seeing vets like Scuba, Bandit and Ross. BUT I've noticed a serious flaw in camera-technique: Mike and Shax are zooming in from a distance to capture up close the objects of many of our affections, dicks, rendering them one-dimensional and smaller than they are. Avoiding that effect requires one to physically place the camera closer to those "instruments," instead of zooming from afar. The result will be a multi-dimensional, hence more compelling and dramatic presentation of those 'members,' as their length and width will have increased. Bandit's cock looks like a noodle...a slight exaggeration, but the sentiment rings more true than false and, of course, that's not right. I want to also emphasize in this BBA forum that I'd rather see more dick than ass any day, yet I know what time it is up in here. I hope Mike and Shax, bless their souls, will do dicks as much justice as those rear ends. And please do some 69, and more shower/bath and piss scenes - before and after sex. For now stay safe, fellas. PEACE! Aug 6, 2021
MichaelGalletta Welcome back! Shax and I actually had a bet about how long it would take before you showed up with your cinematography lectures and complaints about us not showcasing enough dick LOL. Seriously, though, thanks for the honest and heartfelt feedback. I can only speak for myself and the scenes that I've filmed, but I can assure you that I rarely film anything from a distance. The guys actually tease me about how I'm constantly moving around, jumping up on the beds, laying on my back on the floor, etc. and getting all up in their personal space with the camera when I film lol. At multiple points throughout the shoot with Stylez and Slim, my camera was literally within INCHES of their rock-hard dicks. Short of inventing a camera that doubles as a catheter, I really don't think it's humanly possible for me to get any closer! 😂
haroldanderson There is really no words bandit yes amazing anything he is in I’m on it Aug 5, 2021
11luvme2u Okay you all! Some have suggested eggs and others zinc. No no no. lol I have the perfect suggestion. Bandit needs to talk with the Cannon of Cum, Justice! Whatever Justice is doing that's what Bandit needs. Just ask Shameeks, Apollo, and Travis. I know they'll agree. Aug 5, 2021
skinnylegend113 this was a little.. lackluster :( Aug 5, 2021
shoeman59 Mike, this was one of my favorites to date. Although, I must say, the very first one with Ross and Bandit was my favorite. As mentioned by others, hopefully Trapp, Dominic, and Kingston have an upcoming scene. I also hope Saint will return, we haven't seen him for a long while. Back to Trapp..since he took a little of Bandit in the haunted house, could you pair them to finish? Can't wait until the next scene. Aug 5, 2021
terbernt Last comment from me: its those unnatural natural positions that I wish Bandit got fucked in. When he was about to walk up those stairs = extremely sexy physique, when he was about to cum on Scuba I wish someone snuck behind and fucked him. I like live positions rather than just laying down and taking it. Sex should be kind of struggle-ish. Rather than lying down over a pillow or on his back I wish Bandit was on his knees behind pulled back getting fucked from behind. Oh Fantasy. I don't know if Manny is thicker than Scuba but Manny definitely fucks better than Scuba. Bandit fucks hella aggressive and I like when that is returned in kind. Scuba at the end was so sluggish and sedate (no offense). I'll still buy anything Bandit. Please more interstitial scenes, I like watching them walk and move around instead of skipped through cut scenes that then resume awkwardly from completely new vantages. I don't mind paying more, its about the craft. Aug 5, 2021
jaeesmash29 I rather see bandit top him this was uhhh 🙄 ion like bandit as a bottom Aug 5, 2021
terbernt Bandit needs some zinc to get that cum shot magic. One day we'll see Bandit cum like the Goliath he is. Aug 5, 2021
terbernt Nice, buying it right now. Bandit = Perfection. I will buy any scene with Bandit. Bandit = Mine. Aug 5, 2021
texasbugg scuba let us school u babyboi bandit big dick will not hurt u scuba u got to please the fans u want your # to go up fair is fair scuba bandit took your big dick like a pro i never saw your dick that hard so u was feelin bandit's gold asshole. Aug 5, 2021
mrwhitley1 This aint it.
This was almost awkward. I wouldn’t feel comfortable filming a porn scene and I’m not turned on. I’m kinda shocked a disclaimer didn’t come with this.
It doesn’t even feel like a sexual video. It’s Dry.
I was just thinking how good their pairing would be…but they’re usually disconnected if theres no kissing.
Something is different tho.
Aug 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry this one didn't do it for you. Not sure how anyone can watch Bandit's excellent performance here and conclude that it "doesn’t even feel like a sexual video," but to each his own I guess lol. Maybe not the BEST chemistry between two models we've ever filmed, but far from the worst.
Wharris6763 I’m just waiting for Kingston … I hope he returns. Aug 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta Don't worry, we're still in touch with Kingston and hope to work with him again soon!
2Sexy4Words Maybe need to smoke next time before i watch another one, yet to get that wild moment, still will support I Know its cumming LOL Aug 5, 2021
w00pcee bandit = automatic like Aug 5, 2021
Leonides At this point, Where’s trapp 👀 Aug 5, 2021
jrummi best scene yet since filming restarted! getting better every week! Aug 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thrilled to hear that this one's your favorite of the series so far! Plenty more to cum, so stay tuned. 😉
texasbugg bandit is still #1 damm no 1 ride a dick better than bandit scuba u did your thing i know that tight ass was feelin so fucking good bandit needs to eat 4 raw eggs before his scene raw eggs will build up your sperm when i played football our coach asked us if we had sex that week we needed to eat 4 raw eggs to build up our sperm count. this scene was hotter than fish grease scuba fried bandit's fish good job every1 will write more later too weak from this 2 nuts buster scene. Aug 5, 2021
Docteur Two of my faves: Bandit and Scuba. This gets a thumbs up from me. I just wish Bandit had topped Scuba as well. The Bandit cum shots are weak as hell most of the time. He needs to eat pineapples and eggs LOL. Want to see Scuba in an all out orgy with Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah, Ross and Stylez, where everybody gets fucked by one another, sucked, kissed, salad tossed, etc. Aug 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you finally found a scene in this series to your liking lol! Not sure if you skipped the scene description, but we definitely shared your desire to see Scuba return the favor. A flip-flop here would have been truly epic. Scuba was initially open to the idea, in theory at least, but one look at Bandit's intimidating tree trunk in person and he immediately bailed, regardless of the severe reduction in pay. But please rest assured that we tried! 🤷‍♂️
11luvme2u Please if they're available can see we Dominic and Trapp in August? Not necessarily together but that'd be nice too. Trapp owes Dominic some ass. lol I definitely miss seeing them on camera. Aug 5, 2021
11luvme2u This was a great scene! I am very happy we got 4 weekly scenes. I'm definitely an advocate of at least 3 full sex scenes and 1 masturbation scene if 4 sex scenes aren't possible in a month. Bandit's aggressiveness was a turn on. He kissed, gave head, and bottomed with intensity and passion. He is definitely more comfortable performing than ever before. He and Scuba had good chemistry. Scuba gave great head and ate Bandit's ass well. The camera work was very good and captured real good angles. The background scenery added to the excellence of the scene. I'm pretty sure this scene will get strong reviews. NICE JOB!! Aug 5, 2021

To celebrate our much-anticipated return after a long and difficult pandemic year, we're bringing back BBA's #1 model in his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and even a couple fresh faces.

We recently reunited with some of our favorite guys at a tropical getaway that we nicknamed "Bandit's Beach House." Our goal was to celebrate a return to "semi-normal" and enjoy some good, old-fashioned BBA fun.

When we asked our viewers to tell us which comeback scenes they most wanted to see, this was one of the pairings at the very top of the list!

Scuba was giddy with excitement about his first encounter with BBA's most popular "gay for pay" model, and it definitely shows in this scene. I don't think I've ever seen Scuba's dick get this hard, and of course it's hot as hell seeing Bandit's pretty lips stretched wide open as he tries his damnedest to stuff that thick tree trunk down his throat. It's not long before Scuba's eyes are rolling into the back of his head as he relishes this "royal treatment" from the King of BBA himself.

But the real question on all of our minds was this: With almost a DOZEN bottoming scenes now under his belt, was our sexy straight boy from the 'hood ready for the challenge of his THICKEST DICK since trying (and failing) to take Manny's monster a few years ago? We honestly didn't know the answer to that question, but once again our dicks were rock-hard in anticipation of watching him try!

Savor the thrilling sight - totally unthinkable just a few short years ago - of Bandit grunting and cursing and moaning as his tight little hole gets stretched open and POUNDED by one of its BIGGEST DICKS yet! There's even some rare, thrilling footage of Bandit RIDING that raw dick like the brave champ he's become!

Of course we desperately wanted to see Scuba return the favor, and he was initially open to giving it a try. But one look at Bandit's intimidating baseball bat in person, and he understandably ran screaming "hell no" in the other direction! A porn dream for another day, I suppose.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 5, 2021 34 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Scuba

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