Enticed By Eddie (The Sequel)

goldenkidd7 What happen to him mike he was sexy as fuck Aug 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta I think he got scared away when some of his fellow thugs found out about his BBA scenes and proceeded to make life hell for him. That was almost a decade ago, and we've lost touch since. Sorry to disappoint you.

Several weeks after his surprising audition in which he let me enjoy a spontaneous taste of his young black ass, Eddie's back to take things to the next level and fulfill his fantasy of being a "boy toy" for an older white man!

After a brief introductory interview in which Eddie explains that he's back "to experience new things," I instruct the sexy young thug to stand up, turn around, and show off his slim, toned body and cute, tempting ass.

Eddie drops to his knees and buries his face in my crotch, nibbling seductively at my dick through my shorts. It's not long, however, before my hard white dick is popping out of my boxers and poking against Eddie's thick, wet lips....

This scene should be a special treat for anyone turned on by seeing a big-dicked black boy down on his knees, slurping away on a hard white cock!

As he begins bobbing slowly up and down on my dick, Eddie looks up at me submissively with his irresistible puppy-dog eyes - a moment I've imagined many times since his "solo" audition!

There's a generous amount of cheek-poking, tonsil-stabbing, ball-licking oral action before I'm through training my eager new pupil....

I take it easy on Eddie at first, keeping in mind that he's still relatively new to guy-on-guy sex. But the black boy's juicy-thick lips feel so good wrapped around my dick that I can't resist the wicked urge to get a little rough with the submissive black teen!

"You like bein' an older white man's boy toy?" I taunt the cute black kid barely half my age.

I make him beg for my hard white dick as I smack and rub it all over his face. I even tell him to lean his head over the edge of the bed so I can bury my dick in the back of his throat!

Of course I can't resist the temptation to get another taste of Eddie's SWEET YOUNG ASS!

I pull off Eddie's sagging jeans and then dive in to devour that fresh-off-the-streets thug ass in a variety of hot positions. It's funny to watch Eddie's eyes roll back into his head as he reacts to my warm tongue lapping hungrily at his tight, tasty hole.

There's lots of hot ass-eating as I greedily sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck Eddie's delicious brown butt to my heart's content - including some nice close-up shots of Eddie's cute little asshole winking invitingly at the camera!

The climax of my second encounter with Eddie comes when I give the big-dicked black teen his VERY FIRST "FACIAL" - followed just seconds later by Eddie stroking out his own "nutt" onto his stomach as my fresh, warm cum still slides down his face!

Eddie shares a few reactions to the scene in a brief closing interview, and promises he'll come back for more....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only
Details: Oct 25, 2011 35 min
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Michael Galletta

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