Testing Travis

gdr1gdr1 I Love The Blond Hair...Fabulous Modern Look Thats Not Going Away Anytime Soon...Loved His First Video With Justice...When Will We See Travis Again? Sep 7, 2019
pewfeet His hair is a distraction. He probably would look better with it cut off. Black men don't look good with different color hair. WTH? We need to stop following trends that doesn't benefit us and makes us look pathetic. smh Jul 14, 2019
mdcarmichael I realize that Travis is predominately a bottom. But I would love to alternate sucking on his big cock and having him put it up my ass...going back and forth on me until he shoots his creamy load down my throat. Jun 1, 2019
gdr1gdr1 Absolutely Gorgeous...The New Golden Boi...The Hottest Man I've Seen In Some Time...A Star Is Born! Apr 19, 2018
jonalex Can we have more pictures of this photo shoot!? Apr 15, 2018
3606tsb72 No, Shax. DONT zoom from a close-up per Mr. Whitley's request, especially for cock shots, which SHOULD be up close and personal with leisurely pacing sans cock-blocking, so those of us who like to actually SEE dicks, as this is, REALLY, gay male erotica, can see them rendered in a dramatic, visually compelling way. Close ups are everything when filming dicks. ZOOM to a close up and stay there; zooming away too quickly is nothing, if not a teaser. Apr 15, 2018
StonedMountain Your customers are so stuck in ruts and customs and habits.

“I’m no fan of black and white,” this in response to flashes of black and white for effect. Either way Travis looks so very inviting. For me there is not the slightest hint of whether he is top or bottom. I think either way will work, if babyboi is into it. He does look like a nice target for the girls, so cute, so nicely hung.

Oh to put my tongue down that throat…. 🙄
Apr 14, 2018
mrwhitley1 Um, can Shax like “zoom the fuck out”, like it’s so close, only one, or 2 full shot images. Back up and let us see the full picture...Damn!
Apr 13, 2018
denis5 Cute model hmm Very intelligent move M. Apr 13, 2018
texasbugg TRAVIS babyboi i like u cause u believe in yourself don't let these (HATERS) run u off the saying in texas (EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS) the haters say some hurting words and all these young thugs try to do is help us bust a nutt i bet the haters who say these things could never do this i'm just a person who don't like to hurt other people feelings when they haven't done nothing to this young thug is only 18 years old just starting off in life that wasn't call for u know who u r look in the mirror Apr 13, 2018
mdcarmichael DAMN Travis! I’m not a big solo fan, but this boi is hot! I was hoping he’d lean down and suck his own dick. It’s definitely long enough for him to reach. Apr 12, 2018
Mother00 WTF is this? I stumbled into the wrong site, thought this was BBA. Apr 12, 2018
da1ndet “The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” Travis was tasty sweet!!! I love it! Bring him back with Apollo please! Apr 12, 2018
KUUMBA Travis is a good looking guy; good voice too. He shows great poise and confidence for his age. Nice body and feet! I hope we see more of him. Apr 11, 2018
texasbugg MIKE i love bba because every scene every week is not hardcore fucking and i love sex watching two thugs fuck is my weakness but i know i need a break i still don't understand mike gives us the best porn in the (USA) give us a free month still it's not enough people wake up some r about to mess up a good thing being for themselves it's not right bba finds the best looking young sexy thugs in the (U.S.) still not enough please stop making it badd for the ones who go with the flow u know who u r. Apr 10, 2018
texasbugg TRAVIS babyboi u r hott as fire do u and do not let the haters get in your head have fun in your young life i like u cause u know u got a body that was blessed by the gods i like the tick/tick with the dick a lot of young thugs couldn't do that that tell me u can be a good top r good bottom u r a badd badd boi i really hope mike use u both ways i love your moves u got a nice diamond back there u being 18 would be the best to take down 19 year old shaun dick not too big to open his lil hole damm Apr 10, 2018
kcb394 Travis is a great looking guy but I was not a fan of the black and white video and the porn music at the beginning of the scene. It was not the traditional BBA "real" style scene I've come to love. It felt more like a scripted porn video. I hope to see more of Travis in a more traditional BBA scene. Apr 9, 2018
Bigguum I pay to see fucking period..not into twinks toys oral only etc... these should be bonus not considered weekly update... Apr 8, 2018
MichaelGalletta You've been around long enough to know that probably close to 25% of our scenes don't include hardcore fucking. Solos and oral-only scenes have always been, and will continue to be, a part of BBA. If you're wanting hardcore fucking in every scene, you've come to the wrong site.
hozie7777 Cute. Bring him back for a duo. Apr 8, 2018
Moses1999 I ditto everyone's comments and more. Travis is sexy as hell. He has skills too. Usually it is hard to get just the right photo because the model moves too much, Travis listened good and moved ever so slightly between pics. Just job and one sexy young man. I got move to Texas!!!! Apr 8, 2018
Jayden27 Y’all had “other ideas” huh? Man y’all bad. LOL!!! I am normally not into twinks but I decided to give this video a try. I’ve got to say that it was very nice! The concept was a nice change of pace from BBA’s normal offerings. All of the captures of Travis in different underwear. The different angles were cool too. Watching Travis explore with the different toys was entertaining was well. However, you all saved the best for last when Travis was able enjoy himself. I enjoyed him as well.😉 Hopefully, your list of other ideas includes bringing Travis back for more. Apr 7, 2018
texasbugg I KNOW i want to see more of this hott young thug he got a super hottttttt body that was blessed by the gods i love a young sexy thug who knows they got a sexy ass body this thug got a lot to give l must watch this again i really wanted to hear about his background he has fucked around before i really don't like to make calls but l'm going by what i see babyboi u r super hott i want to see more of u with someone cause u r fine as fuck u sexy motherfucker u r babyboi this was a hott nuttjusgot Apr 7, 2018
Littleboy60 As you can see my comment. But Actually I Am Lost For WORDS.. But I will say this, Step your game up BBA Twinks. Apr 7, 2018
baxter265 OMG, wow. Credit to both Travis and the photographer. Wow. Apr 7, 2018
buckim Cute boy, but only the first five minutes are interesting and exciting. I hope we see Travis soon with another boy, Scotty for instance... Apr 7, 2018
KodyFan He's got a HOT bod & sorta innocent twink appeal. Smoooth! I wouldn't turn him down! Great photos, btw. But what's with this 70's music?? Lol. Apr 7, 2018
texasbugg THIS young sexy thug should be around for awhile i hope mike use him both ways cause he got a nice size dick and can make it move like the long hand on a clock he got body now we wait to see who is going to be the first to fuck him/first who he fuck he love to use his dick i love that hair 18 full of cum he fucks hard /long now who will hit that diamond it's a diamond back there real juicy i would love to see him/shaun fuck each other cause they r a year apart i think shaun would fall in love Apr 7, 2018
aluckett03 This was hot. Y'all should do more like this. Apr 7, 2018
texasbugg AS (PRINCE) said in his song (BATMAN) (STOP THE PRESS WHO IS THAT) damm babyboi u hottt as fuck in my mind i have pair u with so many (TRAPP/BANDIT/SCOTTY/SHAUN/MANNY K.) 18 years old that's what i love about young thugs they dick get hard where they can fuck/get fucked i know trapp would love to do a scene with a young thug and he being 24 years old cause i see he likes them younger which makes it more hotter welcome to bba travis the best porn in the(USA)U R SO HOTTTTTTT. Apr 7, 2018
acura8215 Travis is so cute and has a very smooth chocolate sexy body. I can hardly wait to see more of him. Apr 7, 2018
princexxchar yea gotta skip this one, Twinks aren't my thing, they're too much in abundance already. Apr 7, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK He's got my vote! 😎😉 soooo many possibilities...... but still would've love to hear his background story. Apr 7, 2018
shortyrock67 da nasty things id do to this boi yo lol Apr 6, 2018
Stopitd Damn..A star is born!..hott! Apr 6, 2018
chocolix77 I usually cannot take the solo vids because they are boring asf but this dude is fucking gorgeous and I would love to see more of him. Kudos to whoever found this gem!! Apr 6, 2018

This weekend we have a special treat for all of the TWINK LOVERS out there.

If you share our lust for slim, dark-skinned black boys with big ol’ dicks and juicy-round bubble-butts, then you’re gonna LOVE our cute new boy Travis!

Just *BARELY* 18 and fresh out of high school, Travis recently applied to do some underwear modeling for our new photographer Shax.

But we had other ideas....

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 6, 2018 38 min
Photo of Travis

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