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kingofAss Donte is my favorite the way his face and eyes be looking when getting fucked May 15, 2024
yepnigga78 I love this pair! Juju is sexy of course. But to me Donte is the star here. Donte shows that he isn't afraid to be sensual and loves to kiss. Juju adapts very well to him. I love how verbal Donte is. My favorite part is when Juju finally started deep stroking him and Donte's eyes stretched in extasy as he realizes how much dick is in him. He tells him how good and big his dick is as he takes it more confidently. Then welcomes Juju's babies all over his face with a smile. Donte is one sexy slim twink. I love his voice and that he's so boyish. Dam he does it for me Mar 10, 2024
JPeak84 Give us more Diez and JuJu bottoming Mar 8, 2024
rayymirez Juju is fine but not good as a top lol. Can’t wait to see him finally bottom! Seems like he love having that bussy ate 😈 Feb 29, 2024
pyro421 @MichaelGalletta- Thanks for the response and thank you even more for a rough Bandit scene!!! Feb 9, 2024
misterblack I love the ass-eating sequences in this scene - the soft exclamations of pleasure from both models during them. Then that angle; Donte's tongue jutting into JuJu's hole when his beard & JuJu's ass hair are indistinguishable. The frotting was also very nice (wish there had been more of it). Donte's the best bottom on the site - such expressions while he's being plowed - would love to see him in a flip flop too. I can't say enough about the cum shots either. I guess that's the whole update; just exquisite. Thank you for these excellent productions gentlemen. Feb 9, 2024
malkezie0 Bring back Saint and Ross Feb 8, 2024
Verdade Hi Everyone. Been catching up on the BBA library during this downtime. Some of the older scenes. Mike,if any of these older scene guys want to come back...Man I just love the heck out of them as well. If any of them want to come back. Please ask them back. Thank you Montez,Shax and Mike. The BBA library is fantastic. I just get in bed, naked and enjoy ALL of these fine men. So much great sex thru the years. Man,the Library is so fulfilling and satisfying.. Word Up! and Don't Worry...Be Happy! Love Everyone....Shout out to all the Sexy Men and The posters As well...."Doin'Da Butt" and "Word Up" and New Edition "Hit Me Off" and Nelly "Hot In Here" Man, love Alll of the Sexy Men so very much! The BBA Library is Smokin' Hot! Love you guys so much! So much Thanks! Feb 6, 2024
JPeak84 We’re ready for more content Feb 6, 2024
djv1234 I look forward to your next scene this Thursday and did I read correct that you aiming to release 4 scenes this month and 4 scenes next month, as that will be great! Feb 6, 2024
MichaelGalletta Yes, that is what we're aiming for.
pyro421 I know you've posted this several times, but when can I expect the actual next update? What day, so I know when to come back?....Appox 2/8 is not really an actual date and I would like an update before my subscription runs out... Feb 5, 2024
MichaelGalletta Still aiming for this Thursday, 2/8, probably later in the day/evening but hopefully before midnight. That's the best we can tell you at this point. We're still in the midst of production and Shax will be busy editing around the clock to have the first scene ready to post as soon as we possibly can.
Djuanpetty3685 Juju is one of my favs. Thanks Michael and crew for everything. Really looking forward to upcoming content. Feb 4, 2024
MichaelGalletta RE-POSTING FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT: Due to some unfortunate setbacks with our December production trip resulting in significantly less content than we'd hoped to have for you heading into the New Year, plus some complications & delays with this month's plans, we won't be able to resume the usual update schedule until approx 2/8. To make up for only posting one instead of the usual three promised updates this month, our goal is to feature *FOUR* updates in February & March. Thanks for your patience as we work hard behind the scenes to bring exciting new content to you as soon as we can! Feb 1, 2024
Docteur Though not a fan of Donte, but this scene upon second viewing wasn't too bad. JuJu can definitely fuck (as in topping) and he can eat ass and kiss. On some of his x-rated social media he gets down and nasty with trannys it seems. It is high time he sucks dick and bottoms. He needs a three some with Bandit and Stylez. Looking forward to great scenes in February and March and I remain hopeful that Michael will answer the question of what happened to... Feb 1, 2024
supreme Hi Michael: Great job to you and team for 2023, love your (BBA) growth since 2009. Here are my questions.
Can you please tell me why are you communicating with your old customers in the comment section of a scene? I'm an original member after all these years spoil us where our emails about the updates and voting? FYI, I rarely see twitter updates from BBA .
Jan 31, 2024
MichaelGalletta Not exactly sure what you're asking, but my best guess is that you're wondering why we no longer post announcements over on the BBA Blog? If that's your question: We stopped updating the blog because it was becoming redundant with Twitter and the website comments, where we continue to interact with our fans on a regular basis. Only a small handful of our viewers were still keeping up with the blog and more of the interaction seemed to be taking place on Twitter (@bbaddictionz and @bba_michael) and here in the website comments under the scenes, so we shifted the focus of our fan interaction to these forums.
misterblack Can you tell I love to watch muscular, hairy asses being fingered and eaten; beautiful brothers with sinewy bodies and uncut dicks? I love BBA's foreplay interludes almost as much as the fucking; dirty talk and moans; eyes rolling back and groans. I also loved all the angles and spectacular views of the best physiques porn has to offer. My top 10 of 2023: 1. Alpha Games 2. North Poled 3. Anything You Can Do 4. Drilling Diez 5. Ring In The New 6. Draining Denzel 7. Discovering Donte 8. Stylez Steps In 9. The Return of Stephon Part 2 10 Twas the Orgy Before Christmas Part 2. I'm sure you know I adore Legend, JuJu, Diez, Denzel, and Zeke. You know by now I'm enthralled with the new kid on the block ,Donte, and that Stylez is my favorite elder statesmen of the site. I'm going to miss the now retired Manny and the others we haven't seen in more than a year like Justice. It would also be nice to see Stephon, Staxx, and Kingston make occasional appearances. And what happened to K9? I'm looking forward to your return after this hiatus. Thanks for everything you do. Jan 27, 2024
DLtrucker2021 Juju should bottom with Legend next 🥵 Jan 27, 2024
bkwilliam To the BBA team, thank you for a wonderful 2023 and amazing closing. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for 2024. All the pressure. I understand production issues and it’s unfortunate that some don’t, and I get them too. I also appreciate the extra scenes for Feb and Mar but my only question/suggestion is that the extra scenes are not the usual “BTS” scenes we got last year when there were other production issues. I think that the extra scenes should be full out new scenes hot and sexy asf. Please make it worth our while for the wait! Thanks for all you guys do and here’s to a more amazing 2024 🥂 Jan 26, 2024
MichaelGalletta Don't worry, our goal/plan is for the fourth updates each month to be regular new scenes to make up for the missing two updates this month.
SharodXXL BBA isn’t hitting like it used to. How do you go from Bandit Apollo Isaiah etc to these skinny amateur lackluster twinks? with minimal updates. And please don’t refer to your prior catalog when you’re not producing the same quality with the same consistency. Twitter literally has millions videos for free! This is definitely my last month being a subscriber/paying a monthly fee when content isn’t updated monthly nor weekly. Jan 25, 2024
MichaelGalletta You're obviously entitled to your opinion and we'll be sorry to see you go. But for the record, we've been consistently updating the website with our promised three updates a month for well over a year. And I'd hardly call guys like Legend, JuJu, Denzel, Diez, Zeke, etc. "skinny amateur lackluster twinks." It's hard to respect or take seriously feedback that recklessly delusional and dishonest. And two of the three revered models you mentioned were actually featured in scenes this past year lol!

If you simply don't like Donte and/or find yourself frustrated with the lack of updates this month, just say so. You lose a lot of credibility with all of the other BS.
Deejay360 Let's see JuJu give up the ass to Manny Killa or Stylez Jan 25, 2024
jrummi A whole month in between scenes is foul. I think everyone should automatically receive a free month Jan 25, 2024
MichaelGalletta Agree it's far from ideal, but sometimes things happen outside of our control and all we can do is make the best lemonade out of lemons that we possibly can. Monthly subscribers still enjoy unlimited access to our entire catalogue of over 550 scenes, and we'll be making up for the missing two updates in January with bonus updates in February and March.
MichaelGalletta You've seen our picks for our favorite scenes from last year. Now it’s *YOUR TURN* to let us know your favorites!

You can only vote once, so choose carefully. In some categories, we’ve allowed up to 3 choices. Feel free to defend your picks, and/or post your own Top 10 lists on Twitter or here in the comments. Have fun!
Jan 24, 2024
barnes I have a thing for twinks sucking two at once. I hope that happens soon Jan 24, 2024
lpc02c Please bring back King Stallion! 💪🏾 Jan 24, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 The wait for 02/08 will be tough but I'm sure that next scene will be 🔥🔥🔥! Is there still a poll or voting challenge coming soon? Something to occupy us during the withdrawal would be cool.😂😂 Looking forward to more Legend, Diez, Zeke, Denzel, and JuJu for sure! Keep that Bandit & Rico reunion in mind please! Their Detroit After Dark scene is #6 of all videos for a reason. 🤞🏽✌🏽 Jan 24, 2024
MichaelGalletta Thanks for understanding! Working on our annual Viewer Polls as we speak.
rosndave This site really ask a lot of its members and I will leave it at that. Jan 24, 2024
MichaelGalletta We also give our members MUCH more than other sites in return. And I will leave it at that.
maybelater Montez post on Jan 17 already had me prepared for your delay post Michael. Already expected a delay. See ya in February hopefully. Jan 23, 2024
smfh09 if ya'll not coming back til 2/8, we don't want no scene with fucking Juju, Stylez, Donte, Sax, Bandit, Stallion or any of the other overused models. Honestly you should allow us to pick the scene pairing so we know it'll be good and what we're looking for. It's been obvious we can't trust your judgement. Jan 22, 2024
MichaelGalletta Stallion and Sax literally did TWO scenes all of last year and you're bitching about them being "overused"? Just proves you're biased against certain models and projecting your preferences onto everyone else. Our "untrustworthy" judgment resulted in some of the hottest (and MOST POPULAR) scenes we've ever filmed in 2023 so all due respect, we'll stick with trusting our own judgment over yours lol.
chucke1 Thank you for the update and I totally understand! Disappointed but things don't always go as planned! Looking forward to February and March! I assume it was the weather also! Jan 22, 2024
MichaelGalletta Due to some unfortunate setbacks with our December production trip resulting in significantly less content than we'd hoped to have for you heading into the New Year, plus some complications & delays with this month's plans, we won't be able to resume the usual update schedule until approx 2/8.

To make up for only posting one instead of the usual three promised updates this month, our goal is to feature *FOUR* updates in February & March. Thanks for your patience as we work hard behind the scenes to bring exciting new content to you as soon as we can!
Jan 22, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 @Dualex I'm right there with you! Legend deserves a billion for his performance and I look forward to Diez coming back and letting JuJu get it every way possible! A threesome with Juju and Legend would be fire too! What a year it will be!! Haha Jan 22, 2024
Dualex Pass my regards to Diez and I'm sorry to read about his accident and glad he is recovering well.
Did I read he was supposed to be in that Christmas scene?? Oh my God. That would have been atomic!!! 😂
Does that also mean Legend was not meant to bottom? If that's the case, let's make Legend a billionaire cause Lord, he surely stepped in and JuJu was hitting all the spots on that carpet.
I'm still happy cause Santa delivered the goods and gave us an unforgettable present.
Jan 18, 2024
Montez Hey, Guys!

Here to let you know that this will be an off-week. Our update schedule is still being worked out and we will have more info on it soon. Thanks as always for your support and hopeful patience.

Jan 17, 2024
cocopop Pretty good, but where is Diez haven't seen him since what? Oct., Nov. Jan 17, 2024
Montez Diez was scheduled to be a part of the Christmas production, in some way, shape or form. Unfortunately, he had a bad motorcycle accident in November and could not make it. He is doing well and healing up fine and can't wait to get back in front of the camera for you guys.
smokey1984 Waited to see if I missed something from the first time. Still dry - something ain’t gelling! Go ahead and pay Juju to give up the cakes. Jan 16, 2024
MaxMuney Ehh donte isn’t giving me anything like at least fuck him back instead of laying there Jan 16, 2024
mrwhitley1 Yeah…see y’all should have listened in the last comments…

How is it Y’all have booked Donte 3 times & had him in the same missionary/doggy style positions.

When I would complain you’d blame it on the Models not being rock hard to get riding scenes…So please lemme know what’s the Excuse now.
& it’s Not Donte…it’s the direction.
How do yall film the same positions over and over.
Please get a sex book & have the models try out a few positions.
Jan 16, 2024
bullshit512 The scene was very hot and not that I didn't enjoy watching Donte get fucked (I did), but all I kept thinking about was when will that "fine as hell" JuJu get fucked? When JuJu gets fucked, he'll "break the internet!" LoL! Jan 14, 2024
misterblack Much of the country is frigid, but BBA is sizzling. Great first video of 2024. When a scene has two beautiful black men with perfect bodies pleasuring one another there’s not much you can ask for. Loved the views and the sounds of ecstasy. JuJu gets better with every video & I just love Donte. Thanks gentlemen. Jan 14, 2024
dlephere1 Donté is a good little dick taker 😈
I’m curious to see him top though
Jan 13, 2024
sanmiittai Juju and Donte are both hot! I don't know what it is about watching JuJu get his ass ate, but that always turns me on. Jan 13, 2024
garnett Both models were great but juju exceeds expectations. All of his scenes are lit. Great discovery Michael. Jan 13, 2024
Toofreak86 Since I'm the first comment. Listen producer! Lol
This was a good normal MID scene... But if you want top tier, you should pair:
DONTE & JUSTICE "double or nothing #3" sensational
DONTE & STALLION "Riding the Stallion" this a takedown
DONTE & K9 - another takedown.
DONTE needs somebody who can make his moan "more real" like when Juju put all that dick in him. Now as far as JUJU. I see he likes to fuck, but he needs the OGs to make him better and bring his freak out..I believe
JUJU needs: ( well dang, he has already had scenes with them....) HOWEVER, LEGEND by far the Best option to make juju wanna kiss, rim, juju may only a main top, but legend can break him for sure...
Jan 13, 2024
MrBrown19942 Their chemistry is amazing; I really enjoyed this scene! Jan 13, 2024
MacheDich Donte or Juju? It is difficult to choose which one wins in the appetite of sex, charm, tenderness. Both have beautiful tools and seem to enjoy dicks and assholes. The sequence of rimming and face-sitting is a real happiness, which is quite rare for the second option on the net. However, one day BBA will have to pay more attention to adoration and tasting of the balls, often neglected by cameramen and actors. Congratulations again to our two heroes. They are among the best. Jan 12, 2024
smhard03 BBA got some new stars on the rise. JuJu... always perfection. Donte is the perfect dark chocolate bottom. That hairy ass alone makes me bust Jan 12, 2024
dkloverkc This scene was so forced it's fucking ridiculous 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Jan 12, 2024
A123 To be honest, this was not it for me. Juju seemed kind of low energy in this scene, and Donte was the only one who brought some enthusiasm. Part of me wishes that Juju had been drilling him the whole time as aggressively as he was right before he nutted, but realistically, Juju has a big piece of equipment. And you can’t just go ramming this damn tree truck in a person. Again, this wasn’t my favorite scene, but I applaud Donte for what appears to be an eagerness to please. Jan 11, 2024
dlking93 Great to see both these guys I hope juju gets to pair with Ross, Sax and Jah definitely would be hot imo Jan 11, 2024
Dualex 1. I don't believe this scene was needed. Juju @chrismas and Donte @NYE is enough.
2. Juju and I need to have a word. How can u do that to fabulous Legend? You gave him all your love the other day and u jump ship already?
3. I'm sure plenty will agree, chemistry wise noone can beat Juju and Legend. They set a benchmark.
Jan 11, 2024
kennyg WOW!!!! It's time Juju took something in his mouth besides a butt hole, I'm just sayin lol Jan 11, 2024
FRANCOIS955!!!!!!!!! Jan 11, 2024
darkmanjah28 And we appreciate this dark chocolate feast, lol. BBA always cum up with these unexpected curve balls and this was ANOTHER hott one fo' sho'. Props to Donte' for takin' JuJu fat-azz dick, too, lol.
They was lookin' sexy asf together. We dark choc brothers rule!!! (Well, all us brothers rule tbh). BBA now and forever.
Jan 11, 2024
damon8 No. No more Juju until he gives up the ass.
Jan 11, 2024
Sageking3 Good scene. Always sexy to see juju in action. Jan 11, 2024
man12345 Still waiting to see Juju get that booty hole poked real good. Let Bandit or Saint open up that hole for him! Jan 11, 2024
twizz2011 Juju is one of my favorite models but I’m tired of seeing him unless you convince him to bottom. Please switch up the models more often. Jan 11, 2024
demanding A1 from start to finish- I hope there’s a round two with these sexy brothers Jan 11, 2024
mcchaz Personally, I would have preferred a bit more variety, particularly given the previous scene. Jan 11, 2024
2allain They look like they don’t want to be there… Jan 11, 2024
smokey1984 Wasn’t a fan of this one. Juju is swiftly becoming one of my favorites. Just didn’t do a lot for me. 6/10 Jan 10, 2024
kissing98 more passionate tongue kissing please! Would love more tongue and sloopy! JUJU is a great kisser Jan 10, 2024
bigdaddy1051 Didn't expect to see Donte again so soon. I gotta feel like this is not the scene that was originally planned for this week. Jan 10, 2024
Montez Things do happen. And not only was this not the planned scene for this week, but this scene wasn't originally part of our production plans at all. lol
Lar58Fitz85 The earlier hour for the release is definitely appreciated! This week we got to see the living room from JuJu and Legend's scene and the bedroom from Sax & Donte's scene. Now I'm wondering if Sax and Legend are up next? For now it looks/sounds pretty certain that JuJu is not letting anyone top him so he's holding solid as the new big dick top of BBA. Hoping Legend gets somebody super sexy that turns him on for him to top soon! I have a feeling Legend likes his feet licked and worshipped. He deserves maybe two freaks to give it up any way he wants in a scene. Zeke and Justice serving Legend maybe? 🤔😉 Jan 10, 2024
onetrickpony 🔥🔥🔥🔥man yall starting the year off with banger after banger Jan 10, 2024
smfh09 I guess nobody thought to lotion/oil them up.. they’re ashy smh. Also love how as much as we didn’t like the last scene due to Donte somehow he’s in this one. Maybe some of yall like overly loud bottoms but not my thing. Jan 10, 2024

This weekend we're serving up a visual feast for all of our fellow dark chocolate addicts out there.

After making his official debut just a couple months ago, Donte is back and ready to prove that his impressive first two scenes were only a HINT of his true star potential. This time the sexy, soft-spoken newbie has his sights set on one of BBA's most popular and well-endowed stars.

See for yourself what happens when a flirtatious game of checkers turns into an unforgettable night of adventurous sex, including lots of passionate tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, mutual ass-devouring, and of course JuJu picking right up where Stylez and Saxgotem left off by thoroughly "breaking in" and stretching open Donte's tight, tiny hole!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Jan 11, 2024 44 min
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