Kid In A Candy Store

cam6594 Where is Cameron? Bring him back. Face, body, azz, dick, personality, clear skin! He should be one of BBA's top models! Sep 4, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you've enjoyed discovering Cameron. Keep in mind his scenes were filmed almost TEN YEARS AGO, so it's highly doubtful that he looks anything like this now lol. This is true for most of the guys you've been asking about. Love that their scenes feel timeless to you, but unfortunately in real life, time and aging take their toll on all of us.
HeyNwkat160 The scene was Fire!! Jun 25, 2021
floris82nl Cameron should come back. He is amazing! May 28, 2021
ojhudson damn Cameron is hot got a hot body, love his arms and got a nice DICK! Aug 31, 2019
Court77 Both of these guys have the beautiful looks and body of 1 in 10,000 or guys that one may see walking down the street. And here, you get both guys in one video. Just an absolute treasure that I plan to keep forever. Jan 25, 2017
tjm133 These are very cute guys. I hope they cum back. Jan 16, 2017
cam3121 That was really awesome and I hope that Cameron enjoyed it enough to want to have gay sex again and at least become bi. I hope Cameron comes back too. And we need more of Cory's fine ass on here too. Here's hoping for more of Cory and Cameron here on BBA in 2016! Jan 1, 2016
sexyboy513 love this one and they was sexy. Dec 18, 2015

Cameron is a bi-curious college boy from the East Coast who loves to party and go to the gym at least five times a week. He recently contacted me about the possibility of coming to town and exploring his curiosity on camera.

Turned out he's been watching gay porn and fantasizing about trying guy-on-guy sex ever since high school. But it wasn't until this recent BBA visit that the curious college boy finally got the chance to fully explore his new interest in guys and make his forbidden fantasies come true....

It's Cameron's lucky day when I ask cute new BBA fan favorite Cory to show our out-of-town guest a good time, making Cameron the envy of bi-curious guys everywhere. After all, not many people get to experience their first time with someone as breathtakingly beautiful as Cory!

This scene is a little bit different in that unlike most of the TRULY straight guys I work with who are usually reluctant and motivated solely by money, Cameron seems a little uncertain but at the same time also eager to try many new things.

Like a kid in a candy store, he jumps excitedly from one new activity to another, including getting his dick sucked and sucking his very first dick, getting his ass eaten and eating ass, and best of all, being the first guy lucky enough to fuck Cory on camera!

Yes, Cory makes his much-anticipated "bottoming" debut as Cameron's thick, eager dick plunges in and out of the teen's round, juicy ass. But Cory's not about to give up that ass without wanting some fresh virgin ass in return!

"I gave you this ass," Cory reminds Cameron. "Wanna try this dick? See if you can handle it?"

Thankfully the muscular frat-boy was up for the challenge!

It's another action-packed flip-flop that includes both guys fucking each other in front of a large window overlooking our city's skyline and most famous landmark....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 16, 2013 69 min
Photo of Cameron
Photo of Cory

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