Anything For Money

VandolBabe1 You took down some of the DL Chill spot vids? 🥺🥺 Sep 12, 2022
MichaelGalletta Yes, unfortunately we had to remove several of our hottest DL Chill Spot vids due to concerns and restrictions from one of our payment processors trying to avoid any legal trouble with the credit card companies.
ronmar01 Murda is a real freak, would love to see him in BBA. Dec 6, 2018
Coolrod I love me some Murda! Mike you need to get more thug guys like this for BBA! Straight from the hood! Sep 1, 2017
princegwa Mike you really need to try and get a hold of him. Jun 14, 2017
myisrael murda murda murda. where is murda, there is nobody like my man murda; except the newcomer bandit. get them together. want to see murda get a real fucking. Jun 16, 2016

BBA has recently teamed up with the DL Chill Spot to bring its members and fans a different style of urban amateur porn.

The DL Chill Spot specializes in what it calls "homemade 'hood porn" starring straight black boys and "DL" thugs fresh off the streets of Brooklyn, New York. The DL Chill Spot CEO is a black guy several years younger than me who invites these young guys over to relax and hang out, then captures on camera every spontaneous, unscripted moment of their sexual exploits with him and each other! In many cases, they are experimenting with guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. Sometimes he "turns out" these hot straight guys himself, and other times he recruits the help of other gay and "DL" boys.

The guys in his videos are exactly my type - slim, young, and masculine - the kind of straight and "DL" black boys you rarely ever see in gay porn. It's truly amazing what even the straightest young street thugs can be talked into doing when they're feeling horny or the price is right! If you like gritty, authentic, unscripted amateur porn featuring hot young thugs pulled straight off the streets, then I think you'll enjoy this guy's work!

I will be offering these original and exclusive videos from the DL Chill Spot as an occasional change of pace from my own homemade videos. Until now, the DL Chill Spot's full-length videos have only been sold in the New York City area. But thanks to this new partnership with BBA, their videos will now be viewed and enjoyed by a worldwide audience for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Murda is a young straight thug fresh off the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Don't let Murda's threatening nickname and "don't fuck with me" attitude fool you. Sure, this cocky young thug has lived a rough life on the streets involving the selling of drugs, being in a gang, and serving time in prison for several felonies. But beneath his hard exterior is a boyish vulnerability and street-hustler's charm that will seduce you if you're not careful!

I've already fallen head over heels for this cute young thug, and I'm pretty sure I won't be alone! With his full lips, high cheekbones, sexy voice, and deep, piercing eyes, Murda combines the striking good looks of a runway model with the macho swagger of a young street thug. And just wait until you see what Murda is hiding under those sagging shorts!

Due to his multiple felonies and the struggling economy, Murda has found it difficult to get a normal "9 to 5" job. As a result, he chooses to make money in less conventional (and legal) ways.

"I gotta do what I gotta do out here to survive," Murda shrugs, rattling off the typical thug "resume" that includes everything from dealing drugs to selling guns in order to make ends meet. "If it ain't about money, it ain't about shit to me....I'm a money man!"

After picking Murda up on the street and driving him to a nearby park for an entertaining interview, the DL Chill Spot CEO decides to test this straight black boy's boundaries by asking him to pull out his dick and show off his ass right there in the park!

And that's only the beginning....

The day's hot surprises keep coming when the CEO takes Murda back to a nearby apartment and enlists the help of a hot "DL" black guy named Smokey to see just how far this young street thug will go for the right amount of money!

See for yourself what happens when this straight black boy's claim that he'll do ANYTHING for money gets put to the ULTIMATE test!

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Details: Jul 15, 2012 44 min
Photo of Murda
Photo of Smokey

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