Chasing The Crown

emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jun 18, 2023
turner95 This scene is still hot. Wish bandit had flip-fckd Aug 15, 2022
cocopop Dominic was enjoying grinding on Bandit's dick, matter of fact he rolled Bandit over hoping Bandit would grind his dick on him, if you see how he reached for that dick. Bandit instead chose to start sucking, than laying on top of him. You saw the same thing with Stylez, in their scene. He was enjoying grinding as well, but like Bandit, Stylez cut it short. May 11, 2022
ACTION7 the first time bandit met dominic I could see his interest in dominic, it was all over his face. I enjoyed them enjoying it, bandit's revenge coming up soon? Apr 23, 2022
unitedguy18 it was the pleasurable moans while kissing for me. i know they had chemistry but that confirmed it Feb 19, 2022
freddy222 Sexy sexy 🐾 feet both guys. Jan 27, 2022
cocopop I can't help but wonder, what made Bandit decide to suck Dominic' toes? Never before has he sucked another models toes, now I don't blame him I'd suck the hell out of them too. That man do have the sexiest feet of any BBA model ever. Dam they look sexy together, chemistry is on point, look like lovers. Nov 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta Wish I had a more exciting answer for you, but the truth is that it's simply something I asked him to do in order to spice up the scene. He was pretty reluctant to do it, as it's something he'd never done before and doesn't do in his off-camera life with females either.
turner95 Bandit looks so good taking dick from a sexy dude Aug 13, 2021
islandboy44 hope to see a bandit's revenge when you start filming again..... May 21, 2021
joeman gotta love that Dominic and his beautiful cock and ass. Fucking and getting fucked that man is a champion. Beautiful, nasty when he needs to be, eating Bandit out, feeding him dick, that man is a first class fucker and I hope he returns post covid to spread his special ways of luvin Apr 21, 2021
ACTION7 they look like a couple in love on a date. Mar 28, 2021
cocopop I'm thinking Bandit had some real chemistry for Dominic. Never seen him caress another model as with Dom, and who would've thought he'd suck another models toes? Something about them sexy toes, turned him on, never would I had thought Bandit would suck toes. Nov 2, 2020
cocopop Bandit seems turned on to having another models dick actually hard while grinding on his already hard dick. Never seen him react that way, pulling on Dominics dick, putting it where it should be. Dominic have come to love grinding on hard dicks, he be working that big ole ass. That was hot watching them grind. Mar 21, 2020
hhsmith502 I think there should be a size requirement when flip fucking with bandit. while there are few that be as big, it should be an equally close challenge for both. waiting for someone who can find Bandit's spot so he can cum while being fucked. Mar 6, 2020
cocopop Dammm, my boy Bandit' hole is open like I've never seen it before, last one to get that ass was Trapp, must be his handy work. Dominic fucking the hell out of that ass, hope Bandit gets his revenge soon, let Bandit wear that ass out. Jan 24, 2020
ACTION7 BANDIT / DOMINIC part2, let Dominic cum while being banged by BANDIT. Jan 19, 2020
ACTION7 SAINT and DOMINIC in a passionate 2 part flip flop, then Isaiah and Dominic the same. Each time the bottom comes while being 'penetrated'. Jan 19, 2020
ACTION7 I am like COCO, I want to see more cumming / nutting while getting banged; Ross does this perfectly. Jan 19, 2020
ACTION7 Dominic has earned a passionate bangin from BANDIT; there is some emotional chemistry there that needs more exploration. Jan 19, 2020
stylez15 Great scene! I love both models and the chemistry was on point. I have a request though to pair Bandit with Scuba. That would be epic. Jan 18, 2020
cocopop Dominic, the crown holder, Bandit showed you how to ride a dick, as you improve in bottoming, hope you'll show you can ride a dick better than Bandit. It's good to see just how far you've grown in your performance in gay4pay, looking much better in your ability to bottom. Keep up the good work Dominic. Jan 15, 2020
cocopop Check out how Bandit is laying there checking out Dominic' hard dick, guess its refreshing to not be the one model aroused during sex. Only seen Blake and Manny aroused like Bandit during foreplay. If only he'd jack that big dick off while bottoming. Jan 13, 2020
emiliano69 i would love to see these two in a bi scene. it has been a very long time and i know some viewers dont like it. i think shazeer, manny, scuba, apollo, and maybe even justice would have good bi scenes. blake would definitely be great too but he recently did 1 on another site. a sexy ass lady would spice things up. Jan 8, 2020
emiliano69 scene hot af. bandit did his thing as usual. dominic sexy af as usual. the rimming 69 was hot af. bandit taking the dick was hot af. dominic playing with the dick was hot af. good chemistry and some heat. only thing that could make it better is a flip flop. Jan 8, 2020
jjusj100 Bandit you know we love you, you're the best. Love it when you're jacking off while getting fuck. I get so hot listening to you moaning. I can't wait for Bandit to get his revenge. Dec 20, 2019
terbernt I will always credit a Bandit scene but I hate to say it but Dominic expresses no passion or sincere interest. He has Bandit in some of the same positions as Apollo yet everything's a short bit and then a change to another position. Apollo handled this with greater quality. Dominic just did it. Dec 11, 2019
batman2025 This was great . Fantastic chemistry imo Dec 8, 2019
mac198726 Bandit you are becoming an amazing bottom for sure, that hole is nice and puckered. Did that ass get bigger? Thanks Bandit and Dom. Dom you wasn't too rough but gave a good pounding. Dec 6, 2019
kapukan2 Hot scene except the foot stuff, had to skip over that part. Dec 2, 2019
cocopop Big dick Bandit, jack that big ole dick off by yourself, while that dick in your ass, hell Blake showed you what it feels like to get a nut while getting fucked. That shit would be hot, to see you jacking that dick, while getting fucked, wouldn't make you look any more gay than getting fucked, only that the shit turns you on. Dec 1, 2019
ACTION7 Bandit been wantin Dominic since last year's christmas party, he had sparkles in his eyes watching Dominic's ass on a sly. Nov 29, 2019
kingcee92 I’m kinda new around here so my opinion might be a little premature but I’m nooot a big fan of Dominic. Don’t get me wrong, he’s sexy asf! He’s just...kinda boring. A lil lack luster lol. He kept making me cringe but that could just be me. It could also be because this is the first scene of his ive watched. Idk lol. Love Bandit tho Nov 27, 2019
cocopop Two straight boys, discovering how hot rubbing (grinding) dicks together feel, so good got Dominic's dick hard during foreplay. Out of all his scenes, he's never got hard during foreplay, I mean dick hard as hell. Even Bandit was reaching for it, playing with it, think Dominic felt a little uncomfortable about it. Think thats why he wanted Bandit to lay on top of him and grind, as he was reaching for it, instead Bandit decided to suck his dick. that shit was hot. Nov 24, 2019
leon45 Can you please make the next scene with these two showing Dominic on his knees or bending down jerking his dick off while he is giving Bandit head. It would be so hot to see Dominic getting hard from sucking Bandit's dick. Nov 24, 2019
Wblackstudstud Good scene loved the pairing Bandit is still the man I love.
I'm still waiting for someone to service his feet.
Nov 24, 2019
IsaiahFan I loved this scene I would’ve been mad if Bandit didn’t get to top Dominic but he kinda did in the Halloween scene. Everything about this scene was sexy and to see Bandit being the bottom in the scene was amazing. If you go back to his scene as a bottom with Saint to his scene with Dominic as the bottom you can see the difference which was hot even tho it was hot seeing him struggle taking dick to him being a lil more open or open enough. To see how much has changed was just perfect and what got me and my nut was seeing him riding Dominic, if y’all haven’t go check this scene out!! Bandit was riding that dick like idk what and it was sexy. Next time get Apollo Bandit and Dominic and Trapp together. I give this scene a 10/10. Nov 23, 2019
illtown22 I would enjoy seeing Justice fuc Bandit like he did Shameeks recently. Nov 23, 2019
mrwhitley1 It’s always a pleasure to see bandit have a hard on while getting fucked, he liked it from the jump, but he still hasn’t been paired with the right top. I mean out of everything Mike did the best...Bandit like affection, to be kissed, held down, fucked deep and constantly. DONT lose focus checking out his dick, beat his hole up. Book Me, I’ll show you how it’s done! Nov 23, 2019
Jayden27 Ok. I give up. There is NO WAY IN HELL that I can compile a BBA top ten list for 2019! Can I just say DAMN!!! This scene was HOT AF! We all know how this goes. Let me show y’all A LOT of love real quick!

I. Dominic: The Dynamic Contender
Dominic continues to grow as a performer with each scene he shoots. This growth and his willingness to do his best (and his looks!) have made him a BBA favorite! Orally, he’s improved greatly. Watching him service Bandit was fire! I love watching Dominic fuck (and vice versa)! He pounded Bandit mercilessly with various strokes. That cum shot kept on going!! He iced Bandit’s cakes and then some! Most importantly, I loved the fact that he paid attention to Bandit while topping him, and made adjustments accordingly. Dominic is definitely a top contender for the crown, and definitely a future BBA crown holder. The journey won’t come easy though as the current king is holding onto his crown VERY tightly! Let’s discuss.

II. Bandit: The BBA Champion (Crown Holder)
Props to the muthafuckin’ king!! Bandit took down Apollo last year. With this scene, he sends a message to the contenders, “This is my crown muthafuckas!” LOL! I was really impressed with Bandit in this scene. The oral work was on point, as well as the kissing. Bottoming is no easy feat, and it is not for everyone. Bandit, being a straight man, knocked it out! He was able to handle Dominic’s dick in various positions and strokes. I enjoyed watching him ride Dominic—one of my favorite parts. He did that shit! In my opinion, this was Bandit’s best performance. He definitely showed viewers why he is and remains the king of BBA! Bandit. Did. That. Shit!

III. Chasing The Crown Extras: Royal Shit.
Bandit and Dominic are extremely photogenic, and they looked great together. The chemistry between the two of them was hot as well. There were many great moments throughout the scene that made it special. In the beginning of the scene, they were frolicking while sharing a passionate kiss and they were both aroused—HOT! The dialogue between them was fire! There was a part where Bandit was on his back, legs up, and Dominic was getting ready to insert his dick. He (Dominic) let’s Bandit know how excited he is and how he has been waiting forever to get his ass! The King Ant conversation in the beginning was hilarious. King Ant is ....A LOT! The camera angles and shots were hot. Bandit was in doggystyle getting fucked, and the camera was between Dominic’s legs. In the shot, you could see Bandit looking back at the camera. On top of that, the models seemed like they enjoyed each other. Great time!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Dominic, and Bandit. This scene was dope AF, and will definitely be subjected to a series of replays! As for that top ten list, let’s just say this scene just made the cut! Good shit fellas!
Nov 23, 2019
cash121 One word... wowwwww. Nov 23, 2019
11luvme2u My prediction for this time next year. #1 Still BANDIT (because he has such a huge lead). #2 TRAPP (if he continues to improve on his bottoming and has good pairings and a hot bukkake scene) #3 APOLLO (if he continues to make good scenes occasionally throughout the year). Nov 23, 2019
damon8 ~ Somehow I don’t think that this scene is going to move the needle in Dominic’s direction.
If anything it solidifies Bandit’s top spot. Dominic needs to learn how to take some dick li’dat.
Nov 23, 2019
wolfkno Wasnt a big fan of Dominic when he came out. But him and Justice have both become great additions to the roster imo. This scene was hot af. I started my subscription with BBA strictly because of Bandit and cant wait for his scenes to come out. But I do appreciate the nice looking new faces. Keep it up Mike. Awesome stuff. Nov 23, 2019
blktop2002 That was good. It was sincere. Both guys really or seemed as if they wanted each other. Bandit has become so comfortable bottoming now. He looked as if he honestly enjoyed the sex with Dominic. They both stayed hard almost entire video. Now if Dominic can return the favor with the same grace and style and cum while Bandit fucking him then the race is over. Both guys already have my vote so I’m just a cheerleader now. Nov 23, 2019
Docteur This would have been a perfect 10 across the board if Dominic had returned the favor on Bandit's feet and if Bandit had fucked the tar out of him like Dominic did to him. Otherwise the passion, fire, foreplay, oral, kissing, body grinding was fiyahhhhh!!! A part 2 is a must with Dominic bottoming. Bandit needs to fuck Scuba and Shameeks also. Nov 23, 2019
Dualex Love me some Dominic. This scene is proper G4P. Dominic is a boss but Bandit is the one to remain on top, his possible threat might be Ross or probably Shameeks. A Bandit/Shameeks/Ross scene would be delicious. Nov 23, 2019
jakeith555 I luv the chemistry between the two models.... bandit will always be number one!!! he's top of the shelf.....michael one of ur best videos and you have a lot. Thank you. Nov 22, 2019
Trix101 And is bba trying to make BDB a power bottom like Isaiah .... it should’ve been the follow up for the Halloween scene when Dominic Tried to take Bandit dick but felled so now he’s coming 4 bandit.... he should first be able to take bandits dick before he come for his crown 👑 or the Number one spot dats all I’m saying Nov 22, 2019
Trix101 Hell naw whoever came up with this needs to be in timeout LOL now I’m supposed to believe Dominic is coming for Bandit spot when he can’t take his dick smmfh I know you and a few viewers will say it was hot and they were into each other but Bandit not showing it not like him and Blake when They fucked. Nov 22, 2019
Qbabykp03 I want Bandit and Ross to do a scene together Nov 22, 2019
Qbabykp03 Dominic don't deserve to even be number 2 if he can't at least take bandit dick. Nov 22, 2019
11luvme2u Two beautiful men together. The scene was okay. I'm sure they will be together again and it'll be even better. I'd love to see Bandit with Trapp again. They definitely need a good hour of freaky film time. I bet Bandit and Jah will be a masterpiece. Hopefully we shall see. Nov 22, 2019
DisciplineU Loved this scene. My favorite porn is good tops getting fucked so this was hot as hell for me. Even included a little trash talk from Dominic. I'm takin this ass, Take this dick, yeah this ass is mine, you like it, YEAH Nov 22, 2019

There's an interesting battle shaping up on Page 1 of BBA's most popular models. Fan favorites such as Manny Killa, Trapp, and Ross are all strong contenders to knock Bandit from his coveted #1 spot. And that's not even including our more recent new stars such as Justice, Scuba, and Shameeks.

Ever since he talked a lot of shit at the BBA Christmas Party last year, Dominic has made it very clear that he is also chasing after Bandit's crown. And he recently came one step closer to achieving that goal by landing on the first page in just a little over a year. It was cute and funny to see just how proud and excited he was when he first heard that news.

"You know I'm still coming for that #1 spot," Dominic playfully warns Bandit at one point in this scene. "You have to challenge the #1 to get the #1!"

Dominic and Bandit actually met for the first time early last Fall, and despite having only done group scenes together so far, have quickly become an under the radar "bromance" in their own right.

You can cut through the nervous energy in the room with a knife when we finally bring these two together for their very first one-on-one scene.

I swear if I didn't know any better, I'd say Bandit sounds almost JEALOUS when he brings up Dominic's recent scenes with other BBA superstars like Apollo and Manny, and asks why he hasn't had a turn yet.

"I had to get my practice in," Dominic explains with his trademark irresistible smile. "But we're here now. Anything is possible."

Of course Bandit isn't ready to give up his title that easily, and he goes out of his way to prove to Dominic as well as his fans why he still deserves his #1 spot!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Foot Fetish, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 22, 2019 43 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Dominic

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