Detroit After Dark: Smoke Session

emiliano69 These beautiful, sexy ass, well endowed Brothas!!!

Jun 16, 2023
20kane This scene is classic BBA!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Mar 22, 2023
Gpimpin37 Jay C takes the crown for the biggest dick on BBA. Blake did a great job, hot scene... May 1, 2022
juan24 Blake got that subtle sexy about him. And JC dick was hard asf when he had Blake stand on the sink! I guess that means he had a vibe with Blake perhaps? Sep 12, 2021
cam6594 Jay C taking and Blake was serving it. Sep 7, 2021
theview143 jay c wasn't feeling blake the same as blake feeling him the one hes attracted to his dick stay hard no matter the position he's in got check out more blake work. Nov 23, 2019
ACTION7 --beautiful sight, one brother helping another brother experience fulfillment / ecstasy. Aug 23, 2019
Slutskaya1 Was really anticipating some good action between these two, but the scene kinda disappointed. Reason being you can tell that Blake is really feeling Jay C but the feeling is not mutual on Jay C's end. Thought there would be a hot dick rubbing scene between these two as they both seemed to enjoy this in their other pairings, but alas it wasn't to be. It had good potential but the chemistry really wasn't there, especially for Jay C. Aug 19, 2019
Reglend09 I swear noone fucked Jay-C like Blake did! Wow what a session. I hope we see more of Jay-C one of these days this dude is so sexy. Jay-C for me is top 3 phynest sexiest on BBA. Jul 10, 2019
pilsener JAY C is so fucking SEXY! As masculine as can be, even while getting fucked! Those moans and him saying THAT DICK FEEL GOOD make me cum each time I watch! PLS PLS PLS bring him back! Since he enjoys big dicks, seems like BANDIT'S a natural pairing. Dec 31, 2018
adam2268 JayC is GORGEOUS! I want to see more of him! OMG! Nov 28, 2018
adam2268 I LOVE JayC! Is he coming back to BBA? I’d like to see him with Apollo or Justice. Nov 26, 2018
princetahji Nice scene but would have liked to see them flip. Hot pair and take down though. Nov 14, 2018
Gpimpin37 I would fuck jay c out of his mind, but blake did a good enough job Sep 28, 2018
hines1983 I felt asleep watching this. 😴 Sep 28, 2018
bandit4true Wish blake had man handle Jay C a little. I really think that Jay C love being dominated but for some reason each guy so far seems to be a little timid in truly fucking him really good. Sep 24, 2018
jowilf @280 Likes?!?
I think a JAY C-BANDIT-MANNY KILLA threesome is a better pairing..πŸ€“
Sep 14, 2018
mharris1990 Jay C is kinda boring to me but Blake made this scene worth watching. Sep 10, 2018
mrbates Good scene but Jay C REALLY needs to start KISSING!!!! His scenes always miss the A plus mark from me because they lack kissing. Sep 7, 2018
wander downloaded only for Jay C. A very big fan of his. I would love to see him paired with Justice or Isaiah.....or Scotty if he comes back. And thanks for bringing him back again. Sep 2, 2018
jowilf Not a BLAKE BISHOP follower here.. At 208 likes; This is the least liked of a JAY C scene after 5 days.. Is this because it’s the same strokes? ... β€œsucking”.. β€œfucking”.. What’s new? We need new action.. Let JAY C do a rare scene.. i.e. A threesome; JAY C in the middle.. An orgy.. Aug 31, 2018
kapukan2 Not a Blake Fan, does nothing for me and just dull on screen. Watched it because of Jay C. He is hot with personality. Hit fast forward through half of it. Aug 30, 2018
badizm66 would love to see the "straight" models do more foreplay, need to see kissing. Aug 27, 2018
Panther72 Jay C is sexy af!!!!!! Aug 27, 2018
VSWboy18 Blake had ole boy crying! 30:00 -34:00 is FIRE!!! Aug 27, 2018
blktop2002 Anything Blake does , does it for me. He could be fucking a watermelon, pussy you get the point. LOL I just love me some Blake much like I fell in love with Dragon. In this gender, sexuality fluid utopia we now live in what difference does it matter how Jay C labels himself and still takes dick the way he does. I don't give a damn whether he is top, bottom or side. Straight, crooked or narrow who really cares. I just love it when he is full of dick and busts a nut that he seems to enjoy. Aug 26, 2018
jj5535 Would love to see Jay C matched up with Bandit!! Aug 26, 2018
Docteur Now if only we can see Stylez get fucked by all the fine bruthas that he has fucked, i.e. Bandit, Isaiah and Apollo. Still waiting to see Bandit and Apollo. Also holding out hope for Trapp, Scotty and Shaun in a no holds barred 3some. Hope there is a 3rd part to this that is a 5 some, mmmmm. Aug 26, 2018
Docteur The labeling of "straight" and "gay" are lifestyles IMHO. They have nothing to do with one's sexuality. The way some of these guys take dick with ease, it is hardly their first rodeo. Jay C enjoyed all three dicks that have penetrated him on cam on BBA. He is not the best dick sucker, but give it time. Need him to kiss his pairings on BBA. Aug 26, 2018
jaejay HOT HOT HOT.....I would love to see Blake, Jay C and Manny Killa in a threesome. Aug 26, 2018
cam3121 This scene is the definition of classic. This scene is also a perfect example of why I stress mutual oral so much. Blake & Jay C were munching on each other's dicks with sheer delight & the heat from that alone was electrifying & made me bust a big nut out of a couple. Blake handled Jay's ass like a real G & it was hot as fuck. I must say, it's time for Jay C to kiss his partner. The next film, he needs some tongue action with a partner. Even still, this gets 10's & A+'s all across the board! Aug 26, 2018
pisces586 It's apparent now couple model need to be retired. The only model who will always be a star is Blake. Jay C is sexy as fuck. I love chocolate dudes. I can watch Blake in any scene and get off. Aug 26, 2018
Heroesrule99 This was fucking fire. Best scene in awhile. Aug 26, 2018
bbsndc Jay C is sooo hot!!! Thanks for the closeup of his wiggling beautiful toes! Pair with Justice so those toes can get sucked! More Jay C! Aug 26, 2018
nardibsm Jay C and Blake Bishop are great together. Aug 26, 2018
ToriFan Ok what's the REAL deal with Jay C. For a dude to be "straight" his dick sure gets super hard when he's fucking with other dudes. Does he take the blue pill before a scene? He really can take some dick. Does smokin help him to relax?

This scene was a 10.... and you know why... close up of Jay C pretty toes. He's pretty hot. He's almost making it up there with Dragon.

Although he's now an old timer... it would be interesting to see Jay C, Isaiah, and Apollo in a scene. The 3 straight guys going at it. I'll be watching to see who is easily made hard. My bets are on Jay C.
Aug 26, 2018
blackforest wow,!!! so i try very hard to be objective and non critical . Blake is def my number two after Apollo. Jay C is hot as fuck. Was this scene hot, no sir !!!. It is a one nut scene for me. Probably wont get off to this again. Not worth my coin. Aug 26, 2018
ACTION7 JAY C, I'm down on bending knee asking / proposing to u for your hand n marriage... Aug 25, 2018
lionel555 Nice Video! I enjoyed it... also Blake looks like he's been working out nice....take that dick jay c Lol😊 Aug 25, 2018

BBA recently returned for its second annual appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

Montez and I were joined by Manny Killa, Stylez, Jay C, Blake Bishop, and Detroit native Bandit for another unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure with an exciting new combination of guys.

By day, the guys were able to meet and mingle with their amazing fans, take pics with them, sign BBA t-shirts and posters, etc. But Detroit after dark is when things REALLY started to get interesting. And of course we had the camera with us so you wouldn't miss out on a thing!

Go behind the scenes with some of your favorite BBA models to see what went down behind closed doors when BBA came back to Detroit....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Special Guest
Details: Aug 25, 2018 43 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Jay C
Jay C

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