Massage Therapy

mrwhitley1 Legend can fuck…but He can’t fuck better than Blake.

It’s comical he was bragging about his dick 🙄 to Blake.
Legend got that yuck mouth look…but a Beautiful Face & Body.
Funny looking dick…He & Stallion got that same weird curve.
Oct 19, 2023
markus28 Btw, i forgot to add: this vid is hot asf! Sexy looking, lean, muscular Legend gave hotboi Blake something to remember, lol! Oct 17, 2023
davids I love these two guys. Legend is so sexy. He has the prettiest ass. If he ever bottoms I hope he moans like day-day or knockout. Oct 17, 2023
markus28 I just read some of these neg comments. And the writers seem to be stuck-up, better-than-thou guys you will find at a eatery complaining unnecessarily ab the food or the silverware or whatever bc they wanna be like some boss woman, a diva perhaps. I always try to avoid dudes like that in my personal life. And anyone who knocks Legend's hairstyle can't possibly be of African descent, so that criticism is expected. Anyway, Legend, with his real nice looks and sexy, leanly muscular physique and big pipe earned his $ in this and his other vids. For those who think otherwise, remember that everyday AIN'T the 4th of July. As quiet as its kept, if Legend called you and said he was coming over to chill, yawl would txt him your address with the quickness. Anyway, BBA now. BBA forever. Keep doin your thing Legend. You hv a ton of followers bruh. Oct 14, 2023
mrbates A complete waste of Blake (pairing him with this individual who I'm sure would be a MUCHHHHH better bottom)!!!! Oct 8, 2023
Montez Going to have to disagree. The chemistry was palpable here and Legend definitely knows how to fuck. Sorry if it just isn't your cup of tea.
DLtrucker2021 Ready for Legend to bottom! That’s going to be 🔥🔥 if he moans. Oct 4, 2023
FreakTeach Some of yall be trippin, trippin. It was great sex, Legend is sexy af and not boring like some of yall claim. And to the guy that said he would be better with a different hairstyle....STFU. Oct 4, 2023
Lowkey2088 I would love to see Legend & Bandit do a scene together 🔥🍆🍑 Sep 28, 2023
paanther Idk what anyone else is saying. Legend is sexy aff with them dreads and he was really giving blake that dick. Just because he is not moving as fast as others doesnt mean he isnt still good Sep 28, 2023
blackforest BBA, very respectfully !!. I will keep this as simple and clear as possible. We are not paying to watch reluctant, unresponsive, non-reciprocating, boring egoistic people who are trying to get into their shell or trying to figure it out. We are paying to watch hot scenes that provide us with multiple nuts ! - This is definitely not one!!. I feel sad that one of my all time favs Blake was paired with this guy, he deserves better. Sep 27, 2023
MacheDich Legend would be a thousand times better without his hairstyle. He has an old and artificial side that does not stick. But what happens to Tyson, so exciting in the only video we have of him? Sep 27, 2023
Meatlover Always good to see Blake but Legend is boring. I know he’s still “new” and all but i hope he starts doing more very soon. Suck a dick, kiss a dude, something! And as you can see, many want more from him too so it’s not just me here. Hopefully something will change. Sep 27, 2023
Natsfan64 Blake got that good old WAP...🔥🥵😈🔥 Sep 27, 2023
kentaya Wasn't the whole point of BBA (in the past anyway) to watch the guys progress into more "gayer" acts, such as sucking dick, kissing, and bottoming? Yes watching them fuck is great, but after 1 or 2 of those scenes let's see them go a little more "gayer" otherwise it gets boring watching them do the same thing in each scene. I miss seeing the models progress into kissing, sucking dick, and bottoming for the first time. Bring those scenes back please! Sep 26, 2023
Verdade Blake is so very fine! In his scenes...look at all the beautiful hard-ons that he gets for us. Thanks Blake. Thanks Mike Montez and Shax. Blake has the most beautiful hard-ons in each scene. Just like Rico Pruitt's beautiful hard-ons for us fans. Wow! Magical! Shout outs to Blake and Rico! Beautiful hard dicks and satisfying sex from both. Justice has a beautiful hard-on as well. So much love. Sep 26, 2023
supreme Okay, updating my comment.... I went back and viewed the whole scene and I must say it took a star like Blake and the chemistry was on point . Yes, I cannot wait to see Legend's journey he's almost ready to be topped on camera, i hope Blake is his first. Sep 26, 2023
Docteur Hopefully this week's update will make up for this one and the week before. Hopefully Michael will answer as to whether Maleek, Rush or Deontrey will ever come back. Any update on Scotty, Trapp and Shaun? Where's Bandit? Would love to see Bandit with Zeke and Diez in an all out threesome. Sep 25, 2023
chucke1 Michael, Montez, Shax. and all the models, thanks for your hard work and best porn on the net! I enjoyed this last scene and am surprised at all the negative comments. Hope you're OK after reading this Michael LOL! Love you guys and PEACE!!!! Sep 25, 2023
DisciplineU I love Blake, maybe my fave. This scene features EIGHT non-stop minutes of Legend pounding Blake relentlessly from behind. No breaks, no stopping, Just pounded him hard non-stop. Some call this boring, I call it hot as hell. Great scene. Sep 25, 2023
queen718 I like that you have been trying to keep up with requests. However im not pleased with this scene it’s time to see a top bottom. I would love to see stallion flip fuck! Sep 24, 2023
socalbtm Great pairing! Legend is one of the sexiest of the newer guys, and I must say that Blake is still looking amazing. Caught a few of his early BBA scenes and I’m in love with him in his topping scenes! Sep 24, 2023
mdcarmichael WOW! Legend pounds Blake's tight ass harder than Stallion...And that's sayin' something. I LOVE Legend's long, pretty black dick! Sep 24, 2023
davids I believe he made Bishop fall in love with him. Sep 24, 2023
Rbrown4 Legend has a really nice dick!!! Sep 23, 2023
supreme No comment , no nut ...just a sad scene ,,,it's time for Legend to explore the freak inside of him., Sep 22, 2023
Verdade Hi Mike,Montez and Shax. Special shout out to some of the most beautiful people that you all may know and love. DeAngelo Jackson,Max Konnor,Daddy Cream and Dillion Diaz. They are 4 of the most beautiful people in the industry. Just want to show love to all of them as well. So much love to them as well. Thanks guys. Sep 22, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Legend is hot but he's going to have to do more than just get his dick sucked and fuck at some point soon. Sep 22, 2023
Verdade Hi Mike, Montez and Shax. I absolutely love this pairing. Blake is one of my all time BBA men. Love Legend so much also. I love Blake, his hard-on thru this. Man, please keep featuring some of your established guys that you can get in touch with...along with the new guys. Blake is just dynamic and Legend is so fine. Please tell Blake and Legend that they are excellent here. The sex is beautiful.. To all the guys from the past...that you can reach out to. and so understandable if they cannot come back. Apollo,Isaiah,Justice,Rico, Manny,Stylez,Ross. And to all of the sexy new guys. that you present for us. I just want to say thanks to everyone of them for letting us enjoy their sex with them on screen. Blake is just the very best,Rico Pruitt as well, Justice,Ross,Stylez. Bandit,Manny. Man, thanks so much for all these beautiful,erotic,sexy people ...Still learning the new fellas a bit. Love to them as well. So much love to the BBA Fam. And all the beautiful,erotic sex that you feature. So happy to be a Fan of Everyone. All of you guys are the very best. Thanks Blake and Legend for this beautiful, erotic sex. Sep 22, 2023
acura8215 love love love Blake Bishop he always performs very well with his sexy self Sep 22, 2023
paanther Blake is always such a good pairing!! Never disappoints! Such a hot scene. Especially to see Legend and Blake kiss Sep 22, 2023
MrBrown19942 Their chemistry is amazing! Thank you as always, BBA! I really enjoyed this scene. Sep 22, 2023
Bertless65 Mike, I was bored AF watching this bullshit. Although Legend is sexy, he does nothing unique for this site, therefore, he is an unforgettable asl top. He needs to suck some dick, eat some ass or give some memorable verbal for me to see him again after his 3rd time on BlackBoyaddictionz. Clearly, he loves that hairy boy pussy played with considering that hole was jumping while on his knees. Blake's dick would have been the surprise had he stuck it inside Legend's wanting hole. Sep 22, 2023
wbscottiv I know there’s guys who wanna model for y’all that will give better content than this. Legend wants to bottom I see it, pair him with a top and see what happens, it’s all about energy. I also think some models are over used, the “straight” thing is over used also we want to see regular sexy boys having fun. There was a much better selection I’m sure of bottoms for this video. Blake is great but…we’ve seen him a plethora of times. He wants all the new d***k hahaha idk. Boring scene to me, Sep 22, 2023
acg0924 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Blake Bishop is definitely one of my OG favorites! Love him . Now I’m waiting for Legend’s bottoming debut . The way he bends over and sticks his ass up to be eaten ! Whew! 😅 🥵 IT IS TIME ! Sep 22, 2023
man12345 so when will we see this new cats give up that a.s.s.? Sep 22, 2023
smhard03 Let me tell you something... casting has been doing they job lately! These videos have been FIRRRRRRRRE! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 22, 2023
vled26 Great collaboration and hot scene. Loving both Bishop and Legend! Would love a hot threesome between Legend, Denzel and Jahan or Legend, Denzel and Bishop. Great job. Sep 22, 2023
thabiggest I love legend so much keep him coming Sep 22, 2023
PENO_XXX I would love to see more of Legend and awaiting to see him go to the next level and take some dick 😍😍😍
Love you Legend
Sep 22, 2023
drakegay4real If we never get to see Legend bottom that'll go down as one of BBAs best scenes to never happen (Along with Lil Scrap bottoming and the Trapp/Scotty/Shaun threesome)...that ass is absolutely magnificent Sep 22, 2023
peterj09 I will always love Blake Bishop!!! He’s my top 2!!! He seems so sweet but so freaky! I really wish they would’ve kissed and that Legend would’ve stroked his dick until he came, but I did like video! Sep 22, 2023
TennesseeBator Good scene. But it's time to see Legend actually suck a dick or something, something MORE! Sep 22, 2023
lilteddy571 Well damn! ...that's all I got :) Sep 22, 2023
Dualex Just like Bandit I have never been a fan of Blake either. Especially now that he is all over X. I am a big fan of Legend though. I will say it again, nothing compares to the energy Denzel and Diez brought to us. Who will be able to match that? Sep 22, 2023
Zester1 Just an ok video.. not sure what the hype was.. Sep 22, 2023
4walls Legend doesn't wow me... he's just very handsome with a nice body or whatever. Blake didn't seem too into this scene and I have to admit it was pretty boring. I think the future pairings really need to be well thought out because the last few scenes released lack chemistry and actual FUCKING. That is what the appeal to BBA has always been for me. Sep 22, 2023
tuffluv06 Legend is fine as the fuck. Love watching that ass while he fuck. keep him coming. Sep 22, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA Universe -- This is your boy Chauncey -- OH S__T -- When I saw Blake and Legend in the promo shot I automatically knew this was going to be a great vid -- two performers that I definitely love -- Blake is a blast from the past who still has it goin' on and Legend a relative Newbie -- who is so damn sexy and unique it is growing increasingly more difficult to find the words to describe him -- you just have to see him in action to appreciate the various aspects of his persona and "out"-right sexiness. Excellent chemistry !!-- This vid did not disappoint --
I did not want this vid to end -- BBA please keep the surprises coming !!!!! on my list of favs -- I'm greedy I want more, more, more -- I will continue to be tuning in by appointment. In closing everyone out there in BBA Land please stay safe - please take care !!! Peace
Sep 22, 2023
smfh09 …this was just ok. I’ve cancelled my membership hopefully yall get it together or I won’t be back Sep 22, 2023
chorton2020 This was hot 🔥 loved every minute I think legend is going to work out perfectly....I am in love ❤️ Sep 22, 2023
georges0542 Boring boring boring legend is boring! Sep 22, 2023
JKing3303 This feels like basically the same as 2 weeks ago, but I’m probably in the minority on that. I guess at least Legend kissed Blake and touched his dick for a few mins, but not much else happened. When he said, “you got a nice ass too” I just knew he was going to eat it, but bruh didn’t even touch the hole. Lmao. Maybe we need a “how gay will they go?” or “next level” series with these newer g4p models. It might help them get more comfortable. Sep 22, 2023
kevindarko5 Damn , legend energy 🔥 📛 . That was some hot pounding Sep 21, 2023
SCGuy08 Whew🤤❤️😅my my my this was damn good Sep 21, 2023
fraybomb legend got stroke for years!!! this was hot! Sep 21, 2023
DjbiATL Legend is top tier sexy, but boring. Lol, by now he should be sucking on some D, in a 3sum, taking D …more than this. Zzzz Sep 21, 2023
FreakTeach Legend is FINE AF! And I love that he doesn't mind getting nutted on. It looks like he likes it actually. And I love how intensely he looks at his partners. I also feel like my fave Justice would enjoy that pounding thoroughly. Sep 21, 2023
kennyg Welcome back Blake!!!!!!!!! Sep 21, 2023
partyboyest82 Blake ain’t never lied! Baltimore is a different type of beast 😂😂😂 Sep 21, 2023

We finally brought Legend back to continue his BBA exploration, and this time we've paired him with a "legend" of our own to help us remind the inexperienced but eager new "gay for pay" star just how good another guy's wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick.

After meeting on camera for the very first time, Blake Bishop breaks the ice by telling Legend that he recently graduated from a massage therapy course, and offers the exotically handsome dreadhead a free massage, SUPPOSEDLY to practice his new skills.

But we all know Blake better than that, and of course his ulterior motivation is that thick, curved dick resting temptingly between the sexy track star's slim legs.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for another sensual and steamy encounter as Legend gets treated to an erotic massage he won't soon forget, including an explosive "happy ending"!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 21, 2023 53 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Legend

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