Tough Love

DizzyD Hell yeah this is hot asf!! More like this!!! Feb 21, 2024
2hott4ya I don’t care what some of these dumb dumbs say. BBA is BBA because of the models. Seeing bandit grow sexually not just as the top, but the bottom is amazing. I will never get tired of seeing Bandit in a scene. . I will never get tired of seeing Blake, Apollo or any of the BBA Legends in a scene. It’s models like Manny, Ross, Bandit, Blake, Apollo that keep me here. The only new models I like are Diez, Denzel and Legend. Juju had been in far too many scene not to see him tested n bottoming. This scene was hot. Bandit in his last 3-5 scene has truly embraced bottoming and is beginning to now enjoy it and that translates in his scenes now more than ever. This scene and the one with him and Diez… straight 🔥🔥🔥! But please for the love of God bring Apollo back I miss his sexy ass self! Feb 19, 2024
stldiscreet1 Blake Bishop is my all time fav, and Bandit is my #2. Blake Bishop is going to Dick Down every time he's the top. Anyone who is ever nervous and needs to be helped to really get into a scene.... yeah get Blake Bishop to break them in. It's always gonna hit Feb 17, 2024
dlking93 I think bandit has a slight thing for Blake I mean who wouldn't tho but I mean I'm into alot of the models on here but personally I love seeing bandit with some of my favs Ross, Apollo, Manny, Blake, JuJu, Rico, Sax, Staxx, Scuba. I could be wrong but I think one of them can make my fantasy of making bandit hard while getting fucked and truly enjoy it. Maybe one day we could get Bandit with Jah and Lil Jake too Feb 15, 2024
SharodXXL Loved seeing Bandit be so submissive and getting dominated/slapped around!!! 10/10!!! Great job guys!! Feb 15, 2024
sexyguy Bandit was really taking it Feb 15, 2024
reddude15 Bandit is the every dl dude fantasy hood dude that can take it thank you bba for this video !!!!!!!!!!! And thank you bandit #1 Feb 14, 2024
Verdade Man, Blake has always been my Day 1. Bandit has always been so sexy as well. Thank you guys so much. Man, I always love to come home from work...get naked in bed...and just click on to beautiful sex from All the fellas. Masturbate to All of the fellas. Wake up in the middle of the night to pee. And click on again. To masturbate again. Gosh, all the BBA men. You fellas fill my needs. Naked Black Men are so beautiful , Everyone of you guys. Thank you Blake & Bandit. Everyone of you guys for letting us enjoy your sex with you. Man Mike & Montez....another beautiful thing to me. The little minutes after the sex, to enjoy the guys dicks going back soft and saying how great the sex was. Thank you to every fella for letting us ride your waves of pleasure with each of you.. Your moments after your orgasms are so very beautiful as well guys. So much love to All.,each and every Model. I just get so caught up in your waves of pleasure and your beautiful orgasms. Man, Thank you guys so very much. for taking time with all the BBA fans. Hard to explain the erotic excitement from all the sexy BBA men. Feb 13, 2024
Sexxyme i like both these guys but this was not great. we are overdue for a hot orgy. Please bring back Jboolee he was a hot addition. Feb 13, 2024
maybelater I just love watching 👀 😍 Bandit get fucked..I just don't care who it is! This one has become my favorite 😍! Blake Bishop you wore that booty hole out sir!! I've busted a series of nuts watching this!! Feb 13, 2024
RobbySan29 Bandit's feet 👅💦 They need to get sucked again Feb 13, 2024
king2019 Simply amazing!!! Never seen Bandit take dick like that before!!! Feb 13, 2024
jrummi I applaud the attempt to be creative and different, and I generally like both models. But this scene just didn't do it for me! I hope this week's update is much better Feb 13, 2024
chucke1 What has happen to Bandit's hair? He seems to be going out of the way not to show his scalp. Has something happen? Did he shave his head or something? Feb 13, 2024
ef8432 A reunion with Bandit & Blake but no flip flop? Disappointing! I will say I liked Blake sucking Bandit after he nutted Feb 12, 2024
birdred30 Nice, bondage play . Hope u do one a month. With different. Models, it's time to put scuba, and juju together, Feb 12, 2024
Dualex BBA I don't care what the majority says but please do not go down that direction. May this be a one off. Saw Denzel's post the other day and it completely put me off him. That's not sumn my people do. Feb 12, 2024
comelaywitme This was one of the best scenes ever!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥Can we get more stuff like this? I know all may not be into this type sex but for those of us who do and love! It’s great to see BBA getting outside the box. More more more. Please!!! Feb 12, 2024
eibner more uploads/ videos please
Stallion pleasee
Feb 12, 2024
worldtrade @Dualex and @Nigerian I can agree. I only keep my subscription to see the newer models. It be discouraging sometimes to see THE SAME models from 10 years ago, and even worst, paired with other models from 10 years ago. And I don't particularly care to even see them paired with this new generation of models. Let the new models explore the new models. Feb 12, 2024
bbound davids's comment is saying what I was thinking but dare not dream of. Feb 12, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Now that I've watched the scene twice I have to say it was again great seeing BBA's #1 model Big Dick Bandit and the co-star of the #1 scene of BBA Blake Bishop reunited!

The twist of a little kink was a surprise and now I wonder if Denzel's recent post wearing a leash could be related to an upcoming scene? 🤔

Seeing Blake as the dominant from beginning to end paddling, slapping, and giving Bandit every inch pound after pound was amazing! He put Bandit in positions I've never seen before and Bandit looked good taking it!

Bandit's dick never quits and is as strong as the early days if not better. The different color tones is literally always something to drool over.🍆😋 The more close up shots the better! The only thing I wish we got more of would be some more kissing without the mouth gag and if Bandit would've licked some of Blake's cum. I'm not complaining though.

Time for Bandit on top again and Rico the other star of BBA's #1 rated scene would be a great choice! Bandit and Rico vibe well on camera sexually and Rico loves his dick! 😉 I can imagine Bandit hitting Rico doggystyle with a leash on like the one Denzel wore. Another freaky/kinky scene for 2024! Hoping Legend and Diez are coming back soon too.

Thanks and come through for me on the Bandit/Rico reunion please Mike Montez and Shax! It will do numbers!! 🤞🏽✌🏽
Feb 11, 2024
Smyrna37 Bandit and Donte in a flip session please!!! Feb 11, 2024
sean718 Nice!! Mike can you try and get DayDay back on da BBA team Feb 11, 2024
damarcus I try to rock with yall frfr but last month I was gonna cancel and comeback after some new content dropped, but I didn’t cancel in time and had a rebill. I know yall work hard so I don’t wanna insult your efforts. I will say this; I’m all for bringing popular models back, but it’s never the models I wanna see. 😬 I feel bad for even saying that, but that compounded with weeks of no new content. 🫤 hope yall have something good coming soon. Feb 10, 2024
burielaaron30 These two have always been a great pair 🔥 🥵 Feb 10, 2024
bandit926 I think I'm dreaming. Bandit has cum full circle.
This was the top five hottest scene.
Feb 10, 2024
jayjayj90 So I have been following bba for a while and while this was different lately the scenes have not been doing it for me. There is no real passion, not enough kissing and no real spark between the models. Feb 10, 2024
gvlguy84 We go a month without an update and this is what we get!?! Very disappointing. BBA is unable to meet the desires of their audience.

Also, I know that some will disagree and some may be rude so let me state…there is nothing wrong with BDSM if that is your thing. The problem is thats not a large group. So waiting a whole month, your video should have targeted more people, not just a portion of your audience.
Feb 10, 2024
MichaelGalletta We returned with a reunion between two of our all-time most popular models, doing something unique and outside the box. Sorry that it wasn't to your personal liking, but the feedback so far actually suggests you're in the minority here, not the other way around.
davids I love this scene. Consider doing a similar scene with Ross getting revenge on Stallion. That would be hot seeing Stallion in bondage taking dick and begging for Ross to stop pounding those pretty black cakes. Feb 10, 2024
hines1983 Love this!! More please!! Feb 9, 2024
Lowkey2088 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Feb 9, 2024
Verdade Man, I am in ecstacy! Like a few others. Not into bondage. But gosh, Blake and Bandit. My goodness BBA! Blake and Bandit. I would rather they had just made love in bed. Blake and Bandit ....You take me where I seek to be. Riding your waves of pleasure with you my guys. Bandit's beautiful hard on at the start. And how Blake sucked him off. after that I had to pause. It was too good. I was over my edge. My Gosh Man, Thank you Blake and Bandit. Just 2 of BBA's finest ever. I have not watched the remainder yet. I have to recharge. Thank you so much Blake & Bandit. My goodness fellas....your sex is always so fullfilling. Shout out also to Ross,Justice, and Stylez as well. And All the new fellas. Man BBA!!!! Thank you Montez, Shax and Mike. I was watching Rico Pruitt before this scene appeared...Shout out to Rico,Manny. Man, your sex is just so beautiful.....Jahan Ace....Gosh fellas,Thank you so very much! Feb 9, 2024
rayray214 Bro keep makin these videos with them interviewing each other and having a stroke game like Blake's. ! Feb 9, 2024
pyro421 Just like @ Dope88, I have an additional comment. Can we please have more scenes like these with the same camera work/ and direction that Kept Secret and Knight used!!??? Feb 9, 2024
Dope88 I had to leave another comment.
Ive never came so much in my life during a scene on this site.
I never thought bandit would ever allow his hole to be drilled like that.
Blake needs a bonus.
Im sensing bandit is extremely comfortable with guys he's bonded with overtime.
He's not leaving that top spot anytime soon,its been 7-8 yrs since he's been #1 and when you count him out,he always comeback harder.
I feel like ppl who've topped him prior to this scene will be jealous and need do overs especially
Manny and Ross 😂😂😂😂.

I think he should be paired with the smaller penis boys sometime soon(especially deontrey) they can go crazy.

Jahan needs a turn too.
Feb 9, 2024
terbernt You had to threaten me with a good time. Of course I had to buy it. Feb 9, 2024
chucke1 Almost i enjoyed, " little more daring " a lot!!!!! Feb 9, 2024
Rawego88 Whew… bandit really got dominated… never thought I’d see the day. This only my second time ever commenting on something kudos michael… we need legend Ross and bandit Feb 9, 2024
yomama1928 Bandit low key been practicing lol. He was enjoying the dick. I love it Feb 9, 2024
tuffluv06 damn! another hot ass video Feb 9, 2024
ssmith06 I definitely want to see the outtakes 🥵 Feb 9, 2024
swatchie3 No hole views? Can we get the outtakes Feb 9, 2024
Duchess In A nuttShell I was just expect more from this week update but A ninja 🥷 could never really get tired of Blake&BDB 🤷🏾‍♂️
But if they would have flipped again or Blake Creampie that Azz it woulda be a 10 across the board for me 👌🏾
Feb 9, 2024
pooce31 Great scene!
Very unexpected
Feb 9, 2024
jordan87 Bandit has never taken dick like that ever by Blake or anyone! This was so fucking hot seeing him all kinky and shit! Feb 9, 2024
burielaaron30 These two have always been a great pair 🔥 🥵 Feb 9, 2024
aw4567 So are we all unsubscribing or what ? 😑 Feb 9, 2024
BluGod12 10/10 scene! Blake having his way sucking Bandit's dick while he squirms from the pleasure was it!! It's been years since we've seen Blake in full top mode like this and Bandit TOOK THAT DICK! Proud of him lol. Let's keep this momentum for the next 3 updates (and rest of 2024) Feb 9, 2024
maxkev59 Fans often complain about overuse of models, but these 2 brothas are sexy AF. Blake knows how to serve the pipe and Bandit… wow!!…. long pipe… and now he knows how to take a serious beatdown. There’s nothing like the moans of a masculine dude when he’s getting pipe. 9 Out of 10 and only because we didn’t get to see Bandit’s beat-up hole after Blake smashed it to pieces. Feb 9, 2024
Dualex Retire Bandit, retire Blake. They're so many moons ago. Let the GenZ have their time now! Feb 8, 2024
bbound I thought I was on the wrong page at first when I saw the thumbnail!

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! Keep bringing this type of content, even if it's just once in a while, and I'll keep buying! Let the boys claiming they're "freaks" show how freaky they really are!
Feb 8, 2024
Nigerian Same ole, same ole... I missed a month of nothing for this Feb 8, 2024
man12345 What the hell was that?!?!?! Feb 8, 2024
bhoop25 It was a good scene but I think zeke, diez or Denzel would have been better as the bottom Feb 8, 2024
mrwhitley1 You know it’s funny…
Bandit & Gaktrizzy kinda favor one another.
This was not by far a Grade A release…but I do appreciate Bandits Surrender.

However I keep commenting the Importance of #BanditbeingIntoxicatedb4bottoming.
Like he was in Bandit 1 Bottoming Scene 🎬 w Mike 😒🤨!!!

Yes, Pass Bandit a 🍺

However it was good to see him fully surrender to Blake & allow his ass to get Pounded!!!
Feb 8, 2024
11luvme2u Wow! Talk about coming back with a BANG! Watching Blake dominate and pump the brakes out of Bandit's hole had me hot. Great camera work catching great angles. This was definitely a nut buster of a scene. Excellent work. Feb 8, 2024
Docteur Bandit can say he has been thoroughly fucked now. Blake Bishop was balls deep in his ass. As for as a one-sided fuck, that is about as good as it gets. I only wish it could have been Zeke or JuJu fucking Bandit like that. As Bandit is my fave on here, his bottoming gets an A+ on this episode. I am not a huge fan of Blake Bishop, but I must give him his props - he wore that ass out here. Overall a great episode. Feb 8, 2024
love2011 if u need a reminder of why bandit is 1, watch this. Feb 8, 2024
kennyg Glad to see the return of Blake. Bandit is really putting in the work to maintain his position as #1!!!!!!!!! Feb 8, 2024
bigdaddy1051 I love me some Bandit and Blake but I am not into bondage scenes at all. So this was a huge turn off for me. I understand the desire to try something different but it didn't work for me at all. I'll have to wait for the next one. Feb 8, 2024
DisciplineU I LOVE this scene. As you can see from my user name, I like the Dom-sub vibe and the ass spanking. Very hot. And it was great that the Blake dominated Bandit the whole time, no switch. Just whip his ass and fuck him down rough. Blake is my #1 favorite and always has been. We've seen how hot he can be in recent scenes where he bottoms, and he shows he's great as the top in this one. Bandit being his sub bottom is just icing on the cake. I hope you are not going to make a habit of going a month between releases, but otherwise a big thumbs up from me on this one. Feb 8, 2024
loydstar 🔥 🔥!!!!! Nice scene!!! Feb 8, 2024
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing! 🧨 Feb 8, 2024
smhard03 Mmmmm. I personally don't need to see Bandit regularly bottom. I prefer him as a top. But Cheers. Feb 8, 2024
holmestb my 2 favs! omg, lemme get the vaseline ready!! Feb 8, 2024
TennesseeBator Now, this right here is the REAL FIRST scene of 2024 for BBA. Bandit and Blake always give the best in every shoot so that is NOT a surprise, I just hope that BBA continues to do out of the box scenes this year that are different and push the norms of black gay porn. This scene right here is already an excellent start. Feb 8, 2024
chucke1 I was surprised Bandit would not taste Blake's cum, I was hoping he would. Bandit's cum tasting is legendary! What's up with Bandit's head covering in last three scenes? Not very sexy! Feb 8, 2024
A123 I love Bandit and Blake. It is so good to see them again. I’m not really into bondage, but I don’t know that I’ve seen Bandit take dick this aggressively. Overall, this was an enjoyable scene. Feb 8, 2024
Shirly223 Bandit is definitely my favorite bottom lol top bottom verse it’s always a win but I love watching him bottom. I just want him to cum from whole bottoming and my life will be complete. Can this be a goal we work towards? Maybe in a series called bandit is cumming. Also shout out to Blake. He’s another one who I know will deliver. There are a couple models on here including these two who I trust to deliver. But yea, bandit cumming while bottoming would be top tier Feb 8, 2024
Dope88 Bandit is in his “Slut me out” era *cheshire cat grin*.
Blake is great at his job.
love their chemistry.
ill definitely be watching this over and over 🔥
Feb 8, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 I haven't watched yet but I'm ready!
King Bandit👑 the #1 BBA model and Blake Bishop😜 star of the #1 scene in BBA history together!🔥 Thanks for the early release time and I'll be back with my post comments! 😉
Feb 8, 2024

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're reuniting these two BBA legends for something a little more daring and different than their previous encounters.

Join Blake Bishop and Bandit as they celebrate Valentine's Day, the BBA Way.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Bondage, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Spanking, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 8, 2024 40 min
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Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop

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