Bitch For The Day

Prime2021 He’s so disgusting!!!! The ceo Aug 6, 2022
Trix101 I hope Shawn got paid more than what ceo placed on that bed ... and I hope Mike you made things right with this young man and I see he didn’t make it to bba he did everything that was asked of him why ... smh Aug 9, 2019
Trix101 This started out as a half decent movie until that fat ass ceo join in with that nub he call dick in that fire trap he called dl chill spot. I really Appreciate Mike and the way he do Business. I know these videos are old and bba doesn’t do business with the ceo anymore. Aug 9, 2019
tjm133 I like the models especially the facial and mouth comes. Shaun and Bigga Rief are extremely cute. Dec 16, 2016

This return of Shawn in a FULL-ACTION scene departs from the DL Chill Spot's usual brand of unscripted "reality porn" to experiment with a semi-staged fantasy.

The basic idea is wickedly taboo and simple: Shawn is a down-on-his-luck homeless boy who approaches Bigga Rief on the street, begging for some spare change so he can buy a cheeseburger. Bigga Rief invites him back to the DL Chill Spot CEO's crib, offering him a meal and a place to stay, but ONLY if he's willing to join the team by giving up his mouth and ass in return....

Shawn skeptically agrees to this unusual offer, but his "initiation" starts sooner than expected when he's suddenly awakened from an afternoon nap by Bigga Rief SUCKING HIS DICK!

Knowing what his insatiably horny boss will want and demand from their new house-guest later on, Bigga Rief proceeds with a crash-course "training session" that includes lots of hot and verbal dick-sucking and ass-eating action.

Things REALLY start to get interesting when the DL Chill Spot CEO comes home earlier than expected and wants to sample the cute new kid for himself.

See for yourself what happens when the DL Chill Spot CEO and his eager young assistant demand their "rent" from the broke straight boy in some shocking and unconventional ways.

There's lots of aggressive shit-talking and humiliation as they basically turn him into their "bitch" for the day, stuffing him with dick at both ends and stretching that tight boy-pussy open!

For all the freaky NUTT-LOVERS out there, this previously unreleased footage also brings you FIVE memorable cum-shots, including TWO wickedly messy "facials" as well as a nice "nutt" blasted directly into Shawn's wide-open mouth!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), DL Chill Spot, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Older/Younger, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Feb 14, 2015 44 min
Photo of Bigga Rief
Bigga Rief
Photo of DL Chill Spot CEO
DL Chill Spot CEO
Photo of Shawn

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