What Friends Are For

Sageking3 Kinda miss Scotty. The goodyness and his pretty dick. Bro ranked high and aint even have an action scene. He'd break the internet if he return. Jan 8, 2023
marzdomo Can’t wait for Scottys return to BBA. May 5, 2022
divinemind I think looking on the phone is SO RUDE !!!! Feb 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta You clearly failed to comprehend the real-life story behind this encounter if THAT'S your takeaway from this scene. 🙄🤦‍♂️
macksson7thkid Damn Saint should have been barefeet and seeing Scotty barefeet wearing jeans and no shirt damn Feb 5, 2022
sinka1 G shit I noticed saint REALLY got good on his head game over the years... would love to see him come back to see if it's still up to par!!! Jan 18, 2022
Prime2021 That hairy booty look good 👅👅👅 Dec 29, 2021
albany08 THIS IS WHO I MISS!!!!!!!! He needs to come on back and make an appearance. I wonder why I never noticed Scotty with glasses on in the beginning of this video. SUPER SEXY!!!!! I definitely miss him on BBA! Oct 30, 2021
JezeroCrater This was Hot!!! Watching scotty give dude a hand job and dude nut from it. Also watching scotty get that ass ate. Quit playing with the excuses. You know you like it a lil lol 😜 Aug 10, 2021
pilsener OMG how I miss SCOTTY!! Wish they woulda gone further, but still LOVED THE SCENE! Pls bring SCOTTY BACK!!!! Dec 31, 2018
texasbugg SIR SCOTTY babyboi i really hope that u r out of jail by now man u r a good thug whatever u did i don't know what i do know is u don't have to prove nothing to no one u r a 1000%pure thug i for one know a thug when i see one u r so sexy u just having sex with another young thug turns me the fuck on that sexy body i keep going busting nutts that pink asshole gets me i bust so fast on that hole in 3/4mins if u wasn't a pure thug i couldn't bust stay hard scotty but loose up on thug/thug sexitsgood Apr 2, 2018
texasbugg SIR SCOTTY u got a sexy pink asshole which match your hott sexy pink lips man u was blessed by the body gods plus blessed by the madd sexy handsome gods scotty u r just blessed damm man u r just super hotttttttttttttttt i really want u to give that dick to another young thug man i know u have had to fight in jail cause u r so handsome and there r haters everywhere scotty u r so hott please give up that dick. Apr 1, 2018
texasbugg SCOTTY babyboi u r madd sexy (A HOTT THUG IN THE CITY) scotty i never saw u dance with your feet off the ground what do that mean well when u have sex in bed your feet r off the ground and i can tell u have some hot moves why u r having sex man damm i wish u/shaun r u/trapp could fuck scotty i have had sex with a lot of my thug homies we get up right back to thuggin we knew one thing we couldn't have a baby think about babyboi u should want to do it with trapp r shaun u all r super close. Feb 27, 2018
starks105 yeah this dude is madd SEXY Feb 12, 2018
yepnigg4 I really would love to see Scotty and Mar Jan 28, 2018
ACTION7 SAINT aint no joke &%$#@; next q we need to see flip flops between SAINT and the fearless THREE virgins Oct 27, 2017
ross37 Damn Scotty you are sexy as fuck and I love your hair on your head, face and ass. Your lips are amazing I could kiss you all day and eat that ass all day and I bet your nut taste good too. May 16, 2017
ikonium Oooou!. I can hardly wait to see a log going through your forest. You madd sexy like " Shaun " son, madd sexy. Apr 17, 2017
texasbugg Scotty thank u for becoming a part of the 2017 new breed. Mar 26, 2017
251370 Straight guys don't have sex with men for money. Jan 26, 2017
3606tsb72 Excellent scene. Tell Scotty to put the GD phone down and ogle, and play with, his partner's dick, which he clearly loves doing, despite the contrarian "acting." Saint, my future husband, adds fire to everything he does sexually. I could stare at him and shoot cum onto a ceiling without ever touching myself. IF he gets a D I V O R C E from wifey, I will be at his door so he meet his husband2be. I'll marry him if I wanna, and I wanna. I've put you other people ON NOTICE. Jan 23, 2017
cocopop Scotty stated having his hand on another man's dick was "fucked up", yet held on even after Saint had cum, didn't think he want to let it go. He didn't like the ass eating, however his mouth said one thing, his dick said another. Several other str8 models have said the same thing at first, now love it. Jan 20, 2017
buckim Scotty est un garçon très excitant et la fourrure entre ses jambes est un vrai délice. But we do not forget to congratulate Saint, always hungry with enthusiasm face to an ass to eat and a boy to love. I hope meet us again. Bravo ! and thank you, Michael for that long close ups. Jan 16, 2017
tjm133 Scotty is cute but resistant. I love Saint especially when he ate the cum. Dec 27, 2016
mother99 Hot guy, but filming sucked. Dec 11, 2016
retrokid562 His dick is pretty, that's for sure! I hope his mind will open up to more and actually fuck some ass in the next shoot, if he come back! Dec 2, 2016
Hcsawyer can we get foot play to be added into the usual rundown.. just as sexy as a dude kissing or eating ass or sucking dick is these toes getting sucked on... he was fine though Dec 1, 2016
texasbugg he just don't know what his homie is doing in jail i have been to jail so i know what happen in jail. he needs to put that hard thug life behind him cause some thugs on lock right now wish they would have knew about BBA to make top dollar to do what he had done today. scotty wake up and smell the coffee. put that thug pride aside. Nov 28, 2016
chgohydepar1 what eva...this whole scene was whack. Nov 27, 2016
Damon7 ~ Mike can you please fuck Apollo in the butt. I love being turned on and grossed out at the same time. - Make that happen! Nov 27, 2016
kcb394 Thought it was a great classic BBA kind of scene. The straight guy going out of his comfort zone. I just wish we could have seen Saint get naked in it. His pants didn't even come off until almost the end. Nov 25, 2016
princetahji Very hot scene. Very hot models. I think scotty will be willing to do more. Having saint who started just the same as these new models be there to coach them through really helps. Where are the rest of the new bottoms like diego and rory Nov 25, 2016
ACTION7 Saint should bottom for Scotty Nov 24, 2016
daddylongstroke Scotty you are amazing looking forward to seeing more... Saint you need to up your eatin game dude. Scotty I will love to show you how you suppose to get eat Nov 22, 2016
boys2men Saint DONT Know how to Eat Ass Leave that to Michael or Me The Two Pros in Eating Ass Nov 21, 2016
blklibra89 Bring back Scotty and let him do a scene with Bandit... and instead of Mike actually being there to record it, he should just set up multiple cams in the room and let Scotty and Bandit explore each other... we would get waaayyyy hotter scenes without Mike talking so much and standing right there! Nov 20, 2016
buckim Why not Scotty and Stylez next time ? Two hairy asses to lick (délicieux), it will be perfect. Nov 19, 2016
justin2100 i wanna fuck scotty Nov 19, 2016
ACTION7 SAINT is the bomb and I want to start a FAN CLUB for him. Nov 19, 2016
Donald Well I've watched and this scene gets a 10/10...as I like to say the dick don't lie...scotty dick stayed hard more than shaun...now shaun didn't like his azz ate but scotty did...when he raised up after laying on his stomach getting his azz ate his dick was on brick...why did you not go with a more feminine model like u did with bandit and others...not that I don't like saint (he's 1 of my fav)...I think he can be talked into coming bk...oh is bandit and zadian still on the team... Nov 19, 2016
justme19 PLEASE PLEASE retire Saint! He is by far the WORSE BBA Model ever. He has no passion for the scene... no intimacy... awful just awful. i did however love Scotty! Pay that man double triple to come back Nov 19, 2016
Peeples38 I've been waiting on you to get Scotty forever! Much more of him, please! Nov 19, 2016
getdickhoe Tight video. Scotty a sexy muhfucka. I would like to see him and Bandit. But yo Mike can you chill with that corny ass music that shit is annoying. Nov 19, 2016
lilmellowyellow I enjoyed it. Saint is always excellent. Scotty was more relax and agreeable. As Saint was undressing Scotty, Saint should have undressed too. Michael I liked the closeups, especially of Scotty's hairy ass and hole. Scotty's legs in the air was the best. I wish you would have taken more pictures of Saint's ass and hole. In the near future, Scotty and Shaun should return the favor on Saint's dick and asshole. Nov 18, 2016
KodyFan LOVED IT! Loved watching cutie Scotty in Saint's clutches. I've gotta say, I think you might've turned Saint, he seems to relish discovering the new boys! Lol. Scotty's attempt to focus on the porn was cute, even though his eyes kept looking at Saint. And when he put those luscious legs (and feet!) up & looked all uncomfortable when you guys talked about his ass?? Loved your shameless manipulation with the dreamy music. Great video! You've GOT to see if he'll do more!! Hint hint. Lol. What a pin tight hole he has!! The most convincing virgin hole ever!! Needs to be BUSTED wide open!! Lol. Nov 18, 2016
kingtawan20 I LOVE SAINT.... OMG THIS WAS HOTTT AS FUCK Nov 18, 2016
boys2men I WOULD LOVE TO EAT Scotty Nice Ass Nov 18, 2016
ike301 NO more paying for this crap. Porn means fucking. What is this nonsense? Nov 18, 2016
Coolrod This was terrible and extremely boring. Scotty just laid there watching his phone. Low energy with no excitement. Please no more so called "straight" boys. This is a gay website. You should ask Scotty for a refund! I give this a total "0!" Hurry up and get next weeks scene up please! Nov 18, 2016
brianhpotter Ew Saint._.Again !!! Please create a BBA hall of fame and put that guy in it! Give that man a retirement package or something. Good job Scotty. Nov 18, 2016
90sDude He said he didn't like it but his dick told a totally different story Nov 18, 2016
mark132la Hot as da Fudge!!!!!!!!!!! Scotty seemed chilled and not uptight, like in his last video. Scotty has always been hot to me, reminds me of a guy I used to work with and he is so "hood cool"! Saint, was his usual sexy sweet self. Even tho I am not out to many people, I would definitely bring him to meet my family! Mike, you get an A++++++++++++ for this one. Even tho I miss Zadian, Scotty is filling that void!!!!! Lawd, I will watch this one a few more times today Nov 18, 2016
eallure his sexy ass with all that dick...I would love to see him suck dick and get that pretty hole dug out Nov 18, 2016
caliboiisweet SCOTTY GOT CUTE!!! WTF??! LOL

Nov 18, 2016
de1divap2 Scotty has a beautiful smile Nov 18, 2016
Perriason Sad to hear about Shaun getting locked up for a year, but something in my spirit is telling me Scotty with his cute self will be back for more before Shaun gets out. Michael go ahead & plan "What Friends Are For" Pt. 2. 😁 Nov 18, 2016
azealialover4 really. We waited all that time for this Nov 18, 2016

We first met straight best friends Scotty and Shaun earlier this year when we put their friendship to the test in one of the most thoroughly entertaining and wickedly hot scenes since the classic "competition" between D-Rel and Suspense.

It seemed pretty clear at the time that if either guy was ever going to make the unlikely leap into doing "gay for pay" porn, it was probably going to be Shaun since he seemed more cooperative and eager to please than his more reserved and resistant best friend.

Not that it's been easy or cheap achieving any success with Shaun - FAR FROM IT! But we eventually persuaded Shaun to come back for more shoots that included his first tentative "baby steps" into the world of guy-on-guy sex. Scotty, on the other hand, has repeatedly refused to return REGARDLESS of how much money I offered, and I'd honestly started to give up hope of ever seeing him again.

When I recently learned the sad news that Shaun had been locked up, I was initially discouraged by the unexpected disruption to my slow but steady progress with the sexy straight boy. But it ended up being a kind of blessing in disguise by bringing the elusive Scotty back into our lives. And luckily this time he was far less defiant and even wearily resigned to doing a scene with a guy if that's what it took to earn the money he needed to help out his friend!

"I'm here to do what I gotta do for him!" Scotty reluctantly explains at the start of this scene. "I can't look at what's best for me, or what's best for my situation. I'm lookin' out for bro!"

See for yourself just how far Scotty was willing to go in order to help out his incarcerated best friend, and what has him shaking his head in embarrassed disbelief and declaring "This some fucked up shit!" by the end of the scene....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 17, 2016 50 min
Photo of Saint
Photo of Scotty

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