Punishing Saint

floris82nl Saint took that spanking very well! Dec 25, 2023
thugboi28 Hot arch and feet Mike , been watching for years and glad i finally saw your hole 👌🏾 Feb 6, 2023
turner95 Mike let them run a train on you. That’ll be sexy asf Jun 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta I wouldn't hold your breath waiting on that if I were you. 😜🤣
turner95 Mike it’s time for you to get fucked on camera. A bba gangbang Jan 21, 2022
MichaelGalletta Somebody thinks he's a comedian, I see. LOL.
firedog820 Saint is by far the best talent in the BBA stable. Feb 9, 2020
Queengohma15 One of my favorite scenes, love the role play, Saint always puts so much effort in, love the swallowing. I'd personally love more scenes like this in the future :) Apr 19, 2019
emmyfan I also love the toe sucking. Nov 4, 2018
NotoriousPAIN creepy white guy major turn off Nov 3, 2018
sometimesi more ass spanking please! love seeing them in that position and standing up straight to get spanked Mar 18, 2018
phantomking So awesome watching you get rimmed. definitely would love more of that Apr 4, 2017
Lalafavors Hilarious Really Mike It Was So Phony Real Bad Acting Looks Mar 22, 2017
emmyfan That was very hot and I love interracial spanking! Oct 21, 2016
emmyfan It is so nice to see you get rimmed! Aug 5, 2016
kalani What a beautiful dude! May 18, 2016

Ever since my very first attempt at a spanking scene with Shyne several years ago, I've received a lot of requests from viewers wanting to see more hot black guys get spanked.

When Saint nearly ruined the BBA Christmas Party during his recent weekend visit, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to try another spanking scene and give this cocky black boy the punishment he deserved!

Join us for nearly a full hour of freaky fetish fun that includes spanking, face-fucking, toe-sucking, and ass-eating - plus the eager-to-please straight boy gulping down his first mouthful of cum!

While still somewhat spontaneous and unscripted, this unconventional scene involves more exaggerated role-playing than most of my scenes.

With sad and pleading puppy-dog eyes, Saint apologizes to the viewers at home for fucking up our first night of filming.

Skeptical that he's truly learned his lesson, I order Saint to bend over the desk and tell him he's about to get SPANKED while the whole world watches. I yank down his sagging jeans and begin groping his firm, round ass. Then I start smacking his bare behind with my hands as he grunts and winces in pain while begging me to stop.

That's when I bend the squirming straight boy over my lap and bring out a belt for the REAL punishment to begin....

When Saint can't take any more of the spanking and promises he'll do ANYTHING for me to stop, I decide to take him up on his offer and order him to drop to his knees instead.

It's another shocking chapter in Saint's "gay for pay" training as I turn this married ex-Army guy into my personal "bitch" and teach him how to deep-throat my dick without gagging (as much)....

"You like that, sir?" Saint asks as he slides his thick, juicy lips up and down the shaft of my dick, gobs of saliva dripping onto the floor as I grab the back of his head and fuck his inexperienced mouth.

I even pull my spit-slimy dick out of his weary mouth and tell him to rub it all over his face, wanting the smell of my dick to stay with him for the rest of the day!

Adding yet another taboo twist to this scene, I make the submissive black boy lick the soles of my feet and suck on my toes.

Then I tell him to stick his face in my hairy white ass and eat it just like he eats his wife's pussy. This marks the first time that a black guy has licked MY ass in a scene!

For Saint's final "punishment" of the day, I bust a creamy "nutt" in his wide-open mouth and make him gulp down every last drop - his first time actually SWALLOWING another man's cum!

After finally enjoying a nice "release" of his own, Saint invites us to watch him clean up in the shower, where he shares some hilarious closing comments with his fans.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Foot Fetish, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Shower/Bath, Spanking, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 2, 2013 47 min
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Michael Galletta
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