Da'Juan's Lucky Day

When I decided to introduce the "new kid" Da'Juan to my most popular model Dragon, I had no idea what would happen. I knew it would be Dragon's first hardcore action scene in nearly a year, and I wasn't sure how he'd react to being fucked on camera again after such a long break. And despite all of Da'Juan's talk in his solo scene about being strictly a "top," he had yet to prove he actually knows how to USE that big pipe swingin' between his legs!

Watch as both boys go from being complete strangers one minute - awkward and nervous and more than a little embarrassed - to engaging in the most intimate sexual acts just minutes later! Decide for yourself if Da'Juan earns the privilege of fucking an ass as perfect as Dragon's, and find out what leads up to Dragon blurting out a surprising and memorable announcement....

While waiting for Da'Juan to arrive, Dragon expresses some apprehension about the upcoming scene, motivated at least in part by having seen some photos of Da'Juan's intimidating dick a few days earlier!

I capture on camera the moment Da'Juan walks through the door and meets Dragon for the very first time. I inform Da'Juan that he's incredibly lucky to be making his hardcore action debut with a co-star as fine as Dragon. To emphasize my point, I ask a clearly embarrassed Dragon to stand up, turn around, and show off for Da'Juan the round, juicy booty he'll have the privilege of squeezing and licking and FUCKING within the hour!

The initial interaction between Dragon and Da'Juan is by far the most tense, nervous, and uncomfortable of any of my video-shoots so far. At one point, I honestly doubted the scene would ever happen at all. But lucky for us, both boys eventually shake their nerves and begin getting "better acquainted."

After leaning in for some awkward, tentative kissing, each boy strips and gets his first glimpse of the other's naked body. Dragon places Da'Juan's dick between his juicy-thick lips and coaxes it to full hardness in no time. Soon he's swallowing the entire thing and treating us to a display of his now-famous deep-throating talents....

Next, Da'Juan shows off some impressive skills of his own by eating out Dragon's delicious ass.

"We have us a little pro, don't we?" Dragon jokes, clearly turned on by the sensations of a warm tongue lapping hungrily at his hole.

It's definitely the most enthusiastic and talented ass-eating I've captured on camera so far, done in different positions and including some nice close-up shots of Dragon's beautiful hole.

The action heats up even more when the boys move into a 69 position and begin doing what each one does best: Dragon slobbers on Da'Juan's massive cock while Da'Juan feasts greedily and gratefully on Dragon's sweet butt. Then Da'Juan straddles Dragon's chest and slowly fucks the boy's pretty young mouth.

Finally it's time for Dragon to GET FUCKED by Da'Juan's super-sized dick! Dragon's eyes grow wide with fear when Da'Juan begins poking his eager dick against Dragon's tight hole. When this first attempt doesn't quite work, Dragon slowly lowers himself onto the dick until it's buried to the hilt.

Da'Juan wastes no time making the most of his lucky day! With his dick still lodged deep in Dragon's guts, he flips his co-star onto his back and fucks the hell out of our reluctant "schoolboy" in a variety of hot positions....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Apr 10, 2009 84 min
Photo of Da'Juan
Photo of Dragon

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