Sparring Match

Moses1999 I love to be in the sparring match with Mello (and Saint, for that sake). Mello is sexy!!! Apr 13, 2017
adr1229 Guys are attractive. This was the first video clip, so far, that I was able to get off on. Maybe I canceled my membership too quickly. Good video. Would have been better without the talking in beginning and end. But the camera guy stayed out sex action, which made this video satisfying to watch. It was odd that the boxing gloves came back on in the middle of sex and cumming on face at end, so that means camera guy injected his fantasies again. Jul 23, 2016

Mello is a straight amateur boxer with an undefeated record and ambitions to "go pro" in the very near future. It's been over six months since he first experimented with guy-on-guy sex, but he's finally back and ready to try it again!

This video-shoot took place the day after one of Mello's matches (he remains undefeated), so I asked him to bring his gloves so he could teach his scene partner Saint the basics of boxing.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this sexually charged "sparring match" between two masculine and athletic straight guys. Things take an interesting turn when flirtatious joking leads to some playful touching and grabbing as the guys' slim, toned bodies keep getting closer and closer.

Next thing you know, they're locked in a tense but erotic embrace that leads to a very different kind of "sparring"....

"I'm trying to see if you're good at something else!" Saint teases Mello before pushing him against the wall, yanking down his shorts, and burying his face in that cute bubble-butt.

It's an action-packed "gay for pay" encounter you don't want to miss that includes lots of kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating between two horny straight guys who both have clueless women waiting for them at home.

Of course the can't-miss highlight of this scene comes when Saint buries his thick, eager dick in Mello's firm muscle-butt and aggressively RAW-FUCKS the sexy straight boxer in a variety of hot positions!

Just as you might expect based on his model name and chosen sport, Mello is the strong, silent type who gives up his tight, near-virgin ass with mostly stoic endurance - although Saint's thick dick and demanding thrusts still manage to fuck some sexy grunts and groans out of the reticent boxer!

"Damn, that ass hella tight!" Saint gasps in pleasure as his thick, RAW dick plunges eagerly in and out of the light-skinned athlete's round ass....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 29, 2014 39 min
Photo of Mello
Photo of Saint

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