Ride of Your Life

Phuryous Mookiie's legs trembling and Dre glazing Mookie's cakes is everything, you just cannot get this reaction from the G4P models. Sep 1, 2022
davids This is one of my all-time favorite scenes. Mookiie is so sexy, and Dre did not cut him any slack. Jul 14, 2022
str8bootyc I was wondering why dude was fucking him so soft and slow. It's rare you find a guy that has a sensitive prostate like that. Dude should have fucked the nut outta dude. At least I would have lol. Oct 5, 2021
HeyNwkat160 That was hot..Dre...that smile... Jun 9, 2021
wilperkof77 That shit was HOT!!!!! All that quivering and quaking got me hard as a rock. Hope to see more of both of these studs! May 31, 2021
jreecen Timeless Masterpiece Jan 23, 2020
Dfranbur They both are hot with nice cakes along with big dicks. I would love to be physically in some action like this! Jun 15, 2019
mauricio1234 I really miss Dre!!! He is so sexy and has a million dollar smile. Jul 9, 2018
lilron2 I would love to see an encore of these two models. This is still one of the best videos on your entire collection. Dre's smile and masculine sexiness drives me wild. Mookiie is a dream fuck for any top, and he has a beautiful body. Michael please seriously consider bringing them both back. Aug 1, 2017
Lalafavors This Was Definitely So Genuine It Was Absolutely A Pleasure To See Such Cohesiveness Between Two Individuals Kudos To The Both Of You Dre & Mookiie Feb 11, 2017
tjm133 I love these two models especially Mookiie taking Dre's Dick. I hope Dre eventually leaves his massive cock and sperm in the other model Dec 16, 2016
retrokid562 Love making at its finest. Mar 1, 2016
TWafford82 Bruh i would love a threesome with them real shit. Dre and that smile....and them fuckin LIPS...Mookiie the way he suck DICK! Jan 14, 2016
chgohydepar1 1stly. Mookiie is every top's dream fuck. It is clear that he enjoys the dick, and absolutely the dick, Dre, loves him! Great chemistry between the two. These guys are sexy af. GREAT, GREAT performance...the kissing, the sucking, the convulsions -- yes, lawd, the convulsions, and the deep fucking. I LOVED this action. Encore. Encore. Encore. Jan 3, 2016
hotfuck1 Oh yea, have Isaiah watch Dre and Mookie kiss, maybe he might learn something. Lets see Mookie fuck Dre because he has a pretty ass dick and cute body. Dec 27, 2015
hotfuck1 The passion in this scene with both of them was like on FIRE I nutted 4 times just watching! DAMN!! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! Dec 27, 2015
tonyjai29 These two are great together the chemistry was all there and that Dre is fine with can fuck so sex. his smile is enough for me too. Get him back for me!!! Dec 20, 2015
lovethomas1 i have to comment and say that was some passionate fucking sweet he did take the ride side ways back way and i loved it i need to c these two back again in another fuck session the bottom no how to talk dirty Oct 14, 2015

After making his amateur porn debut just a couple weeks ago, Mookiie is back for more - and this time the skinny, light-skinned 19-year-old has agreed to let us watch him GET FUCKED!

I decided to pair Mookiie with new model Dre, a masculine "DL" top who enjoys smoking, drinking, and bowling. A self-described "freak," Dre enjoys fucking ass AND pussy, and he's always fantasized about trying amateur porn.

I actually recruited both guys separately, but later found out they'd already been talking to each other online and by text for the past several weeks. Although they've never actually met in person - UNTIL NOW!

It's a FULL HOUR of unscripted amateur porn when these horny black guys finally meet in person for the very first time - an encounter that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-licking, plus Mookiie's fresh young ass getting fucked RAW!

The scene begins with me interviewing Dre while Mookiie watches TV in the other room.

"This is something that should have been happened, basically," Dre explains in reference to hooking up with Mookiie. He nervously crosses his fingers in the hopes that Mookiie will look as good in person as he does in his pics.

After getting better acquainted with the handsome new model, I call Mookiie into the room and capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time.

Both guys seem visibly relieved when they finally see each other in person, and it's clear from the start that in spite of their nerves, there's an intense attraction and chemistry between these two guys. Mookiie even thanks me for finally bringing the two of them together!

Like an impatient child unwrapping a present, Mookiie wastes no time helping Dre out of his jeans and pulling out his scene partner's big dick.

"So this what he been been holdin' out for so long from me!" Mookiie tells the viewers at home before wrapping his pretty red lips around the handsome top's dick....

There's a generous amount of hot oral action followed by Dre expertly feasting on Mookiie's cute, hairy ass, his rock-hard dick pointing straight in the air the whole time!

"Taste like CAKE!" Dre concludes with a satisfied grin, confirming that the light-skinned teen's ass does indeed taste as good as it looks.

There's lots of hilarious and unscripted "trash-talking" throughout this scene as both guys playfully tease and flirt with each other.

"I hope you ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!" Mookiie warns Dre as he rubs the horny top's dick against his tight, hairy hole, lowering himself onto it as his cute, skinny ass slowly swallows the entire shaft....

There's nearly thirty minutes of hot anal action as Dre proceeds to RAW-FUCK the skinny black teen in a variety of hot positions, including over the kitchen counter!

It isn't long before the shell-shocked but submissive Mookiie is literally SHAKING with seizure-like convulsions as Dre's super-sized dick plunges eagerly in and out of his tight young ass.

I think it's fair to say that BOTH of these guys experience the "ride of their lives" before the day's over!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Feb 26, 2013 60 min
Photo of Dre
Photo of Mookiie

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