Behind the Scenes With Knockout and Staxx

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disgruntled WOW to see STAXX fall in love with the dick is an amazing sight to see! Jun 13, 2024
Kelly5000 A video of Jay c, jahanx and Staxx fucking each other with knockout and Bishop blake then topping all three will be fire 🔥 😍 LEGENDARY 😍 Jan 6, 2024
cam6594 Can you have Knockout back? Nov 3, 2021
cam6594 This was a great update. Staxx fucking Knockout at the window was a blowout. You need to get Staxx fucked by Saint and Knockout fucks Dominic. Sep 12, 2021
madmen547 Refreshing! Their personalities are the exact opposite of what I thought they would be. They are both very personable and I like them even more than I did! Sep 10, 2019
pilsener AWESOME UPDATE and super hot to see these tops both taking each other down! Jan 1, 2019
hornye115 I love watching Staxx with whomever, but Knockout was a great choice...Now two of my favorites...More vids with them please..... May 23, 2016
cocopop Knockout seemed to be enjoying sucking that Staxx dick, and not once did he choke. Why these models just say I don't suck dick, or get fucked on camera? Bobby Blake never gave up the ass on camera, yet everyone knew he did in his personal life, and he certainly enjoyed sucking dick. He was more manly than today's models that pretend. KO came back a month and half and gave that ass up to Isaiah and was calling it pussy. He was enjoying getting fucked. Mar 2, 2016
Shaftmanic05 Knockout was knockout Staxx for da T.K.O. in this scene great teamwork guys lol...............Staxx should bottom more often gotta on down pack......... Jan 17, 2016
cam3121 What a fun scene that was to see and relive again. One of the best scenes ever (the best scene on BBA) and to have a behind the scenes view of this masterpiece was just awesome! Knockout and Staxx had me Rollin, they were funny as hell! Lol. I'm with papatiggger, this was WAY better than that Santa Surprise crap. I hope we get more verse scenes in 2016. Bravo BBA! Jan 13, 2016
princexxchar this behind the scenes was better than the actual video! Jan 9, 2016
papatiggger See now I enjoyed this more than that Santa Surprise ish! Top marks!!! Jan 8, 2016
tori478 Long and Boring..I DO NOT LIKE OUTTAKES PERIOD TO ME IT IS LIKE A CHEAT FOR A UPDATE.....Why are they both using condoms and they both come from raw sites? That probably would have made it better if they were raw...a waste Jan 8, 2016
ShyG93 I love watching what happens behind the scenes especially when it's like this scene. Knockout and Staxx were amazing both put on an awesome performance. The blooper moments were funny af both Staxx and Knockout had me lmfao. Staxx may have hated taking dick but I think he was loving it a lil bit. Knockout can get rough the way he grabbed Staxx by the neck had me like whoa but I was turned on by it too. Staxx fucking Knockout by the window was hot af I got real 💦 watching that he took control. Jan 8, 2016
w88p8t99 This video is a ten plus and beyond video of the century Staxx and Knockout is so fucking phine. They have beautiful chocolate skin and big black dicks. Staxx have one perfect ass and know how to take big black dick. Mike make it happen that Blake Bishop could fuck Staxx that would be a hot video Blake is a stud. Jan 7, 2016
pisces586 This probably was the best scene in BBA history. Jan 7, 2016

This week we're taking you behind the scenes of two of last year's most unforgettable and popular scenes with this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage from "You Bet Your Ass" and "All Bets Are Off" - including more tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and FUCKING!

It's an intimate and entertaining look back at some of the conversations, humor, and action that didn't make it into the edited versions of these shockingly hot and historic scenes that viewers have called "legendary," "outstanding," and "the porn scenes of the decade."

Highlights include:

* Knockout getting some friendly shooting lessons from "Coach" Staxx on the basketball court

* Lots of sloppy-wet, throat-fucking action that couldn't be crammed into the edited versions, including a hot "69"

* Staxx giving Knockout an unconventional "tour" of Atlanta by pointing out famous landmarks while fucking him doggy-style in front of a large window overlooking the city skyline

* Both guys literally fucking each other off of the bed

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Condom, First Times, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Special Guest, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jan 7, 2016 47 min
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