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Pocatel I'm relatively new to BBA and I'm probably going to mention what everyone else already knows. The photography (for some reason) has distorted DJ's appearance and he looks 40 lb overweight. I bet he's twice as good looking in person as the video indicates. I agree with Wilperkof77 but I think the distortion made him far less appealing. Nov 11, 2022
wilperkof77 Just his eyes! Michael this is your best shoot! Why this isn't the number 1 video?...…I don't understand, It's simply beautiful. May 23, 2021

DJ is a sweet-faced 18-year-old fresh out of high school, the kind of hot black teenager one can usually only desire from a distance. From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew I just HAD to get this beautiful boy naked in front of my camera!

DJ insisted he was too shy to expose his body to the public or have sex with an audience watching. But with a little bit of luck and A LOT of persuasion, this boy of my dreams finally agreed to do things I NEVER thought I'd be lucky enough to watch him do!

The first day that DJ came over, he swore it was only to discuss the POSSIBILITY of filming a ''solo'' scene - nothing more. He kept the book-bag he brought with him draped securely across his shoulder, and sat on the edge of my futon looking ready to leap up and flee my apartment any minute.

I tried my best to put him at ease, and as the afternoon's negotiations progressed, DJ seemed to grow more comfortable with me. After seeing one of my videos, he finally blurted out, ''Okay, I'll do a solo scene!'' As I photocopied his Driver's License (yes, he's really 18!), DJ confessed that he was literally shaking, that's how nervous he was!

This is probably my favorite out of the ''solo'' scenes I've filmed so far. Partly because DJ is just so damn cute to me, but also because of everything that led up to this happening - the thrill of conquest after a long, exhausting pursuit!

As DJ slowly strips out of his clothes, he is shy and self-conscious about showing off his body for the very first time. I can't even begin to explain how much his uncertainty and bashfulness turned me on! He gradually works up the nerve to take off all of his clothes and play with his dick for the camera....

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Solo/Auditions
Details: Sep 20, 2008 37 min
Photo of DJ

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