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Natsfan64 My man...Meeks gets right to work Feb 14, 2022
atltop Damn the ass on Shameeks Nov 24, 2021
juan24 Omfg. That was solid asf. Shameeks is too sexy for his self, lol. Dominic too. I see an OF in their future. Sep 16, 2021
joeman Dominic can slide that dick in and feed a man cunt like no on else. Then shoot a load that feeds four. More please! May 20, 2021
Dualex Baby D. That's the type of revenge you should have given Apollo. Instead you gave him acrobatic love. It was hot but I was expecting more this type of revenge. Hopefully we'll get a little more aggressive Dominic if you get the chance to have a flip flop with Apollo next... May 9, 2020
cocopop Loved that French tongue kissing, shit was hot. Apr 4, 2020
mdcarmichael Re-watching this made me fall for Shameeks even more. So sexy. Great body...Amazing head game. Beautiful, long black dick. And now his tight ass. Just WOW! Jan 30, 2020
cocopop Shameeks ass must've been mighty good to Dominic, he was jacking his dick while eating, dick was on hard when he stood up. Brother man is reaching a point where he's enjoying gay4pay sex, with Bandit, his dick got hard as hell while grinding, love how comfortable he's becoming with gay4pay. Jan 14, 2020
emiliano69 this scene sexy as fuck. i cant wait til shameeks to top dominic. and a correction, if i may add... shameeks is not only the best bottom, he is the best all around...bottom, top, head, rim, chemistry, energy, passion, and sexy as fuck. he definitely has the ability to be one of the top models. i definitely agree with the shameeks and bandit requests. Jan 7, 2020
IsaiahFan I requested this scene thinking it’ll line up right in time for the Christmas scene but wasn’t expecting it to come so fast lol. Shameeks somewhat reminds me of King Ant by claiming he’s this total top yet a lot of us know he loves dick on the low seeing him give Dominic that sloppy top head was eye opening and I kept wondering wtf was running through Dominic’s head when that was happening I’d love to be a recipient of head from Shameeks. I gotta admit watching a SUBMISSIVE Shameeks is always good to look at....put them lips and ass to use. Dominic...good job as up Shameeks and Bandit! I give this scene a 10/10 Jan 2, 2020
smhard03 SHAMEEKS IS MY NEW FAVE!!!!!! Dec 23, 2019
dnaltiusman p.s. just wanted to make it clear, as a bottom-lover I LOVE SHAMEEKS. He is sexy AF, wanna see more of him taking dick Dec 18, 2019
dnaltiusman YES. Some of us like seeing dominant top w/ smaller/pretty/submissive bottom who obviously loves dick, not all these masculine dudes playing bottom and struggling to take dick. I know Shameeks is technically a "top" but he performs more like an amazing bottom to me, and I want to see more of him, and other bottoms like Spice, Diego. Michael Can we get that please? Those of us who like that are clearly in the minority but we are here and thats literally the only content I sign up for Dec 18, 2019
texasbugg all hail shameeks that 18 year old ass was sitting so pretty i love how he just became a super thug freak he knows his ass is gold. Dec 16, 2019
mdcarmichael Shameeks is just amazing... Dec 16, 2019
jayhyde2022 I believe there should be a wrestling scene of a 2v2. Shameeks vs Dominic and Trapp vs Ross. Dec 15, 2019
Jayden27 Bandit better hold on to his crown very tightly—Dominic is coming! Dominic is a model that viewers, including myself, crave to view. Like Apollo, you can never get enough of him. He’s become a dynamic performer during his tenure at BBA as well. Dominic continues to improve orally. This blow job was a little bit sloppier and wetter than his previous work—good shit. His ass-eating and kissing were also much better in this scene too.

After that insertion, Dominic begins to shine as a top. He mercilessly pounds Shameeks, in various positions, after giving him slow, small, and careful strokes to ensure that he’s comfortable. He clearly enjoyed that ass because that cum shot was EVERYTHING! I’m not gonna lie. I enjoyed it too. Dominic consistently proves to viewers that’s he more than good looks. He rocks every scene he’s in, top or bottom. This scene reminded us why we love him as a top. I do hope he reminds us why we love him on the bottom again soon though. Good shit, Dominic! Great performance, bro!

The models on the first page better not get comfortable—Shameeks is on his way! Shameeks was AWESOME!! Before I talk about his stunning bottoming performance, his oral skills alone are praiseworthy. Any model fortunate to be on the receiving end of the “Shameeks Oral Experience” is truly in for a treat. Everything from the movement of his head, wizardry use of his tongue, and the sloppiness of the spit spells out top-notch head game, and Dominic enjoyed every bit of it. It may make you wonder who to be more jealous of in the scene—Shameeks or Dominic? I can’t pick in this instance. What was so beautiful in this scene was that Dominic felt the sensation, but we, the viewers, were able to enjoy the experience.

This was only his second bottoming performance, and he blew it out of the park! His performance was more than enough to keep viewers craving more. His versatility proves that he is a force to be reckoned with, and that his journey with BBA is far from over. I’ll definitely be tagging along for the ride to see what’s to come.

Beautiful scene. Beautiful models. Beautiful location. Beautiful experience. Cheers to you, BBA! You’ve created another beautiful masterpiece! Thank you!
Dec 15, 2019
Rod1198 This scene was hot and Shameeks is one of the best bottoms this site has had in awhile. He knows how to take dick...he should only bottom. I’ve never seen Dominic nutt this much.....EVER! Dec 15, 2019
texasbugg i love looking in shameeks face while he is getting fucked his thug look keeps my dick rock hard shameeks u still got your thug card damm u got a sexy round thug ass keep doing what u r doing keep that sexy body the same size u r fine as fuck i know u been told that a many of time. Dec 15, 2019
blktop2002 @ 3606tsb72 Can you help me understand how it is self hating to identify myself as I choose. I have no knowledge that Dominic Dislikes or disparages gay people in anyway. It’s rather arrogant of you to pronounce yourself as the keeper of the final determination of who a persons individuality is. Isn’t that what gay people have fought so hard to erase even died for in some cases. Dec 15, 2019
Shirly223 Please DO NOT take the advice of whomever is suggesting transwomen. No. Im already pissed that I paid for this site when the update is a guy I'm not feeling. Transmen are fine, a handsome trans man getting DP hot but please no chicks with dicks on this site. Dec 15, 2019
texasbugg @Chaotic92 u r 100% right about shameeks he has that power in his super 48kt gold thug asshole i never saw that much cum come out of dominic's dick jah didn't pull that much cum out his dick and dominic said jah can get it again now we may be talking too fast now we will find out in the long run cause every1 know bandit never had a lot of cum come out his dick now if he fuck shameeks and he has a lot of cum comes out it's the power of shameeks 48kt gold walls thug hole that did it i feel it shameeks Dec 15, 2019
comelaywitme I loved this scene. Shameeks is my new bottom. He should definitely be the Christmas or New Years Eve Bottom! He is ready 4sho! Gang bang starring Shameeks!!! Dec 15, 2019
3606tsb72 And someone commented that BBA should do a trans scene, male or female. The ones I've already seen are creepy asf, so please leave it to others to celebrate that unique "lifestyle" And leave Bandit and Trapp out of that dubious equation, for it will ruin their solid reputations...and I'm unanimous in that. Dec 14, 2019
3606tsb72 A yeoman-like scene/BBA has done better/Shameeks saves it with his PHYNE self/Both dudes should have been in the shower, and more sustained dick closeups would have made my wonderful day. Dominic, B-/Shameeks, A-/Direction & Camera-work, B. Dec 14, 2019
ericbb Shameeks turned Dominic out...Dominic never came like that in any other scene...there wasn't a strong emotional connection but there was a strong sexual connection....Shameeks has that power...I know this is left field but does BBA provide psychological aftercare for the performers...some of them are pretty young Dec 14, 2019
11luvme2u I definitely do not want it to be a regular thing. It's just not my preference. But I definitely think that BBA should have at least one sexy Trans-woman and/or Trans-man performance next year. I think it would be a great way to make new fans and bring more visibility to that community. You have had a few female performers in the past so why not a sexy trans girl with a sexy dude like Trapp or Bandit. That'd be super hot. Dec 14, 2019
11luvme2u Very nice scene. Shameeks doesn't play with those thick chocolate lips and that tongue that slithers like a cobra. Dominic definitely gave him a pounding and both seemed to enjoy the experience. Shameeks' slim body arches so well and Dominic's body stays perfect. I'd like to see Dominic upgrade his stroke game a little. It's kind of "jackrabbit-like" at times. I'd like to see more rhythmic long strokes. He's still amazing nonetheless. Great scene. Beautiful background in nature. Dec 14, 2019
malachi6 I love Shameeks and I am glad to see him in another Bottoming scene. I would love to see him paired with either Saint or Blake Bishop. Dec 14, 2019
WeatherMan Another stellar scene from the men at BBA. This is why BBA remains supreme over all the other sites, BBA always takes their time and produces good quality content for the fans. I knew this scene was going to be something good just from seeing Dom and Shameeks at the beach and boy it did not disappoint. I am glad Dom is getting more and more comfortable on camera and letting his aggressive side come out and Shameeks is quickly moving into the A-list of site, he is just so sexy. A+ scene Dec 14, 2019
Scrappydoo All i can say for right now is wow! This is nice. Dec 14, 2019
texasbugg damm shameeks that ass of yours is 48kt pure gold dominic was good in fucking him now that shameeks is ready let's bring him the(KING BANDIT)damm bandit is going to love fucking shameeks it got to happen cause if it don't that means (BBA/USA) has given dominic the crown #1 should have a shot at shameeks right is right bandit do have the right to fight for his spot we have to see how he fucks shameeks sexy fat ass the best i'm not giving up on bandit just yet shameeks has a right at the crown Dec 14, 2019
ChrisGills This was a hot scene. I have no complaints 😁 Dec 14, 2019
3606tsb72 No amount of wishful thinking can change the truth: Dominic's not heterosexual. And it's unbecoming and insulting to our intelligence to persist in asserting that mirage. It's also an indication, possibly, of self-hating and loathing on your part. For stating this, I fully expect the power of your pen to be used as a serrated-knife to "read" I won't take the bait. To end, it's alright to be homosexual and bisexual, gents. If you're straight, like me... Dec 14, 2019
chgohydeparker My new favorite kissing/fucking scene! The hottest ever..."choke me," "let me taste that shit, daddy," "it's tight..." My oh my. Dec 14, 2019
damon8 ~ Dominic and Saint flip flop should be a good dynamic 🤔 Dec 14, 2019
princexxchar This make the perfect and best scenes. And....This.... is one of the best scenes i seen on the SITE! Bravooo. Dec 14, 2019
princexxchar yoo, this scene right here! iight lemme break it down, THIS is what happens when a model request another model on the site! Meeks wanted Dominic sexy ass. So it no longer became just a check, it was personal. You could see through the chemistry. Hes his type, and im sure he probably got a thing for light skin dudes. So he was ready to give himself up! Dec 14, 2019
yonerk Yesss jus wat I wanted Dec 14, 2019
mauricio1234 Shameeks is that dude. This was a really dope scene. They pretty much do good with whoever they are paired with. I'm used to Dominic not having hair.. That's just me. His smooth body is everything!!! Dec 14, 2019
MrBrown19942 This entire scene is everything I imagined it to be, and then some! Shout out to BBA, for bringing great content, consistently! 🙌🏿🔥🔥 Dec 14, 2019
chaotic92 Ok so im officially convinced that its something bout shameeks cuz this the second model he been wit dat he done made cum like dat.....i dnt think i ever seen so much nut from dominic before and its almost if not equal to justice cum shot that almost drowned shameeks Dec 14, 2019
Docteur Dominic is looking a whole lot better with pubic hair and some facial hair. Need him to return the favor and give Bandit that ass and suck Bandit's toes. BTW, he fucked the dog paddle shit out of Shameeks in this flick. One of the best fucking on BBA in awhile. Dec 14, 2019
Dualex Nice scene but in terms of returning the oral favour and chemistry Justice wins for me. Looking forward to scuba/shameeks Dec 14, 2019
stmarks13 This is some next level shit Dec 14, 2019

While it's true that Dominic is one of our most popular straight models these days, I swear his biggest fans are actually the other BBA models!

Can't exactly say that I blame them. With his breathtaking good looks and almost impossibly perfect physique, Dominic is easily one of the hottest guys to join our model roster since Apollo.

And much like that legendary fan favorite before him, Dominic seems to have cast a spell on the other BBA boys that has them fighting their way to the front of the line for a chance to get their hands on the light-skinned Adonis.

Following an afternoon at the beach, Dominic and Shameeks head back to the house where Shameeks can't resist the temptation to sneak into Dominic's room and spy on him taking a shower.

When Dominic discovers that he's no longer alone, he decides to take advantage of this special opportunity to sample the younger gay boy's talented mouth and tight teen ass for himself....

Things quickly evolve into an unexpected encounter that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, messy ass-eating, and of course Dominic picking right up where Justice left off by thoroughly "breaking in" Shameeks' spectacular, near-virgin ass.

If you can make it past Shameeks' thick, sexy lips sliding up and down Dominic's rock-hard dick without busting at least one or two “nutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while reviewing  the footage!

It's also fun watching Shameeks slowly SURRENDER to the surprisingly aggressive yet also sweetly tender Dominic, who seems to bring out a new shockingly submissive side in the much younger Shameeks. Before you know it, Shameeks is even calling Dominic "Daddy" and begging him to "beat his shit up"!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Dec 13, 2019 42 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Shameeks

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