Introducing: AB


emiliano69 AB was so into it. He was stroking Mike's hand with that thick dick. He probably would have took some head. Apr 12, 2023
jaypablo Love AB, he’s a hottie Apr 7, 2022
mdcarmichael I wanna taste his nut! Aug 30, 2020
mdcarmichael He’s so cool and sexy as fuck. I’d love to take that thick black dick. Jun 20, 2020
geechieboi89 AB let me eat that dick and ass. And ill eat that nut up! May 11, 2020
apollo423 Chance the rapper vibes Sep 23, 2019
derrick Sexy and very handsome brother. I love his passionate demeanor and he seem to be the type that will take it easy with you. I would love to see him make love and not just have sex. Bring him back!!! Jun 16, 2018
Feralboy I'd love for him to top me. He is so attractive, and I love his personality. If BBA ever needs a Fluffer come holler at me. Nov 11, 2017
apollo423 Bring him back asap. Twitter? Aug 26, 2017
bradson9 "Cocopop" Did I just read that AB took Mike's Cock ? When, where ? Jun 14, 2017
ssmith06 I want to see his hole and somebody rimming him Jun 1, 2017
man12345 will we ever see him again? Jul 29, 2016
kalani .... That's a beautiful dude.
I wish he was still around.
Jun 8, 2016
trickey2 AB is my number 2 next to Tori. Love this guy!!! Sexy and that ass, omg!!! Jun 3, 2016
cocopop Loved to have seen AB take a big black dick, he took Mike with ease. Jun 1, 2016
ambition225 when is AB coming back?!?!?!?!?!? Feb 22, 2016
Woopshocker86 Come back to bba wit that juicy booty Jan 22, 2016

AB is a sexy, light-skinned straight guy who likes to play basketball and have sex every chance he gets. A mix of Black and Cherokee, AB has the kind of rugged good looks and tattooed, athletic body that make him extremely popular with the ladies. It's no surprise that at just 22 years old, he can already brag that he's bedded well over SEVENTY women!

AB calls fucking "his sport" and says that it's the one thing he's always done best. He's also been watching porn ever since he was a kid, and always thought about giving it a try, so of course he jumped at the chance when he came across my online ad looking for straight guys who want to try amateur porn.

As he explains in a deep, sexy voice during his introductory interview: "If you been throwin' a football since you [were] nine years old, and somebody comes to you and say, 'Come play for my team,' you gonna be like, let's do it, LET'S GO!"

AB describes himself as an outgoing "risk-taker" who is always open to trying new things - and he proves it by taking off his clothes and BARING ALL on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Enjoy a front-row seat for this sexy straight stud's "audition" as he strips slowly out of his clothes to show off an athletic, light-skinned body with a thick, nice-sized dick and tempting bubble-butt that will have you drooling the moment you see it!

AB lets us watch as he relaxes on the bed and strokes his big dick while watching straight porn.

Don't miss the unscripted twist near the end of this scene when I nervously offer a special cash bonus to this horny straight male (whom I'd just met less than an hour before) if he'll let me be the first guy to TOUCH HIS DICK!

This leads to a surprising conclusion that is a nice change of pace from most of my other "auditions" and gives us hope that AB really means what he says at the end of this scene when he promises to return very soon and try some other new things!

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 12, 2013 36 min
Photo of AB

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