A BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Past

emiliano69 The original was fire and this is even hotter. Blake had that booty hole grippin! Ross was loving all that good pain.

Jun 19, 2023
cam6594 Prison gave Ross all the practice he needed on bottoming Nov 16, 2021
BBA2023 MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER!!!! On this site! Oct 19, 2021
ACTION7 APOLLO sitting by the phone waiting for ROSS to propose a hook-up; he's thinking about Ross's payback. Oct 12, 2021
ICeeIt21 A great performance by both of these guys. This was a great pairing...bodies, dick, ass, and their chemistry. A great close out for Christmas 2021 would be Ross and Apollo (or Ross and Dominic). Sep 24, 2021
Prime2021 Damn this made me bust a fat nut😂😂 Aug 4, 2021
Whome27 This is by far the best scene on BBA. Runners up are Dominic and Scuba, Isaiah and Knockout, Lil Jake & Mar, Dominic & Jah. Jul 18, 2021
ACTION7 Ross is a contender for BOTTOM of the year with this performance, Blake so lucky. This is monumental sex performance! Ross and Justice? May 26, 2021
cocopop @ACTION7, My thoughts exactly, Apollo must get his chance to get that pretty ass of Ross. Old freaky Ross finally got a chance to put that big dick of Blakes in his ass. I think back to when he enjoyed himself playing with it, jacking it, bet that shit felted good in that ass.? Now Mike, turn him over to Apollo. May 18, 2021
ACTION7 Apollo ready for Ross now! Dec 12, 2020
ACTION7 this was their best performance since day 1; they came to satisfy and be satisfied. Apr 23, 2020
thinman1961 Ross has the most beautiful pucker. Apr 18, 2020
stldiscreet1 Dayyyyyyuuuummmmm Blake... he make 'em alll cum Mar 24, 2020
cocopop Love those gay4pay models that can ride some dick, while their dick hard as hell. Mike you got to put Ross and Bandit in a scene of their own. To see two rock stay hard dicks enjoying each other would be hot. I just know they'd enjoy themselves. I can't wait to see that happen. Mar 14, 2020
hhsmith502 Blake is the punisher Mar 5, 2020
ericbb Ross and Blake have good chemistry but Ross and Trapp have great chemistry....it's all in the chemistry and the commonality Jan 15, 2020
cocopop That Ross rode that dick better than Bandit, even longer, and did he look sexy, finally got a good look at those sexy feet of his. Jan 10, 2020
emiliano69 forgot to focus on ross's sweet spot (that inner thigh) Jan 6, 2020
emiliano69 best pairing of the year Jan 5, 2020
IsaiahFan I honestly wasn’t expecting this scene to come out and even forgot about them even paired up back in 2015, Blake....welcome back! It’s good seeing him getting fucked and also good seeing Ross once again getting fucked which i lowkey believe he enjoys it or guy on guy sex on the whole. The part that got me in this scene was seeing Ross riding Blake’s dick, great scene I give it a 10/10 Jan 2, 2020
mdcarmichael Ross is my all-time favorite. Pairing him with Blake was very smart. I’m glad they flip flop as Ross needed to take a long dick to prove himself. Jan 1, 2020
Whome27 Ross is OOOOOOOOOPEN! Beautiful booty. Dec 30, 2019
Docteur Blake needs to be gangbanged by Isaiah, Freaky J, Trapp and Bandit. Also Bandit needs to get in Dominic, Ross and Stylez. Dec 30, 2019
11luvme2u Watching Blake ride Ross' dick and seeing his massive obelisk bouncing up and down was so hot. I'm so glad to see him back in action. He delivered both the dick and the booty. You can tell how strong the sexual energy was because they almost came a few times. Great camera work as always Mike. I enjoyed the story line and seeing Montez AKA Alfred Hitchcock make surprise appearances. A+ scene! Dec 29, 2019
11luvme2u Well guess who's not only bottoming better and has the nerve to stay erect while doing so? And did he bust a fat nut while bottoming too? Well Damn Ross! These models are trying to knock King Bandit off his throne. I'm so proud of him. Ross and Blake have a great chemistry. I hope to see a threesome with Ross' bromances Blake and Trapp. Blake looks great and is a pro at his sex craft. He's so attractive and seductive. Dec 29, 2019
skippy2064 guess we never gonna see a debut from a young guy again Dec 29, 2019
mr3markets Yea if you keep making videos of Ross you're going to have all my money. Best scene of 2019!!! Dec 28, 2019
man12345 Great scene. I would love to see some breeding scenes since you're doing bareback all the time now. Dec 28, 2019
yulebrenner123 Hands down Capricorns have the best sex ever two sea goats Dec 28, 2019
caliroc Ross TOPPED Blake, wow!!! Haven't seen Blake bottom like this..... Go Ross.....good job!!! Dec 27, 2019
ACTION7 They relieved each other's pent up frustrations, desires, needs immaculately. This Grown Folks Sexing right here. Dec 27, 2019
YellowBooty Ok. After I got over laughing at the ghost of Christmas past I have to say I did enjoy the scene. It's been awhile since I have seen Blake, but I won't lament on that. I think this pairing was good, especially since it didn't go down the first time. It's good to see Ross back in the swing of things again. I can't wait to see who ends up showing up when the ghost of Christmas present and future (hint hint) decide to "come out the closet." Dec 27, 2019
terbernt I do like Blake Bishop so I might check this out (just gathering insight from the comments first). It just makes me wish for a rematch of Bandit and Bishop. I think the end of the original scene was a compromise instead of letting Bishop really hold it down with Bandit. Dec 27, 2019
B4UBuss1 the cum scene ruins it, why does Ross look like that -he needs to relax and let his guard down- u might catch a eye roll or a sexy moan but he isn't letting "go" its like hes taking the dick but at the same time resisting it - fragility , ego, idk - I was expecting more from this scene - Dec 27, 2019
mrbates 5 Stars!!! Ross' body is perfection. Blake's topping skills are superb. Ross can take dick like a GOAT now! Persistence, Persistence, Persistence!!! This HAS to be in the top 5 greatest performances of the 2019. Dec 26, 2019
Whitney Ross taking Dick is like watching Jesus part the clouds. Please tell him to hit me up . Sexy ass. M Intelligence WANTS that boy bad!!! Dec 25, 2019
countingto9 weatherman naw keep montez like he is. jayden27 really smh. love the scene though blake is one of the best i must say and ross is hott. Dec 25, 2019
Jayden27 What I learned from this scene is that the chemistry between Ross and Blake is still there after four years. I always knew that the reunion between Ross and Blake would be awesome, but I had no idea it would be this epic! I definitely made a mess watching this one! This is one for the books! Let’s discuss this shit!

The word you all used to describe this scene was “corny” right? 😂 Honestly, maybe a little bit in the beginning, but you guys are awesome, so I’ll stan for this one. 😉 Blake is the sexiest Scrooge I’ve ever seen. Montez’s outfit was ridiculous, but I loved it! 😂 He was awesome in the scene! The flashback to “Straight Boys Taste Better” was LIFE! I actually remember when that scene was released. Good times! It’s one of my BBA favorites, and it’s where the Ross-Blake connection began! Loved it.

The oral play was on point! My favorite part was Blake eating Ross out. Ross’ eye rolls from pleasure were priceless. The 69 was LIT! All while watching this, I kept thinking, “I remember when Ross wouldn’t hardly do a thing, and Blake wouldn’t bottom or eat ass. Now these two are doing EVERYTHING! It’s that BBA magic!” 😂 😂 We’ve seen this over and over again. It’s amazing how these two have grown as performers.

Blake bottomed like a champ! At first, it seemed Blake was in pain, probably because Ross was stretching him out. Then, Ross changed his stroke, and, at that point, acting ended and authentic pleasure began for Blake. This was denoted by the change in his moans and facial expressions. Blake’s toes curled up, and you knew that he was almost there. The moment was so intense Ross even had to pull out because HE was about to cum. I’m not going to lie. I came like a geyser! That moment was 🔥! Prostate stimulation done right. Ross found Blake’s spot!

Later on, in the scene, we get the pleasure of seeing Ross bottom for Blake. The same thing happened again! Blake found Ross’ spot and caused Ross to produce a never-ending cum stream. It was awesome watching Ross lean back and rest in the aftermath of the intense burst of pleasure he just experienced. I came along with Ross. 😈 I have no doubt that many viewers shared that same intense pleasure from watching this as well. Blake’s cum shot was nice too! Kudos to you, BBA.

One of the funniest parts of the scene was watching Ross trying to figure out how to ride Blake. 😂 Honestly, he did a hell of a job though! I was a little jealous of Blake. That shit had to feel good. It looked hella nice on camera! He did good; he just needs to loosen up some. Maybe next time we can get Ross to move his hips a little bit more? 😜 LOL! Only time will tell.

To Mike, Montez, Blake, and Ross, thank you! This scene was LIT. This was the best Christmas present. Ever. This is one of the best BBA scenes. Ever.
Dec 25, 2019
WeatherMan Wow. This is how you DO a Christmas scene. This scene was a good holiday treat. I didn’t know where the scene would go at first but the acting was cute and Montez needs to get naked eventually and show us some goods. It was very nice to see the return of Blake with his new hair style and his new tattoo, he looks better than ever and seeing his big dick bounce as Ross was fucking him had me on brick. I cannot get enough of Ross, ever since he came back, he has been a KNOCK OUT in every scene and this one is no different. He is a true performer and one of BBA’s best models. Dec 25, 2019
mrwhitley1 Who asked for a Flip Flop scene!!! Ross was asking for dick as soon and he had to give dick!!! Make him the Premier bottom he’s trying to be!!! Damn y’all always fuckin up the groove!!!
Nah, this scene was hot af!!!! I’m waiting to see what that “to be continued” means...hopefully just a 🥵 bottom scene (Blake fuckin Ross)!!!!
I do love watching Blake ride dick “reverse cow” should’ve gotten Ross in the same position dangg smh
Dec 25, 2019
theview143 Ross my all time favorite hands down I can watch you all the time, welcome back with the hotness. Dec 25, 2019
texasbugg i was so high when i watched this scene i watched it 3 times back to back to back ross u started something with this(PRISON RAW WONDERFUL HOTT SEX)damm how sexy that dick was looking going in/out ross hole ross if i didn't know better i say u was going after the crown cause u took that super size dick like a pro i went back and watched(SHAUN SCENE WITH TRAPP)THINKING ABOUT HOW BIG OF A FREAK SHAUN IS GOING TO BE WHEN HE GETS OUT)BBA/USA U GUYS HAVE OUT TOP YOURSELFS(PART2 WILLBEGREAT) Dec 25, 2019
Scrappydoo Although i am a fan of Bishop, i am not feeling this vid. Dec 25, 2019
VSWboy18 No games played!!!!! Dec 25, 2019
Dualex Ross is a real and delicious threat. I'm begging for a Shameeks/Ross or/and Shameeks/Scuba. These guys know how to bring the heat. 🔥🔥Well done for this scene and Merry Christmas to all... Dec 25, 2019
Whitney I’ve known for years Ross was a Verse Bottom! That Top shit was a Fluke! His whole body especially his beautiful pink eye 😉 will tell you that💯 Dec 25, 2019
justin2100 omg!!!! damn this shit is fire Dec 24, 2019
malachi6 What a way to end the Year. This is one of the Hottest pairings in awhile and the chemistry between the two was off the chain. I have always been a Fan of Blake Bishop and so glad to see him back. Job well done BBA. Dec 24, 2019
texasbugg damm this scene rocks ross i know where that kind of raw sex comes from a person would have to have been locked up in prison to know that's the best sex damm ross u got it badd fuck what others say keep having that kind of prison raw sex i'm a fan mike when(SCOTTY/SHAUN) get out they r going to bring that prison raw sex(sorry blake i got lost u rocked both get a 10) i hope ross let bandit fuck that pretty thug hole ross thanks for turning bba/usa on to that prisonrawsexdamm. Dec 24, 2019
mac198726 A decent update. Good fucking from both. Blake opened ross bussy up, at 52:12 wowwww bussy lips. Dec 24, 2019
Dualex I can't breathe. Ross is too hot for words. He is learning on cam and that what makes the scene divine. 47:28 completely finished me off. Such a great pairing. This is how it should be done, don't worry about kissing. Blake, I am a fan now.
Ross and Shameeks are the freakiest models out there, never get bored. You bring them Justice, Trapp and Blake and they just go nuts. Now bring a Shameeks/Ross pairing please. Well done BBA!
Dec 24, 2019
cash121 10/10 ...when Ross started riding, I nutt everywhere Dec 24, 2019
leech10x That has to be some of the hottest sex I’ve ever seen on this site. Ross... no words.... Dec 24, 2019
Shirly223 I liked it. I like them. After last year's Christmas special with Isaiah, I was expecting a lot more. I would have loved this last week; its still grade A but it doesn't live up to the expectation built over the course of this year. There were many great scenes and pairing. I hope the New Years special is better. I hope this make me a scrooge Dec 24, 2019

We're celebrating the holiday season this year with our own unique and sexy take on a timeless Christmas classic.

Blake Bishop plays the BBA "Scrooge," bored and alone on Christmas Eve, and pissed that he hasn't been in a Christmas scene for almost THREE YEARS.

"FUCK Christmas!" he snarls before shouting at festive carolers interrupting his sleep.

But all of that begins to change when he's suddenly haunted in the dead of night by the Ghost of Christmas Past (a special cameo by Montez), who is determined to teach the miserable and misanthropic model an important lesson about the joys of the Christmas season.

The visiting Spirit takes Blake on a journey back in time to one of his very first BBA shoots, the unforgettable encounter with Ross that became a BBA classic practically overnight. It's a scene that still haunts Blake Bishop all these years later due to all the things the skeptical and stubborn straight boy wasn't yet ready or willing to try in his very first scene with a guy.

But with a little bit of Christmas Magic, the Ghost of Christmas Past is able to show Blake Bishop an epic and inspiring vision of what MIGHT have happened on that fateful night over four years ago, had all his horny wishes come true....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Dec 24, 2019 57 min
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Blake Bishop
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