The Forbidden Fruit

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Like most straight guys, Stephon doesn't want anyone looking at, let alone TOUCHING his ass. He even told us during his solo audition that he doesn't like it when a GIRL grabs his ass!

"Stay away from my butt!" he warned me long before his clothes ever came off. "Don't touch my butt!"

Of course Stephon's protective attitude about his tempting back-side only made me want to touch and taste it even more!

Persuading this skeptical straight male to do anything more than get his dick sucked and try fucking a guy was one of the most difficult challenges I've faced in awhile. But after two long and stressful days of back-and-forth negotiations, Stephon finally agreed to take things to the next level by letting another guy LICK HIS ASS!

See for yourself what happens on the third and final day of Stephon's weekend visit when I put this sexy straight jock's limits to the test and finally get my first touch and taste of THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT....

It's a day of reluctant "firsts" for the Southern straight boy as he tensely submits to being stripped, groped, and KISSED by another man for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The only way he'd even agree to this much was if he could wear a blindfold and listen to music on headphones while my horny white hands explore his sculpted young body.

Of course the day's most satisfying "conquest" comes when I get to be the first guy lucky enough to touch, taste, and TONGUE-FUCK that sweet virgin ass!

Don't miss Stephon's hilarious facial expressions ranging from shock and pleasure to disbelief and dismay as he gets his ass eaten for the very first time.

"This is REALLY WEIRD!" he exclaims as I bury my face in his muscular ass, eagerly sniffing and slurping and thrusting my tongue in and out of that most private and protected part of his body....

The next morning before his flight home, I take Stephon to see the Saint Louis Arch and get his final thoughts on the weekend visit.

"Let's just say it's going to be hard for it to happen again," Stephon candidly admits. "VERY HARD!"

Stephon is one of the most skeptical and stubborn straight guys I've met in awhile, and when he left it seemed highly unlikely that he'd ever return, let alone take things to the next level! But I never back down from a challenge, and a little over one month later, Stephon was back in town for another weekend of "firsts"....

Stay tuned to the end of this scene for a special SNEAK PREVIEW of Stephon's shocking return, COMING THIS SUMMER to!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 2, 2013 37 min
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Michael Galletta
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