DJ Gets The Dick He Deserves

Beno, DJ

emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mar 30, 2023
Michaelg21 Wtf happened to DJ.......Can we get an explanation at least . Did he not wanna come back, did he graduate ? We need answers man PLEASEEEE May 16, 2017
Moses1999 Love both of these guys. Beno is so sexy and DJ is so young and innocent.... I love it all. Keep these two together. Apr 30, 2017
basbigast Both guys are hot and indeed have a good chemistry in this scene. I love DJ; he's so handsome with a perfect body, cute face and a great smile. My favorite part was when he was riding Beno's dick; that perfect view on his hot black round cheeks taking cock in his tight hole like a real power-bottom was awesome and made me bust my nut (i have to agree, blush) Jan 8, 2017
chgohydepar1 That damn, sexy ass Beno (my FAVORITE, BTW) is a fuckin monsta. He knows how to treat ass (opps, as well as give it). And that damn DJ needs to stop playing. That sexy baby is a power-bottom who needs to own it! He enjoys dick. I thoroughly enjoyed this scene. (DJ's scene with Da'Juan was pure farce..." hurt..." Paleeze, Son.) H-O-T!!!!!!!! Good coupling fo' sho!! Nov 30, 2015

This is the scene that all of DJ's fans have been waiting for over a year to see!

Since first laying eyes on DJ's cute, tempting ass, I've been dying to see somebody fuck the shit out of that sweet lil thing! I don't mean just penetrating it. No, I'm talking about POUNDING that tight butt like it's pussy!

Eureka WANTED to get up in that cute ass, but at the time they did their scene together, DJ hadn't yet given in and agreed to let anybody fuck him on camera. Joey gave it a decent attempt, but ultimately he was too timid and inexperienced, and the chemistry just wasn't there. Da'Juan gave it a good try as well, but in the end he let the pressures of being on camera and DJ's aloof attitude get the best of him. So unfortunately my dream of watching DJ's cute little ass get "tore up" has remained unfulfilled....UNTIL NOW!

When I first met Beno and witnessed the confidence, energy, and assertiveness he brought to his audition, I immediately knew I had to try pairing him with shy little DJ. He seemed like just the kind of aggressive, dominant "top" that could finally give DJ the dick he deserves and bring out the boy's true porn potential!

Watch what happens when I put my hunch about Beno to the test. If you're turned on by the idea of watching two horny young black guys give in to their natural instincts and fuck like wild animals literally MINUTES after meeting for the very first time, then this is a scene you won't want to miss!

I turn the camera on as DJ arrives at my apartment and meets Beno for the very first time. Both boys sit side by side on my futon and I ask them to share their feelings about the day's shoot. DJ says he's "excited," and from the start I can tell he's attracted to Beno in a way he hasn't been to his other co-stars. Beno is clearly nervous about his first action scene, but at the same time confident, even cocky, about showing off his sexual skills.

When I turn them loose to get better acquainted, their mutual attraction to each other becomes obvious and quickly overcomes their nerves. Beno takes control from the start, kissing DJ's neck, pulling off his shirt, and groping his co-star's slim, youthful body.

DJ drops to his knees to get his first taste of Beno's beautiful dick. (This is DJ's first time sucking an uncircumcised dick). Beno makes it clear that he's in no mood for some ordinary, half-hearted blowjob. He grabs DJ's head and shoves his dick in and out of the boy's helpless throat.

Normally this is something that DJ wouldn't tolerate, and at first he seems slightly annoyed. But there's something about Beno that brings out DJ's "inner freak" and makes him totally surrender control, thus allowing Beno to enjoy his pretty mouth completely. Beno fucks DJ's face and smacks his spit-soaked dick across the boy's nose, lips, and chin, occasionally barking orders for DJ to suck on his balls.

But as much as he likes a hot blowjob, it's DJ's butt that Beno REALLY wants to enjoy! And he wastes no time getting his horny hands on that cute lil thing, first finger-fucking DJ's dry hole, then diving in to feast on that sweet pucker as if it were a gourmet meal.

There's some hot and horny ass-eating as Beno tongue-fucks DJ's tight teenage hole, getting that ass warm and wet and ready to be poked and stretched and FUCKED!

When the time comes for Beno to put more than his tongue up that fresh young ass, DJ looks a little scared and uncertain. "You don't have to be so rough," he advises his horny co-star. "That's the way I fuck!" Beno shrugs matter-of-factly, making it clear that HE'LL be the one calling the shots in their scene.

Beno pushes DJ onto his back, lifts the boy's legs in the air, and forcefully thrusts his hard dick up inside DJ's butt, claiming the boy's ass as his own! He starts off with strong, sensual strokes, but it's not long before he's slamming in and out of DJ's tight ass like a wild bull in heat!

The thing that turns me on most about watching a "mostly straight" thug-type like Beno fuck another guy in the ass is the way he fucks that ass just as selfishly and aggressively as he'd fuck his girlfriend or some "bitch" on the side, with no apparent distinction in his mind between a guy's asshole and a female's vagina. He throws DJ around like a helpless rag doll, smacking that ass and fucking the shit out of the shy "boy next door" in a variety of acrobatic positions.

"You like Beno dick, don't you?" he grunts as he buries his dick deep in his co-star's guts. Beno seems to be just the type of partner DJ needs, somebody who takes complete possession of that ass without waiting for permission or asking politely. He drills that ass so hard that he even fucks some actual moaning out of the normally stoic and silent DJ!

This scene features more hardcore fucking than any of my previous scenes! DJ surrenders his ass completely to an aggressive pounding from Beno's dick - on his back and on his stomach, standing up and on the floor, on his side and bent over. He even rides the dick at one point!

Beno fucks DJ's ass until he's totally exhausted, at which point he dumps a sticky load all over DJ's nose, cheek, and lips. Then he rubs his dick around in the mess, smearing his "babies" across DJ's cute face.

The scene concludes with a brief but entertaining wrap-up interview in which both boys share their reactions to the day's shoot. The flirtation between DJ and Beno is funny to watch, and it's a pleasure to witness DJ actually beaming at the end of a scene and saying how much he enjoyed it. I hope you'll feel the same way after you've seen it!

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Details: Sep 6, 2009 67 min
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