Straight From Jamaica: Skinny Kid

scrappydoo123 MICHAEL I figured that would have happened to Skinny Kid and the other models in Jamaica. Not an easy place to be in gay porn. Jun 18, 2022
cam6594 What happened to Skinny Kid? Aug 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta Skinny Kid was a cutie, right? Unfortunately our Jamaican producer quit filming new content several years ago. Some of his models, including Skinny Kid and D-Rock, were harassed, kicked out of their homes, threatened, etc., when some hateful person decided to expose them on the Internet. Sorry to disappoint you.
JasonBabe1 Wouldn't mind seeing him and one of ur American stars... Hhhmmm even Kingston 🤔... Jul 9, 2021
JasonBabe1 Mi main nigga... This boy makes me wet all over.... ☄️☄️ Jul 9, 2021
jcanbk sexy dude. been he into pay to play would love meet him when I go home to Jamaica . he lied though he said he is str8/bicurious . hmm that ass had dick up in there b4 that shoot can tell from how it looks.. Aug 27, 2018
suuperhot4u Damn....Skinny Kid is so fucking gorgeous....beautiful face and body, love those big strong manicured hands, sexy voice, and that rock hard cock coming out of those sexy white pants...the whole package....can't wait to see him in some hot fuck sessions.... Jun 23, 2017
kevin1 He is gorgeous! When will we see him again Feb 1, 2017
gnagflow Wonderful boy ! Engage him ! Nov 22, 2016
jjusj1 cant wait to see you fucking Nov 13, 2016

Our Jamaican photographer is back with an exciting new series of scenes that will now be FILMED IN HD and feature some fresh new Jamaican boys!

Setting the stage for what's to come is this introduction to a new horse-hung Jamaican straight boy named Skinny Kid, a strikingly handsome and outgoing 20-year-old who enjoys going to the beach and having fun with his friends.

Skinny Kid describes himself as being sexually adventurous and brags⁄warns that he's a "beast" in the bedroom. He also admits to being curious about guy-on-guy sex and says he's open to trying new things if the money's right.

"I've thought about doing things sometimes," he candidly explains when asked about his sexual orientation. "But for now, I'm STRAIGHT!"

Like his name suggests, Skinny Kid has a slim, youthful body with beautiful brown skin and a rippling six-pack. Lucky for us, this open-minded Jamaican straight boy has agreed to earn some extra cash by showing off what's under his clothes!

Enjoy a sensual and seductive photo-shoot as Skinny Kid strips slowly out of his clothes to expose his huge, uncut dick and cute, tempting ass to the world for the very first time....

After rubbing baby oil all over his athletic young body, Skinny Kid lets us watch as he proudly strokes his breathtaking dick.

Be sure to stay tuned to the end of this scene for a SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW of an unforgettable threesome in which Skinny Kid tries sex with a guy for the very first time!

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Details: Aug 25, 2013 34 min
Photo of Skinny Kid
Skinny Kid

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